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On a matter as important as climate change, shouldn’t the Prime Minister attend the Glasgow conference?

Isn’t it strange all this talk about who will represent us at November’s COP26 conference in Glasgow? On a matter of such international importance, one would have thought that we would be represented by our highest officeholder, the Prime Minister. At present, he is not showing any inclination to do for fear of being laughed out the front door.

Incidentally, I watching News 24 last Tuesday when Susan Ley’s head appeared and said in a very “she’ll be right” calm way; “Oh I think we can get there.” After a decade of argument, discussion, debate, destruction of a Labor policy that worked and Prime Ministers losing their jobs one after the other, I think to myself, is this the best they can do.

How is it possible that a few people of little scientific intellect can hold the country’s future in their hands while their leaders don’t have the will to confront them?

Tensions were so hot last Sunday that the significant protagonist within the junior Coalition, Matt Canavan, told Guardian Australia that he was just warming up with his opposition to net-zero by 2050. Senator Christensen didn’t even bother to turn up.

So, what could Morrison possibly tell them if he did go? He keeps talking about some plan or a plan to have a plan that no one has ever seen. He keeps “inching towards net-zero emissions by 2050” target but can’t give any guarantee because the Nationals cannot agree to it. Well, a couple anyway.

The Prime Minister should be aware that the member would win his seat in a canter if he stood as an independent.

After a decade of governing the country with this matter front and centre, you would think it would be done and dusted by now. But no, the junior member of the Coalition, the National Party, is in such disarray that members don’t know their right hand from their left.

The Member for Gippsland Darren Chester is so disgusted with his party’s leadership and lack of progression that he won’t even attend party meetings.

And now, at the 11th hour, Katherine Murphy of The Guardian tells us that some…

“Liberal MPs in metropolitan seats have declared the Morrison government needs to adopt both a net zero target, and a roadmap demonstrating how that commitment will be met, because one doesn’t work without the other.”

No wonder the Prime Minister is being cagy about attending the meeting. He has nothing to tell them, and how embarrassing that would be. It is better to have some junior minister tell them the bad news than for him to front up and tell them nothing.

But seriously, what a bunch of pathetic fools Australia has to represent them!

Following on from Josh Frydenberg’s sudden realisation that the economy is also affected by the climate, Resources Minister Keith Pitt and Senator Matt Canavan spoke out against net zero over the weekend, then continued their campaigns on Monday. Canavan keeps calling to see the bill and tweeted that he is “dead set against” net zero. It, of course, has nothing to do with the cost, and he is just desperate to ensure that Australia keeps on digging up our coal deposits.



He appeared on 2GB to label net zero a; “utopian targetBefore we blindly pursue something like this, surely someone would show us the bill,” he said. (Just like the NBN, l thought, or the NDIS.)

As l see it, Morrison can go to Glasgow with a plan to reduce our emissions to net-zero by 20/50 and risk being laughed at or stay at home with nothing and be shamed.

Joyce may be convinced to compromise, but Canavan won’t budge.

We have to phase out coal, and we have to do it by 2030. Blind Freddy would know that to do this, we need to stop using it by 2030. Then some inner-city seats will need to be saved in the next election. This won’t be done if there is no real climate action plan and one that would pass the pub test.

Tricky Scotty does have a way out, of course, and that is to get an agreement on a concrete action plan but don’t legislate it. That way, he doesn’t risk members crossing the floor. He gets all the initial accolades, and the spears aren’t thrown until after he has left the stage.

Australians no longer believe that climate change is “crap.” Tony Abbott admitted that he was using the statement as a political ploy to become Prime Minister. Good politics, perhaps, but the damage caused by his buffoonery has been enormous. The Australian public fell for it for a decade, and it speaks volumes for his and Morrison’s lying ability. But it says nothing about a desire to save the planet.

I find it impossible to imagine that the Australian people could be so gullible as to elect for a fourth term a government that has performed so miserably in the first three and has amongst its members some of the most devious, suspicious and corrupt men and women. But they might. That is what I fear.

My thought for the day

The ability of thinking human beings to blindly embrace what they are being told without referring to evaluation and the consideration of scientific fact, truth and reason, never ceases to amaze me. It is tantamount to the rejection of rational explanation.


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  1. Terence Mills

    Yesterday at the National Press Club Malcolm Turnbull announced that he would be at COP26 and Kevin Rudd may also be there.

