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Protest Australia

Protest Australia It’s glaringly obvious that Australians in their thousands have had enough of the incompetent yet unconscionable Abbott Government.

And they’ve voiced their disapproval.

This year we’ve seen the successful March in March where over 100,000 people took to the streets in a nationwide protest, and more recently the March in May were people also took to the streets in some major cities (with more planned later this year). Social and independent media sites have been filled with the shocking truths about this government, and finally, since the budget (some sections of) the mainstream media have also joined in on outrage.

And the voices of disapproval don’t look like stopping.

Which brings us to Protest Australia; the organisers of which have asked if we would issue this statement on their behalf:

A national action protest day will be held on the 24th of June. The purpose of this action is to call for the removal of Tony Abbott as Prime Minister. We will also be calling for transparency in politics and policies that uphold the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The protest will involve action such as marches and rallies around the country as well as a call out for a 24 hour national strike. We will be encouraging those who are unable to strike or rally to show support via a letter writing campaign and displaying signs at private residences and businesses.

The budget proposed by Tony Abbott is based on lies and does not benefit the Australian people. It is our belief that the policies of the current government were not disclosed with clarity during the election. This has interfered with the process of democracy as people did not get what they voted for. We are calling for transparency in all aspects of government in order to protect the administrative effectiveness of our democracy.

We ask that all Australians put aside political affiliations and stand for the people. This is not a normal Liberal budget and it comes with many discriminatory, harmful policy changes. This is an attack on the Australian way of life. If this budget is passed it will be the end of the lucky country, the end of the fair go and the end of Australia as we know it.

Details of events that have currently been organised are available here ( Our aim is to hold protest marches and rallies in every Australian city and town. New events will be announced on this page as they are released. We are encouraging non violent forms of protest only.

Disclaimer: Some people may argue that it is unconstitutional to call for the removal of a ‘duly’ elected prime minister. And some people may argue that a call for a national strike might do nothing but inconvenience thousands of people who rely on essential services. But it is hard to argue that this government has not lost the respect and support of millions of Australians and it is their right to show their disapproval in the direction the government is leading this country.


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  1. Rebecca smith

    Throw the pm out.. a sickening.disgrace to the families, ppl, elderly n the.australians..

  2. DanDark

    I will let my boss know tomorrow I will be participating in the national strike on 24th
    And will look forward to join my fellow Aussies at march to rid this phoney government

  3. corvus boreus

    Probly wouldn’t put that one on a placard.

  4. DanDark

    June, it’s okay,he is not worth raising your blood pressure
    He is on the way out, I am single mum too, one at uni doing
    One in grade 3, a 19 yr old who only works part time, all he can get in our small town
    After he finished his VCE

    I have 3 much older kids, and gran kiddies who I am fighting for too,
    So he either has to go, or we do, I have my house on market, ready to escape if he is not gone very soon, instead of getting angry, get even, it is way better for our blood pressure 🙂
    I have a voodoo doll, I poke it with pins frequently , chuck it about, sit it on its head,
    The kids get in on it, and we end up laughing, beats being angry at Tone’s and co
    Because they are a health hazard 😉

  5. Roswell

    June, they’d try to have you believe that you have to do it tough for the good of the country. Yes, crazy isn’t it?

  6. Laress

    I’m starting to thing the election was rig somehow, I have not met 1 person say they voted for mr rabbit

  7. kobymac

    Wouldn’t waste you legs either….Abbott ain’t going nowhere and nor should he.

