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Questions about Hillsong, Alex Hawke, and the coronavirus

On March 5, Hillsong began its twenty-fourth Colour Conference at the First State Theatre at ICC, Sydney, with a “capacity crowd” – which is around 9,000 according to the theatre website. Other reports put the crowd at somewhat less than this.

After scheduled gatherings on Thurs-Sat at the theatre, and then Thurs-Sat the following week at the Hills Campus, the formal conference activities concluded on Saturday, March 14.

The day before, Scott Morrison had assured us all that he would be going to the football on Saturday. No need to cancel mass gatherings that weekend. Leave it till later…maybe Monday?

That same day, Friday March 13, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) issued a warning via its Smartraveller website, stating that the travel advice for every nation had now been elevated to “Level 3 – Reconsider Your Need to Travel”.

Five days later, that changed to “We now advise all Australians: do not travel overseas at this time. This is our highest advice level (level 4 of 4). If you are already overseas and wish to return to Australia, we recommend you do so as soon as possible by commercial means.”

Back to Hillsong’s Colour Conference, promoted as a “global women’s gathering” which “has inspired women around the world to rise up [and] champion womanhood in all its magnificence.”

Looking at the advertisements for this year’s conference, “Irresistable”, and next year’s, “Kiss”, I felt like I was looking at either a perfume ad or some sort of flirty dating site.

This is the promo for next year.

“Have you ever felt the power of a kiss.


I can hear you perhaps chuckling right now, or perhaps you are thinking, “Bobbie has lost it, what on earth is she thinking and where is she taking us?” To be honest, I find myself smiling as I write this, yet, I also sense it is direction that the Spirit of God desires.

A kiss is personal, provoking and compelling.
A kiss carries enormous emotion. It’s intimate and disarming. It can be as pure and perfect as new-fallen snow on a mountain peak, or it can be as dangerous and misleading as a dark shadow in a fallen valley. A kiss has the potential to set you on a pathway to life, or a path contrary to His heart.

Our world is magnificent, yet on so many fronts she is wrestling and in need of a humanity who exemplify the Kiss of Heaven… a kiss that is tender, divine and eternal; a kiss that carries no deception or despair, but only wholeness and life. A kiss that is trustworthy, with the promise of a future woven with hope.

I believe a personal and loving Heavenly Father… longs to kiss humanity with His Goodness.

I believe a tender and magnificent Son… longs to draw you near and kiss you with His Grace.

And I believe the Holy Spirit… longs to lead you into wide open spaces that not only bless you, but those you influence.

2021 is a milestone year, and I am believing that it will be strategic and signature in the journey; that girls and women will gather from far and wide, and that together, as a Movement, we will place another stake in the ground of what is miraculous and inspiring. With a remarkable team alongside, we are believing that nations, neighbourhoods and individual hearts will resonate with new vision and new possibilities; that not only will we have the best time ever, but that God’s Spirit will anoint afresh with new capacity to love, be loved, and be the change. I also sense that at the quarter-century mark, a new breed of world changers will be empowered for the days ahead.

I pray this invitation resonates. I pray that each and every one of us will be found in the embrace of Heaven going forward, and that like the legends of old, we will walk in our destiny and carve fabulous pathways for others to follow. Placing value upon womanhood remains the origin and essence of who we are, and we look forward to sharing the days ahead with you and those you love.

Love always,
Bobbie xoxo”

My reaction was … icky ticky wuck chuck.

According to Hillsong’s 2017 annual report, its total revenue was just shy of $110 million, around two thirds of which came from “tithes and offerings” with the rest coming from education, conferences, music and other resources.

All that income is tax free. Any form of lockdown would be costing them big time.

Alex Hawke has been described as Scott Morrison’s “right hand man”, at least in the political assassination of Malcolm Turnbull, as reported by David Crowe.

