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An Open Letter to Tony Abbott (a happier one)

Dear Tony Abbott,

It’s been a year since I last wrote to you. I was very angry back then, but you’ll be pleased to hear that this letter is not being written in anger, but has much more of a triumphant tone than my previous correspondence. The reason for this turn in my mood has everything to do with the reversal in your political fortunes over the previous 12 months.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, you are incredibly unpopular. Looking back at my grievances with you in the past, I can see that much of my frustration about your behaviour was born from the fact that you were so obviously getting away with being a complete wanker while still managing to be elected Prime Minister of Australia. No matter how much I tried to tell people just how dangerous a prospect you were as a PM, and no matter how violently opposed I was to everything you stood for, the Australian voting public went ahead anyway and chose to eat shit because they didn’t like spinach, and I must admit I may have gone a little mad with the injustice of it all. But I feel better now because you’ve been exposed. And you’re done now Tony. You’re finished.

Unfortunately the realisation that your character and your behaviour has finally caught up to you, hasn’t made up for the terror that you have inflicted on the Australian public during your first year as Prime Minister, and obviously won’t save us from the two years of terror we have to come. No matter what happens to your job Tony, your government is still ruined. I assume you’re fairly concerned about the permanency of your position as Prime Minister in the short term, considering just how unpopular you are, not just with the voting public but also with your own colleagues. You know as well as I do that the distraction of blaming Peta Credlin for all your faults can only last so long before those who used to support you start to question how it is that you either a) let Credlin make all your decisions for you and put words into your mouth considering you are meant to be the Prime Minister of Australia and capable of being the Prime Minister without a puppet-master controlling your every move, or you b) don’t let Credlin make all your decisions and instead make all the decisions yourself in which case the problem is with you and not Credlin and therefore you’re not capable of being the Prime Minister and should clearly be moved out of this job. I’m predicting a couple more Newspolls and you’ll be facing one or both of these questions. But either way, the problem with your government Tony is that you’re all as bad as each other. I’ve given up playing the ‘which Liberal MP is the worst in the government’ game because every time I settle on a winner, another contender reminds us why they are indeed the worst, and in fact you’re all competing to be the worst every day as if you’re running a sweep for which there must be a sizeable prize as you’re all trying your very hardest to piss off the electorate to the point of total electoral demise. It would be much more fun to watch this scene unfold if it wasn’t reeking such havoc on the fabric of my community in the meantime. But thankfully, the damage you are doing in the short term is just cementing in the minds of Australians an absolute determination never to let you or anyone like you anywhere near the job of Prime Minister ever again. So we can take the short term pain for the long term relief of you being a forgettable blip in an otherwise successful generation.

There’s one thing I want to make clear Tony. I’m not upset because members of your government are prone to ‘gaffes’, because I don’t think anything you or your other badly performing team members say are actually ‘gaffes’. A ‘gaffe’ is defined as ‘an unintentional act or remark causing embarrassment to its originator; a blunder’. A gaffe would therefore be something you said that you didn’t really mean, which you could easily apologise for and could be written off as a mistake and something that would never happen again. But no. It’s not just that the outrageous things you and your fellow Liberals have said are deeply offensive, and have helped Australia to get to know the true colours of you and your government, and to discover just how much we don’t want you running our country. There are no accidental slip ups when Peta Credlin is feeding words into your ear, which you carefully recite, slowly, mechanically, repeatedly, eerily, nastily, and sometimes with a perverse, psychopathic, lip-linking grin. You say exactly what you mean, and more importantly, you follow through on exactly what you say. So it’s not the sales pitch, the slogans, the sound bites, the ‘coal is good for humanity’, the ‘best thing I did for women was to repeal the Carbon Tax’, the ‘I’ll shirt-front President Putin, you bet I am, you bet you are’ memorable moments of your harrowing first year as Prime Minister. No, it’s everything you and your team say, constantly, every day, backing up your actions; your nasty ideological agenda, your culture war, your assault on social services, your refusal to take responsibility and instead blame Labor response to everything, your policies, your interest only in the super-rich, your hatred of the disadvantaged, your attacks on health and education, your inhumane treatment of asylum seekers, your vandalism of the environment, your racism, your sexism, your mismanagement of the economy, your attack on unions and the jobs they support, your campaign to use fear to control us, your beating up of what you call ‘leaners’, your self-entitlement, the most unfair budget Australia has ever seen, it’s everything you have ever done.

So forget about looking at your message Tony. Forget about the words. Your problem isn’t that the ‘left’ has figured you out and has found the best way to exploit your weaknesses to our advantage. The problem isn’t the budget sales pitch, something you can solve by hiring one of your ABC supporters as your new media manager. No Tony, the problem is you. The turd cannot be polished. We don’t like you and you keep digging the hole bigger. Scott Morrison as Social Services Minister? You’ve got to be f*cking kidding Tony. If you think that’s going to fix things, you’re dumber than I thought. And that’s why it’s over for you. Your government will be voted out in 2016, with or without you as their leader. It’s over Tony. Australia doesn’t want you as our Prime Minister. Australia doesn’t want a Liberal government full of conservative fundamentalists. And there’s nothing you can do now to stop us correcting our mistake.

Yours sincerely, as always
Victoria Rollison


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  1. Ross

    Tony Abbott and his bunch of loony tune pals has made it certain that the LNP WILL NEVER, EVER get my vote again, no matter who is PM or in the party, they must be the biggest bunch of boofheads I have ever seen

  2. Graeme Rust

    You have him down to a tee Victoria,you got it right on the button,

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  4. Judes

    YAY ! You go girl… 10000+1

  5. Hefina

    He is somebody’s pet monkey.

  6. Mieke

    Thank you Victoria, at last … the times they are a changing !

  7. Peter Naughton

    Tony’s not that bad. He just needs to be reprogrammed and repackaged. Ruppi’s on to it right now!

  8. Möbius Ecko

    Very good Victoria, and though I know a turd can’t be polished is a common expression, I’m afraid Mythbusters have proven a turd can be, and that’s what I’m afraid of, that in the next two years the turds that are Abbott and his terrible government will be polished and reelected.

  9. Joe Banks

    Thank you, Victoria. I feel so much better now. We must hope that Labor can steadily unravel, reverse or repair some of the callous treachery and mindless stupidity that has been inflicted on this country by this vile government. I fear some of it will not be easy.

  10. Rob

    Wow… perfect

  11. Griceman

    I wish I had written this.

  12. mars08

    Sooo… Tony has finally frightened and alienated too many groups in our society. Sooo… Tony’s blundering ineptitude has become too blatant for the media to ignore.

    Well that’s just great.