    Dandark – it all makes sense now 😉

  8. DanDark

    Kobymac, the serial pest
    You never make sense mate
    If you comment about me ever again
    You will be history,
    And that is not a threat, it’s a promise 🙂

  9. DanDark

    Hi ho hi ho
    Tones will go
    He is half way there
    He is on his little jet to Indo
    There will be no return ticket
    Close the borders, lock the gate,
    He has an agenda for all of us,
    and our fragile environment
    He plans to destroy Australia and all that is great

  10. DanDark

    A dead PM will force something
    And it happened to JFK,
    Tones is not immured,
    And as for you, kobyfool
    You might be lucky to last a week after the tumble you take down
    Down the next lot of stairs you need to take

  11. Anne Carlin

    Kobymac, in the Australian Federal system we get to vote every three years, in case you hadn’t noticed. One small thing to be grateful for

  12. corvus boreus

    Please consider toning it down on Tone, folks.
    He has, I agree, damaged our collective futures with his narrow mindset and ill-considered legislature,amendments and repeals, and stands smeared with a succession of claims to taxpayer money for his own benefit..
    But allusions to assassination should have no place in dialogue on democracy. It diminishes the discussion, scares the straights, and, you never know who is listening.
    Would Australia really improve as a rational, intelligent and united society if we eliminated incompetant leaders through political murder?
    It can be hard to stay calm when you suspect malice of deed, but I think we can mobilse our efforts towards positlve change if our minds are clear of the “redrage”.

  13. Lee

    “Oh dandark. Please show some maturity. The liberals were voted in for 4 years. Deal with it.”

    Kobymac, the Liberals were not voted in for what they are doing now. Every single one of their pre-election promises were lies.

  14. Keith

    kobymac, could you please explain what good initiatives have been promoted by the Abbott gang since being elected.
    I’ve been voting for over forty years and have never seen so much disharmony created in communities by a newly elected government.

    I remember reading an article not long after Abbott put together his cabinet which stated that he had not necessarily chosen a cabinet that displayed the best talent. Experts in a number of fields have been moved on. by the Abbott gang. Poor decision making by the Abbott gang stands out. Abbott has been ridiculed a number of times overseas embarrassing Australia.
    But, please prove me wrong.

  15. Stephen Tardrew


    So just repeat the Howard years. That works a treat. He did not stop but simply gave out lollies then introduce Work Choices which would have wound back any bribes he had given to the low income while benefits to the wealthy would have remained. More devious wealth redistribution. That was his ultimate plan.
    Abbot and his mob come from the same unethical ideological foundations. You are rusted on aren’t you. The fact that it is immoral to so flippantly harm so many people who, when pushed to the limit react with anger, you condescendingly blame them. Maybe you are starting to get a hint of the type of pain and heartache LNP policies are causing.
    I wish no one harm however if you understand the causal chain that leads to such anger you might feel a little compassion for those who suffer. It is a two way street.
    A strategy that pushes people over the top is cruel and heartless.

  16. Keith

    corvus boreus, I gather some Abbott gang members are saying they have been pushing their message too quickly. So they wish to change Australia, but do it with more finesse/secrecy than what we have experienced. So, if Abbott is ousted by his Party as leader, there will not be too big a difference in the nasty aims of the Party.

  17. Terry2

    Removing Abbott is not going to be a simple task and, in my view, the best strategy is a rear guard action : join the Liberal Party and give Malcolm Turnbull support so that the Liberal Party is forced to act on leadership.

    There is nothing fundamentally wrong with liberalism as it was envisaged by Menzies but what has happened is that the Liberal Party has been hijacked by an extreme Right conservative faction whose ideology is blinding their ability to govern this country in the interests of the Australian people; they are completely beholden to the interests of big business.

    So,get yourself a blue tie (or scarf), join the Libs and demand that your party listen to you.

  18. Stephen Tardrew

    Deflecting from the core long term issues is just avoidance of the facts. The senate may block many of Abbott’s proposals but that does not deflect from the underlying redistributive goal of conservatives. I have worked with the poor and marginalized and if you think these policies will not have a devastating effect you’re living in Noddy land. The current economic recovery establishes there is absolutely no need for this crap demonstrating that Labor was on the right track. You just don’t get it. Any argument to shift the focus from immoral lies and deceptions covered by dogmatic unmoving unethical amoral polemics will not suffice. Condemnation of Julia while hypocritically magnifying the worst aspects of lying and deception is irrational, illogical, hypocritical and immoral. Let’s face it you lot have unreservedly lost the low ground and sunk beyond the horizon of what is ethically acceptable. Altering the grounds for morally acceptable behavior is a dangerous strategy leading to the most devious justifications for greed and inequality. Politics without ethics is the goal of the mendacious dogmatist.

