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  1. Carol Taylor

    Barry, the over the top – childish – asinine – defamatory and downright *dumb* rhetoric from supposed Australian-class newspapers are verging on being a parody of themselves.

  2. kayelee1

    Self regulation works so well….NOT. If they disagree with what the APC says they threaten to withdraw. I have seen polls and worms and analyses from each of the media networks recently….they are all apparently completely unbiased.

    For me it has gone way beyond political bias, though that has certainly heightened my scrutiny. This has come down to professional ethics, accountability, responsibility and what role the media should play.

    Why should journalists, people who have potentially enormous influence, be less accountable than the rest of us? Why should they be allowed to get away with ignoring their professional code of conduct?

    It’s time we ALL got LOUD about what we expect from the people who make a good living telling us what to think. All I can say is that in my opinion people like Andrew Bolt and Alan Jones and Piers Ackerman and Miranda Devine and Gemma Jones and many others have a real case to answer in the court of public interest. These people should be held accountable for the harm they do. It’s time we ALL said stop taking us for idiots, stop lying, stop pretending to know more than the experts do, and remember what YOUR job is.

  3. mark delmege

    No hope on the Syrian front unfortunately. The US govt makes up lies as it goes and Ausrtalia’s KRudd and Carr just waddle along like the good ducks that they are. Gee we haven’t even taken up our UN security post yet and already the government is trashing the UN Security Council. Anyone who has been following the Syrian crisis knows exactly what Obama and the other Western (aligned) countries have been doing now for years with their al qaeda contras racking up any number of atrocities. Nothing intelligent from the state or free press – just mindless propaganda. And another rotten lying vassal PM at the helm. Disgusting. How intelligent people can support him is beyond me.

  4. J.Fraser

    Pressure builds when people write “Letter to the Editor”.

    Telling them that they are not happy with their bias.

  5. kayelee1

    mark I guess you must have better information than the UN inspectors on the ground have then. Care to fill us in? As far as having not taken up our UN post on the security council is concerned, you are wrong. We are about to take our TURN at being HEAD of the SC so this is a crucial issue to get info and to begin discussion about. Since you appear to have insider information about what is REALLY going on now would be a good time to share I as I don’t think any of us want another war.

  6. mark delmege

    I wrote this for my fb page. I’ve been covering Syria for nearly three years and the way the West has armed al qaeda types is enough to make your toes curl. But you can go there and have a look at stories that will explain what has been happening. You sure as hell won’t get it from the MSM media – as well you should know.

    The gangsters are on the move.
    Those evil leaders who reside in western capitals are about to do it again.
    Those elected neoliberal bastards from the west are about to launch what they think will be the end game.
    These men in blue ties who laud themselves on the world stage as superior beings are about to commit (further) grave crimes against a sovereign nation.
    This gangster outfit of nations gathered together by the grand gangster himself have no limit to the number of slaves they will take, the number of bodies they can pile and the number of countries they can reduce to a fighting rabble of tribes.
    These mobsters have created the most obscene atrocities and have employed the most ferocious armies to reach their blood soaked goal. Aided and abetted by a free media, for three years, these gangster nations have been viciously attacking a country on the edge of empire.

    They circle like a pack of wild dogs moving in for the kill.

  7. Ricky Pann


  8. patsy

    I am so confused….how does Murdoch papers dig so deep into the labour partys dirty linen and keeps abbotts hidden….they average voter out there does not see this…I admire rudd for his vision for the future of our country when abbott keeps on about howard and what he has done yes they sold off everything they could why go backwards. many years ago I studied INDONESIA as language and in doing so learnt all about its culture..religions and poverty,,,,Then I was informed that they had the largest naval fleet in the world…..therefore is rudd not looking out for our country with his vision for moving our naval facilities????into the future

  9. Terry2

    Serious question :

    Why do you think that Abbott’s minders are absolutely adamant that their debates are covered by SKY and moderated by Davis Speers ?

    Were it not for the relay to the ABC and to the commercials, the viewing audience would be around 50,000 .

  10. Ralf Kluin

    If Australian society responds to Murdoch Media then they will have chained themselves to every Pavlovian trigger he has discovered in the human brain to favour those who advertise with him to make him super rich. Some times I wonder, that Australians, unwittingly, and because of socially weak responsible regulation, might be the last nation on Earth celebrating the cruel side of greedy capitalists.

  11. cassilva48

    This election will show whether or not, Those that control the media (information) control the minds of the people! If it was one man one vote, labor would win every time.

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