“Morrison shut the door on the Canberra winter to join his two flatmates and fellow Liberal MPs, Steve Irons and Stuart Robert, and their tactical whiz Alex Hawke, the man they considered their “spear-thrower” because he was so brutally effective at marshalling numbers for a ballot.”

Hawke (along with Robert and Morrison) is a Pentacostal and the member for Mitchell which includes the Hills District, home of Hillsong, which he attends.

Hawke has said before that he would like us to be more like America.

“The two greatest forces for good in human history are capitalism and Christianity, and when they’re blended it’s a very powerful duo.”

No wonder he is attracted to Hillsong.

In 2007, Anthony Albanese described Hawke as a branch stacker extraordinaire, a political hack tainted by links to fascists and part of the mentality that had led the NSW Liberals “to being the extremist rump that it is today”.

There have been unsubstantiated rumours floating around that alleged the parents of Hawke’s wife Amelia were onboard the Ruby Princess along with some friends from the Hillsong Church.

Regardless, the growing influence of the Pentacostals in our government is of grave concern, as is their growing influence amongst our young people.

Why was the Colour Conference allowed to continue? Have any cases of coronavirus been linked to it? Who made phone calls to allow the Ruby Princess to dock after initially being refused permission? What charitable works does Hillsong undertake to avoid paying tax? And why are people like Alex Hawke and Stuart Robert Ministers?

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  1. paul walter

    Brady Bunch Americanised content-free and denialist faux religion.

    What does a system like this produce?

    Alex Hawke.

    Incidentally, the media is chocka with stories about the more backward states in the USA and their obstinate happy clappy events in the face of a mounting death toll.

    “Greater love hath no man than to lay down his brother/sister’s life on the basis of insanity, arrogance and greed”?

  2. Keitha Granville

    We must continue the push to separate church and state, which I had always thought was a tenet of our democracy. Seems not any more.

  3. Phil Pryor

    Egomaniacal sluts for money, pose, power, position are a threat to civilisation. They live in a neurotically constructed inner world that never ever existed, as flimsy as a Disney draft script on a fantasy movie about phantom social science. No-one even knows the looks, actual words, probable utterings of leading religious figures, especially their arrogation of Jesus. There is no god in Mecca, Rome, Delhi, the Pentagon, in any temple, cathedral, tree or rock. Superstitious idiots should bring their version to front a high court or international tribunal, so as to be charged with every known crime of history.They live a lie and lie up the rules and regulation, doctrines and dogma , classes and levels and layers of obedience they want, all to further exclusive self positioning as blessed, saved, anointed, empowered, righteous and triumphant. If we let these fantastical fascists froth away and tell us what when and how, we’ve lost world war three, the Great fight for Civilisation, for people’s rights and power, for democratic social political order through participation, education, enlightenment, debate, resolution and consensus. For Hawke to admire USA culture, descended from extreme theft, murder, slavery, intrusion, invasion, oppression and despoliation of the environment is fundamentally stupid, evil, erroneous. We must fight to be free of lying superstitious aggressive demanding fools who retard progress and embrace intellectual savagery.

  4. TuffGuy

    For that matter why is any religion tax exempt? How much of their income does any religion actually give to those in need? Certainly the Catholic church, minus what they spend on legal fees defending their pedos, would seem to be hoarding most of their money. Perhaps, at worst, only that portion given to those in need should be tax exempt. Or at best there should be no tax exemption at all. Why is it that any Tom, Dick or Brian Houston can just start their own cult (or church) and immediately have this wondrous thing they call tax exemption?

  5. Josephus

    I feel sick. This rubbish is treacly madness. Want to be like America? madness bis. I recall seeing a crowd of homeless camping in a dry river bed in California. A Christmas card a woman sent me from there showed her fatly grinning in front of a decked tree, a-huggin’ a shotgun. What possessed her?

    Scomo, wife and some other man stand close together- an old photo? We plebs cannot hug or kiss anyone not our family.