  19. Stephen Tardrew

    Apologies the above is to Kobymac.

  20. Matters Not

    I, for one, want Abbott to stay exactly where he is. Abbott is not the problem, it’s the radical ideology that the whole ‘conservative’ (lol) party now adopts.

    It’s better to have a stumblebum like Abbott leading the charge rather than someone articulate like Turnbull. So I plead with Tony, don’t leave. Just toughen up a bit. You’re doing fine. You’re are creating a new Australia – a new ‘common sense’. keep going you’ll go down in history.

    As Keith said above:

    if Abbott is ousted by his Party as leader, there will not be too big a difference in the nasty aims of the Party.

    It’s the nasty aims that are of concern. Abbott matters not!

  21. Stephen Tardrew


    Turnbull by his complicity has sold his soul to the devil and cannot be trusted. Have a long and hard look at the front bench and then tell me Turbull is going to be our saviour. Not likely. What is your motivation in supporting the unsupportable LNP? We are not all empty headed you know.

  22. Cath Parry

    Terry 2 I could never agree to joining the LNP as I have always been a worker and Libs only suck up to big business of which I could not do

  23. John921Fraser



    "during a once in a century boom"

    Aren't you talking/listening/watching Gina ?

    "drive down the Aussie dollar"

    Are you a farmer or do you produce export sales ?

    Driving down the Aussie dollar means that Gina et al will have to dig a bigger hole and export more …. just to keep her profits up.

    Unless she can get workers for $2 a day.

    " the libs save the cash for labor to blow"

    Costello sold 167 tonnes of Australia's reserves of gold at the bargain price of $300+ an ounce.

    On today's prices that is a loss of $5 billion.

    Hockeys "stinking carcass" of a Budget wants to sell assets that today's Pensioners taxes built while at the same time hitting those same Pensioners with new taxes and removing the concessions they have already paid taxes on.

    "Since we haven’t saved the cash yet, its just not time for Labor to come back!"

    No ….. you just haven't robbed the poor enough yet.

  24. Social Rebirth

    Is it still unconstitutional when the government got elected by deception?

  25. Matters Not


    demand that your party listen to you

    Only if you ‘pay’. And because you are competing against Gina et al you will need very deep pockets.

  26. John921Fraser



    By the way.

    People commenting here are the ones who do not believe Hockeys $617 billion.

    You're the one who believes it so you are the one who should be telling everyone how Australia's miniscule debt is affecting you.

  27. Michael Taylor

    Is it still unconstitutional when the government got elected by deception?

    A better question is, ‘why is it legal?’

  28. John921Fraser


    @Matters Not

    The Northern Territory had a "coup d'etat" not so long ago …. the Leader was removed while he was overseas.

    The Australian Federal government appears to have had almost everything but the above.

    The chaos that would ensue amongst the Bolts and nuts would be something to behold.

    It would be far more pronounced than the 75 event because the extreme right have control of the media.

    I think it would be a very good event for all but the "Liberals".

  29. Keith

    Kobymac, significant numbers of people will be hit by the mean/callous/rubbish budget. You are probably right in implying that many people who comment here will not be impacted to any large degree. But it is incredibly selfish to stand by and watch the old, the young, students, sick, unemployed, single parent families and disabled get kicked in the guts. The wealthy have pretty well been untouched; the Tea Party is alive and well in Australia. Since the election the lying Abbott gang has gone from one blunder to another.
    Prior to Facebook, Kobymac, newspapers were much more involved in investigative reporting and people tended to have more time to read newspapers as computers were not available. Papers in those days did not tend to be so partisan. The Murdoch press can be viewed currently as the propaganda unit for the lying Abbott gang.
    Lately, I have been hearing about the supposed lies emanating from Labor, though there has been no evidence being provided. The issue in relation to lies is that Abbott for three years pushed the supposed carbon tax lie; he set up expectations that could not be meet.

