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Problems! What problems?

By Shane Crocker

Bill Shorten’s problem:
  1. Sam Dastyari
Malcolm Turnbull’s problems:
  1. John Barilaro
  2. Barnaby Joyce
  3. Dual citizenship crisis
  4. SSM backlash from backbenchers
  5. Tony Abbott
  6. Cory Bernardi
  7. Banking Royal Commission
  8. George Christiansen
  9. Penalty rates revolt
  10. Cabinet leaks
  11. Chinese donations
  12. Nationals revolt
  13. Backbenchers
  14. National Energy Guarantee
  15. National Broadband Network
  16. Submarine contract
  17. Cabinet disunity
  18. Australian manufacturing
  19. Peter Dutton
  20. Japanese whaling
  21. Christopher Pyne
  22. Climate policy
  23. Environment policy
  24. Scott Morrison
  25. New South Wales
  26. Michaelia Cash
  27. Western Australia
  28. Whistleblowers
  29. New Zealand
  30. Queensland election result
  31. The digital economy
  32. Donald Trump
  33. Crossbenchers
  34. Andrew Bolt
What the media prefers to talk about:
  1. Sam Dastyari


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  1. Peter F

    So where’s the problem?

  2. AnnaMargaret

    My knee-jerk reaction to this article was that’s funny haha – my considered reaction was wow – how did this farce of a government get to do all the horrid things it has done with this bunch of ne’er-do-wells without being stopped along the way by some sort of watch-dog – what has gov’t become in Australia?

  3. John Boyd

    There can be no un-elected ‘watch dog’. The only solution is parliament, and elections. Admittedly the New England election does not give us much hope in the short term, given the public’s ability to embrace the sort of politics represented by Mr Joyce.

  4. Henry Rodrigues

    AnnaMargaret……… You’re plaintive cry is one being heard and echoed across Australia, and the most cogent and overwhelming reason, is the corrupt media, who aid and abet this reprehensible government, cover up it’s countless faults, disasters and sheer criminal actions, and always, but always, deflect by focusing and demonizing the opposition, civil society, independent thinkers, and anyone who has the courage and the temerity to publicly voice their concerns. The Murdoch machine and the IPA are the battering ram, which is employed to bludgeon any opposition to the conservative agenda. And until and unless, Australia rids itself of these pernicious bastards, nothing will change.

  5. townsvilleblog

    Perfectly summed up by Shane Crocker, simplistic brilliance.

  6. James

    I often wonder if Bill Shorten truly understands what he’s lining up for? If he turns out to be anything like the fools we’ve tolerated in the last decade, I honestly believe their will be a revolt in this country, and no one would be more to blame for that than Turnbull and the LNP

  7. townsvilleblog

    Joyce represents one of the most conservative seats in the federal parliament, this LNP Turnbull govt is on the nose Australia wide, admittedly there are small pockets of resistance in privileged electorates. This is what makes me angry with the Labor Party, when the tories get into power they openly favor their most tory electorates, yet when Labor gain power they try to be fair to all, and not rigidly enforce the policy platforms of the party members.
    The Labor Party has to reform the parliamentary party to enforce the will of party members, in other words take a sharp turn to the Left and support “working people” much more than they have in the past. Turnbull is trying to maneuver this latest Royal Commission to deprive the industry “Superannuation Funds” of their management of their wealth and try to convert it to the big banks.

  8. Peter F

    Until Murdoch goes things will not improve.
    As for the return of Barnaby Joyce, what did we expect? They chose him where there was no- one else.

    IF he had had such a result against Tony Windsor, this could be considered a success. However, what more might we expect from this self-deluded mob? They are in for a surprise at the next election.

    Wouldn’t it be delicious of Turnbull made another perceptive decision and called an immediate election.

  9. Hettie Lynch

    Nailed it.
    The Murdoch media monopoly is the real problem.

  10. John O'Callaghan

    There will not be smiles and grins all around after the Bennelong election, let me re-phrase that, there will be smiles all around but they wont be coming from the conservatives!!

