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In a remarkable series of statements, former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has defended his successor Scott Morrison’s ‘approach’ to climate change. It truly is amazing that Mr. Turnbull can continue to defend the dinosaurs in his party. The statement you can take the man out of the party but not the party out of the man is truly vindicated. I want to delve into his remarks and deconstruct them, for they say much about the nature of the current liberal party.

Australia has, as we are all too well aware, created problems for Pacific Island nations at the recent forum by preventing consensus on climate action. This even led to the amazing criticism that Morrison was ‘putting politics ahead of Australia’s island neighbours’. Really? Nah. When has Scott Morrison ever put politics ahead of everything else? When, I ask you?

Malcolm Powder Speaks, Part One: Defend to The End

Seriously, Mr. Turnbull went on ABC radio and said the following

[Turnbull said Morrison] had to operate in the real world. Emissions reduction is a very difficult issue for the Coalition, and you’ve got to cut Morrison some slack on this, or give him some understanding. 

Careful, Mr Turnbull, your battle wounds are showing. The current Prime Minister has to operate ‘in the real world’: translation, he has to do as he told by the same right-wing nutjobs who dictated policy under your administration. There is something profoundly conservative about the fact that the same ill-informed troglodytes who dictated policy in one administration do so for the next. Nothing changes just the date. It is to the eternal shame of the nation that the ill-informed, politically (and financially) motivated minority dictate policy rather than, you know, experts!

Emissions reduction is a difficult issue for the coalition you say. I imagine it would be for a party that is so heavily funded by an emissions-intensive industry. You would not want to place in jeopardy that sweet, sweet corporate cash. Finally, for this quote, the fact that Mr Morrison values his poxy political career (or he actually believes the crap he spouts) over the future of the planet is not, in the strongest possible terms, not grounds to ‘give him some understanding’. The man is wrong on the facts; that he does so with a gun to his back is not important. We are not required to give him understanding or sympathy. He is (or claims to be) the leader of the party. The final decision, by that logic, is his. The buck stops with him.

Malcolm Powder Speaks, Part Two: You Say More than You Know, Sir

The former Prime Minister went on to speak more truth than has come forth from a liberal politician in some time. He said

Mr Morrison was “alert to the political realities”. “There is a very strong minority within the Coalition and the media and community that is ferociously opposed to taking action to reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Alert to the political realities? Translation he knows where his bread is buttered and the line he has to toe in order to keep his political head. This is either a pathetic display of political weakness (an unwillingness to buck party orthodoxy) or he actually believes it. Neither resounds to Morrison’s benefit. Does that remind you of someone, Mr. Turnbull?

As for the ‘very strong minority…ferociously opposed to taking action to reduce greenhouse emissions’, the operative term there is minority. We live, for the moment at least, in a democracy. Democracies are about rule of the majority. If the majority of a population wants a policy, in a democracy it is done. The opinions of the minority are considered, but ultimately rejected. The minority, no matter how vocal it may prove to be, is not allowed to dictate policy.

Less diplomatically expressed, I do not care what the minority thinks! I am sure there are minority populations out there who would like to wipe out the Jews! But we do not allow them to dictate policy! Specifically, on the climate issue, the scientists, you know, the people with the PhDs, have spoken. There is a clear scientific consensus. The time has come for politicians, who are so obviously corrupt, to be excluded from the conversation. Their role is to pass the legislation experts formulate. No amendments, no corporate giveaways, no incentives to bring them on board.

Turnbull, the Prime Minister of Stockholm

We may ask why Malcolm Turnbull continues to defend the aforementioned ill-informed troglodytes even after he has left politics. I would suggest the answer is quite simple. Turnbull is acting like a classic abuse victim. In other words, he has Stockholm Syndrome. He has bonded with his captors and is now defending them, even in the face of ever-mounting evidence that contradicts what they say. This is happening even after the hostage crisis is over.

Conclusion: The Liberal Party as Hostage Situation

The fact that Turnbull continues to defend his former masters in the party says much about the Liberal Party. Their leaders are, in the modern era anyway, mere puppets whose lines are scripted and positions already formulated before they assume the leadership. The conditioning is so effective that, even after they leave, they still defend their former captors.

The cause of this is not immediately obvious, but I would place some blame at the feet of one Anthony John Abbott. Since becoming Opposition Leader in 2009, Abbott instituted a particularly vicious and highly rigid brand of politics that has not really left the LNP to this day. I have quoted this before, but it deserves repeating. The extent of the change in the party when Turnbull replaced Abbott was best summed in Abbott saying that Turnbull was ‘in office, not in power’. That turned out to be true, and Morrison is seemingly in a similar position. The difference is, he learned the lesson: he toes the line regardless of the consequences.

