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Pauline Puts Putin On Pedestal; Turnbull Tears Down Tyrant!

Some of you may have noticed a strange train of thought from Pauline Hanson. She praises Putin, telling us that we need a strong leader like Putin, but before the interview is over, Australia’s answer to The T-rump is telling us that she opposes the government attempting to coerce parents into vaccinating their children because it’s like “a dictatorship”. What’s one meant to take away from that? (Admittedly, take-aways haven’t been Pauline’s strong point since the fish and chip shop days!) Apparently, we need a strong leader who can impose his or her will, but not when it comes to giving kids needles. Or even imposing action on climate change. We need a leader who can impose Hanson’s will on the people. The sort of leader who’d name a party after themselves and expel those who she didn’t agree with. In a totally democratic way, of course.

Turnbull was, of course, quick to contradict the No Notion leader in this particular instance. While the Liberals have traditionally said that they disagree with One Nation before adding, but isn’t it great that people can make xenophobic statements and generally talk the sort of nonsense about science that makes Barnaby# seem intelligent, in this particular case Turnbull was anxious to disagree. No, he told us, we don’t want a strong leader like Putin – there’s a strong case for having a jellyfish who just goes along with whatever they’re told.

Strangely, Turnbull was given praise by some sections of the media for his decision to criticise Pauline’s comments. Have we become so used to seeing Turnbull as the obedient lap-dog of every right wing nutter that we somehow think merely saying that he disagrees is the sort of performance that where we’d start refering to him as the Australian Vladimir? He’s set the bar so low that he attracts praise when he does such courageous things as telling Trump that he expects a deal to be honoured or attacks Bill Shorten for hobnobbing with the elite. On the latter, surely Turnbull wasn’t suggesting that Shorten was being a class traitor because, as any member of his government will tell you, it’s only Labor who indulge in class warfare…

Whatever, the coming Western Australian election will throw up an interesting predicament for the Federal Liberals. It’s highly unlikely that the Liberals will produce a strong result, and possibly the worst case scenario for them is winning government with One Nation holding the balance of power in the upper house (or even, less likely, the lower house!) While Labor can condemn the preference deal that put them there, it’s a lot harder when you’re the ones who made it. However, a loss would surely have the knives being sharpened in Canberra. Actually, the knives must be pretty sharp by now.

As someone said to Caesar, beware the ides of March!

#By the way, did you catch his performance on “The Project” last week?


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  1. jagman48

    Just remeber vaccines cause cancer and autism. It must be true cause Pauline said so. And she knows best you know. Ask any good fish and chip retard.

  2. helvityni

    It was very safe for Mal to disagree with Ms Hanson about vaccination. On issues like ‘all Muslims are bad’ he and Sinodinos give Pauline plenty of rope: she has become more ‘sophisticated’, they say… What they don’t say: we need her vote…

  3. Alan Baird

    Look, you should know by now that the same rules apply to Pauline as to Trump, Putin and any other whack-job autocrat doing the rounds currently in any number of benighted states. There doesn’t have to be anything such as consistency in reasoning or logic. Thought bubbles come to the surface, are approved by other whack-jobs and laughed at by most silly people who insist on logic. The great unwashed applaud on cue. Religion is good, science is bad (except for weapon research), irritating journalists should be disposed of, dictators are good except if they force you to take steps to get a needle to prevent disease. THAT’S being really dictatorial apparently although my faculties are having trouble following all this at the moment.

  4. Matters Not

    Pauline’s treatment by Cassidy was an outrage – for some. Cassidy actually wanted answers to significant questions and wasn’t prepared to accept nonsense answers. That’s not the way PHONYs expect to be treated. Because they aren’t – usually. Where were the ‘dixers’? The Bolta doesn’t behave like this!

    Seriously, Cassidy, on this occasion, had done his homework and wasn’t in the business of smiling sweetly, giggling and moving on regardless of the answers offered.. It was a lesson that Sales et al should learn. Make the ABC great again. Revisit your history. See how you once were. Persist. Do a Cassidy or a Ferguson.

  5. jagman48

    Yeah matters not but what about vaccinations. To hard for you.

  6. Matters Not

    jagman48, please explain. Or is that too difficult? Hanson giving medical advice – hilarious.

