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On entitlement and celibacy

A sense of entitlement is listed as one of the symptoms of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, which seems so obvious you probably don’t need to go to the DSM-5 or the Mayo Clinic webpage to find that out.

Over the last couple of years there’s been debate as to whether or not celibacy requirements in the Catholic church contribute to the sexual abuse by priests of children in their charge. Personally, I think that theory is ridiculous and a red herring. There are plenty of child sex offenders who are not Catholic priests and not celibate.

(How utterly awful it is to continually acknowledge the prevalence of this crime.)

It takes a particular type of psycho sexual mindset to cause a man or woman, (though male offenders far exceed female) to seek sexual gratification from the body of a child, and many offenders engage in adult sexual relationships as well as preying on children.

What is common to all of them, I’d argue, is a sense of entitlement. Child sex abusers feel entitled to gratify their desires, regardless of the effects on the life of their victim. This sense of entitlement is not, of course, peculiar to child sex offenders: anyone who acts upon another as if he or she is a means to an end is exercising a sense of entitlement that allows them to disregard the effects of their actions, and focus solely on their own gratification.

The Catholic church is unlikely to admit that it attracts narcissistic personalities, given that its purpose and mission is service. That human paradox is of a depth and complexity greater even than the fantasies of god, faith, belief and transubstantiation.

A sense of entitlement takes many forms, feeling chosen by god is just one of them, but they all have in common a feeling of superiority, perhaps an overcompensation for deeper feelings of inferiority, if you want to use the psychoanalytic rather than the moral framework to deconstruct the narcissist.

Whatever the perils of enforced celibacy, and I imagine they are many, it is reductionist and simplistic to claim that priests sexually abuse children because of those vows. It takes a particular kind of attachment to secrecy, danger, duplicity, power, self-gratification, self-delusion and compartmentalisation, as well as the ability to care not one jot for the life of the child you abuse to construct the personality of the child sex abuser, not the vow of celibacy. It may well be easier for the church to look to celibacy as a cause, rather than admit that the psycho sexual dysfunction of so many who join its ranks precedes any vows of celibacy they may take.

The sense of entitlement is a scourge. Not only as it manifests in those who abuse children, but wherever it rears its head, in all situations where people are used as a means to another’s end. Politicians can be leading entitlement practitioners, indeed, a sense of entitlement is almost entirely normalised in Western culture, to the extent that it is virtually invisible.

Whether everyone with a sense of entitlement is also a narcissist is up for discussion, though it would appear to be the most significant symptom of that disorder.

Is narcissism a necessary component of capitalism? Is patriarchy inherently narcissistic? Is the Christian god a narcissist? Do helicopter parents create narcissistic children? Are you entitled to exploit me to get what you think you need? Are we entitled to destroy the planet in order to get what we think we need to have?

If we can manage nothing else at least we have to ask the questions, because the sense of entitlement is, one way and another, perhaps currently the most destructive of human characteristics. It is not one we are born with, we are encultured into the attitude to a greater or lesser degree, damaging the sense of common vulnerability and humanity that might otherwise ameliorate narcissistic impulses.

This is what the Catholic church needs to investigate. Celibacy may well bring all kinds of challenges, but the sexual abuse of children is a deeper, greater darkness that cannot be explained away by the church denying adults a mature sexual life.

This article was first published on Jennifer’s blog, No Place For Sheep.



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  1. Shevill Mathers

    By making celibacy part of the deal in being a catholic priest or any religion for that matter, this is going in direct contravention of human male physiology. The the church trying to control nature-unsuccessfully as it turns out. What misery is being caused by the no sex for pleasure in a catholic marriage. Amazing how the high priests from the dawn of time have placed an embargo on anything remotely pleasurable, whether it be natural bodily functions, eating, drinking etc. It is all about control and in this area it cannot succeed. I am convinced that many in religious order who partake in sexual abuse of children, do use this as an outlet for their natural hormonal drive. The churches teachings/conditions are flawed. The high priests at the top are just as guilty as those lower down the ranks, and should be held to account.

  2. diannaart

    @Shevill Mathers

    Maybe we do need to understand “human male physiology” – it is not just ‘celibate’ clergy, but children are being abused (mostly) by men of all walks of life.

    Men do not die or become ill from celibacy. About time we really looked hard at ‘entitlement’ – which is all about a sense of power and not so much sexual desire.

