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Peter Dutton’s Character Test

Peter Dutton was born and raised in Brisbane. After graduating from the Queensland Police Academy in 1990, Dutton served as a police officer in the Drug Squad, the Sex Offenders Squad and the National Crime Authority. During the nine years he was in the Queensland Police Force, Peter Dutton did not achieve one single thing that was considered worth mentioning in his parliamentary biography, his maiden speech or any other public record.

From 1993 Dutton also served as a company director in his father’s building business.

Dutton won the federal seat of Dickson from Cheryl Kernott in 2001. Dutton promised to work hard for his electorate improving services which, sixteen years later, remain unimproved. In 2009 Dutton made an unsuccessful attempt to switch to the safer neighbouring electorate of McPherson.

In his maiden speech to parliament, Dutton spoke of “unacceptable crime rates, causing older Australians to barricade themselves in their homes” and “households where up to three generations—in many cases by choice—have never worked in their lives”. All this he blamed on “the boisterous minority and the politically correct” and suggested people “are fed up with bodies like the Civil Liberties Council and the Refugee Action Collective, and certainly the dictatorship of the trade union movement”. Dutton also argued that when it came to law enforcement, people should have less right to privacy.

So what did Dutton have to offer?

“It is my aim to use my experience both in small business and in law enforcement to provide perhaps a more practical view on some of the issues and problems experienced in these areas.”

Here’s how that practical view worked out:

From 2004 to 2007 Dutton served as a junior minister without distinction.

In 2008 he was the only member of the Opposition front bench to walk out during Kevin Rudd’s apology to the Stolen Generation.

After a brief stint as shadow Finance Minister, Dutton was made shadow minister for Health from 2008 to 2013. During that time he made no announcements, asked no questions in parliament and didn’t bother visiting any hospitals until the 2013 election.

After the election of the Abbott government, Dutton became Federal Health minister. During that time he attempted to introduce a $7 GP co-payment and was voted worst health minister in living memory by a poll of 1,100 readers of the politically conservative ‘Australian Doctor’ magazine.

In December 2014 Peter Dutton became Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, a portfolio he has handled with equal measures of malice and incompetence.

He has paid bribes to people smugglers, lied about the intentions of a woman who was raped on Nauru and forcefully returned there while waiting for an abortion necessitated by that rape. He has made false claims that refugee advocates are responsible for the self-harm of immigration detainees and mislead parliament about spying on a Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young.

He was responsible for a bungled Border Force operation to check visas in the Melbourne CBD. He has attacked and denigrated the president of the Australian Human Rights commission for investigating the abuse of children in detention, ignored criticism from the UN, Amnesty International and Oxfam, and introduced laws to gaol immigration detention whistle-blowers who report abuse.

He has seen Australia’s border protection policies become a full blown litany of human rights abuses including, but not limited to, murder, rape, torture, and child abuse.

Peter Dutton has accused refugees of being illiterate job stealers and welfare cheats. He thinks immigrants from Lebanon and their descendants are a mistake. He calls his fellow Australians “Lebanese” Australians, “Sudanese” Australians, “Muslim” Australians, instead of just Australians, and any group he isn’t part of he sees as a threat.

The people of Australia (including those with Lebanese heritage) pay Peter Dutton nearly $400,000 per year plus expenses, which last year topped $700,000. In all that time he has not said one nice thing about us. What do you make of that character?


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  1. Ruth Lipscombe

    Queensland has provided Australia with some shocking politicians,Undoubtedly Dutton is one of the worst.

  2. Ella

    Richard O’Brien, It was interesting to read the lives and times of the not so Hon. P. Dutton.
    Every time that man opens his mouth I cringe and feel ashamed that this is the best we can do.
    This government is hell bent on dividing and thus conquering the population.
    Their policies serve their vested interests but not he people who elected them.
    I hope when the next election comes around we will ALL REMEMBER !
    Shame on them all !!!!

  3. bobrafto

    What do you make of that character?

    Prime Ministerial {sarcasm} and that if the gossip is correct Dutton wants to make it a reality.

  4. Pappinbarra Fox

    What do I make of that character? Printable words fail me.