    But what happens when a more cunning LNP bastard pops out from under a rock?

    Have the MSM or the Australian electorate actually learned anything from this fiasco?

  13. jagman48

    It would be a good start if Labor made the voting public aware of the cuts ( and the effects of ) to community services around the country. The Northern Rivers with an ageing population could ill afford to have dementia care shut down by funding cuts.

  14. la_lasciata

    They have certainly been wreaking havoc, Victoria – not an iota of doubt about it. Do you not fear that they might stop doing do and start shovelling turnips into the trough, though …?

  15. Elizabeth Michael

    I needed this as therapy. Thank you Victoria Rollinson.

  16. hforward22

    May your words come to pass (ASAP) preferably before 2016.

  17. Salstarat

    Did you know that Western Australia is a State that STILL believes that Abbott is doing a GREAT JOB? The mindless majority of Western Australians cheer Abbott on and are prepared to overlook and discount the his relentless LIES, broken promises and embarrassing faux pas! It seems incredible that this isolated, backward State still believes all the lies, exaggerations, distortions and character assassinations they read in the hateful Murdoch press! Even Queensland (once known as Alabama with a Beach) has moved on and woken up to the staggering ongoing corruption of Campbell Newman and have, at last, realised how ruthlessly toxic the LNP are at federal and state levels. We all need to start openly criticising WA for its short sightedness. Not only is this State geographically isolated, it is intellectually and morally isolated and we need to inform them of what is going on! Sandgropers appear to be CLUELESS about what is going on in the rest of the country … and the rest of the world, for that matter! Western Australia needs to WAKE UP and STOP giving the LNP support .. this disgusting, parasitic pack of fascists who head the worst most dangerous government in 400,000 years of human occupation of Australia.

  18. Richard Leggatt

    It’s clear from the MythBusters clip that it is possible to polish a turd, which in our context is a bit unfortunate, however, always remember that they started by chopping the crap into little pieces…………………………..

  19. john o'callaghan

    Thank you for writing this,i dont have the writing skills to express my utter contempt for this Government,so your piece does it on our behalf. Well done.”’

  20. Graham Houghton Tony. Forget about the words. Your problem isn’t that the ‘left’ has figured you out and has found the best way to exploit your weaknesses to our advantage. The problem isn’t the budget sales pitch, something you can solve by hiring one of your ABC supporters as your new media manager. No Tony, the problem is you. The turd cannot be polished. We don’t like you and you keep digging the hole bigger. Scott Morrison as Social Services Minister? You’ve got to be kidding, Tony. If you think that’s going to fix things, you’re dumber than I thought. And that’s why it’s over for you. Your government will be voted out in 2016, with or without you as their leader. It’s over Tony. Australia doesn’t want you as our Prime Minister. Australia doesn’t want a Liberal government full of conservative fundamentalists. And there’s nothing you can do now to stop us correcting our mistake. Please sign the petition.

  21. Graham Houghton

    So very well said, Victoria. Congratulations and let’s hope we can get a DD before 2016 because I dread to think of the greater damage these aresholes can do between now and then. Hey ho, back to the ironing.

  22. Diana

    Victoria, I love you to bits! You have a wonderful way with words, and you say exactly what I am feeling! Keep up the good work and please continue to share all your thoughts with us. Just what we need to lift our sagging spirits!

  23. Ms F

    Absolutely nailed it Victoria. It scares the living shit out of me just how much more damage will be done in the nest 2 years before we can get rid of these psychopathic bastards.

  24. thierryfossemalle

    The trouble with a pathetic leader is that it makes anybody who comes after him seem ok , or better at least. Tony is but the stucco of a much greater problem . Being rid of him , the turd, still leaves the greater problem of the organism that created it . Eventual defeat in politics is a certainty for any elected rep. So where is the real problem and how can it be balanced . Thanks for the article you have certainly channeled the sentiments of millions ! Luckily for us , he is exactly as dumb as we thought .

  25. Sharyn Lacey

    I think you have expressed how most Australians are feeling about this filthy bunch of self entitled leaners, thanks.

  26. Kerri

    Thanks for this Victoria. So well put and comprehensive, but wreaking not reeking. (Reeking means smelling bad though, which is still appropriate for the LNP) I still think as a populace we need to get the taxpayer funded pensions away from these guys. If publicly owned companies can vote on performance bonuses then we should also be allowed to deny these leeches the living they have denied our elderly, disabled, unemployed and others. They are pissing our taxes up against the wall they

  27. joanne

    I had good Laugh at this Victoria , you said what many of us feel and think and thankyou for putting it into words! Just want to clarify something Salstarat wrote, not all Western Australians voted for Tony and his government or for Colin Barnett…there are many Labour Voters here , but yes we are the minority…I am not mindless and just want to point out that labelling us WA voters that way will not make them swing that way. Be careful how you label people as I for one found it a generalisation and just slightly offensive.

  28. urbanwronski

    Wonderful to read your letter to the PM, Victoria. Cogent and with admirable restraint under the circumstances.
    The ‘re-shuffle’ is ominous. Morrison is slathering over the chance to rip off pensioners, the young, the disabled and anyone else who can’t fight back.
    Of course, a lie is already hatched: the NDIS is a wonderful system but to have it, Morrison argues, we must have ‘savings’ – ie slash welfare. Not a word about how the Medicare levy sustains it financially – at about seven dollars a week to the average taxpayer.
    Astonishingly, the narrative from the Daily Telegraph is all about rorters and bludgers ripping off the system. They reckon Morrison is just the man to fix their wagon.
    Reminds me of the pernicious fictions of the ‘queue-jumpers’ and ‘illegals’ which were such a problem we had to go to war with them, destroying ourselves in the process, and turning a deaf ear to the UN and the rest of the world’s censure.
    Let them believe their own rhetoric and spin.
    It’s not about getting the message out, Mr Abbott, you moral and intellectual pygmy. We get the message. It’s about getting you and the rest of your shonky, shameful, rorting, deceitful, delusional, mean and nasty neo-con throw-back mob out – off welfare out of the House.

  29. mars08


    The trouble with a pathetic leader is that it makes anybody who comes after him seem ok , or better at least. Tony is but the stucco of a much greater problem . Being rid of him , the turd, still leaves the greater problem of the organism that created it …

    EXACTLY…. Abbott and his pack of sleazy thugs were democratically elected. He is an irritating symptom… he is NOT the disease. Unless we change the conditions which support the disease, it will persist…. and the symptoms will return…

  30. Keith

    Thank you Victoria for your article bubbling over with passion. Let’s hope that the loathsome abbott gang are tipped out of office before two years have elapsed; they have done so much damage to Australia already.