    There is no depth in the Morrison cabinet and to suggest that our Deputy prime minister represent Australia would turn the whole thing into a joke. Morrison will have to go but he will also have to have a policy and that is one thing the coalition have failed to come up with in eight years in office. Slogans like “Technology not taxes” will not cut it.

    Turnbull gave Morrison a real serve over his amateurish and deceptive handling of the French submarine contract : according to Turnbull Australia has lost a lot of skin in international circles and we are no longer seen as a reliable partner. Having made such a goat of himself over submarines he is probably trying to avoid an inevitable confrontation with Macron in Glasgow.

  2. Harry Lime

    As Scooter has so often demonstrated,he is not only a tin eared,glass jawed liar,but also a craven coward.He may be shamed into going,but any’plan’ he might have will be meaningless,just like all his previous ‘plans.His blatant bullshit has no legs internationally and it’s wearing out domestically despite the travails of Murdoch’s garbage media.His desperation has him increasingly isolated.The sooner this fake goes down,the better off this country will be.

  3. GL

    Says Angus, ““All of the world’s largest economies should meet reasonable minimum reporting thresholds,” he said. “Australia is a leader in that regard – we report for every sector, every gas, every quarter – and that transparency has driven progress. It has held governments of either stripe accountable for the commitments they have made.”

    Yep, they are “a leader in that regard” for lying, magic rubbery figures, lying, distraction, lying, lead sheet transparency…on, and for, everything they do. Now they have outright gall to tell other governments to do what they won’t with regards to climate target transparency.The utter arrogance.


    The we have Keith “I completely oppose net zero.” Pitt who is our resources minister. Resources minister for firetrucks sake! Him and the trained parrot, Canavan, are so deep in the pockets of the big miners that they make ticks look like a beauty mark.


  4. pierre wilkinson

    Our lying, corrupt, incompetent, misogynistic, bullying, mendacious, narcissistic prime marketeer can add cowardly to his resume

  5. Jon Chesterson


    Well its kind of embarrassing isn’t it, Morrison has nothing to offer his International colleagues or the convention and he knows very well he will be blasted for it, as he will from European delegates who are going to side with France and say, ‘you can’t trust Australia’, even if he does offer up some words, platitudes and lies as a peace offering – A pipe not worth smoking.

  6. Kathryn

    WHY on earth would a climate-change-denying PM who shows 100% support for the filthy, polluting coal-mining and environmentally destructive gas fracking industries attend the COP26 conference in Glasgow? Wasn’t this the same fool who dragged a piece of coal into parliament house and declared – in front of a gleeful Barnyard Joyce – that “there is nothing to be afraid of – it’s just coal! Nothing to see here!” It came as NO SURPRISE that the yellow-bellied coward, Sloth Morrison, slunk away and returned back to Australia right before the conference even started! Why? Because he KNEW that his climate-change-denying ideology will be held up for ridicule on the world stage at any international summit on the emergency to address important issues on a subject the LNP do NOT believe in! That is EXACTLY the type of disgraceful, cowardly behaviour we have come to expect from a useless, non-achieving PM who expends MORE energy trying to get OUT of work and totally avoiding any of his responsibilities as the fifth highest paid “leader” in the free world!

    When we recall how Morrison hid behind a deck chair in Hawaii when his own State of NSW nearly burnt to the ground a few months ago; When Australians recognise that this lazy, bone-idle political parasite delegated 99.99% of his job to the hapless State Premiers; When he tried to steal the “limelight” from the Ruby Princess aka Gladys Berejiklian when HE thought she was the “Golden Girl” only to betray and abandon her the second he (and we) realised that she was NOT – it provides anyone with an IQ >10 a thorough insight into the self-serving, smirking entitlement of a stone-cold, ineffective and contemptuous sociopath like Sloth Morrison!

    Now we have the LNP at State and Federal level making ridiculous claims to have some type of non-existent plan set up to halve emissions by 2030 – WTF??? Anyone with any semblance of foresight combined with a sense of reality KNOWS that it is highly unlikely that the LNP will even be in power at that time! Truly, Morrison is right up there with the alleged war criminal, John Howard, and that useless, swaggering, smirking misogynist, Phoney Abbott, as the three WORST, most inept, stratospherically arrogant and totally corrupt politicians in Australian history! What makes them even worse is that, despite their appalling cowardice, despite their increasing level of corruption, their never-ending lies and broken promises, the way the LNP literally THRIVE on hate, fear, division, misogyny, chaos, dysfunction and war – especially when they are backed into a corner or right before an election; Despite the LNP wasting countless BILLIONS of hard-earned taxpayer dollars (that Australians can ill-afford) on useless weapons of war that will become obsolete within months – they remorselessly try to hide ALL this appalling depravity behind a thin, transparent cloak of sanctimonious bible-thumping hypocrisy!

