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Peter Dutton Noes Everything!

Today I saw a book entitled “Everything You Need To Know About The Voice.” Needless to say it was supporting the Indigenous Voice to Parliament.

It got me wondering if there’s a book coming out soon by Peter Dutton “Everything You Don’t Need To Know About The Voice” which is filled with blank pages.

I shouldn’t be too hard on Dutton. It must be difficult knowing that when you went to all the trouble of organising a spill against Turnbull that your colleagues preferred Scott Morrison… And it must be even harder knowing that you’ve basically been put in as leader while they try to find someone who can match Albanese for charisma.

So Mr Dutton is adopting the Abbott strategy of opposing everything and making it as hard as possible for Labor to succeed at anything. The big difference is that Abbott had the advantage of Labor’s leadership woes but – in spite of a few likely problems about Qantas – Albanese looks pretty safe.

Speaking of Qantas, I found it interesting that their support for the Voice was called “virtue signalling by certain people. Isn’t a virtue something good? So logically in order to “virtue signal” you have to be doing something that’s positive and right. Yep, some of the No supporters are actually suggesting that it’s a virtue to show your support for Yes.

All right that mightn’t be what they actually mean, but they are a confused lot. After telling us that it’s not clear that all Indigenous people are supporters and that it’s the First Nation “elites” and “activists” who are pushing it, they were quite outraged that the AEC was spending money getting Indigenous people to enrol to vote. “The AEC is trying to help the yes vote!” they bellowed, which sort of undercuts their argument about it only being the “elites”.

I’ve always been confused by the use of certain words as an attack. Elites, for example, are people who are superior in some way so surely they’re worth listening to. Ok, I realise that it’s being used ironically to suggest that these inner city types only think that they’re elite. Of course, it was strange when the monarchists were arguing against a republican and calling its supporters “elites”. After all, how much more elitist can one get than becoming the head of state by virtue of the fact that you’re a member of a special family.

And, of course, there’s the attack on all those “woke” folk, which makes me wonder what the critics consider what the opposite is. I mean the dictionary lists words like “asleep”, “hypnotised” and “mesmerised” as opposites so if you’re not woke are you hypnotised by someone else’s power?

Andrew Bolt: You are all getting sleepy, your eyelids are heavy, my voice is like a warm blanket, wrapping around you and soothing you. As you listen to me, you become more and more relaxed. Your body is becoming heavier and heavier, sinking into the chair. Your eyes are becoming heavy, too, and you can feel yourself drifting off to sleep… You will reject political correctness and believe me when I say that black is white and you will read the Murdoch papers and believe them. When I count to three you will seem to be awake but you will never be properly woke and you will tell everyone how I’m the only one making sense…

Putting the Voice aside, Mr Dutton has his best chance for some time to take the shine off Labor thanks to the cosy relationship with Qantas. While it’s annoying to have a flight cancelled, it’s even more annoying when you find out that the flight didn’t even exist at the time you booked it. Even though this isn’t the fault of Labor, it doesn’t help when you’ve just knocked back Qatar airline’s request for extra flights citing a number of different reasons for the decision apart from the actual one which was: Qantas didn’t want us to.

There’s a lot of potential ammunition for the Liberal Party over this so why do I feel that – yet again – they’ll end up using it to shoot themselves in the foot one more time?


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  1. New England Cocky

    Surely the title of the Boofhead Duddo book was ”Everything you need to NO about the Voice”? I suppose that it would be similar to that other famous tome, ”Liberal Thinking” that was 200 blank pages.
    As for the disgusting antics of Paddy Joyce in QANTAS; which members of the QANTAS Board of Directors voted for this seeming fraudulent selling scheme that appears to be deliberately selling a item or service knowing that you do NOT intend to supply that item or service. Something about ”fraud” rings a bell here, but that must be OK because QANTAS sat on the money to boost their operations and only passengers had their travel plans totally disrupted.
    ”I still call Australia home” but when I travel I will follow the advice of my international travelling friends and choose a different airline, because QANTAS may have the best safety record in world travel but you have to take off before you can arrive at your destination.

    Qantas tickets-for-no-service scam: airline board, top management need to go now

    But what is the fuss about QATAR Airlines being linked to the inhumane policies of their overlord government? I mean, Australia still allows all the airlines from the USA (United States of Apartheid) to fly into Australia, and the track record of that government not only in the Julian Assange matter but think about Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan where literally thousands of those citizens supported the American invaders only to be abandoned by the American forces running out of their created theatre of war leaving too many supporters without any support.
    When you have the US as an ally why does a country need any other enemies?

