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Yes is inclusive, No is divisive

The words speak for themselves, but I shall return to them briefly…


Our PM is incompetent, insensitive and incapable of good judgment

Millions of people in the world are struggling to survive, while a very small minority are working furiously to acquire millions, to salt away their wealth, and secure themselves recognition and a place in the super rich category.

In reality, many in this group are totally insensitive to the fact that their greed is causing genocide in many nations, destroying the environment all round the world, including an alarming assault on biodiversity, while ignoring the existential threat of global warming.

And we have a PM who is a happy member of that minority – gladly rubbing shoulders with and kowtowing to a wealthy elite, while trying to be seen as the leader who cares.

Actually he is – but not because he cares about others in need, but because he cares about his own needs for praise and recognition.

He is a mini-Trump – and that is no compliment!

Last year, about this time, he quietly sneaked away to Hawaii – note this is not only outside Australia, but actually a USA State – so far from home. This year he plans to remain within Australia but his plans might be flawed, given the current COVID-19 outbreak in the Northern Beaches of NSW, yet he seems to be totally resistant to any idea that we cannot yet stop worrying about the pandemic.

Repatriation of citizens, who have been trapped abroad, is regularly bringing in people who are infected. Human nature being what it is, it is like playing Russian roulette to believe that their infection might not be passed on. Despite precautions, the wearing of PPE, etc, mistakes are made.

And, in this climate of uncertainty, to cut allowances to people who are un- or under-employed is, itself, directly challenging his precious economy.

The people who spend back into the economy the highest proportion of their incomes are those whose incomes are lowest. Economics 101!

Tax reductions are most generous to those on highest incomes and therefore least beneficial to the economy – but most beneficial to encouraging support for the Coalition!

I can only deduce that any whose incomes are low and who see Morrison as doing a good job, are people who are also susceptible to conspiracy theories and alternative facts – or, maybe, they are ones whose sources of information are both limited and misleading!

Tell me one policy that was announced before the 2019 election, other than tax cuts?

And tell me one policy announced since the election other than transitioning through gas – which is an oxymoron in itself?

We had a banking RC, which made many recommendations. One – which related to responsible lending, to ensure that a loan was to someone with a confirmed ability to repay – is one government now seeks to overturn, while dragging its heels on acting on all others.

Of course – the banks have to be kept happy, so that the donations – which are unrestricted – can continue to roll in. Reports on Aged Care and the Elderly are not producing any realistic policy changes from government, nor are the current trends in NDIS policy.

How many Royal Commission recommendations are still awaiting action – and how much was spent on the RCs?

If you stand back and look dispassionately at Coalition policies, it is blatantly obvious that corruption is built in, to ensure that those inclined to support the government will enthusiastically continue to do so, while those with greatest needs – the poor, pensioners, veterans, the disabled, the elderly, visa holders, refugees, students and universities are – without exception – short changed!

The political party of the majority forming government will, inevitably, bias policy development, but that does not mean that the policy has to ignore the needs of those who did not help elect the government!

Even more so does this apply when the government has so slim a majority of seats, and sometimes even a minority of votes!

Because the Coalition has won government 3 times in a row, this does not give it the authority to ignore the needs of those whose only source of support is access to government resources!

The hubris and selfishness of our Prime Minister is absolutely staggering.

His policies lack substance to assist on a universal basis, he is oblivious to the loss of lives consequent on his incompetence – including lives lost and damaged through the illegal Robodebt policy.

He obstinately pursues Centrelink beneficiaries, seeking to recover money from them and reduce payments to them, while ignoring those who fail to pay tax and misuse government money.

How many corporations in receipt of JobKeeper payments also paid dividends to shareholders – or did not pass on payments to employees?

Without a change of government, we are doomed to live in a society where the rich become obscenely rich, and the poor live on the streets.