  11. Freethinker

    Murdoch is no the problem, the problem are the people that read and believe what it is written in his papers.
    Education of the masses is the only hope and lack of it it is the problem.
    Without ignorance Murdoch is nothing.

  12. Wayne Turner

    Spot on freethinker. The MSM are BIASED hacks and the promotional wing of the COALition.Led by dickhead Murdoch.

    But,they would have no power,if there wasn’t so many non-thinking,gullible and ignorant morons in the public.

    Exactly education is the key.Such as logical critical thinking,how to spot a fallacy,and many more….

  13. diannaart

    Shane Crocker,

    A minimum of words with maximum meaning, which first brings a laugh, quickly followed by serious thought. You’re not in advertising are you?

  14. metadatalata

    Not to mention water theft from the Murrray Darling Basin, the only good reason to let Joyce back into parliament so he can get nicked for embezzlement while deputy PM..

  15. Tony Hogarth


  16. Shogan

    So true Freethinker, I’ve been saying for years that the one thing in Australia I would like to change most is the teaching of politics in the schools because it is the lack of interest & understanding in our political system that holds us back & enables the MSM to control who gets to know what & who they should vote for & that is a sad state of affairs.

  17. Jaquix

    The list is exhaustive, but there was one more I would like to add: Senator Michaelia Cash and the leak from her office to the media re upcoming raid by the Australian Federal Police on the offices of the AWU – Doug Cameron and Murray Watts have grilled her about it (latest Friday 1st December) but were blocked by Cash and the Committee stacked with ibs, including the not-so-charming Sen. Ian MacDonald. Yet not a peep from the ABC about itthis which went on for hours on a slow parliamentary day.. Journo Alice Workman covered it, tweeting snippets. Cash definitely hiding something – staff between her office and ROC and ABCC seem to be interchangeable. Refused to answer questions because it was “sub-Judice” but there are no court proceedings under way. She referred the matter of the leak to the AFP as a means of shutting down the interest in this. She did admit that she has only referrred ONE item to this newly minted, expensive ROC (Registered Organisations Commission) and that was this raid on the AWU for 11 year old documents which have already been provided to the RC into Unions. AFP claimed they couldnt find the media staffer DeGaris to serve subpoena on him. But hastily served on his solicitors.

  18. Dogs

    Cash at number 26 that lying thing should be booted from Parliament and charged with perjury

  19. stephengb2014

    Shane fantastic
    can I repost this on Facebook

  20. @RosemaryJ36

    I have already posted on Facebook and Twitter!

  21. mick loughlin

    It’s like watching slow motion suicide.

  22. Freethinker

    mick loughlin December 3, 2017 at 4:43 pm
    It’s like watching slow motion suicide.

    The problem is the possibility that the rope in their neck get entangled with the rest of us.
    This mob is capable to make an irreversible damage and in today news Malcolm said that there will be tax reductions for all AKA purchasing votes.

  23. helvityni

    I tend to agree with Freethinker and Shogun, Australian people want them up there… (Pauline was no mistake, this is her second coming, once was once too many times)

  24. Kaye Lee

    I just found a very interesting quote from 2011. You may not remember but Tony Abbott also demanded a plebiscite for the carbon price and tried to push through legislation for one in Gillard’s minority government. He said at the time that the Opposition wouldn’t accept a yes vote because “only the Government would be bound by the result.”

  25. Lance

    What we’re seeing is the unravelling of the vicious ,horrid Howard years Tony Abbott tried to take the horridness one step further but was cut off at the knees (still does not understand why ) Turnbull turned the time machine dial and the narrative back to the LNP being a centrist party —

    although the poor thing claimed victory in the SSM Survey he was led there screaming and kicking by a moderate fair minded rainbow group within LNP —this with the resounding win for the yes vote –I feel –was a resounding rebuttal of the over lordly conservative rump within Turnbull’s rumbling ranks —thus giving him courage to take on the rowdy rump of his party and possibly saving his job in this years Killing Season.

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