  31. Blanik

    The North Shore will soon have its village idiot back where it belongs, in the North Shore.

  32. bobrafto

    Pressure, stress, anxiety, angst and more has pervaded the Tone’s head. How do I know? It’s because of all the gaffes which can only come from pressure and you could see it in his demeanour on the lead up to Xmas.

    14 consecutive bad polls, and his cheer leaders Alan Jones, Bolt, Hadlee have also put the boot in.

    How much more can he take before he snaps?

    Great read, Kay.

    For some mirth take a peek “The Winking Minister for Women in the Corridor of Power”,

  33. bobrafto


    Great read, Victoria1

  34. donwreford

    As Abbott diminishes the working force, he will become even more self important as a person who has a job, as the work force decreases and his cronies will be the last man standing or to be precise one woman, in cabinet, Abbott needs this to bolster his fragile ego because of his inferiority within.

  35. bilko

    Victoria excellent review, I take it a PC rude letter is to follow after this F**k o** Tones note

  36. DanDark

    Victoria your letter to Phony Tony is succinct,
    I hope for the sake of this country and its people, this mob of insane criminals are turfed out before more damage is done
    Its like a bad marriage when its over its over, and it dies a natural death nothing anyone says or does will make it work 🙂
    We as a country need to divorce this Lying Gov ASAP………

  37. puffytmd

    Abbott is British to his bootlaces. Australia is just the colony where he gets to lord it over the natives, to extract wealth, and p!ss off back to the Mother Country when he has set himself up. And real Aussie he is not. I have seen more true Aussies wearing hijabs than Abbott will ever be.

  38. Kathryn

    I beg to differ with one correspondent – not ALL West Australians believe in this absoloutel idiot! There are many many of us who want him ASAP.
    To Victoria – THANK you for “writing MY letter”. Could not have done better at all – as I would have gotten sidetracked with abusing the %%%%%%

  39. Phi

    yeah Victoria – well said, damned well said !

  40. paul walter

    “Ëat shit because they don’t like spinach..”

    Covers it on two points. Firstly, the Australian people, with their anal stupidity and mulish stubborness- they voted Abbott in several years AFTER Howard, the Meltdown and Cameron Austerity in Britain, but still voted them in.

    Secondly as to government, the comment speaks for itself as to the government’s nineteen thirties attitude towards Australians- reminds me of my old man if we didnt like our tucker, real old school.

  41. Joe Banks

    Victoria, this letter is sooooo good it could be worth sending Abbott a copy by Certified Mail, so that somebody in his office has to sign for it. That way, at least some of the deluded souls in his office will get to read it, even if they hide it from their once fearless leader who is now, probably, cringing and crying in a corner somewhere… ” Where’s Tony, has anybody seen Tony”?

  42. Scott

    My biggest worry is that Tony won’t actually get to hear about ANY of these complaints. Even if he does, they’ll be dismissed as political “chatter”. The true Abbott supporters won’t be aware of these problems either.

  43. Sad sack

    Dear tony,
    Use your knowledge of women to excuse Victoria’s failure to see the full picture. Women cannot see the truth in a lie. This may be due to physiology or upbringing which allowed avoidance of the input of faith.
    Please just keep soldiering on making sure the 457 visas are allowed to take union jobs and that those businesses making profits are helped by removing penalty rights and reinstating the work choice protection to employers. That will earn you a knighthood and allow your retirement rights in London.

  44. Terry2

    With the polling for Abbott being so abysmal do you think he would have the temerity to name any Knights & Dames come the Australia day Honours list ?

    Would anybody be prepared to accept such a poisoned chalice ?

  45. Olivia Manor

    Spot on Victoria! My sentiments exactly!

  46. Rachel

    No Salstarat, not all Western Australians “believe that Abbott is doing a GREAT JOB… cheer Abbott on and are prepared to overlook and discount the his relentless LIES, broken promises and embarrassing faux pas” etc etc as you bang on.
    Plenty of us hate Abbott’s guts as much as we hate Colin Barnett’s guts. We few WA Labour/Green voters are trapped in double LNP hell.
    Victoria please do send your brilliant letter to the PM’s office.

  47. Misst

    Absolutely. Couldn’t agree more, Victoria, but I wish I had your confidence that we’ll see the back of this mob sooner rather than later! I’m another person from WA and our Liberal State Govt is strangling us. Nevertheless I keep wondering if it’s humanly possible that this State can remember, look, listen, and learn what’s good for us!!

  48. lawrencewinder

    A good accurate rant… but how do we eliminate the influence of the “Coot’s-With-Queer-Ideas-from-a-Parallel-Universe,” the bloody IPA?

  49. Annie B

    A brilliantly devised writing Victoria …… thank you. …….. You’ve covered every aspect of the LNP, it’s ‘leader’ ?? and it’s rotten to the core ideologies.

    Someone – anyone ….. with some say and sway should see this. …. Send it to ALL the parties, independents – the lot.

    It is sure to hit the right nerves …. as it has with all readers here.

    Well done.

  50. Trevr

    Ahh! Now there’s abreath of fresh air. Thank you Victoria for nailing this lying low life and his congaline of Liarberals masquerading as Australia’s Government.

  51. Salstarat

    To Rachel and Kathryn, I never used the superlative “ALL” to describe the majority of Western Australians backing Abbott – I used the word “majority” which, sadly, is correct. My deepest sympathies go to the intelligent WA inhabitants who despise Abbott and are trapped in a double whammy of LNP toxicity … as we are in NSW for a SHORT period. Mike Baird is going to fall on his sword because, like neoliberal Jeff Kennett in Victoria, Baird is hell bent on selling every single asset that NSW owns in order to make a quick, transient fast buck which will be wastefully expended within 12 months! Unfortunately, Western Australia is held to ransom by ruthless miners who have such a strong influence on State politics over there to the detriment of WA and the rest of the country. Western Australians, like most Australians, are the ones that OWN the resources that Rinehart and Palmer are ripping out of our land but NONE of us are getting a fair share of the countless billions of dollars these resources are making with profits lining the pockets of these self entitled billionaires and being sent overseas.