  5. Carol Taylor

    You’re right Richard, Dutton has never had a nice word to say about us, we the people of Australia. What strikes me about Dutton (apart from abject stupidity) is his ability to remain in a state of perpetual anger. Stupid and angry equals a dangerous combination, people possessing these dominant character traits being oblivious to consequences..and don’t care much about them anyway.

  6. Wayne Turner

    In this Liberal party the morons rise to the top – Just ask Abbott.

    Dutton is a total moron.

  7. Michael

    Prior to 1990 were the formative years?
    Dutton of Dickson – what does it say about the voters in Dickson?

  8. Annie B

    A spot on article, showing the ‘character’ ( dare I say ) … of the current Minister for Immigration and Border Protection ( since 2014 ).

    A truly ghastly, disingenuous, “person” ? … I shudder to label him as a ‘person’.

    Human he is, but he shows absolutely nothing of decent human qualities. Nothing.

    He continually attempts to cast his pall of indecency and deceit from the front bench of the current government, who should hang their heads in shame at even considering him fit for any form of ministerial post, or for allowing him to spruik his hatred, his obvious anger ( has he anger management issues ?? – I reckon so ) and his mendacious attitude in Parliament and toward the Australian public.

    He should be removed immediately ……….

  9. Jaquix

    A big indictment of the voters in his electorate. I believe though that his margin was decimated and likely to be wiped out, next time.

  10. Matters Not

    No Jaquix, the swing against Dutton, of approximately 5%, was about half a ‘decimation’. A full decimation would require a 10% swing.

    Decimation (Latin: decimatio; decem = “ten”) was a form of military discipline used by senior commanders in the Roman Army to punish units or large groups guilty of capital offences, such as mutiny or desertion. The word decimation is derived from Latin meaning “removal of a tenth”.

    But people are always free to give whatever meaning they choose to any particular word. Then again, never say a ‘word’ changes its meaning. It’s always people who do just that.

    But it matters not.

  11. nurses1968

    Even with Getups supposed $ quarter million “on the ground organisers, door-knocks, massive phone banks, a data-driven digital advertising program, sophisticated message testing and electorate-wide advertising to shatter his standing”
    The CFMEU campaigns and doorknocks were also extensive.
    Dutton probably had the largest campaign against him of any LNP politician and still he is safe and a supposed chance of in the near future becoming the Liberals leader and possibly Prime Minister

  12. flyingnun07

    Mr Plod!

  13. Peter F

    You have to admit that Dutton is representative of this government. I do not see any moves from within to replace him.

  14. Evelyn Chrystaaal

    Just repulsive!

  15. helvityni

    …what does it say about people who elected him ?

  16. Sir ScotchMistery

    Dutton is as dumb as dog-shit, and that can be scientifically proven.

    A piece of dog-shit placed on a parliamentary lawn, (in a perfect world by an AFP dog handler; to which lofty height, Dutton failed to ascend), would neither be noticed by most except those who take exception to AFP dog handlers, nor commented upon by any but those of the most contemptible tongue.

    An entirely unimpressive little man, (and I use the word guardedly since I have seen no proof), with few achievements to his name apart from bringing this country into a position of international repugnance, Dutton rates less than 1400 words in Wikipedia, which appears a trite reference that no one can be bothered changing or working on.

    I wonder what he would tell his children, (should anyone be of a low enough life-form to marry and breed with him), when they are old enough to read about him on Wikipedia, about his contribution to the Australia we used to know, prior to Tony Abbort.

  17. Kaye Lee

    Queensland has a lot to answer for….George Brandis, Peter Dutton, Pauline Hanson, Malcolm Roberts, Ian Macdonald, George Christensen, Barry O’Sullivan, Matt Canavan, Andrew Laming, James McGrath, Steve Ciobo, Luke Howarth, Bob Katter, Stewart Robert. David Littleproud, Michelle Landry…..

    Seriously, you wouldn’t feed them let alone elect them

  18. helvityni

    Yes, take a look at the pictures of people arriving at the Mal’s Chrissie drinks bash…Hanson’s motley lot…
    Cullerton’s Missus srides in confidently and Kathy Mc Gowan and Di Natale’s wife most sympathetic ( to my eyes…)

    Cullerton in his blue court jacket, the ladies mainly in black and white stripes…black and white like today’s politics, not much nuance…
    ( The Guardian)

  19. Donna

    Dutton is doing a great job stopping the muslim invasion like is gappening in Europe. Remember Gillard let in 50.000 illegal mostly muslims to bludge off us and commit crimes petrol bombs in a bank shooting a police employee Sudenese and Somalis yes great migrants rapes armed hold ups car jacking bashings .we nee

  20. Ella

    how about you please, with respect , research the % of criminals in the Australian society, before you condemn migrants.

