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One Sign Of Intelligence Is Being Able To Change Your Mind or Why Scott Morrison Is Einstein!

Remember just a few years ago when we were told that we needed to be “energy agnostic”. Well, all that’s out the window. Apparently we now have to build a church to gas because the private operators have decided that they’d rather invest in something profitable.

Why do I call it “a church”? That’s because – like a church – it will be large and unused for much of the time and in future generations people will look at it and go, “Wow, what a large structure. I wonder why they spent so much money and something with no practical purpose. They must have really believed that someone would reward them in the next life!” (In the case of the Coalition, that’s Life After Politics!)

It’s very tempting to point out that once we took it for granted that governments would be responsible for building the infrastructure that enabled us to generate energy, but we were told by the Liberal Party that private industry was a lot better at it and market forces would make the whole thing a lot more efficient. Now we’re being told that the market has failed because the market relies on making a profit and nobody in private industry is keen to build a gas-fired power station for the simple reason that it’s not economically viable.

Of course, I shouldn’t criticise the Liberals for changing their mind and completely repudiating their free market principles and totally embracing socialism. After all, it’s only the intelligent who can change their minds. At least I think that’s true…

Whatever, the Liberals are certainly good at changing their minds. Sometimes they’ll even do it from one interview to the next.

Remember when they told us that people don’t need the government making decisions for them and that individuals were best placed to decide what to spend their money on… Of course, this was before they realised that once they got the Indue card out and accepted, they could eventually roll it out to pensioners and then the rest of us and we could only shop at approved Liberal donor stores.

Remember when Scotty was all about opening up the borders but then he saw how successful various state premiers were with their border closures. Now he’s determined to keep Australia’s borders closed until… well, it’s not like he intends to set a date because targets are for the accountable. We can’t say when borders will be open again, even with the majority vaccinated. As he put it: “Even in that circumstance, you’re talking about many Australians, millions of Australians, who wouldn’t have been vaccinated. Because A, they’re children or B, they’ve chosen not to be [vaccinated].” Unvaccinated children a concern? Is this different from “Schools are safe, I can’t be any clearer than that!” Too right it is, which just shows the intelligence of the man because he’s apparently changed his mind.

Remember when they labelled that ad about the vaccines with the Liberal Party logo? Well there’s another example of them changing their mind. Now they want bipartisan support for the rollout. Surely, Labor have to take part responsibility. Why? Well, they said that the logo shouldn’t be there because it was the government who were providing the vaccines and aren’t Labor an alternative government?

And then we have the NDIS which just a couple of Budgets ago was so awash with funds that Josh Frydenberg could take $4.7 billion from it to put us into surplus. While at $4.7 billion, those “Back In Black” coffee seemed overpriced, that’s nothing compared to the unsustainable nature of the NDIS now. We need to stop those “empathetic public servants” from giving wheelchairs to people. Everyone needs to stand on their own two feet even if they have no legs. Yes, social media was very cruel and mocked Linda Reynolds about her heart condition, but even she agrees that’s better than being awash with empathy like those public servants who fail to push those on the NDIS to get better. Our PM does believe in miracles, as we all know.

And Scotty’s changed his mind on debt and deficit too. We’re going to have deficits for the next ten years according to #Scottyfromannouncements. Yes, ok, Hockey said that the Liberals would deliver a surplus in their first year of government and every year thereafter but they changed their mind about that, as well as Hockey being Treasurer. And about having a stable government who didn’t change Prime Ministers. Of course it would be unfair to bring up how the Liberals changed their minds about Abbott’s rolled gold maternity leave, because that’s so many Prime Ministers ago.

Some of you will be expecting that I’ll also be pointing out the PM’s changing his mind on electric vehicles, but apparently he hasn’t. He told us that he never mocked EVs in the lead up to the 2019 election. No, no, he was complaining about Bill Shorten ruining the weekend by simply being PM and that would have ruined the weekend of everyone who mattered so EVs had nothing to do with it.

Yes, I can certainly recommend that you vote for Scott Morrison in the upcoming election which he assures won’t be held until next year, so I’d expect it in about three months. Even if you don’t like his policies and what he announces, there’s a better than fifty percent chance that they’ll never be implemented and that he’ll change them before the month is out. You can be content knowing that if you don’t like, for example, his intention to build a gas-fired power station, that once they’ve bought the land from the Liberal donor, and once they’ve spent a few million on consultants, they’ll change their mind and sell the land to a firm who wants to make electric vehicles or develop it for social housing.

I suppose you’ve noticed that lately, Mr Morrison seems to have a booklet in hands every time he appears in the media. Perhaps he’s working on the next slogan. “Liberals: We Have A Plan AND a Pamphlet.”