    For example, rapes in prison are about dominance, hierarchy – ex-cons go back to heterosexual preferences when released…

  3. townsvilleblog

    That is precisely what I believe too, an inferiority complex is behind it all, this, combined with the fanaticism of religious belief in an invisible god and an unauthored book of dubious merit these people are obviously suffering from an incurable mental illness. They are far too dangerous to be let run around in our community and perhaps be exported to a Muslim country where a man is authorized to marry little girls.

  4. diannaart

    Indeed. townsvilleblog

    A person lacking confidence, who feels they are somehow marginalised and not receiving the respect they deem they deserve; how easy to fake power by abusing the most vulnerable – whether they be children or simply other adults smaller and weaker or vulnerable in some way.

    While I have no doubt that there are and will continue to be sadistic controlling women (speaking from personal experience here), I doubt we will hold the same fear that our sons be kidnapped and married off to old women by force, nor that female rapist statistics will ever reach the level of those committed by a minority of men. Thank God. Imagine if more women were as powerful and felt the same measure of entitlement of that pernicious minority of men.

    The much quoted words:

    “…the moral test of government is how that government treats those who are in the dawn of life, the children; those who are in the twilight of life, the elderly; those who are in the shadows of life; the sick, the needy and the handicapped. ”

    From: Last Speech of Hubert H. Humphrey

    Applies to the individual as much as it does government or any other organisation.

    We all start our lives as helpless and dependent, we needs must remember that is how we end life also.

  5. Kyran

    To me, it seems a cart and horse situation.”The Catholic church is unlikely to admit that it attracts narcissistic personalities”. Might that mean the catholic church’s entry criteria attracts a certain sort of person? I was raised in a ‘catholic’ household and abandoned it in my mid teens. The pleasures of sex far over-rode the obligations of sex. As a parallel from a ‘different’ world, the Irish are voting on a referendum to recognise same sex marriage. The power of the catholic church in Ireland (south) can be measured by previous referendums on divorce, abortion and birth control. Once recognized as being more catholic than Vatican city, they are now testing their own values. Who they are. And, far more importantly, who they want to be. The inglorious irony is that the proponents of the no vote, funded mostly out of ‘Christian groups’ in America and speaking through the catholic church, are arguing against it. The very same people, by their predilection, proved time after time, across the globe, as favouring same sex unions. Regrettably, these bastions of moral integrity prefer minors and the vulnerable for their same sex unions. Thank you for the articles, Ms Wilson. Take care

  6. David Bruce

    The unfortunate consequence of attacking the Catholic Church is that it will emerge stronger than before! With that in mind, one would expect a number of reforms to take effect over the next 25 years! Imagine what would happen if the Pope, the President of Russia and the Chinese leadership decided to accept a reformed Catholic Church as the mainstream religion of those countries? The heartland of the planet, converted to Christianity! Could this approach change the destiny of our world? just wondering 😉

  7. kerri

    Excellent article Jennifer!! Yes the way Australia’s mining magnates and right wing politicians treat labourers like ants beneath their feet. Coupled with their exasperation at why we cannot see that they are way more worthy than we are. Regardless. Gina won’t even share with her kids ands wants to see labourers paid $2 a day! Andrew thinks the big guys are conspiring against him and it’s totally fine that taxpayers, including his labourers (the ones who wear the worn hi vis vests) should pay for the government to establish that his position as a billionairre cannot be threatened in a free market. I think Twiggy has trumped Gina these days. At least she doesn’t pretend to be low class like the rest of Australia. Unlike Forrest who pretends to be on equal footing while he restricts Aboriginal buying power, completely squashing their human rights. And as for Abbott and Hockey??? Holy crap what bad parenting those two precious princesses were given to make them believe they are more worthy of rorting the system than anyone else. Abbott believes his opinion overides his sisters human rights and Hockey waxes lyrical about what his parents went through to guve him a sense of entitlement. At least they don’t pretend to be sanctioned by God like that 6 foot 4 pile of crap named Pell.

  8. Annie B

    Really great article by Jennifer. … Thank you.

    1) … It is my firm belief that some ( even many ? ) men become priests / brothers, in order to fulfil their perverted desires to be closer to children & families. I do not believe that ALL have a sincere belief in the fulfilment of their role as advocate for the Catholic Church or for Jesus.