    Yes Kaye it is has been suggested that Hillsong or similar somehow managed to get all the passengers disembarked, why – because a contingent of them were fellow fanatics? This betokens an irresponsible mafia, dangerous, criminal, selfish. Journos please find out the truth.

  6. Aortic

    Anyone who professes Brian Houston as their mentor is seriously deluded. Anyone know of anybody who claims this?

  7. New England Cocky

    Perhaps it is time to strip all the churches of their tax free status because so few people are conned by their ideology. As some of the biggest economic parasites in the country, some members of the churches were involved in child abuse which the some clergy covered up. A legal skeptic could say that the government was in company with the users by providing almost unlimited and unaccountable since for church school systems that are better described as third rate child minding services rather tha institutions encouraging the development of thinking skills or academic excellence.

    Child abuse victims better get in early lest the COALition misgovernment have a bad case of the guilts and take Robodebt style actions to recover the legally unpaid taxes and state government council rates, that hopefully would send the churches insolvent.

  8. Hillsong Person

    I’m a Hillsong member, and I’ve done my research. You might not like the language used at my church but that is hardly something to put up in a blog.

    This is the truth.

    Alex Hawke is the member of parliament (MP) for Mitchell. This is the area of the Hills campus. However, at the Hills campus I could find nobody attending the church who would attest to Alex Hawke being a member. Yes, he has visited and there is photographic evidence of it. Absolutely no way that he is a player or volunteer or have any sway with staff or other members based on his religious commitment. From his Twitter, to be honest, he seems Catholic.

    But then the wild story centred on his wife’s family. Their name is apparently McManus? Well I researched that too – the only McManuses that attend the Hills campus are related to Sally McManus, the excellent union leader. They say that there are no other McManuses in attendance.

    So this is genuinely all lies. There is no-one in this family who attends Hillsong, there is no-one attending Hillsong who would bend a health protocol because of a personal relationship. The church has gone out of its way to follow government health recommendations, and will continue to do so.

    The images of the couple with champagne on board a cruise ship circulating online are NOTHING like the types of lives that Hillsong members lead. Plus, all the women were gathered at the Colour conference at the time, so it makes no sense that a group from our church be on holiday together that week.

    Your efforts to better the world are commendable but please focus on something else that you may be able to change in this world and make sure that you all stay safe while COVID-19 continues.

  9. Harry Lime

    What the hell is really going on?Has Scumo got enough stooges in place to execute a coup d’état?He must be fizzing at the bung.I have a bad feeling.

  10. Ken

    Why o’ why in this day and age are we still having to put up with idiots like ScottyFromMarketing and Potato Head.

  11. Roscoe

    Hawke’s wife, Amelia is an advisor at the office of the minister for Immigration and Border Protection

  12. Kaye Lee

    Hillsong Person,

    The SMH were forced to print a correction for describing Alex Hawke as a protestant.

    An article “Ah, the tears of crocodiles” in the weekend edition of September 3-4 should not have described Alex Hawke, the national president of the Young Liberals, as a “Jensenite Anglican”. Mr Hawke is not an Anglican and attends Hillsong Church.”

    One wonders why he would insist on that. If it is untrue, he must think it politically advantageous which is even more of a worry. His religion should be irrelevant.

    Are you at all concerned that, of all the worthy Australians, Scott Morrison chose to try to secure a White House guernsey for Brian Houston?

    What do you think of the Colour Conference ads with beautiful young girls blowing kisses? Did you find that appropriate for a conference that is supposedly about empowering women? Did you think Bobbie’s love letter was appropriate? Are you concerned about the gathering of thousands of people together in the middle of a pandemic?

    Do you think it is ok for religions to pay no tax on profit-making enterprises? I would certainly agree about charitable works. Does Hillsong do any?

    As for “all the women were gathered at the Colour conference at the time”, according to Hillsong, “Each week in 2018, over 43,000 people attended Hillsong Church Australia at one of our 30 locations”. I find it hard to believe all those women were in dutiful attendance at the “Irresistible” conference. And who comes up with these names? Can you understand how they might seem…well….tacky?