    What good has been done since Abbott was elected?
    What is the vision for Australia?
    Where is the objective review of what is necessary for Australia? THe Commission of Audit was just a front for the lying Abbott gang. Couldn’t even get right the number of times patients visit GPs. Their attitude towards climate change displayed a brick like closed mind.
    With the attitude towards research and development the future is stymied, don’t you think? Not having a Science Minister is an incredibly poor decision.
    I have a belief we live in the twenty first century, not the 1950s as the lying Abbott gang appear to hanker for.

  30. CMMC

    Kobymac, you write with a certain clarity of form, but the content you provide is a simple rehashing of tabloid media talking points.

    Calling the Rudd/Gillard administration ‘dysfunctional’ is the clincher in this regard.

    The Rudd/Gillard/Independent government tried to impliment the renovation of our education, communications, health and energy sectors, but these reforms were met with infantile autistic tantrums by Abbott and his gang.

    And the Commomwealth of Australia is not a corner shop, for Gods sake. Like most nations embarking on big infrastructure projects we need to raise capital from overseas.

    Our ‘terms of trade’ remained good throughout the Labor/Independent government and continue to be good. We are not a Banana Republic.

  31. Keith

    CMMC, agreed we are not a Banana Republic; but the lying Abbott gang are pushing us in that direction. Or, just as bad, want to make us a replica of the USA.

  32. kobymac

    CMMC – when I say dysfunctional, I mean dysfunctional. We had rudd, then a few weeks out from the election we had gillard, then we also had bob brown, and a carbon tax they, or their supporters never really wanted (i wont say lie, they never wanted it and announced it with gritted teeth, after also paying off the independents). Then we had rudd popping up, disappearing, popping up, disappearing, then he took over…and wanted to get rid of the carbon tax at a time it seemed his supporters wanted to keep it. Now we have shorten, who was pushing the musical chairs in and out all along. I dont know if you call that harmonious governing, but I sure dont.

  33. Kaye Lee


    the sale was in 1997 at about $306 an ounce. Six years later it was $100 an ounce more. He also didn’t seem to notice that the Chinese were buying up tonnes of gold. In typical Liberal fashion. it was a very short-sighted decision made for politicial reasons…the same reasons Abbott’s mob are using. Look at us, we have no debt. we also have no assets but not to worry….I am sure those other people bought them because they were white elephants that were never going to make us a profit.

    And stop lying about getting rid of the carbon tax. We had a fixed price ETS and he decided to move to the floating price a year early to reduce the cost of electricity.

  34. John921Fraser


    "kobymac" calls something that happened " a sale nearly 20 years ago and comparing it to todays prices, its irrelevant and stupid."

    So tell everyone "kobymac" how far are you prepared to go back in time before you call it "stupid".

    & years perhaps.

    Plenty of people on this site only want to go back 7 years.

    I'm surprised you even have hindsight …. oh ! wait a minute you were only saying "if".

  35. John921Fraser


    @Kaye Lee

    The Aussies who originally paid for that gold via taxes are the same ones who are now being punched to pay for the next lot of infrastructure.

    newman in Qld has just done second backflip in as many days and is now reinstating Concessions for Pensioners.

    Pensioners marching in the streets is a look the LNP is not prepared to risk.

  36. CMMC

    There has been a lot of leadership changes recently at Microsoft, Apple and Yahoo, but nobody is describing these corporations as ‘dysfunctional’.

  37. Anomander

    You need to stop reading and parroting the Murdoch propaganda machine kobymac. Labor’s expenditure was in response to extraordinary circumstances caused by the GFC (something the Libs conveniently forget – short memories), and that action was widely lauded worldwide as the textbook response.