    It is the other way around. … Priests / brothers do NOT become paedophiles because they are denied normal, healthy sexual lives by the Church ( celibacy ). They are paedophiles before they knock on the doors of the seminary.

    They are attracted like moths to a flame … much the same way as many paedophiles infiltrate schools and such worthy organisations as the Scout movement.

    Not all priests / brothers, however are paedophiles. … But too many are.

    2) … Priests are – not at all celibate. They have their ways, they have their means … and they pursue them, ardently.

    3) … they also pursue those ‘entitlements’ – not so healthily – i.e. in a cruel, punishing, dominant, and power seeking way – especially when full of grog.

    4) … some priests ( not all however, by any means ) turn to alcohol, or an elevated and elite life-style to compensate for what they are expected to do, and expected to not have ( i.e. a normal life ).

    5) … Priests do NOT understand the vagaries and dimensions of married life. ( even though they proclaim to do so – ad infinitum ). … It is impossible for them to breach the inner sanctums of married life, but they insist they understand it all ? …. That’s one load of bullsh*t they need to rid themselves of, to begin with.

    6) … This comment might not sit well with others here – but I don’t care much about that. … Enforced celibacy is wrong in every way, but does not excuse the paedophile and his unutterably sick leanings.


    I DO know what I am talking about – although my knowledge is not for general publication.

    I just wish I had stood up publicly to the mongrel priest I knew, while he was still alive.

    He’s gone now, presumably to enjoy a few virgins in heaven ( oooops sorry – that’s the extremist Muslim connotation, is it not ? ).

    Bitter ? Yes, but much much less now than I was.

    Does it affect me constantly – NO. … but on occasions raises it’s extremely ugly head, and I deal with it on the spot. There and then.

    I have found, and am still finding – a way. … It is a satisfying and helpful pursuit.

  9. Rosemary (@RosemaryJ36)

    Uaing one’s power over others to obtain gratification of any sort without reference to the harm caused is at all times inexcusable.
    I know only one thing about Jammy March – he is almost certainly incapable of empathy.

  10. Wally

    Do priests enter the church with the intent to molest children OR do they enter the church in good faith and when sexual desires become overwhelming they engage with the only outlet available? Kids can be dominated, are less likely to talk and in a church/school environment they are easy prey. We definitely need harsher penalties for child molesters and personally I think castration is appropriate.

  11. Annie B

    Jammy March ….

    I don’t think I have responded to your stirring, and ill conceived comments before, but do now.

    So – you are into judgement are you ?. … That figures. !!

    I don’t see any people here with foibles or incessant whining or begging …. with one glaring exception – that is yourself Jammie March.

    You have ‘foibles’ and many other undesirable characteristics, which you display shamelessly, but then, perhaps you don’t realise just how much you actually do display.

    As for incessant whining and begging. ,…. You whine incessantly, and you beg for attention……. ALL the time.

    Which is why you are here, and doing your troll thing on this site. I have seen many a ‘stirrer’ on other articles, trying desperately to get under others’ skins – and sometimes it works, and is upsetting, especially to newbies who do not know how to spot a person who sets out to provoke, and incite ill-feeling.

    Not here though. … Doesn’t work here Jammy. Not in the sense, or to the degree you want it to.

    Go away and play tops with yourself. …. Or better still, get some professional help for your mind, your attitudes, and your sad and often cruel manner of thinking, …. indeed, get some help for your life. ….

    I feel you’d benefit from some concentrated professional assistance, then again – maybe not.

    First thing to do, is admit you have a problem – and then go from there …. ok ?

  12. Michael Taylor

    Jammy, let me be frank: you’re full of shit.

  13. Florence nee Fedup

    Michael I do not believe he is full of anything of value., just hot air.

    Wally, men enter institutions like the church and youth groups because they are paedophiles. Would be surprise if it had anything to do with religion or desire to help children. Sadly education is another place they haunt.

    Sometimes I wonder if they even like children, as sadistic behaviour seems to go with the abuse. Same goes for a rapist.

  14. stephentardrew

    Jammy March your illogical inconsistencies are too many to document however a course in propositional logic and a good dose of scientific methodology may help to sort out the endless contradictions and paradoxes replete in your irrational musings.

  15. stephentardrew

    Oh by the way I prefer your version Michael.