    The fact that Morrison is a signed-up member of a notorious, paedophile-protecting CULT of Hillsong and, indeed, stacking his cabinet and staff with other Hillsong members, should be a RED FLAG WARNING that this dangerously undemocratic autocrat is determined to increase his sick, twisted and dangerous mix of politics with the rabid, misogynistic flat-earth ideology of Hillsong!

    Ever since Morrison rose to power on the back of his treacherous, backstabbing betrayal of Michael Towke and Malcolm Turnbull, the level of political subterfuge, self-serving corruption, rorting and waste of hard-earned taxpayer dollars has risen to an alarming level together with Morrison’s smirking arrogance, secrecy and autocracy which is now bordering on fascism. The sooner this monstrous and totally depraved regime are kicked to the kerb, the better for everyone.

    The tragic fact is that the LNP – at State and Federal levels – are WRECKING BALLS destroying, annihilating, vandalising and defunding EVERYTHING Australians value including our taxpayer-funded ABC (into which they are parachuting obsequious right-wing sycophants like Lisa Millar and David Speers), Medicare, Aged Care and just about every socially-responsible program devised to protect our environment and the most vulnerable people in our society!

  7. Jon Chesterson

    Kathryn – Right up there with you – excellent summary as indeed are John’s and the rest of the crew here! March 2022 has to be the turn-point otherwise there will be no point traveling overseas – We Australians will be pariah and Morrison will have played us into the hands of US gunboat diplomacy or China ambition, or worse a missile repository in between.

  8. Ken Fabian

    I note that climate politics is never, ever about stopping global warming for the LNP. Morrison’s team will accede to and attempt to market zero emissions targets – but only as something forced upon Australia by interfering outsiders, that they will sign up to as an insincere bow to imaginary political correctness, and present with dog whistle background music. They will accede, with a raised rude finger, and we all know how popular raising a finger to interfering outsiders is at Australian ballot boxes

    Even now we are required to surmise what our government’s leadership team really think, because they aren’t going to tell us. Because, I suspect, they would be subject to serious criticisms that they are currently successfully evading by not talking about it.

    Pro fossil fuels opponents of strong climate action? Well, yes.

    Climate science deniers? Probably – if not outright, then the “lukewarmer” variety that doesn’t deny their is a role for CO2 in determining climate but denies it is significant, ie a deniable kind of denial.

    Do they believe God directly controls the climate? For some, including the PM (if his Faith is sincere) that seems likely – and that is deeply disturbing, as the logical conclusion is that global warming (being real) is God’s doing, on purpose, and obstructing it would be opposing God’s will. Perhaps the organisations operating with Satanic influence Morrison has alluded to include, in his mind, climate activist ones? But he will not say what he really thinks about an issue of extreme importance or what conclusions his religious faith leads him to – and THAT ought to be unacceptable in an Australian Prime Minister.


    Scummo will not enunciate ever, what his position is on net carbon emissions because he is trying to nudge the voters into speculating what he actually means and what he actually intends to do. All he is concerned about is getting re-elected, and that includes, not clashing with the dickheads in the Nationals.
    This liar cares only about himself and his future. He appears calm and collected as he mouths empty statements and ‘plans’ about making plans, quietly confident that Murdoch and his fucking maggots and the rest of the fucking media will cover his arse. He has no principles and definitely no credibility, even when he promises he’ll do better next time. All it is, is spin and obfuscation.

    Slimy bastard, and now, a craven coward.

  10. New England Cocky

    Kathryn: Agreed. Very well said.

    @ Michael Taylor: Did I miss something? This morning’s offering has some of the best and most accurate descriptions of Scummo the backstabbing former Treasurer and current do nothing self server. Has AIMN started a competition for the longest most accurate description of our ”Dear Leader” with the prize of a year’s subscription to AIMN for the winner?

    Or is it merely that the current rabble masquerading as the Australian feral Liarbral Nazional$ COALition misgovernment have so inspired the readership that emulate the accurate description of politics in competition with our stars, Phil Pryor and Grumpy Geezer?