  2. JudithW

    Maybe the antonym of woke should be sheep

  3. RomeoCharlie

    Antonym of woke? Brain dead. Fits with a lot of the opponents of what are, apparently, woke ideas, attitudes etc. well done again Rossleigh, I’m sure plenty of advisors will be telling the warm and fuzzy spud how to get at Albanese, after all he’s giving them enough ammunition. Cosying up to the most hated man in Australia atm, the man who single-handedly destroyed the reputation and performance of our once-great national airline; promoter of the biggest potential betrayal of our national security sovereignty, (though expect no criticism on this from spud); continuing the stupidity of demonising our biggest trading partner by allowing us to be used as a proxy in a US war against said trading partner; the pathetic, duplicitous response to the climate crisis (but again probably nothing here from spud) not to mention all the pusillanimous responses to domestic issues such as homelessness, the economic issues, taxation tinkering and on it goes. The fact that spud doesn’t seem to be able to lay a glove on Albanese speaks volumes about the paucity of talent in the so-called alternative government. Fortunately we have the Greens, Teals and some of the other independents.

  4. leefe

    I’d rather be woke than an absolute arsehole. Not that I’m looking specifically at you, Messrs Bolt and Dutton …

  5. GL

    The Donald has his never ending and baseless delusions about the “stolen election” and The Spud has his monkey hear and monkey screeching never ending and baseless bullshit about the Voice. Both of whom are ably backed up by the Murdoch sleaze media.

  6. Terence Mills

    Peter Dutton today on SKY (of course) clarified his position on the referendum .

    He opposes this referendum but is in favour of recognising Aboriginal people, as the first people of Australia, in the constitution but without a Voice : so he will vote NO and he will continue to campaign to defeat the referendum

    He was then asked if, when in office, he would hold another referendum to recognise Aboriginal people in the constitution, as the first Australians : he said YES.

    He went on to say that when in office as prime minister he would listen to the Aboriginal people but conceded that they would not have a voice.

    So that’s cleared that up !

    PS: John Cleese and the Monty Python team are considering suing Dutton for plagiarising their material.

  7. Phil Pryor

    Finding out about Peter Duckwit-Futton’s words and actions always queazes one, and the unsettled tummy triggers mental activities in negative response. Dutton, whose intellect is less substantial than fairy floss, will listen, but not act, will say “:no” but really mean “yes” his way. Thus his bare and empty nonhirsutial skull indicates the scraped cleanliness awaiting a mortuary process, a coronial enquiry on a vacuum. The inside, bare as the outside, is unfitting in a public figure. Highly qualified and experienced voters support conservatism, yet the titular representative in parliament is unfit, unreasonable, incapable.

  8. Harry Lime

    What on earth makes that feckless fucker Dutton think that he’s the right material for a Prime Minister? They executed a death wish with the Liar,and it looks like they are going to ignite the funeral pyre with the gormless ex walloper.What a total nothing dickhead.

  9. Harry Lime

    Shedding further light on the idiocy of Boofhead, see an article in today’s Crikey by Bernard Keane.Smutton could end up up shooting himself down….again.

  10. Benjamin

    @Harry Lime

    … When Trump and Morrison were in power, we WE’RE LIVING, in a fascist idiocracy.

  11. Phil Pryor

    There is now a picture of parliament with opposition benches cheering and jeering about making sure Australians in need pay too much to pharmacists who are now set to earn more in total from pre-covid days.., and in front of the roused rabble is Desert head Dutton, glaring into infinity so as to remain dazed to truth and reality. What a brimming bedpan is this oppo leader…for in the recent years under the defectives, Abbott to Morrison, often with B Joyce, (vomitty voom) rural areas lost businesses, police, schools, pubs, life itself, without much of a whimper from the self enriching bastards of whom Anderson was typical. Treacherous slime…

  12. Harry Lime

    Yes Phil,”brimming bedpan” with faeces dominating.

  13. GL


    You can bet that the stuffed brown envelopes are getting a real workout at the moment.
    “…Dutton, glaring into infinity so as…” His mind’s eye is just bouncing around the tiny space that is at the centre of the Roman concrete that fills his skull.

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