    The Libs approach is driven purely by a libertarianism ideology and nothing more, complete deregulation, pandering to big business, slashing thousands of jobs, selling-off public assets, destroying the environment for the sake of their mining mates, attacking the rights of every day workers, diminishing the importance of science and innovation, and allowing their corporate sponsors to get away with not paying their fair share.

    Abbott and his government did not win the election, they got in because a large number of ignorant and politically disinterested people were swayed unduly by the repeated lies told by the MSM about a non-existent budget crisis but predominately because the public weren’t happy with the Labor leadership idiocy.

    Abbott took zero policies into the election and the nastiness of them is only being revealed now, which is why the people are so angry, to have been so deceived.

    If only more people were politically aware and interested and had the government been open and transparent about their policies and intentions, the election would have dealt a vastly different result and they would still be languishing on the opposition benches.

  38. Terry2

    There is something happening that could cause a Tsunami in Australian politics – or not !

    This morning’s interview between Alan Jone and Malcolm Turnbull is, in my view, a watershed when you have a radio shock jock insulting and demeaning a a Minister in our federal government : just listen to this, but first place cloves of garlic around your PC – you can’t be too careful:

    Jones (and Bolt) see themselves as king makers and if you don’t get their seal of approval you don’t go anywhere in right wing politics. Here Jones has categorically told Turnbull that he will never ever be a Liberal leader and ” you need to get that into your head”.
    I happen to think that Turnbull is the only sensible and rational Minister on the Abbott front bench – despite the pressure that he was put under to scrap the NBN – and I believe that it was a national tragedy that Abbott got the leadership, albeit by one vote.
    If you were Turnbull, after this interview, what would you do : challenge for the leadership, quit politics or join the Labor party

  39. John921Fraser



    Surely you know the reason why Costello sold 167 tonnes of Australia's gold reserves.

    You wouldn't be much of a Liberal supporter if you didn't.

  40. Keith

    Terry, thanks for that reference to the Jones interview, I think that Turnbull has admitted that he is as bad/nasty as any of the other Abbott gang . If his plan was to lead the Coalition, he might as well resign.

  41. Nuff Said

    Unfortunately Australia has already said “yes” to Abbott. No backsies….

  42. Nuff Said

    I call for a vote of no confidence in those calling for a vote of no confidence.

  43. John921Fraser


    Question Time on in parliament now.

    Turnbull all across the front pages of online media.

    And Shortens mob haven't even asked him a question.

    They keep asking the monkeys and not the organ grinder.

  44. John921Fraser


    Shorten asks Turnbull a question and stuffs it up.

    But Turnbull jumps at the opportunity to be on stage.

  45. Lee

    Absolute piffle, Kobymac. All political parties lie, sure, but it is apparent that the Liberal party had no intention of honouring any of their pre-election promises. I simply do not believe a word any of them say any more. They cannot be trusted.

    Since we so urgently need to reduce debt, there are several items of expenditure that quite simply cannot be justified, such as extra jets, drug testing of all welfare recipients, knighthoods, paying rich women to breed, pushing Catholicism in public schools and exposing our children to kiddy fiddling, and royal commissions into events that have already been investigated. All are a blatant waste of money.

  46. Kaye Lee


    That is where the whole Coalition deck of cards fall down. It isn’t a problem that they are cutting expenditure…the problem is their priorities on what to spend on.

    Add in no cuts to superannuation concessions which will overtake the cost of old age pensions in about three years, and which are skewed to advantaging the wealthy. Same with negative gearing concessions – a province of the wealthy. Capital gains, offshore tax havens, fuel tax rebates to miners ( farmers can keep it – we need you), tax amnesties for cheats. if you were serious about saving money you would address these issues instead of going after pensioners, health, education….all the things WE pay for and WE want. But no, they chose to ask the poorest to bear the burden.