  7. Jaquix

    I too thought Barrie Cassidy played the interview really well. Sat back and gave her a lot of rope. Would he interesting to see a transcript of it (ABC only do selected ones now) because Pauline’s answers might go down well at the pub, but are mostly incoherent. When cornered, like a rat, she got nasty or threw a question back, so she didnt have to finish a sentence.

  8. ozibody

    Tonight on A B C 7.30 report, Leigh Sales interviewed the W.A. ( ALP ) opposition leader … who was on because the Premier was not available – and he left me with my jaw on the ground !

    Aside from committing the crime of trying to talk about the Current Government when asked ( more than once ) about HIS parties policy, his responses hovered around securing W.A’s ‘fair’ share of GST ! … & his green tie ??

    About next weekend’s outcome it may be a case of … ‘ good luck all who sail in her ‘ ….

    On the matter of ‘ our Poorline and her PHONy party ‘ it may be the case that this campaign is a practice run for the coming Queensland election where she may have her eye on becoming Q’ld Premier ! …..after the appropriate duck ‘n’ weave. I think she employed the services of a Trump advisor some while back ?… and we all know what Trump did …

  9. Zathras

    What next – the moon landing was faked too?

    We already have the supposed global conspiracy over Climate Change from her crackpot associate plus her scientific assessment of the apparent health Great Barrier reef based on a snorkel dip.

    She reminds me of Joh Bjelke-Petersen when he was challenged to investigate the reef first-hand and the damage caused by the Crown of Thorns starfish.

    He went out in a glass bottom boat and came back to reassure everyone that the reef was perfect -“gleaming white” in fact.

    Hanson’s problem (like Trump’s) is that she has no filters.

    She’s incapable of discriminating between fact and allegation when she hears things – particularly those that reinforce her own prejudices and doesn’t bother to investigate things for herself.

    Likewise she has no filter on what she says.

    When she eventually manages to form a complete sentence it’s usually to repeat that endless string of cliches but also parrots the misguided views of others. She remains a convenient stooge for others and that’s why all manner of extremist groups are lining up behind her.

    The anti-vax rant probably came from Trumps’s similar claim.

    A proper critical evaluation of Hanson is long overdue and it’s time she was grilled about all her “policies”.

    Drag her out into the sunlight where we can all have a good look at her and what she really believes.

  10. Johno

    Well put Zathras.

  11. David Bruce

    It is a bit worrying to see how much the comments here have been influenced by the zionist media propaganda machine. I wonder how many of you have compared the number of vaccinations you had in the first 12 months with the number kids get today? I have just had booster shots for HepA and HepB prior to overseas assignment, so I am not against vaccinations.

    How many of you have looked at what Putin has done for Russians, despite the draconian sanctions placed on the country by USA and NATO partners. If you believe Russia used a BUK missile to shoot down MH17, you have been lied to. Russia and Russians have never been forgiven for threatening Britain and France with world war if they didn’t allow independence for the united States of America! Read your history so you can make informed comments!

  12. Roswell

    David Bruce, exactly what has Putin done for Russians?

    From what I’ve heard, the life expectancy for Russians is lower than any country in Europe.

    From what I’ve heard, Russians are poorer than their European counterparts.

  13. Jaris

    Vaccination should NOT be compulsory. I do not see the problem with vaccinated children(if their parents want to do so). Logically they are on the “safe” side having needle against brutal diseases. No need to worry. Apparently there will be affected only “naughty unvaccinated rebels” as they cease to exist. Then you can vaccinate yourself as much as you wish.
    My opinion is that vaccination is NOT safe. There is always risk involved. Just ask doctor to sign the paper, that your child will not be affected. I am sure he or she will not sign such document.

  14. Jaris

    …and Vladimir Vladimirovic Putin? He is greatest politician and diplomat on the world scene in these days. No other leader is like him! Without him Syria would loose battle with ISIS which US and Israel vigorously supported. Crimea would share the same fate like Ukraine. And YES, I wish Australia has at least similar leader like V.V.Putin or S. Lavrov. Bravo Russia! I wish you well to survive hatred of envious West. And you will survive as you proved many times in Napoleonic war, Russian revolution and I. and war.

