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Our commitment to racial respect lasted slightly longer than our energy policies




In October 2016, the Government formally reaffirmed its commitment to racial respect. The Prime Minister moved a statement on racial tolerance in the Australian Parliament’s House of Representatives.

The statement read:

‘That this House:

  • reaffirms its commitment to the right of all Australians to enjoy equal rights and be treated with equal respect regardless of race, colour, creed or origin
  • reaffirms its commitment to maintaining an immigration policy wholly non-discriminatory on grounds of race, colour creed or origin
  • reaffirms its commitment to the process of reconciliation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, in the context of redressing their profound social and economic disadvantage
  • reaffirms its commitment to maintain Australia as a culturally diverse, tolerant and open society, united by an overriding commitment to our nation, and its democratic institutions and values and
  • denounces racial intolerance in any form as incompatible with the kind of society we are and want to be.’

The statement was supported by the Opposition Leader and carried unanimously.

In March 2017, the government launched Multicultural Australia – united, strong, successful, the Government’s public statement recommitting to multicultural Australia; setting both priorities and strategic directions for the coming years.

Malcolm Turnbull wrote the foreward.

Australia is an immigration nation. Almost half of our current population was either born overseas or has at least one parent born overseas.

And we come from every culture, every race, every faith, every nation.

We are defined not by race, religion or culture, but by shared values of freedom, democracy, the rule of law and equality of opportunity-a “fair go”.

The glue that holds us together is mutual respect – a deep recognition that each of us is entitled to the same respect, the same dignity, the same opportunities.

Christian Porter and Zed Seselja added a joint message.

This statement recognises that cultural diversity is one of our greatest strengths; one that equips us to build a future where everyone belongs and has the chance to live a great life. It upholds the centrality of our democratic institutions and the rule of law, it highlights the importance of citizenship in our national identity, and it makes clear the responsibility we all have to respect our fellow Australians.

The above information comes from the Department of Home Affairs webpage.

I thought I’d share it before Prime Minister Dutton has it erased.

With the greatest respect, and a sense of sadness, Vale Aretha

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  1. New England Cocky

    Ho Hum … another example of bare faced lying by the RAbbott Morriscum Benito Turdball LNP misgovernment. Bring on the spill, and if the unelected political hacks controlling pre-selection for the Liarbral and National$ Parties are brave enough, bring on the 2019 Federal election in November 2018, or preferably earlier.

    But remember, “Women supporting Adulterers support National$”.

  2. diannaart

    Kaye Lee

    You picked two of my favourite Aretha Franklin songs – “Respect” I heard this when very young and will always listen to it whenever, where-ever – what Aretha did with this Otis Redding song (I don’t think he wrote it) was to bring a life and power that will never diminish. I was thinking of posting the same song to a thread which has apparently disappeared, for being disrespectful to women?

    Disrespect is something conservatives do very well.

    And, of course, “Think” – unlike the movie there are those who claim to be on a “Mission for God” but are looking out for themselves, something which, those who believe their rights transcend others, do very well.

    Turnbull tells a lot of very big lies, however, his lies almost pale compared to those far-right goons in the LNP who claim Turnbull is too much of a leftie.

    Had enough of crazy talk from these (mostly) males. If/when the day arrives when women do achieve 50% representation I will be equally swift to call them out. The Michaelia Cash’s, the Credlins, the Miranda Devines these women who prop up the patriarchy at the expense of the majority of their sisters earn deserve nothing but contempt from anyone who is a real progressive.

    Vale, Aretha Franklin

  3. Frank Smith

    You forgot some real notables Kaye Lee – surely we must include Amanda Vanstone, Bronnie Bishop and, of course, Poorlean among any list of sisters to “call out”.

  4. Shaun Newman

    I note that Turfnbull has caved in to Abbott this morning on the N.E.G!

  5. Kaye Lee


    Not sure how your comment relates but it is kind of eerie because I had tried to write an article about what the #metoo movement had meant to me, which did involve some reflection about my “sisters”, but it also evoked too many painful memories that I had built walls around. I abandoned it in the interest of self-preservation.

  6. Adrianne Haddow

    Such high sounding rhetoric from the pm.. pity he doesn’t walk the talk.

    As for Murdoch’s preferred pm, dead eye Dutton and the word ‘respect’ are mutually exclusive. The man has less empathy and compassion for those not like him, than the rocks in my back yard.

    I wonder if we can head hunt Jacinda Arden for our next PM. Citizenship shouldn’t be a problem, just ask Barnaby.
    Oh wait, she’s a woman and a progressive!

  7. lawrence winder

    Interesting statement… what a pity it rings so hollow and tinny when espoused by these hypocrites.

  8. Zathras

    Dutton as leader?
    To paraphrase one of his recent statements – “He is dead to me”.

  9. Wam

    Wonder if such a bilateral ‘wording fest’ will flow into treating:
    Aborigines as having individual rights? Perhaps worthy of an opt in-opt out system?
    Women as being equal for the other 25% of the month?
    Australians on the dole as not-bludgers
    Freedom of religion as being opened to discussion on paying tax and the range of beliefs and religious practices.

    ps what a great mars bar ad!!!

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