    Now we have Abbott inviting China to come over to this country, purchase as much land as they wish, farm it and/or mine it using Chinese labour, then sending all profits back to China!!! Now, HOW does that benefit us again? Much of the land made available to the Chinese government is land that has been ruthlessly ripped off from vulnerable Queensland farmers … the Abbott/Campbell governments are working in close collaboration with the unconscionable ANZ Bank and tearing farms from farmers on the “pretext” that they are a high risk! Many of these farmers have NOT missed a single mortgage payment and the farms have been in their families for generations …. however the bastard Abbott/Campbell/ANZ alliance is skewed to ensure that land will be made available to China to plunder and rape. These poor Queensland farmers who have ridden through drought and flood to protect their heritage are just collateral damage to Abbott/Campbell! This is the most callous, un-Australian pack of psychopaths to have ever crawled across the electoral line. Sadly, many of these same farmers helped to put the LNP in …. it goes to PROVE that the LNP don’t give a rat’s arse about ANYONE except big multinational corporations, relentlessly greedy miners and the most notorious billionaire media mogul in the world (Murdoch)! Everyone else will be placed on the sacrificial altar to the LNPs unending greed and thirst for power.

    To all those manipulated people who voted for the LNP … the foolish pensioners who gullibly believed that the LNP really give a toss about them, the blue collar tradesmen who mistakenly thought that the LNP was all about business without realising that Abbott meant BIG BIG business or business with China, to those LNP voting public servants who have recently joined the massive growing queues of the unemployed, the working poor who believed all the lies spewed out by Abbott …. how is the LNP working for you now? Now you have FINALLY learnt what the rest of us knew all along … Abbott is a LIAR, a despicable pathological SERIAL LIAR! He and his fascist cabinet look down on you, they look down on every ordinary Australian … they see anyone not on $300,000 per annum as loathsome, good-for-nothing LEANERS! Yep, we are just the worthless mugs that pay their over-rated salaries! These despicable oxygen thieves who suck up tax dollars like it is their last day on earth, believe that we owe THEM a living. These bottom dwelling feeders in the Abbott cabinet actually believe that they are better than us with their scornful, condescending criticisms, their arrogant sneering jibes aimed at Australia’s most vulnerable citizens whilst THEY are rorting our system endlessly on scandalous taxpayer funded overseas trips, staying in 5 star hotels, ordering $500 per person dinners and $400 bottles of wine for themselves and their cronies, using taxpayer funds to advertise and distribute pamphlets trying to sell disgraceful elitist policies (like exorbitant fees for tertiary education) that Australians (and our Senate) have soundly and loudly REJECTED!

    Is it possible to get a WORSE government than the fascist Abbott regime? I seriously doubt it! The sooner this government are relegated to an ignominious history as the most destructive and dangerous in living memory, the better!

  52. Peter Mclean

    to all you dickheads that voted for this prick thanks just remember you’s also killed our car industry off

  53. Mat Deering

    It doesn’t get any better than that Victoria. Big ups, girl.

  54. Roger

    Come on Victoria, stop holding back. Say what you mean!

    PS great letter

  55. Alphonse

    Spot on. A government of parrots led by a turkey. May the turkey remain in office until DD or 2016 for ineffectuality’s sake but, as you note, they’re all toast:because of what they parrot. It only makes sense inside their gated community.

  56. crypt0

    My sentiments exactly !! May abbott remain leader of the LNP indefinitely …
    Because after him comes ???
    Let’s face it … morrison has all the qualifications to lead this mob of unpolished turds …
    The LNP … putting the N back into CUTS.
    I just wish I thought the Australian voters’ memories were capable of lasting to the next election …
    I live in hope.

  57. Tim Paton

    Well said Victoria. It just scares the hell out of me thinking of the damage these fools are going to create over their remaining term, damage that can’t be easily repaired or reversed. I for one want them out NOW!

  58. Loz

    Scott Morrison as Social Service Minister? Yes it is a perverse choice and Abbott’s arrogance in putting this man into this position is like spitting on the Australian people.

  59. Annie B

    Crypto0 …..

    Gee thanks mate ……. I’ve just finished my dinner, and am in danger of looking at it again.

    Sorry to be a bit ‘off ‘ , but ……….. Morrison ???? As the next leader in the event of a spill ?

    Seriously would not cope with that thought. But … it could happen ( Higher Power help us ).

    I have lived 73 years, and with perhaps the exception of Hitler, and Pol Pot ( and a few others ) – I have never seen, listened to ( ugh ), or heard of – a more overall evil creature than this so-called ‘Minister for Social Services’ (now). Did his dirty work with the asylum seekers, with no true freedom doors open …… and now moves on to do hell knows what in this portfolio.

    So let’s hope Abbott keeps his job for a while. …… let’s ‘pray’ Abbott keeps his job for a while. !!!

    While Abbott IS inept, a leaning-towards, if not already, fascist and probably very cunning, despite his bumblings and apparent mistakes and, as LOZ said ….. “Abbott’s arrogance in putting this man into Social Services is like spitting on the Australian public. “ Abbott most likely CAN be manipulated through his own self-aggrandisement and ego ( or lack thereof ). …….

    And manipulate him, we must. Nasty, but true.

    Apologies if I have offended anyone’s sense of moral values here.

    But there ain’t no moral values at Federal level of politics. States are only marginally better behaved.

  60. Mike

    The effect abbott has had on me is worrying, I cannot & don’t except violence of any form, but gee when I see tony’s head on tv, a “baseball bat” comes to mind, thats how frustrated I am with the drop kick and just how the heck he’s still the PM, not to mention how mind boggling it was that he ever became PM, Thankfully letters like yours Victoria & Other AIMN contributors like Kaye & John restore some hope & calmness.

  61. P Elliott

    What an absolute bunch of wankers you are! I cannot believe you would prefer the corrupt and spendthrift labor government, what a sad indictment of our moral values when hypocrites like Rudd, Gillard and Co are lauded by our Leftist media and scum like Obeid, MacDonald, Tripodi etc have been able to manipulate and gain personal profit from dirty dealing! We are in a deep financial hole due to labor’s lack of fiscal management, they do not know how to manage money!!! Big difference here between labor and liberal, the liberals doing wrong stepped down, the labor contingent keep fighting the obvious and refuse to take responsibility.

  62. Van Davy

    I have seen turds polished before. Fraser, before he became educated by the rush of Neo-Cons swamping his “liberal” party, was a coup d’état turd … he was polished up by Murdoch who turned an angry public to vote Whitlam out and prove that Whitlam was too Left for Australia’s polity. Howard, so far right before Hawke moved so far right as to legitimise Howard’s extremes … was an unelectable turd, seen to be so by his colleagues and the Murdoch press……he was polished up by Murdoch who had him elected IN THE OUTER SUBURBS of Sydney …. now we have Tony Turd who is simply following the Murdoch song-sheet. Murdoch got Tony to PM….and Murdoch will do everything he can to keep him there. Murdoch is the King Neo-Con and he owns 70% of Australia’s media. He owns The Daily Lesson. We need a strategy to deal with this … and premature ejaculation is empty triumphalism. Be careful….be researched… clever ….. starve them of our hubris ….. feed them uncomfortable, unpalatable, irrefutable facts and telling arguments ….. Aussies, in the main, do not like Big_heads who count their chickens ….. better to do the yacka before we spoof off.