    Perhaps the most important question, do you agree that the Pentacostal church has a political agenda?

    “I really see that the body of Christ is going to have influence in the arena of – the political arena of this nation.”

  13. Vikingduk

    Yo, hillsong person, what ya think about Houston we got a problem and his rock spider father? I hear the plod are still investigating houston we got a problem. Still, you religious freaks don’t seem bothered by the occasional rock spider molesting the kiddies. And, yeah, I’d like to hear about the charitable work you pack of hypocrites get up to.

    How do you feel about the liar from the shire’s actions regarding the incarceration of the 4 member Tamil family locked up on Christmas Island, great example of hypocritical christian bullshit in action. $25 million dollars, 100 staff, and they are confined in small area with one bed, yep, one bed, two adults, two children, one bed. How good’s that, eh. F#cking disgusting for mine. So please let us all know, hillsong person, how you reconcile reality with the absolute bullshit of your f#cking beliefs.

  14. Harry Lime

    Tut Tut and Yea verily.

  15. Kronomex

    Ah, shit! I nearly threw up the mouthful of toasted sourdough Pane Di Casa with baked beans I was eating when I got to that revolting promo piece of garbage. Scotty from Marketing hasn’t finished loading more of his religious fanatic mmaatteess into the upper levels of the public service and parliament. We are royally and Dogly screwed.

  16. Lawrence S. Roberts

    “Whatever gets you through the night is all right” John Lennon
    We are stuck with #ScottyfromHillsong for another couple of years
    let us enjoy the ride. he is out of his depth – no good can come of this.
    Meanwhile, his band of bandit thieves are making hay while the sun shines.
    Let us visualize what comes after this and it ain’t The A.L.P.

  17. Robin Alexander

    Yes! I personally having followed events read all I can also beliefs & Agenda Hillsong has I feel very uneasy growing influence in our government with approx 6/7top ministers high positions plus PM very devout followers of this money making cult!nobody will convincebme true Christian religion?not followed any for years but I was very involved in Anglican !assure you true Christians believe loving helping vulnerable & old! Nothing with LNP shows me anything but disregard for them!belief is they pray glorify extremely wealthy all others are of Devils making must not be cared for! Says it all to me & government were well on their way to impose great stress & misery on all Welfare Recipients including Aged & Veteran pensions with the dreaded Indue card this year?the Corona-19 viris has put that.movement on hold at present!but it is prepared ready to be presented to.lower house after AG PORTER very quietly changed word PENSION TO.WELFARE? Totally illigal as on introduction decades ago both sides Parliament individually repeated PENSION MUST NEVER BE CALLED WELFARE! Tjis is on HANSARD wait till this ends?the screws will be tightened on workers/unfortunate/vulnerable & old! probably by not even sitting in Parliament as they clearly want a TOTALITARIAN GOVERNMENT! Just do as they say no opposition parties! My views! But sure they will certainly be trying!

  18. Rossleigh

    Look, I’m on first name terms with Jesus and he said he’d put in a good word to his dad about me, on the condition that I stop causing trouble.
    Actually, I’m just joking. He actually said, “You keep at it, buddy boy. It got me f#ckin’ crucified, but hey I got to hang out with some top people and we drank ourselves some top wines and at least I went down with a consistent belief system unlike these f#ckin’ evangelists who think that they can just blow on the Coronavirus and it’ll somehow go away just because that’s what usually happens to people who smell their breath.”
    Or something like that.
    We’d had more than our fill of wine for thy stomach’s sake and he was a little worried that turning over the money lenders in the temples was going to get him into trouble…
    Not with his dad. He pointed out that his dad could create anything so if he wanted money why wouldn’t he just create it instead of asking poor people to give it to him via sacrifice…

  19. Rossleigh

    And, oh, he also said that the inlaws of that Liberal minister were on the ship so don’t let anyone tell you differently.
    If you can’t believe Jesus, then who can you believe???
    Have a Good Friday everyone!