  15. Kaye Lee


    “My opinion is that vaccination is NOT safe.”

    You will excuse me if I prefer the opinion of the broad medical community and the irrefutable evidence that vaccinations have saved millions of lives.

    “Vaccination should NOT be compulsory”

    People like you are a danger to the community. Don’t you understand that we must have herd immunity and that we can actually eradicate many diseases if we can achieve it?

    “I wish Australia has at least similar leader like V.V.Putin”

    What exactly is it that you admire? Someone who has political opponents and journalists murdered? Someone who is siphoning off the wealth of the country to his and his associates’ personal coffers? Or is it the topless photos he insists on posting? You sure wouldn’t be complaining about the government on the internet if Putin was your leader.

    If you want a leader like Putin you shouldn’t live in a democracy.

  16. Jaris

    Kay Lee, do your research first. I am not a danger to community. Get your information, get educated! On internet you will find lots of information about dangers of vaccination. With your next vaccination ask your doctor to sign a paper that it is safe to be vaccinated. I am sure doctor will not sign it. Then also read my comment again as I say that people who are vaccinated needn’t to worry.. By the way, I personally know a family, whose daughter was affected by vaccination and she died! What I’am trying to say, that it should be a choice and not blackmailing or threatening people to do so. It wouldn’t be democratic. Democracy is supporting choice and in this case you are contradicting yourself.
    Secondly, what do you know about V.V.Putin? Have you ever listened at least one of his speeches? You do not need to speak Russian as it has it’s translation in English. Again it is on internet. Obviously you get your knowledge from TV and mainstream. What are you talking about that Putin murdered opponents and journalist? This is a lie which western and stupid american media wants you to believe. And you do! You probably also believe, that wars in Iraq, Libya, Syria, former Yugoslavia, Ukraine, Afghanistan and others was justified. All in name of “your” so called democracy. All for failing dollar and oil. Yes, this bloody democracy was installed by bloody wars and I am ashamed, that Australia also took the part in killing civilians in those foreigner lands. Several times Russia stopped war conflicts in recent years. You must be Sleeping Beauty because you do not know what is happening on international scene. It’s time to wake up!

  17. Kaye Lee

    Please show me your sources for scientific research about the dangers of vaccination. Or are you listening to some mum on the North Coast?

    In Australia, deaths from diphtheria fell from about 4000 during 1926 – 1935, to only 44 between 1956 and 1965.

    I could quote similar statistics for every vaccine preventable disease.

    Millions of lives have been saved. Perhaps you could show me the stats for how many children have died from vaccination and we’ll compare the risks.

  18. Kaye Lee

    “What are you talking about that Putin murdered opponents and journalist?”

    Who killed Russia opposition politician Boris Nemtsov?

    Who killed journalist Anna Politkovskaya?

    Who killed defector Alexander Litvinenko?

    And you tell me I need to do research?

    Here’s a list of Putin critics who’ve ended up dead

    Jaris you are a very gullible person and as such, your views indeed represent a danger to our community.

  19. Roswell

    Jaris, if you don’t think vaccinations are safe, then what are your thoughts on contagious diseases that can kill people? Millions of them.

  20. Matters Not

    Jaris is clearly taking the piss. Possibly based in Russia and giving his/her language skills (and lack of same) a trial run.

    Read what is written and the number of grammatical ‘errors’ – too numerous to enumerate. Evidently can’t handle the language in any shape or form.

  21. Roswell

    Jaris is clearly taking the piss.

    Or has been on it. Vodka?

  22. Kaye Lee


    My favourite bit was the use of the vernacular…”Yes, this bloody democracy was installed by bloody wars”

    Is she/he talking about the Eureka Stockade?

  23. Roswell

    Kaye, I think he/she might have his/her countries mixed up. I’m certain he/she was referring to the Maori Wars. Or was it the American Revolution? No, hang on, it might have been the War of the Roses. The Russian Revolution?

    This he/she bit is annoying. In future I might just say ‘she’.