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  1. Gangey1959

    Thank you Rossleigh. We mere Voters can all stop worrying then.
    Post the next election, Australia will have a NOT lnp guvv’m’nt.
    In a landslide
    Only stupid people voted for the labor party. Or someone else not lnp / rwnj.
    We won’t change our vote.
    Smart people voted lnp / rwnj. And got the resultant shitstorm.
    Theyr’e SO SMRT.
    They will hange their vote.
    No more scottyfromadvertising et al in the driving seat. Waay to go, MAAAATE.

    Meanwhile back in the land of reality, slush is being funded at a furious pace. Bugger the spreadsheets, let’s just make it policy. That way, when (read if) our advermaestro dealer loses the big chair his lot can spend three years or so hurling abuse and vilifying whoever is in charge for taking the wheel of a slotcar headed over the high jump.
    “What about the debt?”
    “Look at how bad Australia looks with them in charge”
    “Why aren’t the borders open? They should be open, the election was last weekend, they are hopeless, what will happen to the economy with them in charge? We’re DOOMED….”
    Thanks uncle voldemurdoch.

  2. Geoff Andrews

    Doesn’t the script go like this: the govamint builds the power station then, of course runs it very inefficiently. The IPA calls for it to be privatised and suggests that the price should reflect the profitability of the business, so it goes for half price to a previously unknown company who borrowed the money with a govamint guarantee. The company goes broke so the govamint buys them out “to keep the lights on”.

  3. Phil Pryor

    You really could actually honestly vomit, at the stupendous swag of sluts dining off droppings from this conservative government’s loose attitude to what is institutional bribery, corruption, crookedness, infamy, bumboy mateyness, Caponery, handouts, “charity” to crooks, shonks, sharks, shitskulled shammy parasitical leeches and parasites. It’s a big circular ring of fellatio friendly maggoty money grabbing munchers of public money, no morals, ethics, decency, honesty or conscience required for these gross grubs…With Morrison as the figurehead, a figure as dull and dark as a black dog’s dick in a coal mine at midnight, what hope have we, when superstitious self inflating idiots can spruik any garbage of self deception and invent new ways to deceive ?? We are all ROBBED…

  4. wam

    Mind changing can work perfectly if there is nobody reminding the electorate. Albo will just drift then lose and fade away.
    possibly the next labor. Man or woman may lead an opposition but unless I can get to 90 @$&*&&&& Scummo will see me out.

  5. Jack sprat

    Geoff Andrews / the coal fire power stations in nsw were sold off for a lot less than half price .Gladys Berejilklian when she was treasurer sold liddel power station to Agl for one dollar and vales piont power station to former national party hack Trevor St baker for one million dollars . Vales piont was valued two years later after the sale at 750 million dollars . The liarbral party have always practice only one form of free market ideology ( crony capitalism )

  6. Florence Howarth

    We are told we have to be energy agnostic, the same as we were told when it came to NBN, we had to be technology agnostic. they meant copper had to be used. today, they mean only fossil fuels.

    The truth is, we select what is the best. Fibre for the NBN. Renewals for energy.

  7. Terence Mills

    Bruvver Morrison has all of a sudden seen the light on the hill and believes that power needs to be in the hands of the people…………….literally !

    Damn those capitalists, Bruvver Morrison will build a power station to compete with the capitalist energy generators, he’s even nationalising oil refineries, sort of – at least he’s giving them pubic money to assist their commitment to refining oil onshore.

    No wonder Labor are confused !priv

  8. New England Cocky

    Oh dear Rossleigh; you credit supporters of the Liarbrals with the ability to change their minds … but Oops!! … I have to agree because one minute is a long time in politics and for every agricultural handout there has to be a balanced by a socialist handout to corporations, especially those with foreign overseas ownership.

    Liarbrals are a bit like the Nazional$ agricultural socialists, bleating pathetically every time their personal spending is less than their agricultural income after all the legal fully deductible tax off-sets have been made.

  9. skip


    ‘conservative government’

    u r too kind

    try: thieving right-wing racist rapist fascist crim gang


  10. GL

    I nearly choked on my drink when I read this on SpewsCrap –

    “…and Coalition colleagues slam Scott Morrison’s vaccination passport idea.”

    If the Minister for Manilla Fatboy and Herr Doctor Professor Chief Scientist Caveman, who are both giant brains and exiting federal politics, are the “colleagues” then I definitely don’t want to meet his enemas…um, enemies.

    What’s the bet that Scotty from Marketing backs down from this latest brain fart?

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