So we need to call on the ALP to lift its game. We are not out of the woods, but the breadcrumbs we are following will lead us nowhere worth going, unless the Labor Opposition develops a spine!

COVID-19 is still a real threat.

A vaccine has yet to prove a viable solution.

Global warming, and the severe weather consequences remain an increasing threat which every country in the world must challenge.

Everyone who has a moment to spare should acquaint themselves with what is happening all round the world as far as climate change is concerned – and then pressure politicians to take realistic action!

Survival of the fittest is not a moral plan, when suitable action can ensure a less drastic outcome!


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  1. Wanderer

    True, and yet the fools cannot see. We’re condemned to a future based on greed and narcissism.

  2. ajogrady

    You always know what you will get with the L/NP. Consistency! Lots of consistency. Consistent corruption at all levels of government, consistent stacking of boards committees commissions and delegations with L/NP stooges, consistent branch stacking, consistent incompetent and corrupt members, consistent rorts, consistent slush funds, consistent blame shifting, consistent photo ops; consistent do nothing and ineffectual policies, consistent attacks on unions, consistent lack of support for workers, consistent demonising of those on social security, consistent poor governance, consistent bad judgement plus consistently more and more corruption and theft of taxpayers money. Rather then the “comeback” being on the truth is the fix is on and the benificiaries as usual are L/NP donors. Scott Morrison, the sideshow alley spruiker, gish galloper and con artist with his L/NP gang of grifters and shysters in tow, are a confused and ignorant cabal of ideological sychophants that are a problem looking for a solution.

  3. Yes Minister

    Those we have been conditioned to think of as ‘high achievers’ are almost always psychopaths. The reason they get where they are is that they are not burdened with any concern regarding human emotions, indeed they are incapable of empathy. I’ve long lost count of the number of elected criminals who supporters excused on the grounds ‘they get things done’. To add insult to injury, we still continue the tradition that was roundly criticized by Lord Acton whereby an office sanctifies the holder thereof. The uber-arrogant be-wigged penguins are an obvious example, although much the same applies to every member of ‘the elite’.

  4. Heather Cooke

    All true. At last a media source that says it as it is.

  5. Jay man

    ‘ The toil of all that be heals not the primal fault*.
    It is rain into the sea and still the sea is salt ‘


    Primal fault = greed.
    Greed = emotional insecurities.
    Emotional insecurities = a failure of nurturing.

  6. Clancy

    @ Wanderer : a “future based on greed and narcissism”, indeed.
    Narcissism day in day out,
    Big heads, long snouts,
    Small minds declines to zero.

    Children, got to love ’em.

  7. RomeoCharlie#29

    To be a little bit fair, not all of those becoming wealthier due to the COVID are driven by greed, for many it’s a product of purchasing changes, or the tax policies of stupid governments — ours, the US and The UK. And a very few, recognising the fortuitous ness of their wealth, do give some back. Those we need to either shame, or belt with punitive taxes or closure of tax havens, are those like Soly Lew who have predatorily benefitted from government COVID largesse.that we desperately need a change of government, for all of the above reasons, is self evident. And, like it or not, the best choice is a Labor government or a Labor/ Greens alliance ( hmmm). We know the present mob are so incompetent, immoral and bereft of policies that don’t comprise ways of persecuting the poor that they no longer govern legitimately, But they do and will govern for many more months. We need to spend that time not only mobilising for a change, but encourage going Labor to develop the policies and ideas the country really needs. Over to you Albo.

  8. DrakeN

    “We’re condemned to a future based on greed and narcissism.”
    As it was, and always will be.

  9. Matters Not

    Let’s not forget that Morrison is rather good at his job. That’s why he got there and there he remains without serious challenge. One may not like that reality (and all it entails) but them’s the facts.

    Perhaps there is a need to howl louder at the moon?