  16. Michael Taylor

    But yours sounded more intelligent, Stephen. Perhaps because you are. :mrgreen:

  17. stephentardrew

    Now hold on there buddy not likely. 🙂

  18. diannaart


    I doubt that celibacy is as much of an issue as is made out.

    Men who work in the Catholic Church do meet women – all the time in their function in the parish (admittedly not so much in cloistered areas). However, I doubt that a heterosexual male suddenly develops a penchant for little boys or little girls because they are not having sex with adults. They enter the church by choice, they are expected to embrace celibacy – it’s not a secret (personally I think the idea of celibacy is a load of garbage) that is the deal, it’s not like “Oooops, I missed reading that bit, now what will I do?… Oh little Toby over by the alter has a cute arse….”.

    It is about the opportunity to overpower someone else – the church, schools, children’s clubs and many other similar organisations offer this opportunity. Just as for a rapist it is not about sex – sex can be bought – but that is a trade, a transaction or a negotiation – not so much about complete power (I understand that some believe sex work is an inequitable – but so are many working conditions). The feeling of ineptitude that accompanies these types of men and women, is only mitigated when acting out by overpowering others they perceive as weaker and available. They are sexual bullies or predators.

    ….and judging by the taciturn Mr Pell, absolute cowards. Pell may not be guilty of paedophilia but he is guilty of sanctioning sexual bullies.

  19. diannaart


    …just thinking…. if an invertebrate crawls around in slime – does anyone hear it?

  20. stephentardrew

    diannaart: Sort of like accessory after the fact.

    The guy is a devious unethical immoral shit.

  21. diannaart

    stephentardrew: He thinks that is a compliment – from the sewer everything looks superior and enviable.

  22. corvusboreuscorvus boreus

    The temtatively proffered classification based upon behavioral obervation would be some form of benthic, sub-geolithic trematode or cestoid, with auto-coprophagious tendencies, and a habit of regurgitating it’s own wastes, bile and innards in acts of traumatic self-evisceration. This seems to be both an attack/defense mechanism and it’s only method of communication.
    No further study warranted.

  23. Annie B

    Wally –

    Agree with Florence and also with Diannaart. …. I had said much the same thing in an earlier post –

    Some men join ( priesthood, brother-hood, education, sports as trainers, scout movement etc. ) because they are looking for prey. …. Not for any honorable reasons. …. And it doesn’t ‘just happen’ because they are celibate ( allegedly celibate that is ). …. There are many priests / brothers who are heterosexual and act upon that, very definitely ….

    It has to do with power and control. Rapists ( of adults ) are the same – and frankly, any paedophile who acts out his perversions with children, is indeed a rapist in every sense of the word … and if possible, worse.

    However that would not apply to all of them. …. Some keep their celibacy sacred, and are not paedophiles. …. Many teachers, trainers et al, are decent people with no proclivity for indecently touching young children, or anyone else.

    There surely should be some way to thoroughly check their entrance into these professions ( apart from the police checks that are mandatory for all kinds of things these days ). My husband, who is Transport Manager at his firm, often has to go out doing deliveries, when drivers are away sick. … Because some of those deliveries are to schools, he had to undergo a police check, initially. …. …. I had to undergo a police check, ( we all did ) when volunteering to participate in allowing new mothers to have some time off for themselves, by us caring for their children in their homes ( through a local community endeavour ), and that was years back. …. It was good to be able to help.

    Perhaps intensive psych. evaluation should be introduced. …. However, I doubt the Catholic Church would even give half a thought to that proposal, considering their shameful cover ups, and attitudes to the instances of child abuse by their fraternity in recent times.

    It’s an all round vile situation which somehow has to be addressed far more firmly than it has been to date.

  24. diannaart

    Then there is hope, Annie B, isn’t there? in knowing that you are not alone in your thoughts. Kind of part of the reason for AIMN.


  25. corvusboreuscorvus boreus

    ‘It were oft said, of sons born second and thereafter,
    that some went to the army and drummed with men,
    and others went to the clergy and fiddled with children.’

  26. Annie B

    diannaart ….

    There is always hope – …. and so often we all find here ( and on other sites – even MSM comments !! ) … people who are like minded for worthy reasons — good intentions. … Occasionally there are uproars, but not so often on AIMN. … Which is why I keep returning, and I suspect why you do also.