Long Live the Idiot King


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  1. New England Cocky

    Turnbull was a sad failure because he forsook his personal beliefs to sell his soul to the IPA. Here was a erudite lawyer who had worked his way through university before a career in international banking, then investment mentored by a leading former NSW politician, then taken on the British government and more importantly, Kerry Packer, and won both events. A “people’s champion”? Certainly had all the hallmarks.

    Australian voters were deceived!! When it came time to “stand up and be counted” he folded before the threat of mediocrity, protecting his coveted position rather than taking the Gorton path and challenging his distractors to survive a snap election with their one seat majority.. Simply a gutless decision. Simply a betrayal of the Australian people.

  2. Josephus

    Not even crude capitalism, as in Trump wanting to buy Greenland. Instead the triumph of mediocrity and servility. Oh cry the beloved country.

  3. Henry Rodrigues

    And I was beginning to feel some sympathy for the gutless wimp Turdball. Thanks for setting me right. These coalition numbskulls will never ever change as long as the Gina and company keep pulling their strings.

  4. Kaye Lee

    One year ago…..

    “Malcolm Turnbull has received the strong endorsement of the coalition party room for his signature energy policy, after fending off last-minute attacks from predecessor Tony Abbott, AAP reports.

    It is understood Mr Abbott was one of only a handful of coalition MPs to speak against the National Energy Guarantee policy at the 2.5-hour closed-door meeting in Canberra today.”

    Turnbull was too chicken shit to introduce the Bill and have it passed with Labor’s support. He could have let Abbott, Kelly and Molan go sit with the Greens who rejected the NEG for not going far enough. It would have made a great picture.

    His plea for sympathy for Scott also being too chicken shit to do anything is typically arrogant – ‘if I couldn’t get it done then he obviously won’t be able to’ says the supreme egotist.

    Do you think we could manipulate Scott into proving Turnbull wrong just to show him, since an existential threat to our survival is not the kind of thing that motivates Morrison.

  5. Phil Pryor

    After all this is said and more criminality in political perversion exudes from this government, let us remember that the only good conservative is one incapable of interfering in political life based on civilised discourse, debate, informed reasoning and democratic action. Conservatives, so many riddled with cancerous superstition, ratbag romanism, awful supremacist posturing based on misplaced narcissism, are not ever to be trusted while they grovel for favour, greedily grab in opportunism, exploit the incrowd of similar simians and try constantly to act big time bullies and classy achievers. It is misleading, evil at the extreme and ruining our collective future. We need and must fight fair a fair go, not allow the gilded turds a posture of supremacy, which is ridiculous.

  6. David Stakes

    Why is it that the few of us who can think Independently, can see this. While the hoardes of Newscorpse readers cannot. What is wrong with people.

  7. Deidre Zanker

    Morrison’s religion dictates his policies including ignoring climate change as they believe it won’t affect the “believers”.

  8. Frank Smith

    It is really incredible that this “strong minority” among Liberal and National Party ranks can hold the overwhelming majority at bay over this extremely important emissions policy. As Kaye Lee points out Turnbull’s NEG would have sailed through the Reps and Senate had Turnbull put the issue to the vote and accepted that the sensible Coalition members could have teamed up with Labor to provide a workable energy policy. But the Coalition were cowered by the noisy troglodytes of the “strong minority” together with the usual Murdoch and shock-jock cheer squad and Turnbull was not prepared to show true Leadership. I do not understand how such a situation can pose as “democracy” – it is clearly not. Do anything to stay in power, even destruction of the country and the planet!

    Tim, I would go further back than Abbott to look for the hostage woes of the Liberal Party – I think that Lying Rodent Howard had a lot to do with that.

  9. Aortic

    Frank, it always boils down to the fact that when push comes to shove, whatever faction will always put politics before policy, if it means saving their own and their colleagues arses. How different a situation we could find ourselves in today, if policy encompassing the common weal had been promulgated instead of being shafted generally by a few nutters whose skewed view on life, such as religious bigotry, prevents it being so purely for their self interested agenda.

  10. Mr Shevill Mathers

    David Stokes, the answer in part – neuronally challenged.

  11. Jack Cade

    Frank Smith

    The most intriguing point Kaye Lee made was that the Greens opposed the NEG. The great spoilers, dogs in mangers, sitting alongside Abbott, Kelly and Molam, with primly-pursed lips. Now what a sight that would have been.
    Absolutely mouthwatering.

  12. johno

    Jack Cade…please explain, maybe the NEG was useless, hence the greens not supporting it.

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