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Racism and all its ugliness (Part 2)

Racism and all its ugliness: Murdoch’s and Bolt’s part in it

I first wrote about the literary work of Andrew Bolt in 2013. The convenor of a writing group I had joined asked us to give our opinions of his penmanship.

I cannot remember precisely what I verbalised then, but it would not have been pleasant. It might have gone something like this; Andrew Bolt neither challenges the mind nor his argument with a word or sentence. It’s obvious he writes for money.

I think I recall what our elderly convenor said, which went something like this:

“Read the work of popular columnist and leader of the conservative right writers Andrew Bolt. You will find that he is a writer of mediocre talent with a grammatical style attractive to the intellect of 13-year-olds.”

And this is true, and might I say it goes for most conservative writers in the press trying to radiate a right-wing agenda. It is they who promote a fair share of racial intolerance in our country,

In 2014 former Labor minister and intellect Craig Emmerson accused Bolt on (his then) programme The Bolt Report of satisfying his own benchmark for being racist in comments he made about Indigenous people.

“… you are a racist,” Emerson said, “because of your comments about Indigenous people. By your own criterion, and that’s what you did. You identified a group of people and went for them.”

Emerson’s remark relates to the legal case in which Bolt was found to have breached racial discrimination laws in articles that “implied light-skinned Indigenous people identified themselves as Aboriginal for personal gain.”

A few years ago Bolt wanted the law (section 18c of the Racial Discrimination Act) changed so that he would be free in his column to abuse and defame. When the legislation was turfed because of its unpopularity, the then Prime Minister Tony Abbott felt obliged to phone this journalist of such little integrity and apologise.

People who still support Bolt and his questionable racism need to ask just why it is that he is fixated on the subjects of race, Muslims and climate change, but the answer is simple: Murdoch has built his news empire on smut and controversy.

In his book Hack Attack: How the truth caught up with Rupert Murdoch, Nick Davies said of the Murdoch media empire that:

“It is more specifically about the corrosive tabloid culture he has spawned over the years based on sex, sleaze and blackmail that has sustained his empire and made him a market leader. There is nothing that a Murdoch journalist cannot or does not do to keep his master’s media behemoth rolling.”

The formula has made him extremely wealthy. And there is no doubt that Bolt is paid extraordinary amounts of money to proliferate the Herald Sun’s pages and Sky News with this sort of gutter journalism.

Kaye Lee, in an excellent piece for The AIMN in 2018 titled Andrew Bolt is a threat to our social cohesion, quotes Bolt when she wrote:

“Immigration is becoming colonisation, turning this country from a home into a hotel. There is no ‘us’ any more, as a tidal wave of immigrants sweeps away what’s left of our national identity. Another 240,000 foreigners joined us last year alone, not just crowding our cities but changing our culture.”

And let us not forget what Justice Bromberg said about Bolt’s use of language in the racial discrimination case:

“His style and structure is highly suggestive and designed to excite. His style was not careful, precise or exact’ and the language not moderate or temperate but often strong and emphatic.

“There is a liberal use of sarcasm and mockery … language of that kind has a heightened capacity to convey implications beyond the literal meaning of the words utilised. It is Language, which invites the reader to not only read the lines, but to also read between the lines.”

Many words have been used to describe what Andrew Bolt does. Some describe him as a journalist – others a commentator. For me, he is a specialist “scandalist”. I believe Tony Abbott once declared him Australia’s premier intellect. Wow, that’s amazing.

A scandal – for the sake of this piece, means:

“… a publicised incident that brings about disgrace or offends the moral sensibilities of society: Damage to reputation or character caused by public disclosure of immoral or grossly improper behaviour; Talk damaging to one’s personality; malicious gossip.”

Bolt is a person who specialises in all of the above. Scandals are developed for whatever reason, or you can make them up.

And what of Bolt’s attacks on Adam Goodes? In this review from ABC News Breakfast, the author points out that an integral part of Goode’s documentary in question is the Bolt account of what took place.

“Another part of Goodes’s exit story explored by the documentary is a 2013 incident in which a 13-year-old girl called him an “ape” during a game against Collingwood at the MCG. Goodes pointed to the girl after she made a comment and was escorted from the grounds.

In his press conference the next morning, about 17 times, he said It’s not her fault, please don’t go after her.