    They say we are a high taxing nation but our actual receipts from taxation are very low….why? because of all the tax minimisation schemes available to the rich. Corporate tax is 30% and Abbott wants to lower it to 28.5%. Like they need a tax cut. Mining companies pay on average 14% while Liberal donor Frank Lowy’s Westfield chain have been paying 8c in the dollar for years. And they are the ones who pay, unlike Rupert who transfers money around so we pay HIM $882 million tax return. Google apparently make no money here…wait…I mean they pay no TAX here.

    Don’t talk to ME about debt and deficit crisis you greasy greedy bastards!

  47. Nuff Said

    I, for one, want Abbott to stay exactly where he is. Abbott is not the problem, it’s the radical ideology that the whole ‘conservative’ (lol) party now adopts.

    Couldn’t agree more with this statement. Abbott is Labor’s (or the “left”‘s) best asset right now and will continue to be so right up to the next election. Conservatives never change their leader in Government (or are far less likely to than Labor), which is just as well because it would be a total disaster. Virtually nothing would change policy-wise. What would change is the political gestalt in a psychological sense. With a change of leader to a Hockey or Turnbull, the Coalition would immediately claw back some sense of legitimacy and credibility. The electorate would relax and breathe a sigh of relief. As it stands, with Abbott, we have the fear, angst, anger, embarrassment etc that permeates the electorate. I’d like to keep that happening despite how much it sucks.

    Abbott is in a sense our greatest enemy and friend in equal measure.

  48. Lee

    Our pollies lack the intestinal fortitude to take on the powerful and wealthy. The poor are bearing the burden because they are the ones who cannot hit back. Many within the electorate also have very short memories. By the time year 3 comes around and they are being given something, they have forgotten what was taken in year 1. They also seldom realise that when a party offers something with one hand, they simultaneously take more with the other hand. It has been said that we get the government we deserve. I have to agree. The political laziness of the population has led to this mess, along with greed and selfishness.

    I watched this video of Noam Chomsky the other day, about how to ruin an economy. Sound familiar?

  49. Lee

    Totally agree, Nuff Said. It’s better for all of us if Abbott remains as leader.

    I’m looking forward to some monumental screw ups on his overseas trip too. 😉

  50. corvus boreus

    Keith(response to 5/6 08;35), my assessment/suspicion is that the (short)age of Tony is where the items of “reform”, ie concentration of wealth and power, removal of legislative/civil protection and more selling off of vital organs(privatisation or “asset recycling’) get pushed through rapidly until there is a tipping point of outcry(round 35% 2pp polling?) whereupon, presto, regime change. “Moderate Malcolm” to the rescue.
    He repeals the final straw items and appeases immediate panic.
    Even if they lose the next election there will be huge task reclaiming protections and safety measures we have lost.
    If the underlying, entrenched paths to policy for business, things like donation funneling and retailed access, are not addressed at a time that they are so blatantly conducted,any change in leader or party governance would be essentially meaningless. Power lures corruption .
    For the details of the overall items of “reform” coming up, read the IPA 75(+25 addendum) point plan to “radically transform society”. The oxymoron of the radical conservative.
    Watch for “reform” on media regulation and oversight(monopolies, foreign ownership and ACMA) prior to moves to sell public broadcasting. Rupert will reap.
    The IPA’s list has an especially disturbing proposal, item number 77.
    It undermines/dismantles a fundamental principle of electoral representative democracy.
    Item 1 on my personal wishlist is a spotlight(yes, ICAC) on all the grubshit in and under our chambers.

  51. Stephen Tardrew


    Chomsky is awesome followed him for years. Brilliant researcher says nothing without proof. Great mind. We need more like him. Good to see an up to date vid.