    Cheers ….

  27. Kyran

    There seems, to me, to be a very real demonstration of how the actions of the church and what it says are juxtaposed now. “The sense of entitlement is a scourge”, absolutely. As per my earlier post, the Irish vote on same sex unions was a demonstration of the demise of the church’s influence. In Ireland, of all places. Unlike Mr Bruce, I don’t see it as attacking the church, nor that it will make them stronger. I think it now empowers more people to ask ‘What do you really mean?’ All of the entitled are being questioned, like Murdick, our alleged government and those bastions of civil decency, our corporates. It will be a while, but I’m still hoping. Take care

  28. darrel nay

    We have a tendency to grant the title man/woman far too easily. Males are capable of almost anything but a man is a term reserved for those males who act positively in their community. Similarly, a woman is far more than just an adult female.


  29. corvusboreuscorvus boreus

    darrel nay,
    Depends upon whether you go for strict definition or interpretational nuance based upon context. Sometimes the difference in projection is simple inflection and intonation.

  30. Annie B

    When it comes to person-to-person – there is NEVER any justification for a “sense of entitlement” over others …. or at least there should never be. …. But there is. …. Bods see themselves more ‘entitled’ to ( whatever ) than others. Comes under ONE of many headings …… I choose the heading ” class distinction”. ? … The current Government could give seminars on how to achieve a ‘sense of entitlement’ to best advantage !!!! …

    I’m better, I was educated in a private college, I have a higher IQ, I have a better job, I am further up the ladder of success, I have a degree – ( you don’t ), I am disciplined and I eat well, exercise daily ( you don’t ), I have money ( you don’t ), I live in a modern well equipped and beautiful new home ( you don’t ).

    Delivered with inflection and intonation ( yes Corvus Boreus x 2 ). … and often delivered with the stand-offish, holier-than-thou , better-than-you-lot attitude, but only with attitude – never straight out. …. A common ( alleged ) ‘fun’ comment so often spewed is …. ” I wonder what the poor people are doing / eating, tonight ?”. … Never funny, that.

    A real man ( worthy of the title ) is a caring, gentle, and gentlemanly person, mindful of others’ problems and one who will try to help in any way he can, the less fortunate among us. … He takes responsibility seriously, and if, or if not, a stern disciplinarian – no matter – as long he does no physical harm whatsoever. Not even a nudge …

    This does not diminish his masculinity – it enhances it.

    A real woman ( worthy of the title ) is also gentle, caring, and feminine ( which should have nothing to do with the way she dresses, or applies make up !!! ) …. as long she tries to do right by her family, by her friends and neighbours. … And as long as she strives to be the nurturer and motherly / grandmotherly person she was born to be ( whether she has children or not ). ….

    This does not diminish her womanhood – it ‘enhances’ her femininity / femaleness.

    Real men, and real women do make mistakes – they are not perfect. … But they strive to do right.

    @ darrel nay – I partly agree with you, although I have explained above why I don’t 100%. … We are all male and female, man and woman ( no matter our preferred sexual and love attractions ) …. we still remain what we are. …. Transgenders do not, but that is their problem to solve – I feel very much for people with this confusion of identity to be resolved.

    @ Kyran – As far as Ireland standing up to be counted – at first I was amazed, but then thought more about it. … Ireland has long been a feisty, in-ya-face, group of people …. and they seem to see situations exactly as they are – no frills. … So it is not so surprising after all. ….

    It will have no impact on the Catholic church whatsoever.

    The Vatican will simply forge ahead no matter what – because they deem themselves ‘entitled to do so’. … The people of Ireland have spoken and good on them x 1000 for that. …. I hope the effects, roll on.


    p.s. @ Corvusboreus …. What’s with the double name bit – with one space before the last word ?
    It is not yet breeding season in the avian world – two birds. ??

    You don’t have to answer me ………. I am just being a sticky beak. …. 😉

  31. Annie B

    I would like to explain further, a statement made above – before I find loads of bricks being poured on my head.

    Women are women ( whether heterosexual or homosexual ) …. Men are men ( whether heterosexual or homosexual ) …

    Real men and real women, no matter their preferred love life-styles, still remain. A good man is a good man, a good woman is a good woman – they do not infer any ‘ sense of entitlement’ over and above others.