  63. LOVO

    Love your work Victoria 🙂
    P Elliott, G’day mate…. this might be a bit off the cuff… and of course not keeping to the subject at hand… BUT..mate- you wouldn’t be interested in an you beaut near new second hand car by any happenstance…. only driven by an aspirational on a Sunday at ‘ordinary time’ 🙂 … and I’m fair dinks, mate …and no, I don’t think your the gullible type……… nope …not…at ..all.
    Anyhoo, you get back to me if’n your interested…… keep up the good fight and what ever you do.., don’t lets thems facts get in the way ( I suggest blinkers if’n they do come-a-creepin’ up on ya…. Damned Facts, phfftt ) till your next ‘original’ post I bid thee ‘ooroo 🙄 😛

  64. P Elliott

    “You’re” the gullible type? Duh….learn the language! And have the courage of your convictions and leave a real name.

  65. LOVO

    Oh dear… I see ur ‘old school’ RWNJ… *yawn*
    Soz I ain’ts the gooderestist bestest spellerer…. but hey I didn’t think this was an English Lit. blog…ay. 😛

  66. Annie B

    @ P Elliott …….

    I’ll take you on, you wanker you. !!! ( using your phraseology back atcha ).

    You DARE to mention ” what a sad indictment of our moral values “ – ( in part only ). But not necessarily out of context with the remainder of your post.

    Which includes this pearl of wisdom from you ” We are in a deep financial hole due to labor’s lack of fiscal management, they do not know how to manage money!!!

    LACK OF FISCAL MANAGEMENT ?????? ….. there could be none so hopeless and hapless in managing a countrys’ budget, than this current Liberal Government who spends millions ++++ on suspect F-35’s … from the U.S. …….. ( frankly I think the U.S. want to offload them to anyone stupid enough to put in a ‘purchase order’ !! ) …. look seriously at costing Japanese subs ( heaps of money to spend there ) and many other examples too numerous to list here – of their ghastly fiscal dealings . …….

    And then they complain they have no money, the Australian economy is in turmoil, and you silly bastards ( especially those on lower incomes ) will have to dig us out of the hole we’ve dug ourselves into. …..

    And before you shriek about how it was ‘all Labors’ fault to begin with’ …… just find out how much more we have in deficit now – since this LNP have been in power. Way more than Labor left …. check it out.

    What a load of utter crap you have uttered P Elliott.

    Grrrr ….. and Phfft.

  67. Michael Taylor

    Just like you, hey? Whose real name is P.

  68. DanDark

    LOVO great post cobber, the paid LNP trolls are out n’ about cruizin’ for a bruisin’
    These trolls have no self respect, they know they are going to get flogged on here……. LOL

  69. Dandark

    if you break the name down its PEll iot,,,, LOL
    Will the real PEll stand up 🙂

  70. Shirley Green

    Brilliant and spot on Victoria. Thank you so much.

  71. mars08

    Damn!!! We’ve been found out. Time for the Obeid, MacDonald, Tripodi Morality FanClub to find a new site!

    Someone please inform our battalions of Comrades in the “Leftist Media™” of our predicament.

  72. bobrafto

    P. Elliott

    ‘scum like Obeid, MacDonald, Tripodi etc have been able to manipulate and gain personal profit from dirty dealing! We are in a deep financial hole due to labor’s lack of fiscal management, they do not know how to manage money!!!

    There are just as many scum in the LNP if not more..

    How do explain a AAA credit rating under Rudd/Gillard? Is that you call a lack of fiscal management?

    Howard only achieved a AA credit rating.

    Your argument has been shot down on all fronts.

    Time for you to go and visit your loony right friends, people here care for our fellow aussies and their welfare and in believing of in the aussie Fair go, mate.

    Since you hurled personal abuse, I will return the favour fcuk off wanker!!!

  73. Kerri

    bobrafto. And don’t forget world’s best treasurer peer vote going to Swan and I think Keating scored that too, while Costello blew the mining gains on middle class welfare and as for Eleventy Joe????????

  74. Roswell

    A bit of corruption in the Liberals too, me thinks. One only has to look at NSW.

    If only they could dig deeper.

  75. Mark Lerno

    They have been wreaking (not reeking) havoc alright. I think I am going to enjoy politics this coming year while we watch Tones and his band of merry wankers go belly-up!

  76. LOVO

    Roswell, ….. and in digging deeper we ‘may’ find many an L+NP scalp..but dig a bit deeper and one finds loomin’ large.. that ‘stalwart’ of Australians for Honest politicking….. Pauline. 😯 🙄
    One wonders about that olde sayin’ aboot “what comes around.. goes around” …. winks ‘n nudges 😉
    I can hear Ettridge and Hanson crow’n…”bleeding Liberals” ( but hey..thats what One Nation DOES so well…bleeds Liberals’..votes ) (*sniggersmiley*)…. over to ewe Tones…. *bleats* *crickets*
    Here’s a song for Tones…whilst he’s doing his ironing…. (which I’m sure helps him with his Prime Ministerial Stress) 😳 bad 😳
    One wonders if’n the Liberal Party took an leadership vote tomorrow….. 😕 would Pauline win….and would it be by one vote… 😯 .. ahh, just sayin’.. 😆

  77. Michael Taylor

    LOVO (is that your real name? 😆 ), he’d get rolled if there was a leadership vote tomorrow, but I don’t think anyone has the guts to challenge him. If by chance they lost, they’d be nailed to the cross. They’re scared of the consequences of losing.

    Oh what things must go through their feeble minds.

    There are consequences in not challenging, either. With each passing day, the credibility of the possible challengers diminishes. Either they act now or Abbott will take them down with him. Someone has to stand up and say “I don’t want to be part of this anymore”.

  78. Neil of Sydney

    “How do explain a AAA credit rating under Rudd/Gillard?

    That is easy to explain. It was handed to them in 2007. Australia lost its AAA credit rating under hawke/Keating. In fact we were downgraded twice. Keating even proclaimed we were in danger of becoming a banana republic under the leadership of the ALP.

    Costello had to run 6 surplus budgets and do some asset sales so the debt Keating produced was reduced to about 5% of GDP. Only then did we get our AAA back.

    We got our AAA back in February 2003.

  79. corvus boreus

    I masturbate and I vote.

    I would actually prefer governance by a party(or coalition) that was not spendthrift or, especially, corrupt.