Collingwood president Eddie McGuire supported Goodes in the wake of the taunt, but only days later, McGuire apologised after suggesting the dual-Brownlow medallist promote the musical King Kong.”

Newspapers worldwide are fighting for survival. Locally, the Murdoch newspapers are speculated to be among them. One could easily assume that his flagship newspaper, The Australian is propped up by Murdoch because of its political influence. It is, after all, the go-to newspaper for conservatives. So how do you prop up circulation? You have writers like Bolt write inflammatory titillating nonsense to a largely disengaged, uninformed audience with journalism that appeals to society’s lowest values.

He is probably paid loads of money to do just that.

In 2002, Magistrate Jelena Popovic was awarded $246,000 damages for defamation after suing Bolt and the publishers of the Herald Sun over a December 13, 2000, column in which he claimed she had “Hugged two drug traffickers she let walk free.”

Popovic asserted she had only:

“… shaken their hands to congratulate them on completing a rehabilitation program. The jury found that what Bolt wrote was untrue, unfair and inaccurate.

The Court of Appeal later reversed the $25,000 punitive damages, though it upheld the defamation finding, describing Bolt’s conduct as “at worst, dishonest and misleading and at best, grossly careless.”

Then there was his spat with Robert Manne about the Stolen Generation. (If you had followed that ongoing argument you could not but have been impressed with the clarity of Robert Manne’s writings compared with Andrew Bolt’s simple meanderings.)

It is astonishing. You have to be impressed by Manne’s research. The way he takes you on a believable journey full of insight and truth. Manne also, some time ago, analysed the poisonous influence of Rupert Murdoch’s News Limited in this country, mainly through the extremist editorial policy of The Australian, where the truth is distorted and contrary views vilified.

Manne followed up with a brilliantly written and researched Quarterly Essay about – among other things – the Stolen Generation, concluding that The Australian is more a propaganda sheet than a newspaper.

Australians have had to put up with the ranting and ravings of populist mainstream media for far too long, where extremist views are regularly presented on TV, radio, and mainly via the monopolistic media empire of Rupert Murdoch.

Remember, Murdoch was ultimately responsible for the despicable phone tapping scandal in Britain, which earned him worldwide humiliation.

This new Australian racism began many years ago when opinion speakers began demonising those who are different. It continues today. From Philip Ruddock’s description of asylum seekers as illegals to Alan Jones’s involvement in the Cronulla riots, the thousands of pieces written by racist journalists, and the hundreds of tabloid pages depicting difference as subhuman.

I end where I started with my observation of that gregarious dark-skinned boy playing joyfully in fellowship with his light-skinned mates. That each was different in colour; one to the other didn’t enter the unblemished purity of their companionship. And I prayed silently; it never would.

Link to Part 1.

My thought for the day

Why do we, as a supposedly enlightened society, need to enshrine in legislation the right to hate each other? That isn’t enlightenment at all.


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  1. New England Cocky

    Uhm ….. JL the best response to A Blot is to ignore him and concentrate your many talents and resources to proposing a better future for all Australians. There is certainly enough material there for several life times cogitation.

    We have seen ”our leaders” fall lazily into the trap of complacently accepting foreign economic ideas that disregard Australian initiatives as ”colonial” so somehow ”inferior” when exploiting Australian natural resources to provide jobs for Australian voters. Lazy politics ….. and possibly corrupt.

    Sadly, racism is inherent in our Anglo-Celtic Australian origins and the may proponents are fearful that they will be proven wrong in their thinking. But it is happening, and we should celebrate the many successes made by migrants from SE Asia just as we celebrate the many successes fo port WWII European migrants who have made Australia a better country.

    Now we have to act on ”the third wave” of MIddle East origin legal refugees from Iraq and Afghanistan where there is a moral obligation to rectify the decision taken by Little Johnnie Howard, the war criminal who never saw a shot fired in anger, but alone was responsible for wasting BILLIONS of dollars of Australian voter funds that would have been better spent on hospitals, high speed railways and other transport infrastructure.

  2. ajogrady

    Has the USA ever invaded a white Cristian country?