    They strive to do the right thing by their fellow human beings. …. Which is more than I can say for the so-called ‘men’ in society who actively seek out their prey ( children, teenagers, women and other men ) upon which to inflict their perversions.

    I do not preclude women from my statements. … and again, we come back to the Catholic Church ( specifically, by choice and keeping on topic ), where for many decades, the women under vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, dressed in head to toe black habit, ( Nuns ), inflicted horrific punishments on children for the least possible transgression. ….

    At least the Orders of Sisters in the Catholic Church, have woken up to themselves, and have ( to all intents and purposes ) stopped the abhorrent practices of whipping, isolation, brutal condemnation and physical attack, and despicable instilling of fear, in and on their charges ( in schools and orphanages ).

    Makes me wonder what exactly it IS in the Catholic Church, that attracts (or enables ) such renegades of society ? ( not all though, are that way inclined ). …. Is it the ‘ sense of entitlement’ that goes with it – we are superior – we have a hand-holding acquaintance with God, or is it similar to the current Islamic horror – who also have a warped ‘sense of entitlement’ ….

    My own last para. gives me the horrors.

  32. crypt0

    Tis incongruous how certain representatives of the RC church are vehemently opposed to consenting adult homosexual activities and the ordaining of women priests.
    At the same time they are ok with non-consenting homosexual activities with minors .
    Otherwise referred to as child rape.
    Just how do they rationalize this bizarre situation ?

  33. Annie B

    How indeed Crypt0 ? ….. How indeed.

    They are a closed and secretive group – with immense wealth. …. With that behind them, they can do anything, include rationalise the most outrageous of crimes – or just keep silent and completely, sneakily evasive about it all.

    Pell should be MADE to return – and face the hard questions of the Royal Commission. …. but of course, that no doubt would not sit at all well with the current Government ???


  34. crypt0

    Pope Francis has been quoted as saying that 2% of priests are pedophiles.
    If we accept that there are about 414,000 Roman Catholic priests worldwide, 2% equates to about 8,000. (BBC figures)
    Some would say 2% is an underestimate, but anyway …
    If we take into account an unknown number of pedophile protectors within the RC church, the final total of pedophiles and their protectors must be astronomical.
    I do not see how this cesspit can ever be cleaned out.
    Why this sect still attracts tax free money is beyond me, although when I look at the federal LNP ministry, I start to understand how such a situation might endure.

  35. diannaart

    @Annie B

    When Christians (it is mostly Christians) claim non-believers must lack morals for not having any belief system to keep ’em on the straight and narrow – I just want to shriek. Especially when looking at the actions of so many self-righteous Christians. Sheesh. Just not good for my blood pressure. Nothing more to say about this nonsense – ATM.

    On masculinity/femininity. I am believe this concept is more a result of nurture rather than nature. Behaving like a mature, reasonable adult makes both men and women impressive. I don’t see how driving a Mac Truck makes a woman any less ‘feminine’ nor a man working as a nurse any less ‘masculine’. A great spoof on the notion of gender, very ably performed by Little Britain comedians, David Walliams & Matt Lucas:


  36. Möbius Ecko

    Funny that the some of the worst atrocities in history were committed in the name of religion and millions died in the name of Christ and Mohammed, including an army of children sacrificed in the name of Christianity, and children continue to suffer under Christianity to this day.

    Selective cherry picking of history does you no favours.

  37. Annie B

    Diannaart –

    Thanks …. and I had a great giggle at the youtube link you provided.

    Totally agree with what raises your blood pressure – the holier-than-thou alleged ‘Christians’ who look down their noses ( oh such a pleasant and Christian thing to do !!!! ) …. at those who choose their own path, no matter what that might be. …. They so often look down on other Christian beliefs, for gosh sakes. … Have been on the receiving end of that kind of behaviour. … Nasty.

    I have my own kind of faith, and it does not entail trotting off to church at all, ( except for weddings and funerals !! ) … I can no longer stomach the hypocricy found in these formalised religions.

    As for truck driving women, and men who enter the nursing profession – agree with you – and good on ’em.

    Cheers 🙂

  38. crypt0

    Annie … I can no longer stomach the hypocricy found in these formalised religions either.
    If I was not already there, a quick look at the current federal LNP lot and the behaviour of the pedophiles and their protectors within (and without) the RC church and others would most certainly have done it.
    Suffer the little children … indeed.

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