    The NSW ICAC has shown that serious corruption exists in both ‘sides’ of politics, Labor and LNP. Some of the corrupt politicians named have resigned, some still stand firm in arrogant denial. The common factor is that elected senior officials mis-used their positions to conduct underhand dealings for illicit gain. The size of difference in grace of form shown by miscreants when facing repercussions is secondary to the fact that the knowing transgressions ever took place.
    The fact that both Abbott and Shorten refuse to accept a similar investigation of federal dealings gives me little reason to place faith in the integrity of either of the parties they represent. The fact that Tony happily spends chosen time lounging around with G Richardson, the slime who engineered the rise of Obeid et al(and a person of interest to anti-corruption authorities), reinforces my suspicions.

    Upon the subject of fiscal responsibility, I would not prescribe fixing a debt by, say, removing a stream of income(‘great big tax’) and replacing it with an expense(direct action). The same thought may have been passing through some of the minds seated at the Brisbane G20 summit as Tony brayed his triumphs and bemoaned his challenges in simple slogans with finger counting.

    The thing about moral values is that, unless any indictments are applied with honest universality of standards, they become a facet of hypocrisy.

    I hope Mr P Elliot (who probably also enjoys a quick one off the wrist along with the best and the rest of us) supports a federal ICAC.

  80. Möbius Ecko

    The Liberals stand down when found corrupt, pull the other one.

    Starting with Abbott, who not only appears to be constitutionally an illegal PM and who rorted around $100,000, which doesn’t include the cycle gear he was given and didn’t reveal along with being the most expensive LOTO in our history, costing way more than the PM, and now turning into the most expensive PM ever by a very long shot, then going onto the L-NP front bench, which includes the likes of Joyce, who rorted expenses for things like going private weddings and claiming their wives expenses on overseas trips.

    Indeed Joyce illustrates the arrogance of the conservatives and their belief in entitlement on the public teat in that when the rorts were made public some paid back the expenses under the Minchin protocol, a conservative rort in itself, but he openly refused to and still hasn’t to this day. Why is he not being booted out?

  81. Angus McTavish

    Thank you Victoria, excellent description although very restrained…..

  82. jules

    Well said victoria,how in the hell did people vote for the loony, every time he opens his mouth you can tell he is two bricks short of a load.

  83. mars08

    corvus boreus:

    I masturbate and I vote…

    Mental image of you… in a polling booth…. on election day. And a queue of voters patiently waiting…. 😉

  84. DanDark

    Corvus said “I masturbate and I vote…”
    Mars said “Mental image of you… in a polling booth…. on election day. And a queue of voters patiently waiting…. ;)”
    I am wrong then, I just thought CBs Tourette Syndrome was active 🙂
    But its funny….. pmsl 🙂

  85. paul walter

    Yes, a couple of points due for addressing.

    Firstly, to Rachel and others behind the Brushwood Curtain- we hear you and we grieve, although we think Barnett’s attempt to lampoon all White Pointers has drawn gasps of incredulity, a bit like Arizona’s sherriff Arpiao and Wetback migrants from Mexico.

    With corvus boreus, we arrive at a Cartesian junction: “I masturbate, therefore I vote” or, “I vote, therefore I masturbate”.

    My advice would be to hold on tight, but corvus deserves our collective thanks for coming out and admitting (s)he isnt a sin, so long as you don’t over do it.

  86. Bill

    couldn’t think of better ways to put it.

  87. eli nes

    Elliott is the key to the success of slogans. He cannot see any evidence against the beliefs brought to life by these simple true-lies in repeatable messages. He has a firm conviction that gillard did nothing as PM. Then sees no conflict as he lauds the coalition for renaming, reviewing or destroying her accomplishments.
    The fact that the coalition will take contracts worth billions from Australian workers and award them to a country with a debt ratio 20 times worse than ‘labor’s debt’ is too esoteric for labor to ‘sloganise'(or understand???).
    Cigar sucking cormann is continually slagging labor’s debt disaster for our grandchildren. Beats me why labor so diplomatically avoids asking matthias if he thinks labor’s debt of 20% is disastrous how would he describe belgium’s economy with 100% debt ratio???
    The sad part of the labor politician’s stoicism is their grass roots chose albo and have no consistent answers to the elliott’s slogans at bbqs, school fetes or pubs.
    The saddest of all is, no coalition government can be elected without votes from workers. Is labor short on a strategy to capitalise on horrors of these awful people? Have they the guts to expose the robb errings? Are they prepared to counteract the billions of pork barrel dollars, the findings of royal commissions and the ‘smiling images of labor trailing the required couple of paces behind ‘in agreement.’? So far very little has had labor fired up except degrees and who doesn’t relish the idea of lawyers being saddled with debt???? At my family level the universities are churning out tens of thousands of teachers and nurses, who, academically, would not excel at grade 9 arithmetic, have little idea of ‘compound interest, and would never have reached Whitlam’s free unis.
    As for the disingenuous vice-chancellors, there are already a huge excess of these degrees and many jobs are taken by 457s or overseas graduates leaving locals with compound interest debt but the uni boys are enrolling their hearts out.

  88. Heftyboy

    Two more budgets from this excuse for a government. Next year it’ll be a neutral one and then the last will be the total pork barrel. Of course the Australian electorate is too sophisticated to be sucked in again. Really?

  89. crypt0

    P Elliott … wanker
    Methinks you are quoting direct from the conservative mantra … “spendthrift labor government,” “deep financial hole due to labor’s lack of fiscal management, they do not know how to manage money!!! ”
    You forgot the bit about “debt deficit disaster ”
    As you are so obviously aware … “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”
    I suggest you google ” IMF profligate ” and see who that old bunch of lefties at the IMF unmasked as the real culprit … Twice !!
    Bet you don’t !!!

    Annie B … My apologies … and sorry about your dinner …

  90. John Fraser


    Sorry to rain on the parade.

    Every time Abbott raises the spectre of terrorism ….. and watch the States join in ……. his polling goes up.

    And he's getting plenty of practice to hone that "skill".

  91. Peter Wade

    The problem is abbott doesnt give a shit. He’s well on his way to fundamentally changing Australia forever and that is all he wants. He cares not about popularity with the filthy masses. He knows the disgustingly wealthy will look after him. All he needs is the votes of one or 2 senators and its all over for the land of the fair go. Axing 2 huge income streams and gutting the ATO will ensure Australia s economy tanks and the pressure will then be on those senators to wave through his spending cuts. There is no way he will be satisfied with getting just this budget through. He’s merely setting the cornerstones for his agenda. To write Abbott off as a buffoon is a massive mistake.