  24. Matters Not

    Roswell, just the odd example from the most recent post: Corrections in brackets.

    not a danger to (the) community … On (the) internet … sure (the) doctor will not sign it … ever listened at least (to) one … not need to speak Russian as it has it’s (sic) translation in English … murdered opponents and journalist? … and others was (were) justified … Australia also took the part in killing civilians … do not know what is happening on (the) international scene

    The definitive article is often missing. No command of the language, but understand the implications of scientific (and non-scientific) findings. Advanced comprehension skills and all that. Amazing.

  25. Kaye Lee


    We certainly killed a shit load of Aboriginals but I don’t think that had anything to do with democracy.

  26. Roswell

    Kaye, didn’t you know that colonialism created democracies? Indigenous people were just an obstruction that needed to be removed for democracies to flourish.

  27. Roswell

    Matters Not, her command of the Queen’s English is outstanding.

  28. Matters Not

    We have only travelled to Russia on limited occasions. (Try once.) (Getting Visas is a pain in the жопа). So our contacts are and were somewhat limited – but we encountered many Russians keen to practise their English Language skills. This inability to handle the ‘the’ was apparent.

    Lovely people, especially the women, but the ‘communists’ – they were all bad, I assume – because we didn’t meet any who claimed that moniker. So all I can assume is …

  29. helvityni

    Do any of you here speak other languages? My Russian sister in law speaks six languages fluently.

    I have not been to Russia, but hubby has. He was surprised how much they knew about other countries’ literature, many had read Patrick White…
    Two Aussie girls from Brisbane in his tour group, did not want to see the Bolshoi Ballet in Moscow, they were most disappointed there was not so much shopping to do…they also did not attend the tour to the Hermitage…

    Being from Finland I’m quite familiar with all things Russian; my engineer brother worked there for a year or so….

  30. Kaye Lee

    helvityni, I was thinking to myself if I wrote in my very limited French it would be a damn sight worse than Jaris’ English which I had no trouble understanding. It was the content I disagreed with. I am envious of Europeans, so many of whom are multi-lingual. And I know what you mean about young Aussie travellers. Many of them are just looking for what we have here – a nice beer garden and a good beach or glitzy shops – whilst ignoring the amazing history and culture. Usually we get a bit more appreciative as we get older.

  31. Michael Taylor

    I dip my hat to many Europeans. Visit shops in Europe and you’ll find that most people behind the counter can speak English. They have learned the language because they have to deal with English speaking people every day. Usually when you visit a country you try to learn a bit of their language to get you by, but not so much in Europe. I respect their initiative.

    Helvityni, I used to be able to speak Pitjantjatjara (an Aboriginal language) but over the last 15 years I’ve had no Pitjantjatjara people to speak to so I’ve now forgotten more than I learned.

  32. Kaye Lee

    When I first went to Bali I was amazed at the young kids selling things on the beach. They could tell you how much in many different languages.

  33. helvityni

    Kaye Lee,

    Ruth Wajnryb, a linguist of Polish Jewish background , wrote in her weekly SMH column : Oz is different – we do pedantry better here.

    She gives examples of the critical replies to her previous article where she refers to L.P. Hartley’s book, which opens by ‘The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there’ by writing ‘America is another country; they do things differently there’. That was enough to draw the pedants out…. 🙂

  34. Michael Taylor

    Many Americans are surprised at how well Carol and I speak English. “Do many people in Australia speak English?” asked one bloke. “Quite a few” I replied. “What’s official language in Australia?” was his next question.

    I blew my chance. I could have said Pitjantjatjara or Pategonian and he would have believed it. I could have even said we are the only country in the world who speaks the language of the lost city of Atlantis, and he would have believed that too.

    What a bore I am. I said “English”.

    I wonder if he believed me.

  35. helvityni

    Michael, years ago when our kids were young, we belonged to a baby-sitting club in an up and coming inner-city suburb, where the newcomers were mainly educated Aussies from Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide, and few overseas ones as well, no one had family to help with babies…

    An uppity architect’s wife came for the first time to babysit; H, your house so beautiful, is your husband an architect ?

    All I said was: No, and then showed her where the kids’ bedrooms were.

    I felt like adding: The beautiful décor is is all MY doing, but I didn’t.

  36. Michael Taylor

    Helvityni, you strike me as being a lady with fine taste.

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