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Polls that ‘count’

You will have noticed the reader’s polls at the bottom of our articles. The intentions of the polls were to provide reader engagement and give us the benefit of your valued opinions. Plus we thought they’d be a bit of fun. Nonetheless, they were only intended to be temporary while we determined if they were worthwhile keeping.

Judging by the response, they have been a huge success. The readers certainly are engaging with them. The only drawback – which we are working on – is that the polls can be slow to load on a mobile device or tablet (thanks, Malcolm).

One poll, by the way – the one asking if you support the Cashless Welfare Card – has had over 1200 votes in less than a week. (Incidentally, 96% of respondents were against the card).

Most of the polls come up randomly, so there might be a poll that has nothing to do with the article, but time permitting we can add a particular poll to an article if we feel it fits in perfectly with the article. If the polls are random, you might see a different poll at the end of an article if you refresh the page or come back to the article a second thine, and so on.

Like anything, however, ideas for new polls can dry up or we miss the opportunity to create a poll on whatever could be topical at the time.

This is where you can help.

Is there a poll you’d like included? Do you have a question to ask that might be of interest to other readers? If so, leave them in the comments section of the article, or you can email them to us at We’d love to see them.

PS: You may have noticed that with a simple click you can even share your poll results on Facebook or Twitter. (That too has been a great hit – the Cashless Welfare Card poll has so far be shared just under 250 times by our readers).


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  1. Freethinker

    Thank the team for including these polls.
    We know that climate change and macroeconomics polices that affect the global climate change are a big concern by the readers and I would like to see a poll (or more that one if the format/topic requires it ) with the following question:

    Do you believe that consumerism have to do with climate change? Yes No
    If yes, what you have done as an individual to change the trend, consume less? Yes No
    Are you prepared to change your life style to reverse the trend? Yes Not
    Have you installed or planning to install a hybrid solar system in your home? Yes No
    Have you installed (if local laws allow it ) a rain water tank? Yes Not
    Are you relying for the government to do something before you act? Yes No

    I would appreciate more questions to see how the people respond at personal level regarding global warming and perhaps more questions like how many vehicles per family, which kind of vehicle, house heating, water tanks etc will be good to include.

    All in all what I would like to see what are people doing at personal level.
    Excuse my English


  2. Malfunctoin

    I agree too that the polls are a good idea. However some can’t be answered because of lack of information or sources thereof to make an honest vote. They remain unchecked on my part. The article on the relevance of Donald Trump could be polled about the present Australian Gumnut’ perhaps. I would like to know to whom they justify their existence to if not themselves.

  3. Harquebus

    Which profession deserves the most contempt? Politician, banker, lawyer, economist, main stream journalist or corporate executive.
    A difficult decision but, my vote would be economist.

  4. The AIM Network

    Freethinker and Harquebus – thank you for your great suggestions. Someone will be working on them shortly and with any luck you’ll see them on your next visit.

    Malfunction, that is why we try to match a poll up to the article, although that is not always possible.

  5. Florence nee Fedup

    I would love polls where one in few words could say why you ticked the box.

  6. Rita Moore

    The LNP has approved a exclusively Chinese-speaking sub-branch on the Gold Coast (Australia).
    Should political parties have non-English speaking sub-branches for immigrant populations?
    Is having a Chinese-speaking sub-branch seen as interference in our political process?

  7. Sir ScotchMistery

    @Rita Moore – the Chinese branch is irrelevant since the Gold Coast is just an organised crime group. (Not the branch, the whole place).

  8. Cando

    Rita, given the track record of the LNP it would be good if English translations of meetings were made available on-line. That might mean an extra layer of covert activity and a disguising of the real agendas but that’s the price of democracy LNP style, a style that could be summed up as:
    ‘Let them eat Indue Cash Card’.

  9. Ricardo29

    I am enjoying the opportunity to express a view, when I feel it is relevant. I particularly like the opportunity to comment on the cashless welfare card, which might eventually affect me. I would like to see a campaign to stop that cashless card and definitely to see Indue out of the equation altogether. We have a government department which can and should run welfare cards, this is one activity which should not be privatised, and especially not to a sub branch of the LNP

  10. Robina Maitland-Smith

    The importation of electrical appliances which either cannot be repaired (closed curcuit) or “It’s cheaper to chuck it & buy a new one, luv” must be a huge contributor to greenhouse gases & unnecessary landfill. I would rather pay more for an appliance & be able to have it repaired at a reasonable cost then throw it out & replace it with another of equal inferiority.

    Small businesses involved in electrical repairs would benefit. Businesses selling inferior products would not & may, instead, lift their game.

    I do hope this is a relevant response.

  11. keray

    Here’s my attempt…..

    Do you believe that the LNP politics, policies and economics in Australia in the last 4-6 years have been a test case for what the far right/multinational corporations/neocons/msm can get get away with in the rest of the world?

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