  92. mars08

    What a brilliantly crafted comment. Thanks for your input, Mr Abbot.

  93. kevin

    “And there’s nothing you can do now to stop us correcting our mistake.”
    Love the passion, a real cry of pain caused by the arrogance, callous and deceitful actions of this government.
    But the LNP were elected because they were better at manipulating the public perception (with help of some media).
    Many Australians are worried about debt (rightly or wrongly) and enough of them bought the LNP line that they were a better risk.
    It seems likely that what the future holds with the LNP is not worth the pain, but unless there is an alternative that shows that risk is worth it, that there is a innovative vision for out future, a cooperative plan to harness the skills, talents and efforts of government, business, workers and the rest of us than the fearful and the selfish are again likely to back these retrograde antediluvians into office.
    Maintain the rage but without real vision we are in danger of falling back into past mistakes or putting Labor back by default – we deserve better.

  94. Terry2

    For all the reasons mentioned in various posts, the deregulation of our universities is the most blatant example of deceitful manipulation in the guise of a “budget measure” . In fact, it is a major ideological change to our education system and could only be ratified by the Australian people by taking it to the next election with a lot more analysis and evaluation of the costs and implications of this change..

    The fact that the government have taken to using misleading media advertising on this measure when it has already been rejected by the upper house of our parliament illustrates that there is something very wrong with the policy formulation process of this government.

    Pyne : you want to deregulate our universities, then take it to an election – you have no mandate !

  95. corvus boreus

    I realize that the article compared shit and spinach, but that was not an open invitation to post triumphant exultations upon culinary achievements working in the medium of manure.
    If you have rustled up a ‘grogan goulash’, ‘scat stew’ or ‘fecal fondue’, and wish to proudly proclaim the fact, please post the information on Facebook with the other chatter(and pictures) about cooking(stools based or other). This forum is more about politics than scatological gastronomy.
    Ps, I am sure you have indeed cooked up a fine crock of shit, but I would absolutely not care for a single spoonful, thanks anyway.

  96. paul walter

    Of course.

    Mars 08 said, “a brilliantly crafted comment”.

    Dont forget, Nietzsche chose the medium of the abstracted aphorism and eclectic obscurantism to project his philosphy of life and others contend this to be erudite, if cryptic, conceptualising, also.

  97. mars08

    @paul walter… what a crock of shit.

  98. paul walter

    Shhhhh!! You may know it, but does blah-blah whatever? What chance, given the quality of the first comment?

  99. mars08

    We shall never speak of it again …

  100. Patdeciple

    Like many others, I will never vote LNP again. Whether or not they get their legislation through the Senate, they have shown their hand and I fear what will happen to those who are less fortunate. This is the end of the fair go. But I forgot, the money saved will be handed out in a tax cut come 2016.

  101. Erotic Moustache

    I’m sure this piece was a useful exercise in emotional catharsis for its author, but I would have liked to have seen some actual political analysis, especially of the Cabinet reshuffle. I presume the author understands it was entirely and specifically about Abbott shoring up and protecting his leadership? It’s just a shame the nation has to suffer, and particularly its most vulnerable, as a consequence of Abbott’s somewhat clever political maneuvering.

    As for this Government being dead – one would truly like to think so, but if a week in politics is a long time -and we know it to be just that – how long is two years? At least Labor will go into the next election without a leadership albatross around its neck (in saying that I feel a strong compulsion to touch something made of timber). Hopefully it will also go into it with a few decent policies. Abbott got in largely because people were pissed off with the incumbents. I don’t particularly want Labor to gain Government that way. I want them to earn it on their merits.

  102. corvus boreus

    Diomedea shortenii (stunted albatross).

    Opposes federal ICAC.
    Opposes a price on carbon emissions.
    Supports off-shore and out-sourced mandatory detention of ‘unauthorized maritime arrivals'(including unaccompanied children).
    Supports foreign wars without any parliamentary consultation.

    W. Shorten has a hell of a long way to go for me before he has any merit beyond being just a little bit less odious than Tones.

  103. Van Davy

    I agree with your [implied] position on each of the 4 points, but:
    1. Where do you get the idea that Shorten “opposes a price on carbon emissions”? Have I missed a Doozi?
    2. Does no odium accrue to the bribed and corrupt Abbott, or approbation be earned by Shorten on:
    * defence of a raft of wage and industrial matters that stand between Oz workers and a “working poor” like USA
    * defence of Medicare
    * defence of low University fees
    * support for an NBN with sufficient bandwidth to …. fill in this blank………………
    * support for public schools
    * support for public hospitals
    * support for pensions, a raft of them, properly indexed and targeted
    * opposition to nuclear in this country
    I have many disagreements with my Labor Party too … but where will progress and equity come from unless we:
    [a] stick with Labor
    [b] keep belting it/them until they muscle-up on matters such as:
    – make the wealthy pay 30%+ tax + 1.5% Medicare levy … like all non-bludgers do
    – put an end to off-shore ‘fencing’ of public monies into private profits via “tax havens”
    – clean out the tax-dodges associated with family ‘trusts’ and other dodges for the bludging Privileged
    – better policing of minimum wage payments …. I know of dozens of businesses paying $10/hour … a disaster to the honest business
    up the road
    – remove the multi-billion hand-outs to Big Coal, Big Oil and Big Gas … they are now planetary enemy No !
    – remove public funding from the exclusionary schools of Privilege … the so-called ‘elite’ schools which deliver 2nd rate education but
    an inside privileged run for those reproducing wealth and power and privilege because of their wealth and power and privilege
    – acknowledge that a schooling system that divides kids from age 4 to 18 into religious, ethnic, socio-economic siloes do long-term
    damage to Social Cohesion and MUST be acknowledged, studied, policied, and fixed.
    – systematically, over time, and in a phased planned manner, expand Medicare to include dental … and to bring the greedy
    specialists to heel
    – euthanasia
    – same sex marriage
    – introduce a federal ICAC … on Day One of government, first focus to be NSW and our Labor Party
    – treat fleeing, frightened, miserable refugees as fleeing, frightened, miserable refugees
    I gotta go to dinner …. will stop here …. but, fair dinkum corvus boreus …. are you realy asking us to believe there is little difference between the parties. That is what Murdoch wants everyone to believe. If they are the same, then he can more easily kick the crappers out of the progressive, non Neo-Con party on the basis of: woman, inefficiency, mismanagement …or any number of populist lies …..
    I am genuinely interested in your response…. best wishes for the New Year ….. Van Davy

  104. Harquebus

    Tony Abbott is Peta Credlin’s sock puppet. So, whose hand is up Bill Shorten’s arse?