  3. Kathryn

    The appalling Andrew Bolt, (aka Bolt the Dolt) is so typical of the type of uncouth, uneducated, ultra-conservative, rusted-on red-neck racist and insufferably regressive alpha-male misogynists who continue to support and cheer on the like-minded Neanderthals in the LNP! There is not ONE SINGLE GOOD THING one can find to say about any of them! The ONLY questionable and destructive “talent” maintained by reprehensible pot-stirrers like Bolt, the repugnant Murdochs, Peta Credlin, Steve Price, Ray Hadley (and other vile, disreputable and thoroughly despicable members of what passes for dubious “celebrity” in our nation) is the despicable ability to popularise, encourage and FEED INTO the hatred, racism, fear and paranoia of their ever-dwindling group of dumbed-down listeners who truly represent the most insular, uneducated and BOGAN element of our society! NOTHING they have to say is foresightful, compassionate or relevant and EVERYTHING they say is either a vicious lie and/or hateful, vindictive, misogynistic and prejudicial to ANYONE who is not a white, anglo-saxon, male psuedo-Christian! These pig-ignorant, regressive racists have NEVER done or said a single thing that benefits our society – they just go on and on, ad nauseum, spewing out destructive, hateful verbal diarrhoea that helps to disgrace our egalitarian nation!

    The sooner these purveyors of insufferable ignorance, irrational hate and debilitating prejudice are permanently expunged from our media, the better!

  4. wam

    Racism is a learned trait and our racism towards the original inhabitants is deeply intrenched in our history. The military and transported, who were overwhelmingly dregs of the late 18th and early 19th english society, established the culture and killed Aborigines. Where these dregs were missing and free settlement occurred, the killing was more organised and more efficient. The resulting culture was to ignore the existence of our indigenous people. Today more Australians, than voted for gay marriage, have never met an Aboriginal person. There was a spate of racism when meridionale came. Remember chips rafferty, in they’re a weird mob? All migrants bring their own prejudices and very quickly learn our special racism. It seems Asian immigrants, especially, sublimate their feelings at our racism towards them by adopting ours against Aborigines. The tragedy for Australia not only is the daily covert and overt reinforcement of our racism can be found in the media, our schools and in our culture but also the personal denial of its existence. The Adam experience had millions of Australians denying that it was a racist act to boo.
    How do you change the woman who clutched her bag when obama entered the lift or the friend who, unconsciously speaks slowly and pigeonises whenever she talking to a non-white?

  5. Phil Pryor

    Donald Horne might have written a sequel to his famous work, or encouraged a follower to keep up the light on our deficiencies. The Mucky Country sounds O K, or even the Yucky Country. Egofixated, inflated, imperious loudmouths seem to run much of media, and a healthy, socially inclusive, balanced, well educated, tolerant society seems as far away as ever. Not enough true “liberalism”…

  6. Terence Mills

    Bolt wasn’t always like this. At one stage he was quite moderate in his views but I guess he realized there was a lot more money in being a right wing controversial extremist : Murdoch has no room for moderates but he pays his right-wing puppets well.

    You can see the same thing in Rowan Dean, a reasonably intelligent man it seems but now a monkey to Rupert’s organ grinding, who will dance to whatever tune Murdoch plays : to him every one is ‘woke’, ‘cancel culture’ is rampant and we’re all’ bedwetters’ – he knows which side his bread is buttered on.

    In recent times Murdoch has paid millions to right-wing spruiker Piers Morgan but it failed to take-off and now FOX/SKY producers are offering thousands of dollars to right-wing guests to appear on his new TV show in a desperate attempt to win more viewers.

    In my view, the era of the Murdoch tabloid charade is coming to its final days. People see through the right-wing lunacy, those who adhere to the dirty digger are consigning themselves to snake-oil sideshows like CPAC where people like Nigel Farage, Rita Panahi and Liberal vice-president, Teena McQueen are looked upon as celebrities.

    The question is, can Lachlan do anything to change the culture and save the declining Murdoch brand, or have we all moved on ?

  7. Canguro

    re. wam’s query; ‘How do you change the woman who clutched her bag when obama entered the lift or the friend who, unconsciously speaks slowly and pigeonises whenever she talking to a non-white?’

    Why bother? Generally speaking, mission impossible. If people choose to be an Alf Garnett/ Archie Bunker/ Oswald Mosley/ Enoch Powell caricature, so be it. Unless you’re a therapist and they come to you and admit to having a problem with their personality and a wish to improve or change (for the ‘better’), just let them be. Attempting to change other people is a fool’s errand. Is Morrison ever going to be anything than what he already is? Or Dutton? Hanson? The die is cast at an early age, to change the cast is virtually impossible.