  52. kERRY pORTER

    With Abbott you also get Hockey “WHAT AN UNHOLY PAIR THEY MAKE” personally I wouldn’t want Hockey to replace Abbott as I think he is even WORSE (if that’s possible). Neither of them (and the whole front bench) have any morals or any humane feelings. This is what happens when they “come up through the ranks” i.e. they’re party hacks with no real contact with ordinary Australians (this is also true of the Labour Party)

  53. John921Fraser


    Apparently the Shorten Cabinet had a meeting this morning to work out tactics.

    I wonder if that new born baby that Shorten met this morning gave him any clues.

    They've got Joe sitting on the other side trying desperately to build himself up by shouting "hear hear" all the time and Morrison sitting there hoping no one links him to the murder and suicide of refugees.

    But like a rudderless ship the Shorten mob go round and round ….. getting peppered by Bishop (the elder), getting a dressing down at every opportunity by Pyne (who has yet to discover his true secuality) ….. even Truss manages to take a few pot shots.

    Now that is truly embarrassing.

  54. Robbo

    So it’s here where all the selfish nitwits – with no concept of ‘the big picture’ – gather. Excellent, I’ll note that down if I ever want to read some stuff to make myself feel more intelligent.

    What’s the term for a collective of hypocrites?
    A cesspit?

  55. corvus boreus

    Robbo, you obviously already have the Dunning/Krueger effect to compensate for any possible intellectual insecurities you may feel.

  56. Kaye Lee

    I think you’ll find it’s called a “front bench” Robbo.

  57. John921Fraser


    The "big picture" for "Robbo" is saturday afternoon at his local theatre.

    I really appreciate a visit from "Robbo" it gives credence to "Lee" .

  58. corvus boreus

    Liked that, Kaye.

  59. Keith

    Robbo, you talk about ” selfish nitwits” but the further the budget is analysed the greater is the deceit that is exposed.
    We were meant to be having a “budget emergency” but when the swings and roundabouts are taken into account the deficit is hardly touched. What the budget would do though is to hit the groups that can least afford it. It is a mean/ callous budget with no redeeming features.
    Alexander Solzhenitsyn wrote about how decent people working as prison officers in the gulags could be socialized into being evil nasty creatures. I think that could be an explanation of what has happened to the Abbott gang, their humanity has been drained away from them by the group.

  60. nopenopenope

    > Some people may argue that it is unconstitutional to call for the removal of a ‘duly’ elected prime minister.

    It would be unpatriotic to let a madman continue to ruin our country.

    It would be immoral to allow the working class, the youth, the scholars, the ill and the pensioners take the load for a lucky few.

    It would be unethical to allow further human rights violations to happen, just because the governing party doesn’t like a certain type of person.

    What happened to the Australia I grew up in? The one where I heard the term “Aussie Battler” three times a day when my parents watched the news (something you don’t hear on the privately owned networks anymore, funnily enough) and it was considered honourable to look after those who couldn’t look after themselves, or just needed a hand. What happened to the country who didn’t care who you were, or where you were from, as long as you could take a joke and have a laugh?

    When did we become so classist? Racist? Sexist? Ableist? Because that’s what we are if we sit by and do nothing. By doing nothing, we are saying to the world that we agree with the Abbott government. That they truly do speak for us.

    Even if this doesn’t directly impact you now, it will eventually. I’d like to remind you all of a quote that really hits home.
    “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Socialist.
    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Jew.
    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

    Our governments work for us. Without our taxes, there would be no government. When are we going to learn that you cannot sit by and wait out a term if a disturbed individual is in power? Write letters, march, leave comments, raise awareness and try to get this madman out of office. We are the ones with the power here, and it’s about time that we were listened to.

  61. Louis

    In the 1940s, swimwears featured stretch panel in the midsection to help hide tummy bulge.

    If you take ibuprofen about an hour beforehand, that can help minimize some
    of the pain. 7) Do not be afraid to trim, but know when to say NO.
    Fabrics can be purchased in a variety of colors to suit the wearer’s purposes.
    Some sheens also leave a fog or beads on top of your hair.

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