  105. corvus boreus

    Van Davy,
    I should have said ‘Tax’. He has said they would propose a market-based pricing mechanism. The essence of my statement here was incorrect.
    I should also have left the “just a little bit” out of the comparisons of odiousness(guilty of rhetorical hyperbole). Labor is a bit of an unpalatable dish at the moment, but Tonys’ LNP is a bucket of radio-active bio-hazard mixed with sharps and shards.

    Of your [a] or [b] optionsregarding Labor, I would definitely choose [b](belt them till they muscle up).

    The reluctance to endorse or propose an ICAC is a real major sticking point for me. There are obvious problems of general corruption in and around parliament, and Labor have opposed an independent investigation through both voting and rhetoric(Shorten recently vowed to ‘work bipartisanly to defend against the perception of corruption’, which translates as conspiring to conceal it). If they will not currently propose or support the idea in opposition, why would I trust them to do so within the temptations of government? They have been tainted with some very dubious associations by both the NSW ICAC and the TURC, and I think they really do need to subject themselves to a scrubdown as part of a general clean-up.

    I will most likely continue to preference Labor in my local electorate, and, under the current 1 or all senate ballot, direct my preferences to them by default in the senate, but I have little confidence or faith in the integrity of Mr W Shorten to lead the party into the fundamental structural and policy reforms to regain the full loyalty of those suffering similar disillusionment to myself.

    Thanks for the response, information, points raised, and positive sentiments.
    I also wish you the joy of the new year, and may it see changes of benefit to us all.

  106. Sir Ossis

    Bravo Victoria.

    My only fear is the fabricated-crisis Murdoch media blitz in the lead-up to the election. These swine have limitless resouces. You only have to terrorise a small percentage of the populus into fearing change to hold onto office. If all decent people in the country went to sleep at night wishing for Murdoch to not wake again, would that be wrong?

  107. Van Davy

    I agree 100% [if not more] with your views on ICAC federally. The limitations with ICAC, I think, is that it deals with the results of corruption not the causes. For example, it is my opinion that the NSW Branch of the ALP is unelectably corrupt because it makes decisions within a wall-to-wall corrupted structure. The never-cleaned-out DLP leadership, entrenched in its secret, number-stacking warriorism belted the crappers out of Left-thinkers such that the Left emulated the same factional, branch-stacking, number-crunching, personal-loyalty reliant, grind-out-the-elastic-thinkers, structure. Invitation only, decisions binding, blood-on-the-floor-and-spittle-on-your-shoulder if you disagreed, keep it secret often, don’t deviate an inch from the factional position during the debate [no matter how good the arguments] on the floor of conference or else be deemed a traitor … and, overwhelmingly, keep the rank & file membership out of it at all costs because open membership ballots for party positions and electorate representatives [not to mention Upper House and Senate seats !!!!] …. would be the END of the factions and, in particular, the petty number-crunchers and ideas-free power-brokers. These factions, themselves controlled by smaller factions, mangle the democratic process and side-line the membership … a perfectly fertile environment from which individual corruption can, and does, flourish. So, yes … we need the federal ICAC you propose to keep the pollies clean …. but we also need internal Party processes, at all levels where power accrues, open to the most rigorous of democratic practices. More power to John Faulkiner and his campaigning on these matters.

  108. Annie B

    @Van Davy ……

    Agree with most of your thoughts, ….. and in particular your comment about John Faulkiner. …. would be great to see him stand for the H of R, leaving the Senate – and giving his all – as he does – to debate, great conclusive arguments, honest appraisals, and ideas for progress.

    …. a great politician, and all advantage for the Labor Party.

  109. Van Davy

    couldn’t agree more … though I expect he’s ready for a spot of cricket ….

  110. Gillian

    Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant letter!! I LOVE reading your articles. You say it so succinctly. It is what we are all thinking!! Only problem is how do we get rid of this Gov before they do more damage. 2016 can’t come soon enough or can we get rid of them before then????
    Happy New Year Victoria and keep up the good work!!

  111. vanders2014

    Vicoria you are a legend, agree with you 100%. Just need to get them out now and not wait until 2016. Brilliant!!

  112. Dake

    Wow someone who thinks exactly the same as me! Thanks Victoria!
    As for P.Elliot’s fantasy: If you wish to examine the economic prowess of a Coalition government, have a look at W.As deficit blow out under Colin Barnett. The deficit belonging to the economic engine room of Australia has more than tripled under the Libs management in a period of unprecedented revenue from the resources boom. Oh, and whilst the Libs were whining about Labor’s mining super profit tax the W.A libs were increasing mining royalty tax. Just a tad hypocritical don’t you think?
    If you want an objective opinion on the Gillard government’s fiscal management seek the opinion an independent economist such as Justin Wolfers(a visiting Professor of Economics at Sydney University). Wayne Swan’s handling of Australia’s economy throughout the toughest economic period since the 30s was considered outstandingly successful on the international stage. The notion that Libs are better at economics is a myth! Or so the evidence suggests.

  113. nevk21

    This is not media it is brainwashed consensus just like ” The Church of Climatology” What did Icehouse sing “I can’t help myself” It’s all BS folks and you have been conned. Central Banks are your ruler and you run around pretending you are intellectuals while the stench is under your nose and you refuse to sit in silence and print the truth, the Pope in Washington and soothe saying weasel words YET AGAIN! You make me sick and just ONE example

  114. Annie B

    I rarely, if ever, disagree with your posts Corvus, but the above is superbly ridiculous. Anyone, with technical savvy, can ‘manipulate’ any video they come across – have seen it done many times. And so, most likely, have you.

    The ultra deep ‘super serious’ voice-over, makes this even more trashy, if that is possible. The number of ‘shape-shifting’ videos, attributed to all and sundry ( including for gosh sakes – Miley Cyrus ???? who blinks a few times and ‘still’ frames are altered to change her eyes into more like a cat’s vertical pupils !! ) …. are by the dozens on the link provided above — on the right of that YouTube page. …. OMG – when will there be a stop put to this garbage ?

    I have only responded to this video link, to make a strong point – – – that ‘thems’ over there spawn some of the most irrational, fear-mongering, easily led, scared shitless people, on the planet. The U.S. sure develops some doozy viewing – doesn’t it ? … Every damned chance it gets.

    Sheesh !! – Sorry, but this kind of garbage makes me soooo very angry.

    I do hope you have posted this as a bit of a joke and an ‘up yours for the rent ‘. !! ( for whatever ).

    I am sure you have.

  115. Pat

    Did you actually post this letter to abbott, or do you expect him to to just stumble upon it while he is browsing the net?

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