  20. Kaye Lee

    I kinda doubt the rumour thing myself but I sure would like to know what happened around midnight to make the port authority change their mind.

  21. Matters Not

    Day to day political life thrives on the rumour mill. Thus all sides of the political divide have ‘dirt files’ ever at the ready and never miss an opportunity to provide off the record briefings (leaks) to cause as much mischief as possible. But it’s only until the Leader of a political party ‘goes public’ that credence should be afforded. It’s only when a Leader has skin in the game (when credibility is at stake) is it genuinely – game on.

    Nevertheless, members of oppositions will continue to gleefully lob defamatory ‘grenades’ over political fences to see what damage results. As the song says: a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest. But why not try anyway. Nothing to lose. So lob away!

    Don’t think Alex Hawke has much to worry about in the longer term. At least on this issue.

  22. Princess Mombi

    Hillsong person. Get off the Kool Aid lovey and start using the brain you were given. How could you possible know who was and wasn’t at a great big conference? I guess if you believe the stuff the spew you’d believe anything.

  23. wam

    jesus christ kaye you have been on fire since you got your teeth out of carbon and into the pollies

    Your branch must be the most informed in the country your member should take over from albo/

    It seems obvious that if smirko et al are making decisions on the basis of beliefs they should be questioned as to the substance of those beliefs.
    ps matters if the media think there is a story the will sink in the slipper.

  24. Andrew Smith

    Many if not most people whether a religious believer, agnostic or non believer require a degree of community, structure and meaning.

    However, when a religion becomes exceptional or exclusive (e.g. ‘The Rapture’), has right wing conservative views, uses manipulative group dynamics/conditioning, targets those with personal issues or weaknesses and focused upon money making (behind the facade of prosperity for followers), it’s a cult.

    One of the more enlightened Christians is US theologian and journalist Chris Hedges who takes particular issue with the likes of Hillsong and their fellow travellers, e.g. the ‘prosperity gospel’, links to right wing political power etc.:

    ‘American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War On America
    by Chris Hedges

    Twenty-five years ago, when Pat Robertson and other radio and televangelists first spoke of the United States becoming a Christian nation that would build a global Christian empire, it was hard to take such hyperbolic rhetoric seriously. Today, such language no longer sounds like hyperbole but poses, instead, a very real threat to our freedom and our way of life. In “American Fascists,” Chris Hedges, veteran journalist and author of the National Book Award finalist “War Is a Force That Gives Us Meaning,” challenges the Christian Right’s religious legitimacy and argues that at its core it is a mass movement fueled by unbridled nationalism and a hatred for the open society.
    Hedges, who grew up in rural parishes in upstate New York where his father was a Presbyterian pastor, attacks the movement as someone steeped in the Bible and Christian tradition. He points to the hundreds of senators and members of Congress who have earned between 80 and 100 percent approval ratings from the three most influential Christian Right advocacy groups as one of many signs that the movement is burrowing deep inside the American government to subvert it. The movement’s call to dismantle the wall between church and state and the intolerance it preaches against all who do not conform to its warped vision of a Christian America are pumped into tens of millions of American homes through Christian television and radio stations, as well as reinforced through the curriculum in Christian schools. The movement’s yearning for apocalyptic violence and its assault on dispassionate, intellectual inquiry are laying the foundation for a new, frightening America.

    …….. Hedges argues that the movement currently resembles the young fascist movements in Italy and Germany in the 1920s and ’30s, movements that often masked the full extent of their drive for totalitarianism and were willing to make concessions until they achieved unrivaled power. The Christian Right, like these early fascist movements, does not openly call for dictatorship, nor does it use physical violence to suppress opposition. In short, the movement is not yet revolutionary. But the ideological architecture of a Christian fascism is being cemented in place. The movement has roused its followers to a fever pitch of despair and fury. All it will take, Hedges writes, is one more national crisis on the order of September 11 for the Christian Right to make a concerted drive to destroy American democracy. The movement awaits a crisis. At that moment they will reveal themselves for what they truly are — the American heirs to fascism. Hedges issues a potent, impassioned warning. We face an imminent threat. His book reminds us of the dangers liberal, democratic societies face when they tolerate the intolerant.’