  10. David Stakes

    Morrison is very good at his job as you say, the arch manipulator and twisting of facts. And has Labor cowering in a corner, scared to say anything. Or trying to sound as if they are being reasonable in their actions. Only one way to take on this PM is to back him into a corner and expose him for what he is. But cornered Rats are clever and dangerous. As the PM is so clever in manipulating the facts, and with Murdoch as his back up. Its going to be a big ask for people to twig they have been sold a PUP.

  11. Matters Not

    David Stakes re this twisting of facts. How does that work? Surely, a fact is a fact and that’s the end of the story? Or maybe there’s some element(s) missing?

    Perhaps the insight resides in manipulating the facts? But how’s that accomplished? Is the importance of facts (in themselves) over-stated?

  12. B Sullivan

    It is a fact that Scott Morrison is the PM, but saying that he is good at his job, that’s why he got there are not facts. Nor is it a fact that he faces no serious challenge. Reality is a serious challenge to Morrison.

    I see no evidence that Morrison is good at his job. Unless you are suggesting that his job, as appointed exclusively by his parliamentary party members, is to be a confidence trickster, and even at that he is not particularly successful.

    I think his apparent success is due more to the stupidity of others than any effort he makes to be good at his job. I think that’s more likely to be the fact of the matter.

  13. Matters Not

    B Sullivan – given your claims above re what is factual and what is not – perhaps you could elaborate on how you define facts?

    It is noted that you create an intellectual back door by using unless (which is commendable at least as a starting point.)

    Then again, reality in some unarguable, objective sense might be a serious (and perhaps unattainable) challenge for us all. What say you?

  14. Skuze Me

    “…..perhaps you could elaborate on how you define facts?

    Why should B Sullivan elaborate when Scotty can just palm off facts and hard questions with his usual:

    “I don’t agree with the premise of your ‘Canberra Bubble’ question”.

  15. Matters Not

    Skuze Me, B Sullivan doesn’t have to elaborate and could palm off facts and hard questions but if he/she choose that path then that would put her/him in the same category as Morrison. And I know from other responses that B Sullivan is likely to be above that.

    If we want politicians (or anyone else) to be more intelligent, more responsive, more thoughtful, less arrogant and the like, then refusing to operate at Morrison’s base level might be a reasonable starting point. Of course, in a more ideal world we could move from a so-called representative democracy towards a more participatory model.

    We have the means (read technology) all we need is the political will. What say you?

  16. Matters Not

    So Donald

    awarded the Legion of Merit to Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison for his leadership in addressing global challenges and promoting collective security,

    No doubt some Australian citizens would agree that Morrison deserves a Legion of Merit for his leadership in addressing global challenges and promoting collective security but not sure it would be uncontested. But there you go. It’s now in the Annals of History. And that’s a fact.

    Now who says people (including Donald) don’t construct their own reality?

  17. Michael Taylor

    Morrison isn’t leading us. He’s misleading us!

  18. DrakeN

    MT, isn’t that the whole purpose behind ‘marketing’, the only thing that Sooty knows but still can’t achieve peer parity?

  19. Yanta

    So true. But I don’t think it’s a matter of not realizing they are genocidal maniacs. I think it’s a very calculated agenda. To them, we are gnats to be treated and exterminated as pests. Whilst big business is responsible for a vast portion of the environmental disasters, corruption and brainwashing that the masses so eagerly soak up and believe without question, they manage to blame us for all that ails the world.

    As sad as it makes me to say it, if people don’t start thinking for themselves, questioning and pushing back instead of believing everything they are told these vile, disgusting elites will make us extinct.

    All of our politicians know exactly what they are doing. And they know they are pathological liars, but as you say, they’d rather suck up to the rich so they can escape what is coming for the rest of society. But we already know that a lack of empathy is just one of the many traits of sociopaths.

  20. DrakeN

    the possibility of people thinking for themselves is one of the enduring fears of the Unholy Trinity of commerce, politics and religions.
    All over the planet they do their utmost to contain and suppress any outbreak of independent thought, action and disputation.

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