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Peace Be Upon All

By Khaled-Oula Elomar

This is what I had to experience Thursday night 21st March 2019.

After a very long day in Melbourne attending an all-day Project workshop, this is what I had to endure on my return flight home. Before I start, let me warn you that this story will hurt you, frustrate you and make you rather angry. It did to me for 1.5 hrs but then I was overwhelmed with complete joy and happiness. You may not extract the same outcome as I did, but that’s OK. Just think about it without emotional connectivity and you’ll see my point.

I boarded the plane and the cabin manager throughout the boarding process was constantly noting that the plane was full and for those carrying more than one bag to place the larger bag in the overhead locker, and the smaller one under the seat. Now I was only carrying my brown bag which is just big enough to fit my laptop and diary.

Thinking like an engineer, as I only had the one bag, I thought I had the right to place my leather bag in the overhead locker so I can stretch my legs under the seat in front of me. I guess I should have been more sensible and placed it under the seat to allow others with 2 bags more overhead space.

After I sat down and started a new Sudoku challenge (Einstein Level lol), in comes a lady, with her nose stuck-up-in-the-air attitude and looking rather frustrated, she looks up into the locker where my bag was located and yells out, not in a loud voice, “who owns this brown bag?” I look up and say “it’s mine”. She replies “well obviously you don’t understand English. Did you hear what the lady was saying?” I said “my apologies. I will take it out now.” She says “you people are unbearable.” I said “obviously we’ve all had a long day. Please forgive my ignorance.”

When I took it down, not only did she place her big bag in the locker, she also put her small bag there too. That got me fired up but not to a point to say anything to her. I bit my tongue and convinced myself that I am only 1.5 hours away from seeing the most beautiful woman on the planet – yes, my wife Oula.

Now those who know me, know that I can complete an Extremely Difficult level Sudoku in under 10 minutes. We landed in Sydney and barely got through half of the same one I started in Melbourne airport. You could say I was hurt and shaken by that lady and her despicable attitude.

We arrived in Sydney and the lady disembarked the plane before me. Probably 5 people between her and I. As we were walking out of the airport, we got to a set of escalators to go down to the lower level. The escalator wasn’t working which added to her frustration because she had to carry that heavy bag.

I stood behind her and said “please let me help you with that.” I carried her bag down the escalator but never looked her in the eyes. And she never uttered a word to me but I could sense that she never took her eyes off me. We get to the bottom of the escalator and I said “have a wonderful evening.” I turned around and walked away. She neither said “thank you” nor apologised for her appalling attitude.

As I was making my way to the carpark I felt so good that I am closer to seeing the love of my life and that I rubbed that bitch’s nose in wet and moist dog shite. I am convinced that she was remorseful for her actions and appreciative of my assistance, but was completely overwhelmed with regret that it knotted her tongue and she couldn’t utter a single word. I didn’t need to hear her say anything.

And that, my friends, is how you shut and face up to a racist. You do it with Love and Respect. No need to lower yourself down to their level. The opportunity to get your revenge, in a humane way, will always come and highlight itself to you only when your calm and collected. If you reciprocate with them at their level and to their tone, you get blinded by rage and anger and will miss that opportunity.

Never miss an opportunity to yell at bigots Silently and Deadly.

Stay true and classy.

Love and Respect,


PS: Not to forget, I got to see my Queen and her infectious smile. Who could remain upset after that?

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  1. Jack Cade

    Now you’ve made ME angry…
    I hate self-important bitches like that. And it’s almost ALWAYS women.
    Many years ago, when I was a teenager, I was sitting on an Adelaide bus in my way home from work. It had been a blistering hot day, and a young mother was having great difficulty boarding the bus with a very distressed and noisy child.
    A woman – of the type you described – said, in a loud, snotty voice: ‘People shouldn’t have children if they can’t control them.’
    Whereupon – and I will remember this until my dying day – a venerable old gentleman said, even more loudly
    ‘The same thing, MADAM, can be said for tongues.’
    Heroic. I was absolutely spellbound.

  2. Michael Taylor

    Khaled, you deserve a cigar after that.

  3. Miriam English

    Khaled, I like to use a similar technique. When someone is rude and angry, I do my best to be polite and gentle and reasonable (while avoiding being submissive). I don’t expect the rude person to change (though they might); my main intention is to help those witnessing the event to understand who is the horrible person and who is not.

    I’m glad your day ended happily with the most beautiful woman in the world. 🙂

  4. Greg

    good people can feel so lost and helpless in the ever growing and overwhelming avalanche of hate and bigotry but it would only take one man , woman or child to first come out and shout enough . When another s follow that person the light starts to shine and the burden of helplessness will start to lift

  5. Keitha Granville

    Thank you Khaled for dousing that fire of misery, bigotry and meanness.

    I have always worked in the entertainment industry and always advise my staff to counter grumpy mean patrons with smiles, nice comments and helpfulness.

    Never let your own positivity be damaged by the negativity of others, they will still be ugly tomorrow.

    Practise random acts of kindness.

  6. Miriam English

    Well said, Keitha.

    Attacking people just makes more enemies.
    We’ve never truly won until our enemy has become our friend.

  7. David Bruce

    Karma can work wonders too! You get back what you put out…

  8. Phil Gorman

    Thank you Khaled. “A soft answer turns away wrath, but a grievous word stirs up anger.” (Proverbs 15:1)*

    I was once involved in a serious collision. The young (at fault) driver of the other car leapt out, full of road rage, ready for a stoush. I asked, “Are you all right mate?” Sweet reason and co-operation followed. A positive attitude goes a long way

    *I’m an agnostic these days but remember some of the wisdom found in ancient texts.

  9. Wam

    It was extremely kind of you to defer to a woman.

    I would have offered to help her put her bag up?.
    No I wouldn’t I would have done an ‘almost all bitches are women’ Cade and ignored her or maybe do a Joyce and tell to piss off.
    As for your payback, men and ‘bitches’ like that have not remembered the incident because it is their nature to be rude and selfish and she was looking at you in case you pissed off with her bag.

  10. corvus boreus

    Peace only comes upon us when we, each and every one, choose to take the moral high ground by displaying a conciliatory attitude towards potentially escalalatory situations.
    I am both male and pale, and thus relatively unhaffected by most of the prejudicial discriminations that routinely corrupt broader social discourse, meaning that the worst entrenched attitudes I am routinely exposed to are mostly mere habitual rudeness.
    Thus, by answering any bile gratuitously spat in my direction with a spoonful of honey, I am not only helping to de-escalate the situation, but also working toeards my of personal training with the ultimate personal goal of becoming less of a reactive arse-hole.
    It is only when I witness others, particularly the most societally marginalised / vulnerable suffering gratuitous bullying or exploitation that I should immediately step up and take a more active posture of defense.

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