    I’m yet to see a single instance in modern politics or right-wing media where an individual fronts up and says ‘Yeh, I’m a total idiot, I was wrong, I’ve been wrong for the last thirty years but I will change now that I’ve seen the error of my ways.’

    Leopards, spots.

    I have a mate who I’ve known since the mid-seventies. We had a ball, as young blokes, our lives intertwined. It was a ton of fun. He grew into an older adult who is the full kit; misanthropic, misogynistic, racist, demeaning of virtually everyone in his orbit, including his immediate family. Very sad. No fun at all. The less we see of each other, the better for both of us. I had a huge spray at him nearly twenty years ago as to how fucked-up his attitudes were. He hated me for my frankness and resented everything I said; it pretty much tanked the relationship. Very hard for people to change, even when you confront them with the awfulness of their attitudes and behaviour.

  8. Stephengb

    Very good article JL.

    Sorry but I will correct your assumption regarding Anglo Celtic origins of racism.

    First, the Celts were murdered, plundered and driven of their lands by invaders, did that create a fear of forigners, of course it did.

    Second, a fear of forigners is not racism, it is just a fear of mayhem.

    Third, that there is racism in UK, I can agree, we (I am an Englishman) do have a reputation for racism, but (and it is a big BUT) having lived in Australia for 42 years, I can assure you that the racism of the so-called ‘dinky dye’ Aussie, is far worse.

  9. leefe


    “The question is, can Lachlan do anything to change the culture … ?”

    By all reports, Lachlan is even worse than his father. His earlier tendency to more egalitarian and rational views has disapppeared.

  10. New England Cocky

    @Stephengb: Thank you for your comment. I thought you may have attributed racism to the Spanish or even the Portuguese. No matter.

    Yep, present day Australian racism is at least as bad as that occurring in England for decades, but was that where Australians learned it? Remember, the English hated the ”wild colonials” when they were needed to defend Ole England from the Germans ( the country that provided the English Royal House) in both WWI and WWII.

    Indeed, there is good evidence that, except for the actions of several Australians during those wars, it was very likely that England with its stuffed shirt incompetent High Command could reasonably have lost both events.

  11. Stephengb


    Hmmm, I detect smidgen of racism toward the British !

    Yes I have been hearing these Australian versions of history (written by Australians of course) over the preceding 42 years. At first I was told that I should take it as endearments and not be so sensitive, then over time I realised that it was constant and actually those back handed racist comments (popular modus operandi among Australians ), so I actually checked the history behind it and learnt the truth.

    The other thing I learnt about the ‘dinky dye’, is that they like to dish it out but get all snarky when on the recieving end.

    Your Australian popular history remarks are n fact only half truths and loved to be trotted out whenever Britih immigrantis are present or has the temerity to defend truth.

    I was in England in 2014, I saw no sign of any institutional racism (as present in Australia) and saw a highly diverse society getting very well.

  12. Andrew J. Smith

    No, Australians like Bolt are not racist they are concerned ‘environmentalists’, ‘ecologists’ or ‘conservationists’ (along with too many Labor &/or Greens) that immigrants cause population growth, traffic congestion, inflated house prices, cause unemployment/dampen wages, crowd out hospitals, commit crimes, replace ‘Australians’ (i.e. Anglo, Irish & N.European heritage cohorts) etc.; many still believe these confected myths when given an ‘academic veneer’ or sound ‘sciency’.

    Accordingly they are an environmental hygiene problem impacting ‘carrying capacity’, according to previous research on insects including butterflies, bees, parasites and vermin (of course we are not talking ‘eugenics’ here….); also is the foundation for the old ‘great replacement’ tropes promoted by Bannon et al., Fox, GOP etc..

    Post WWII, polling apparently showed that most Australians did not want immigration of (Euro/Irish) Catholics or Jews, keeping to old WASP pecking order based on socio-economics of the dour Calvin, miserable Malthus on population and the social Darwinism of Galton; these foundations still exist post white Australia policy but repackaged for the late 20th and now 21st century e.g. the ‘great replacement’ and radical right libertarian economics, joined at the hip (read any Koch – Heritage Foundation comms….).

    If one ignores links from eugenics running through 1920-30s Europe, to post WWII Germany and US, global warming was apparent to fossil fuels inc. Exxon (Standard Oil/Rockefeller) then the ZPG Zero Population Growth was founded late ’70s (coinciding with non discriminatory immigration); included a man described as ‘the most influential unknown man in America’ (by Former Reagan aide Chavez, like Koch’s ‘segregationist’ economic muse, Buchanan), deceased white nationalist John ‘passive eugenics’ Tanton who admired the white Oz policy, visited in ’90s, was hosted and still has presence through proxies inc. media.