    It’s not just the evangelicals but as we see in Australia the traditional churches, at least their autocratic leadership, are also becoming intolerant and leveraging politics on their need for maintaining exclusivity, charity status, opposing abortion rights, gay marriage etc.

    What really drives them is weakness and paranoia due to the decline in white demographics being countered by aggressive white Christian nationalism, manipulated by radical right libertarians. One of the main men was Paul Weyrich who founded the Heritage Foundation (Abbott’s favourite US think tank and linked to the IPA via Koch’s Atlas Network) whom, along with white nationalist John Tanton and evangelical Jerry Falwell, used ALEC (Koch influenced ‘bill mill’) to leverage white evangelical Christians into supporting (and taking over) Republican party, and what we see now in the US are the results.

  25. Andrew Smith

    Hedges most recent, and more disturbing take on it, in article ‘Onward, Christian Fascists’

    ‘The greatest moral failing of the liberal Christian church was its refusal, justified in the name of tolerance and dialogue, to denounce the followers of the Christian right as heretics. By tolerating the intolerant it ceded religious legitimacy to an array of con artists, charlatans and demagogues and their cultish supporters. It stood by as the core Gospel message—concern for the poor and the oppressed—was perverted into a magical world where God and Jesus showered believers with material wealth and power. The white race, especially in the United States, became God’s chosen agent. Imperialism and war became divine instruments for purging the world of infidels and barbarians, evil itself. Capitalism, because God blessed the righteous with wealth and power and condemned the immoral to poverty and suffering, became shorn of its inherent cruelty and exploitation.’

    Onward, Christian Fascists

  26. Max Gross

    You ask “And why are people like Alex Hawke and Stuart Robert Ministers?” Why is Scott Morrison Prime Minister???


    If Hillsong were involved in influencing
    the gov to disembark the passengers from the death ship ruby then they have injured and risked the lives of every Australian. That is terrorism

  28. leefe

    ““The two greatest forces for good in human history are capitalism and Christianity . . . ”

    He has a very strange idea of the definition of “good”.

  29. John

    Of course the founder and patron saint of show-biz outfits like Hillsong and their American mega equivalents is P T Barnum.
    Barnum was of course wrong – their are thousands of suckers born every minute.
    At another more homely level such outfits are the now time equivalents of the old time “revivalist” tents which were a common feature in the USA

  30. MrFlibble4747

    The Pentecostal Coup has already happened!

    How the hell are we going to unravel this?

    The COVID-19 Crisis is both an Opportunity and a Threat, lets use it as an opportunity “wake up call” to the population!

  31. Patagonian

    Doesn’t Hawke’s wife, whose parents allegedly on the ship, work for Border Farce? Asking for a friend

  32. Carl Marks

    Some good stuff from Andrew Smith.

    Back to the subject. we may well wonder at the role of PM, given the assessment of him by colleagues in Nikki Savva’s new book, that he is an “utter arsehole”.

    Circumstantial, but it seems only an “utter arsehole” would jeopardise the health of tens of thousands of Australians just to show off to his arsecrawlers and squaddies.

  33. Kaye Lee

    Gladys said the investigation into the Ruby Princess would take at least six months. Why? How hard can it be?

    “Detectives seized papers and the ship’s version of the black recorder box, last week, and have begun interviewing the crew.”

    How about looking at phone records? Who rang who at midnight to change the port authority advice? Why not just ask them what made them change their decision?

