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Our future is being destroyed

And – more importantly – so is the future of our descendants.

The Coalition government is deaf to the pleas of those who understand the science, and who are asking for realistic action to reduce the risks associated with acknowledged global warming.

IMHO, anyone who votes the coalition government back into power is accepting responsibility for deaths and disasters affecting current and future life on earth.

Have the giants of the fossil fuel industries offered him a reward he feels he cannot refuse, or is he just both stubborn and stupid?

A quick examination of his past – and current – career is not inspiring.

He clearly lacks even a modest level of competence at planning and his highest priority is to avoid taking any actions which might cause his political allies to consider ousting him.

Every day there are new reports of global, climate-change linked, disasters.

He might be the Prime Minister of Australia, but Australia is only a small part of a world where all other developed nations are frantically trying to reduce their carbon emissions by moving away from fossil fuels.

Is our PM’s ego so overpowering that – like the Emperor who believed he was wearing magnificent robes when he was really naked – he does not realise how stupid he seems to those with far greater scientific knowledge than he possesses?

How can we accept his policies when every other developed nation is frantically trying to act to reduce the damage of climate change – and consequent global warming?

The only question that can be validly put is – have we already left it too late?

We do, fortunately, have State and Territory leaders who mainly understand the need for action – hence our progress in developing sources of renewable energy.

But more needs to be done, and faster, and the State/Territory actions need to be also those of the federation.

We need an EV industry.

We need to be building batteries.

We need to be prepared for more climate-change linked disasters – as well as for more pandemics!

We need a government which is not stupid and self-satisfied, but which expands CSIRO and stops being so smug and self-confident, by realising that we should be relying on expert knowledge to a far greater extent.

Clearly, our population is far from being well enough educated to recognise that our government is not using expert advice to our advantage.

Smart politics is not the answer to a world-threatening disaster!


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  1. Goog

    Cardinal Richelieu has it all under control , the people that is ,not the disasters

  2. Canguro

    Close to a century ago, one of the most extraordinary people alive on the planet at that time said something along the lines of ‘unless we take the wisdom of the east and marry it with the knowledge of the west, we’re screwed’. I’m paraphrasing, but that’s the gist of his observation.

    His sagacity and prescience are now roundly manifest, wherever we care to look.

    Idiots masquerading as leaders, 21st C ostriches with their heads deeply immersed in the sand. Small-minded individuals whose primary concerns are for their own material comfort.

    Ignorance and denialism across manifold spectra, with most of humanity bearing the burden of these positions.

    Gross materialism and worship of mammon. Concerted dumbing down of massive numbers of humans through the invidious use of electronic media, along with a capping of consciousness and sensitivity to the existential realities and urgencies facing them.

    Ecological breakdown, and the coinage of the term Anthropocene, the sixth extinction.

    Lies, lies and more lies as a de facto response to the multiplicity of these existential crises.

    This person also observed that, psychologically, we not a fixed entity; we’re either evolving or devolving, in other words, we’re either growing and maturing into more conscious and ‘human’ individuals (along the lines of Jung’s ‘individuation’) or we’re going backwards, into more vegetative states of lower consciousness.

    No guesses as to which direction our Dear Leader is trending. I’ll bet my last penny that he’ll die a dribbling demented moron in his last days on the planet. Sad really, but it’s his choice. He’ll have a fist full of dollars but an empty mind, devoid of the pearls of wisdom.

    And so it goes…

    In passing, as I’ve noted elsewhere within this website, the planetary energy consortia have zero intention or commitment to pull back on their money-making gouging of fossil fuel resources from the earth, and by virtue of such, we’re guaranteed that the momentum of this headlong plunge into disaster will continue.

  3. John OCallaghan

    No wonder all these Billionaires are walking over each other to get off this planet…they know what’s coming!..

  4. GL

    Scotty from Marketing is the epitome of one of the Goon Show lines: “The Strolling Prime Minister of No Fixed Address.”

  5. John Hanna

    Lest we forget he is a seven mountains dominionist who believes in the rapture. He does not give a f-ck about anyone other than the bretheren.

  6. Bronte ALLAN

    Great article, RosemaryJ36! This lying piece of misogynist shit Slo Mo is a walking & talking disaster This failed from marketing fuck wit is not worthy of the position or title of our PM! He is jnust a happy clapping liar, friend of all the obscenely wealthy business me & women, friend of Mudrake, fan of robo-debt, fan of the indue fucking card, fan of the sports rorts, fan of the car park rorts, & the list goes on! He is a flat earth, climate change denying fucking waste of space BASTARD!

  7. Harry Lime

    Love your style Bronte.

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