    Not only was he described by SPLC as ‘the racist founder of the modern anti-immigration movement’, his tentacles now spread through the Anglosphere, the European far right, CPAC-Fox-ACU and still, quasi environmental groups promoting ‘limits to growth’, ‘steady-state’ economy or ‘degrowth’ related, for nation states (cooked up Club of Rome, neither global nor MNCs who remain outside of national laws).

    The basis of the modern racism, dog whistle and ‘wedge issue’ imported from the US is the ‘great replacement’ via immigration &/or population growth (behind the ‘Soros conspiracy’ used by Hungary, Turkey, GOP etc.) but not new, originally eugenics, then rebooted late ’20th century by Renaud Camus based on Jean Raspail’s ‘Camp of the Saints’ who was interviewed for Tanton’s ‘journal’ The Social Contract Press in mid ’90s by a still tenured Australian academic, also linked to an Australian ‘environmental NGO’.

  13. wam

    If we don’t look at racism in our institutions, we will never have any change.
    Stephen B our institutions and our racism are english.
    In england the closest thing to Aboriginals are scots and irish. Any prejudice??
    Our racism is steeped in terra nullius and a belief that Aborigines are not like shiny black africans there is no throw backs and they will soon die out. (In 1933 a Sunday newspaper quoted Dr Cecil Evelyn Cook, dazzlingly qualified as an anthropologist, biologist, bacteriologist, chief medical officer and “chief protector” of Aborigines in North Australia, who pronounced there was no “throwback” to the black once enough white blood was bred in. “Generally by the fifth and invariably by the sixth generation, all native characteristics of the Australian Aborigine are eradicated)
    Australian WASP and WASC communities come together with institutional racist beliefs.
    When in England in 72, I stayed at my uncle’s house and after tea and a shower(put in especially for the Australiians) I used to relax in a sarong. Their daughter told me that dad hated it when white men go native.
    Taming Cannibals Patrick Brantlinge chapter 3 Going Native in Nineteenth-Century History and Literature
    “, the grand purpose of the British Empire was to bring civilization and Christianity to “the natives” of the non-Western world. But the advocates often also claimed that “the natives” could not be fully civilized. Perhaps their souls could be saved—though even this was debatable—but “the natives” could only “mimic” or “ape” their white betters.”
    These pommes thought the Australian Aboriginal race to be the worst in the world and unable to progress past an 8 year old(grade 3) white, an education standard maintained today in gaining a year 12 certificate.
    A look at today’s society seems to suggest a shiny black African will be considered ahead of an Aboriginal for jobs and racism.

  14. Michael Taylor

    Hola, wam.

    I see that your above comment got lost somewhere in the system. Why it happened, is beyond me. My apologies.

  15. Terence Mills


    I notice in the SMH that :

    “The University of Sydney plans to crack down on students and staff self-identifying as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander without community recognition, as land councils raise concerns about people unduly claiming the status.

    Under the university’s new Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Status Policy 2022, a draft of which was presented to students last week, applicants for identity-dependent scholarships or staff positions can no longer sign a statutory declaration to confirm they are Indigenous. ”

    This seems to be some sort of perverse racism that requires one sector of our community to prove their ethnicity.

    It reflects what Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price was saying in her argument against ‘The Voice’ : ” who gets the voice, how do you know that they are aboriginal, you will need to do DNA testing.”

    Perhaps we would all be better off if we just aspired to be Australians.

  16. New England Cocky

    @stephengb 2: How could Australians be racist given the entwined military history of Australia with England?

    The English considered the Australians were rude ”colonials” best used as cannon fodder to preserve the ranks of the English ”sterling yeomen” for later battles.

    Starting with the Boer War where English High Command congratulated itself for the ”concentration camps” used to contain those damned Boers fighting to keep the English off their stolen Boer lands. It was useful strategy that killed more with diseases than were killed in the field. Something about Breaker Morant comes to mind as well.

    Then Churchill’s great contribution to the WWI war effort was ”the soft underbelly of Europe” that created the Anza Cove landing, Australia’s greatest defeat at the hands of the British. This was only stopped by (Sir) Keith Murdoch reporting on the total incompetence of the English High Command that resulted in the Australian Prime Minister of the time ordering an Australian withdrawal.