  11. Phil Pryor

    You all said it, and have seconded each other so well, that I can only third it , being late. Who in the whole world could trust or vaguely admire this lugubrious, lying lout, this smear of faecality, this brainless, heartless, gutless, denialist, empty shell within a black hole withing a vacuum inside a nothingness?? Morrison is deeply disgusting to contemplate, a trench, an abyss, a soulless sodding scab. Could he have the basic guts to go or is it the righteous erroneous insolence of a servant of bribery and corruption ready to die for evil patrons, masters, controllers. Is his “personality” (hah) warped, bent, cracked? Is he a fit type to offer anything, especially policy and orders in office? We have been cursed and blighted and betrayed enough in this disappointing record of political ill will here, D Horne was right, but deliberately too quiet, He would say privately that much more was needed…And since his day and the last of the Menzies era, the conservatives have chucked up Holt, Gorton, Mc Mahon, Fraser, Howard, Abbott, Turnbull, Morrison, plus endless duds who led the group in opposition. This would make a vulture vomit violently. A half century of waste, ineffectual stalling…

  12. Kate Ahearne

    Thanks, John. You’ve hit the nail on the head. Shaming is where the power lies here. Shaming and embarrassment. The New Daily has a terrific pic today. It’s a crowd-funded billboard with the message, ‘Australia: Net Zero by 2300’, complete with kangaroo. It’s been erected in a prime location in Glasgow. I can’t reproduce it because it’s probably under copyright. But here’s the link:


    As for the commentators’ response to John’s article – Wow! Such passion! Brilliant! Just wondering, though, where the nay-sayers are. Maybe there aren’t any? If they’ve got any sense, they’ll steer clear of the commentariat today.

    And a wonderful quote from Greta a couple of days ago via Crikey: ‘Build back better. Blah, blah, blah. Green economy. Blah blah blah. Net zero by 2050. Blah, blah, blah … Of course we need constructive dialogue. But they’ve now had 30 years of blah, blah, blah and where has that led us? We can still turn this around — it is entirely possible. It will take immediate, drastic annual emission reductions … Hope is not blah, blah, blah. Hope is telling the truth. Hope is taking action.’

  13. GL


    Scummo doesn’t do shame and embarrassment, unless he’s dishing it out. He only does reactions, slogans, lies, distraction, and empty words (thousands and thousands of empty meaningless words) to prop up his overblown ego, sense of self importance, and is a pustulous celebrity seeking whore. He is in effect Dunning-Kruger writ large with a big dollop insecurity and failure which are always bubbling under the surface.

  14. Kate Ahearne

    Hi, GL. I’m delighted to be able to disagree with you, because I have very high hopes that international ridicule from the highest to the lowest levels, from big, important countries, and from the humblest crowd-funding donors, will do the trick. As Greta says, ‘Hope is not blah, blah, blah. Hope is telling the truth. Hope is taking action.’

    I agree with you to some extent, in that he’s certainly got a hide like a rhinoceros, and he is, as you say, a bully. But everyone has their line in the sand, their boundary beyond which they are vulnerable – even him! And of course, if you’re a bully, you are, necessarily, a coward. So let’s barrack for the ‘goodies’.

    I believe that we have to act ‘as if’. We need to believe that Scott Morrison can be ‘persuaded’, and we need to act accordingly.

    It’s very difficult, I know, to keep your sunny side up with the world in the state it’s in, on so many fronts. But if we choose to believe that we have no option, we’re buggered. If we give way to pessimism, we’re finished. If we say, ‘We just have to accept it’, then we DO just have to accept it. A self-fulfilling prophecy. The thing we fear really will happen. If we say, ‘Scott Morrison can’t be embarrassed’, we’re not even going to try, and then it will be true that Scott Morrison can’t be embarrassed.

    I believe that we have two clear alternatives – pessimism or optimism, despair or hope. Pessimism/despair can only ensure the ‘End of Days’. According to the old legend, we did eat the apple, and we were kicked out of the Garden of Eden. God didn’t fix it for us – a demonstration of the law of consequences. Let’s not get ourselves kicked off the planet.

    If, on the other hand, we choose to act as if we have the power, as Greta says, ‘To turn this thing around’, then we might actually be able to do it. We might be wrong, of course. We might all be ‘rooned’ as Hanrahan says (in that wonderful old John O’Brien poem from Around the Boree Log), but we might be right.

