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Parliamentary Productivity

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Dear Federal Government,

After conducting an initial review into parliamentary productivity, it has been found that you have failed in several Key Performance Indicators. Consequently you have been placed “Under concern”.

Whilst by no means exhaustive, the following are a few areas of concern contained in our report. The full report can be found here. There are several key requirements that need to be satisfied for a state to play its diverse roles purposefully, effectively and appropriately. They include:

1. An effective parliament with an upper house (Senate at the federal level) that acts as a genuine house of review and as the means by which long term issues are kept in the public eye

“The backroom people in the Coalition have now done the research work and are bubbling with confidence that the six non-major party senators elected in this year’s election will combine to back most of, if not all, the government’s legislative program that was forecast in the campaign.”

2. A strong and independent judicial system that is fiercely defended

“Brandis, another Queenslander, was highly critical of the Speaker while this affair played out, and made a number of rather questionable and incendiary comments in the Senate in regards to the Federal Court.”

3. Transparency of government decision-making whereby government behaviour is continuously subjected to independent review by auditors general, ombudsmen and parliamentary committees. Whistleblowers who draw attention to malpractice and inefficiency also need to be fully protected

“The Prime Minister’s extraordinary attack on the ABC yesterday signals not merely that the national broadcaster is to be targeted by the Coalition but that the war on whistleblowers and journalism launched by the Obama administration is being prosecuted with renewed vigour by the Abbott government.”

4. An independent bureaucracy that is able to offer fearless advice to Ministers and the Government and which does not live in constant fear of reprisals for principled behaviour and outspoken comment. Such a bureaucracy should also be well trained in client services; there are outstanding models such as Australia Post

“The head of the authority which advises the Federal Government on Australia’s infrastructure
needs has slammed the Coalition over its plans to overhaul the organisation.”

Two weeks later…

“The head of Infrastructure Australia, Michael Deegan, has stepped down just two weeks after he lashed out against the Abbott government for eroding the advisory body’s independence.”

5. The protection of the integrity of public institutions and appointments to them. In other countries, such as the UK, there are systems for formal appointments to public offices, to minimise political bias and ministerial whim

“It is similarly hard to escape the conclusion that, for the conservatives, gaining power is not about furthering the good of the country — it is about furthering their own causes – ideological and financial – along with those of their fellow travellers.”

6. Recognition and support for the critical roles played by civil society and non-profit organisations

“The Abbott government has backed away from distributing millions of dollars in grants promised to dozens of charities, community groups and local councils under Labor’s national crime prevention program.”

7. The protection of media diversity to enable citizens to have access to many different media opinions and to ensure that the media are effective in supporting all the other facets of strong, effective and accountable government. Lack of media diversity is a serious problem in Australia

“Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s revelation that the government is mulling dumping the “two out of three” rule in our media ownership laws is more welcome news for News Corporation — albeit a bit like sending a leaky boat to rescue a drowning man. The removal would allow News Corp to convert Lachlan Murdoch’s control of the Ten Network into News Corp control; Ten already has strong content ties with the company, broadcasting (for dismal ratings) Andrew Bolt and “partnering” with News Corp on Meet The Press.”

You have also run severely over budget in some areas, notably the Department of Immigration and Border Security. It is the view of the Australian people that the heads of the Departments of Immigration and Environment have failed in their duties and will be stood down immediately. The Refugee Council will take over responsibility for immigration and the Climate Change Authority will administer environmental matters.

Treasury and Finance are on notice and all future funding must get clearance from the people. There will be an independent audit of their books by the People’s Court and all documents are to be made available. The Court will have similar powers to the ABCC and conflicts of interest and rorting of entitlements will be within their terms of reference. Staff and family members can and will be interrogated.

Ministers will be subject to an efficiency dividend on their wages which will be frozen until further notice. Any claim for entitlements including accommodation, travel, and office expenses, must be accompanied by a receipt and a completed claim form detailing specifically what Parliamentary business was undertaken. Claims for social networking, campaigning, and private jets will be disallowed and the claimant will be fined.

Question Time will be abolished as it serves no purpose other than to refine theatrical skills and sarcasm, personal pursuits that are not within the job decription.

It is hoped that, with some guidance, these grave concerns can be addressed and this country can be turned around before we go into receivership/war/unstoppable climate change.

We will be contacting you in March to discuss further action.


The People of Australia

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  1. Pingback: Parliamentary Productivity | lmrh5

  2. CMMC


    They’re just enacting all that stuff in the print-out of thought bubbles from the IPA.

  3. passum2013

    Absolutely love this. It is perfect.

  4. lawrencewinder

    As per @CMMC … the country IS being run from “The-Coot’s -With-Queer-Ideas-From-A-Parallel-Universe” notebook.
    I’d very much like to see the last paragraphs implemented around March 20th.

  5. Fed up

    Must say, I am eagerly awaiting the budget. Should be an enlighten document.

  6. allenmcmahon

    The LNP ‘carpet baggers’ have a proclivity for plundering the public purse for personal profit and in this they are at their most inventive and productive. I am sure their mantra is ‘God helps those who help themselves’ which does not auger well for most Australians.

  7. Stephen Tardrew

    I think the comparison with the US is really important. If you understand what the GOP and the Tea Party are up too it will be evident that the cloak and dagger team within the LNP share similar yet less overt opinions.

    They hide behind spin and are too afraid to openly tell the public what their real agenda is. This has been Abbot’s approach from the start to say the least possible and hide behind the unions the big bad nasty ABC and vilify the incompetent ALP that helped save us from global recession. When voters eyes are turned away the real game is being played at the expense of ordinary Australians.

    Just wait till the sackings hit the employment figures as wages and conditions erode even more.

    Day by day they hide behind spin when we know they would like to sign the TPP without any parliamentary review.

    Meanwhile Australia sleeps.

  8. Truth Seeker


    Incompetent, pathetic, corrupt, senile, stupid, ignorant, delusional, despicable, moronic, puerile… Take your pick! 😉

    Cheers 😀

  9. Kaye Lee

    may I add….

    bias, partisan, arrogant, deaf, forgetful, deceitful, self-serving, domineering, sarcastic……

  10. jagman48

    The part about question time s spot on. It is now a farce.

  11. jagman48

    Agree entirely. The speaker (sorry madam speaker) is so what is the word?

  12. patsy

    kaye can the labor party walk out of parliament when they have to put up with that disgusting madame speaker……or do they have to keep taking this rubbish she dishes out …what would be the consequences….I am sure the majority of people that view parliament live …..would agree with me….this is not democracy…..but better called a farce.

  13. jagman48

    I would love to see this happen but sadly it will not.

  14. diannaart

    Another article from Kaye Lee that I have FB’d and Tweeted.

    Cheers, girlfriend.

  15. Fed up

    The lady demands to be called Madame. What does that bring to mind. Could she see herself in charge of a brothel.

  16. allenmcmahon

    I can’t see Bishop in charge of a brothel, prostitution is a far more honorable profession that politics.

  17. Fed up

    I suspect not all brothels are not well run, as it is apparent this parliament is not.

  18. Fed up

    Sorry are well run. One not too many.

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