    ”I say, would you like a cup of tea while we watch the troops standing outside in parade order being picked off by Turkish snipers one at a time?”

    It took one Australian officer to break the deadlock on the Western Front in about 22 minutes of battle after how many years of stale mate commanded by the English?

    Australian efforts in WWII met with similar English military incompetence and English officers sneering at Australian troops. Singapore fell because the English General (Jardine?) lacked the courage to face the Japanese on bicycles on The Causeway defended by battle hardened Australian troops. Too many fine Australian troops were lost fleeing Singapore on any ship or boat they could find.

    And the later defence of Australia by those two great English battleships HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Repulse, came to nothing, sunk by Japanese aircraft before they got clear of the battle zone.

    Perhaps the most perfidious anti-colonial event was abandoning the Australians on the second Krait mission to sink Japanese shipping in Singapore Harbour. To show absolute contempt for the ”colonials” the negligent captain of the submarine that failed to pick up the Aussies was later made First Lord of the Admiralty.

    Then again Churchill’s ”soft underbelly of Europe” strategy created the unnecessary Italian Campaign that cost too many American lives and extended the war by at least six months.

    But it continues in post war years. The Australian government was conned into paying the fares for English migrants encouraged to leave over-populated England and re-settle in Australia or Canada or any other distant shore of the declining British Empire. Pay ten pounds get a trip halfway across the world ….. and 25% of these migrants went home, some even refusing to disembark from the ships that carried them to Australia.

    If you saw no institutional racism in England during your visit in 2014 then you must have been walking around with your eyes closed because there are many very thick government Reports commenting upon institutional racism, particularly against ”coloured immigrants” in all parts of England.

  17. Stephengb

    Try not to believe popular mythology, it invariably becomes lies.

  18. leefe


    I don’t want to diminish the impact of Monash and the Australian troops in WWI, but you can’t omit the Canadians and their commander LG Arthur Currie from the story. It was a combined ‘colonial’ effort.


    You prefer your personal mythology?

  19. New England Cocky

    Stephengb: You have to read more than the despatches from Hamilton at Anzac Cove to learn that he was a liar to the marrow.

    leefe: Thank you for the correction of the oversight.

  20. Stephengb

    Oh ffs

    Believe what you like

  21. Stephengb

    None of you seem to get it

    Racism is the feeling of one group of people that they are superior to another group of people.

    That’s it.

    Yes thats you Australia.

  22. Canguro

    re. ‘None of you seem to get it’ [Stephengb]

    Big call, given page count registers 4,616 total views, with 162 views as of this posting.

    Or are you referring more directly to your two interlocutors, and if so, would you accept that the broad-brush accusation is utterly incorrect, as are, generally, the majority of such sweeping statements, including here, the other rich example; ‘Yes thats [sic] you Australia’ … is that your implication – that this cosmopolitan country with thousands upon thousands of immigrants from diverse countries who have an extraordinary depth of personal familiarity with explicit racism whether experienced here or in their countries of origin is a racist country?

    I don’t recall any major elements of overt racism, Cronulla riots being the obvious exception; drunken bogans geed up by redneck shock jocks, but nothing of the sort of neo-nazi thuggish right-wing brutality directed at immigrants in a number of European countries, in the USA, along with race hatred in some Asian quarters like Myanmar (Rohingya), India (against Muslims), Turkey (Kurds), China (Tibetans & Uyghur), Russia (Chechens), Sri Lanka (Sinhalese v Tamils), along with others?

    Australia is mercifully free of these gross acts of discrimination and violence against fellow humans.

    Not to discount your observation as to what the actuality of racism is, but to suggest that none of the readers understand, or that this country is inherently and predominantly racist seem to be outlandish utterances.

  23. leefe


    “Racism is the feeling of one group of people that they are superior to another group of people.”

    Technically, that’s just general bigotry. Racism is when those groups are defined by specific physical characteristics or whiich are determined by ancestry (ie skin colour) or by cultural differences.
    And frankly, I don’t care if people feel or thiink they are superior based on such meaningless matters. People can feel and think however they like. I care how they behave. What they say, what they do, how they treat otther people. That is the racism that matters and yes, Australia is rotten with it, from top to bottom. All ‘Western’ nations are.

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