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Pynocchio – an untrue story!

“It is not good for schools to be funded through anomalies, outside the criteria. Gonski was going to fix this, and help all schools, but his model seems to be a dud or at least in need of a blood transfusion.”

* Cardinal George Pell (Opinion Piece, September 2nd 2012)

“Since Pinocchio says he is starving, Geppetto gives him the pears and teaches Pinocchio to waste nothing. In gratitude, Pinocchio promises to go to school. Since Geppetto has no money to buy school books, he sells his only coat. Pinocchio heads off to school, but on the way he hears music and crowds. Curious, he follows the sounds until he finds himself in a crowd of people, all congregated to see the Great Marionette Theater. Unable to withstand the urge, he sells his school book for tickets to the show.”

From Synopsis of the original Pinocchio story

Once upon time, there an old word-carver called Abbotto. He carved a wooden puppet which he named Pynocchio. Abbotto was lonely because he didn’t have a son, and he wished upon a star that Pynocchio would come to life.

That night, Pynocchio was visited by a blue fairy – just for drinks, mind you and there was no mention of Cinderella’s Slipper. And the next day, Abbotto was surprised to see how much life there was in Pynocchio.

“Will I ever be a real boy?” asked Pynocchio.

“Not a chance,” replied Abbotto.

“Not even if I’m brave, truthful, and unselfish?”

“You’ve watched too many Disney movies,” replied Abbotto. “You might as well just accept who you are and lie through your teeth.”

“But won’t my nose grow long?”

“Yes, but no-one’ll care. The Murdochio newspapers will photoshop it out. And we’ll just accuse the others of trying to mislead the public.”

“But I don’t want a long nose – I’ll look ugly.”

Abbotto let the silence speak for him.

“Well,” said Pynocchio eventually, “I suppose I’ll need to go to school”

“Why?” asked Abbotto.

“To learn to read.”

“I’ve never read anything, and look how far it’s got me.”

“You’ve never read anything?”

“Well, of course, I read the BHP statement. And all the things that I’m suppose to have read.”

“But didn’t you just say…”

“Look, if you’re going to keep bringing up the past, what hope do have of ever being a real boy?”

Pynocchio was silent.

“Come on, let’s get you ready to meet the press.”

And so Pynocchio, who were all amazed that he could walk and talk and looked just like a real boy even though he was wooden. Over the next few months, Pynocchio showed that he could do many, many tricks that his master had shown him such as say one thing in the morning and another at night. However, he never became a real boy, but, in the end, that didn’t matter. Because he was one of the adults. And there were in charge. They could do anything. Stay up late, drink, lie to the electorate. It was grand!

And he knew he was an adult. Andrew Bolto said so.

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