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Out of the Taxpayer’s Pockets

The following is a short extract from Ted Mack THE HENRY PARKES ORATION 2013: It was a widely acclaimed lecture about the state of our governance.

“Over the last 30 years there has been a plethora of minor and major scandals, misuse of most forms of parliamentary allowances, interstate travel, overseas travel, telephone allowances,comcars, taxis, air charters and stamp allowances in addition to the revelations of major Royal Commissions. It seems that almost anything can and has been rorted”.

And it continues. Take a look at the expenses claims of Tony Abbott both as Opposition Leader and Prime Minister over the past few years. As Opposition Leader his office cost much more than the then Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

2010 $925,806

2011 $1,105,304

2012 $1,000,635

2013 $1,218,625

2014 $1,765,880

A total of around 6 million dollars and as one of the highest paid leaders in the world he earns $507,338. That doesn’t include housing or transport. I’m not sure about personal grooming.

The Prime Minister has been the major rorter of the system for many years. All others pale into oblivion. It should have been fixed many years ago. Three million people didn’t vote in the last election and a recent Essential survey found that only 16% of people trusted politicians. Given the appalling performance of this government it’s safe to say even fewer will vote next time around. And my tip is late this year or early next.




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    The only reason Abbott is claiming that there is so many grey areas in travel allowance claims is to cover his own backside.

  2. Roswell

    Out of the taxpayer’s pockets and into Tony’s.

  3. Rosemary (@RosemaryJ36)

    No wonder Abbott does not want a back-dated enquiry over expense claims!

  4. Marg1

    What a disgraceful leaner Abbott is.

  5. stephengb2014

    Absolutely essential that we have a Royal Commission into all political donations, and politicians allowances and exenses over the last 7 years

  6. keerti

    I’d change that Marg1. He’s not leaning. He’s totally recumbent!

  7. gtasoz

    AND I sincerely hope that people do vote instead of being disenchanted or non-connected to the political process.

  8. keerti

    For a royal commission to look into all of this is likely to need a Greens lead government. The rest have had their nose in the trough for too long!

  9. stephengb2014

    Further I believe that we must find a way to force the government to establish a Federal body (like an ICAC) with both Federal and State jursesdiction. This Federal body would have specific mandate to audit and monitor all public purse expenditures, in paricular but not exclusively to ensure public purse accountability for all politicians, all heads of government departments and agencies, all Senior Executive Service (SES) public servants and other recoevers of public purse funds where there is no direct accountability for their expenditures and allowances.

  10. keerti

    Isn’t it amazing that in a so called democracy, that we need to talk about forcing government to do what most people would think of as necessary.

  11. Garth

    @Paul … I can’t speak for the accuracy of the other figures quoted in the report you linked to but they might be suspect. Considering the salary quoted for the AU PM is US@229,000 in Oct 2013. At the time the AU to US exchange rate was about 0.95 equating to about AU$241,000. This is well off the mark. Our PM earns approx AU$500K/yr and it has been well above $241K for a long time. Still, if the Singaporean PM earns anywhere near US$1.7M/yr (and tax free) then that is a hell of a paycheck. I just wanted to point out the obvious error I could see in the AU PM’s quoted salary so not sure how accurate the rest of it is.

  12. my say

    What a hypocrite, the biggest rorter of the all preaching from his pulpit this morning , about honesty , he really doesn’t know the meaning of the word ,and what really makes things worse is that he really believes in the crap he is preaching ,he really does think he is above the law ,and everyone else has to obey the rules.

  13. John Lord

    Correction. The Singaporean PM I believe is paid around one and a half million PA

  14. Gary kelly

    All their expenditures should by posted monthly on the Internet as a matter of course. That’ll fix it ?

  15. Bronte ALLAN

    Abbot gets a huge amount more in salary than even Barak Obama (the so-called “Leader of the free world”) & now we can see how much his travel rorts have cost us, he MUST go, just like Bronwyn was made to go! There MUST be a “proper” (not “root & branch”?) audit of ALL politicians claim, perhaps going back 10 years or so. Then, maybe we might get some “justice” when all these claimants are made to pay back etc any rorts they have made of this “system”. Then there should be a proper audit of ALL politicians perks etc. Surely in this instant electronic age, a good percentage of claims for travel, postage etc would be made invalid? Even their “system” (sic) of just being granted obscene wage rises automatically needs to be audited also? If most workers in Australia have to go through a lengthy EBA procedure, just to sometimes get a pittance pay rise, then ALL our politicians must be made to abide by this same process? It is most unfortunate for we taxpayers when they are just given a rise, perhaps they should ALL have a wages freeze for, say, 5 years?

  16. Neil of Sydney

    Abbot gets a huge amount more in salary than even Barak Obama

    This huge increase in salary happened under Gillard

  17. The AIM Network

    But did Gillard cost us as much as Abbott?

    You’ve obviously missed the point.

  18. Neil of Sydney

    I do not know. I have not seen the comparative figures.

  19. The AIM Network

    But we thought you knew everything, Neil.

    It’s only been doing the rounds on social media for three years now, about how much Abbott claimed as opposed to Gillard. Surely you couldn’t have missed it. Or maybe you chose to ignore it.

  20. brickbob

    Abbott will never be quizzed on his expenses or his dual citizenship,because their is not one jouranalist in this country who have the guts to ask him they really are bloody pathetic.”””

  21. eli nes

    the review is in the hands of an amoral man who thinks enough to call into a clinic to justify a claim
    the opposition attack dog thinks it is ok to take his family business class on holiday
    the whole lot think it ok to claim average of $400000 for labor $500000 for coalition
    there needs to be a workload reality check
    make the bastards put their work on a website open for any 6 month period minimum. Then we’ll see how much time they spend away from their family and where, why they fly??

  22. Pingback: Take a look at the expenses claims of Tony Abbott both as Opposition Leader and Prime Minister over the past few years. As Opposition Leader his office cost much more than the then Prime Minister Julia Gillard. | olddogthoughts

  23. Möbius Ecko

    Interesting Newspoll is late. Deliberately late to allow Abbott’s distraction of the Adelaide ship build promise to sink in and deflect form the entitlements saga including Abbott’s woeful handling of it and his own rorting.

  24. townsvilleblog

    Jail would be far too good for him.

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