  34. Matters Not


    what made them change their decision

    Literally and truthfully, surely they can say it’s an on-water matter and we don’t discuss on-water matters because they only aid and abet our enemies Lol.

    Inquiries whether they be Royal Commissions, Judicial Inquiries or, in this case a criminal investigation led by a Police Commissioner (who is now known and trusted to duck, weave and throw hospital passes at the first opportunity) are there to buy time, to provide political cover when unwanted questions are asked whether at Press Conferences or, more importantly, in the Parliament (doesn’t matter whether it be State or National).

    So easy now to say – Wait and see what the investigation finds – knowing full well that this Police Commissioner will do an excellent impersonation of US Attorney General – William Barr.

  35. Kaye Lee

    It’s a bit like not interviewing Angus Taylor or his staff to find out where he got the forged document. Don’t ask and I won’t have to lie?

  36. Kaye Lee

    Australian chief medical officer Brendan Murphy has given a briefing to a NZ health committee. Sky News New Zealand correspondent Jackson Williams reported professor Murphy as telling his Tasman colleagues the country needed to be prepared for “further outbreaks”:

    “We thought we were doing really well then in the last week we had a cluster of 49 cases in a hospital in Tasmania just over the weekend. Most of them went to an illegal dinner party of medical workers.”

  37. Kaye Lee

    Peter Gutwein says he spoke to the CMO this morning;

    To be frank, Brendan [Murphy] was commenting on a rumour,” Gutwein says.

    At this stage, there has… our contact tracing has not identified a dinner party of health workers.

    However, I accept that this is a serious allegation, and it’s something that needs to be followed up, and so we will retrace our steps, but, importantly, I’ve asked the Tasmania Police to investigate this matter, and that will be started today. We need to get on top of this.

    We need to understand whether or not there is any strength to the rumour because, at the end of the day, I am certain that there are many hard-working health professionals on the north-west coach who feel that their reputations are being maligned, people that have done the right thing, and we need to understand exactly what’s occurred here.

  38. John Boyd

    It really worries me that mainstream Christian churches do not call these charlatans out!

  39. Andrew Smith

    John Boyd, agree, and in same eco-system we have the IPA coopting some mainstream or Abbott like Christians

    They view Pope Francis as too liberal on immigration etc.

  40. Michael Todd

    If you are American or Australian or interested in America or Australia you should read this to know what you are dealing with. Why we could be in for 12 or even 20 years of Morrison. Traditional political party membership is down. Pentecostal churches now have the money and energy to dominate electoral campaigns. Maybe this has happened in America too with Trump. We will see this year.
    Fundraising techniques for example. Can the Democrat or Labor or Green parties compete with this?
    From this article….”The cash-for-healing appeal is followed by an alluring advertisement routinely played at church and queued on digital Hillsong gatherings throughout COVID-19. A breezy narrator suggests $100 a week as the default starting point.
    Giving online is quick, easy and secure!
    Enter your card details, and you’re done.
    Thank you for investing into the lives of others!
    “There is a heaven and there is a hell,” says Brian Houston. “They’re very real places. And I have no doubt right now that demon forces from the pit of hell have been arraigned against the earth and are behind this coronavirus.””

  41. Matters Not

    Michael Todd – the Pentecostals are avid supporters of Trump and have been for some time – not only do they vote his way but also they ‘turn out’ in disproportionate numbers – indeed to the tune of approx 85%. At a superficial level, it’s all about Roe v Wade and the hope that the Supreme Court will overturn that decision but at a deeper and more significant level it’s about a much broader agenda.

    While Trump’s lived morality (multiple marriages, sexual assaults, financial misappropriation, serial lying etc) maybe the antithesis of their stated beliefs, they also believe in forgiveness and while Trump stretches that boundary at least he pays lip-service. Besides he’s a reality television star and thus has much in common with their religion. Same vibe!

    Leaders of the Pentecostals (as distinct from the followers) are large scale swindlers and so is Trump. Made for each other.

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