    Don’t Australian people commit crimes, of rape , murder ,theft , arson?

    I read the papers and listen to the news. Most of the alcohol fuelled violence in Sydney or any other city you wish
    to look at are committed by young Australian men.
    So can we label all Australian men by the actions of a few?

  21. Ella

    Donna, one more thought…if the West including Australia had not de-stabilised the Middle East there probably would not have been so many refugees. Remember the “weapons of mass destruction” ?

  22. Marie Whitmee

    He’s only there by the skin of his teeth .. We can but hope he’s gone next time .. The only time he’s ever in the electorate is election time .. Lives in Canberra most of the time, and keeps a residence in the electorate so he can qualify .. What a joke ..

  23. Yvonne Chance.

    Not much to add to the above, except that I hope that he never breeds!

  24. Steeleye

    Thanks for the article, Richard. It’s good to have a summation of the man’s woeful character to remind us of how bad he is.

    Duttton’s incompetence in all he has done is so manifest that I can only conclude that he posseses a humongous amount of ‘dirt’ on the heavies in his party. They therefore feel unable to move him to a position that is more in keeping with his abilities and character … perhaps assistant pencil sharpener in the libs party room.

    Donna: you are just trying to introduce some levity to proceedings with that little rant, aren’t you? I mean, no half-rational person could really believe that twaddle, could they?

  25. Jaquix

    A magistrate in Qld today had to deal with some young protestors who had got up on verandah roof of Duttons electoral office with huge banner re refugees. He actually told them if his daughters had done it, he would be a very proud man. !! Dutton apopletic about it, blustering he is going to refer the Magistrate to Attorney-General Brandis (theres a laugh for you) which is out of line. Nice change to hear some political incorrectness for a change – so good on you Magistrate Morgan! See, Queensland can come up with the goods sometimes!

  26. Frederika Steen

    How mono cultural has his life been… any migrant or former refugee kids in his schools? Does he speak a second language? how culturally diverse was the Queensland Police Force in his day? Has he travelled much outside Queensland , or overseas? where ?

  27. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Richard O’Brien,

    I don’t think I’m going over the top by declaring your character assessment of Peter Dutton, is brilliant.

    Peter Dutton is not only a failed EVERYthing (especially failed Minister for Immigration and Border Protection) …

    … but he is a failed human being.

    I want HIM punished.

  28. Freethinker

    Interesting leaked document to Fairfax on the today morning on The Age

    A secret Turnbull government plan to radically reshape Australia’s visas system could undermine social cohesion, increase the risk of violent extremism and create a “two-tier society”, according to leaked cabinet papers.

  29. Dion Giles

    LNP creed: Freedom for the predators. Tough bikkie for the prey.

  30. Annie B

    I agree with you Jennifer Meyer Smith … this corrupt ‘politician’ needs to be dealt with, harshly. …. As a politician, in recent months he has become worse – which I didn’t think possible.

    He deserves to be brought before the International Human Rights Commission ( to begin with ) and in front of our own legal system. …. I have the awful feeling that the LNP are terrified of him for some reason. They give him full rein and seem to accept his inhuman and inhumane measures. … Why ?

    I have to wonder, if in his little policemans’ notebook, he might have a whole lot of nasties on all of his parliamentary colleagues ( wouldn’t surprise me – he’s the sort that would resort to it ) and so they let him have his nasty nazi way.

    He needs to be dealt with very very severely …… asap.

  31. Jim Duffield

    Google the Fitzgerald Report and read Chapter 7….

  32. Hefina

    I wonder what he promised the people of Dixon? Because no body in their right mind would have voted for this thug ! It should be looked into , claiming the government money for his child care centres is a crime and he gets away with everything.

  33. Shaun Mountney

    From personal experience dealing with him I believe without doubt he is completly corrupt. He is a public servent yet ignores correspondents like he is some king and he is my boss. I am your boss Dutton and you were fored a long time ago


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