    So, on the one hand we have doom and gloom and the planet is certainly ‘rooned’. On the other hand we have hope, and maybe the planet can be saved. Doesn’t look like rocket surgery to me.

  15. GL

    This I find this almost impossible to believe –


    The magic rubbery figures wand must have just about burnt out from overuse in creating this fantasy.

    Will Saint Scotty of the Caring for Climate be going to COP26? If Biden and Johnson are going to be there he won’t dare to miss yet another big photo opportunity to pump himself up. If not then maybe Angus or, dog forbid, The Beetroot might go in his place.

  16. Arnd


    Has AIMN started a competition for the longest most accurate description of our ”Dear Leader” …

    Now there’s a race to the bottom.

  17. Harry Lime

    One need only look up the definition of Narcissist/Gaslighter to get a precise picture of the thing posing as a Prime Minister.He fits the description to a fault.As Lenny Cohen said somewhere,there’s a mighty judgement coming.Let it be soon.

  18. Michael Taylor

    Kathryn, I’ll put your comment up as a post in the morning.

  19. Pete Petrass

    IMO if Scuntmo does not attend the Glasgow meeting it won’t be because he will have nothing to say. We already know how he works, he doesn’t like to be embarrassed, he doesn’t like to be criticised, he doesn’t like to be blamed. So if he does not turn up to the meeting (and sends another Minister instead) then, in his little mind, he won’t face any criticism or embarrassment or blame…..just like everything else he does. He doesn’t hold a hose……….he also doesn’t take any blame.

  20. ajogrady

    Once you strip away the blatant ingrained and flagrant copious corruption, the obvious and absolute poor judgement, the glaring insidious incompetence and the totally inept governance standards, what does the L/NP actually stand for? What is left? What is left is a sneering, arrogant and selfish ideology that nurtures and promotes corrupt to the core spivs and con artists, degenerate misogynistic misfits and egotistical born to rule privilaged sociopaths and psychopaths that are devoid of standards, values, morals, ethics and empathy always rorting, fiddling, obfuscating and lying. The L/NP are not fit to hold any public office.
    Under their masterful and expert dereliction of duty and their corrupt guiding influences the L/NP, with their usual ability to disregard any practical use of due diligence or forward planning, has Australia destined to become a major economic backwater and an internationally recognised pariah state that will be ridiculed, ostracized and become irrelevant on the world stage.
    Scotty from marketing or SlowMo,the periferous penticostalot Pinocchio, with his conga line of corrupt theives and con artists masquerading as a government are doing what they do best, deceiving and destroying gullible Australians lives and living standards while they funnel taxpayers monies into the pockets of L/NP donors who mostly do not pay taxes. Corruption 101.
    Australians keep voting for the party that does not represent or respect them. A party that is an insult to Democracy and an embarrassment to good governance. A party that is built on nepotism and corruption. A party that is practised in the art of deception. A party that is big on rhetoric but small on achievement. A party that has overseen the collapse of Australian living standards. A party that has been the architects of the most failed policies in Australian history. A party that has decimated the economy and the emvironment. There has been enough evidence in the public arena for many many years that the L/NP are a criminally corrupt cabal of foot soldiers for big business and have been a continuous and destructive impediment to Australia reaching its true potential. The fact that the L/NP shake hands with devils and turn their backs on angels is indisputable. Greed and corruption is their religion. Lies and distortion is their game. The L/NP are a parasitic pox on good honest hard working Australians. “1984” was written as a warning … not as an instruction manual for the L/NP.

  21. GL

    GrHunt has announced that If you are 60+ over you can get the Pfizer/Moderna vaccines from a GP or chemist as of tomorrow. Must be an election looming.

  22. David Stakes

    Scares me to death that people could re elect this bunch of charlatans.


    The crooks have already started their re-election campaign, two weeks ago they quietly raised the pension and the unemployed benefits. Why quietly ? Why not trumpet it. There’s always something devious about them and their deeds.

  24. GL


    The last pension increase, for me at least, was $7.70 and suddenly it doubles to just under $15.00 with the latest increase, the biggest in seven years. Sniff…sniff…sniff…I definitely smell pre-election stunt.


    GL…. There is nothing altruistic about anything they do, its always trying to leverage benefit for themselves. But I hope you enjoy the added benefits, its your money, after all.

  26. Michael Taylor

    GL, you could be onto something there.

    I’ve read that there is a lot of resistance to AstraZeneca in the over sixties. The govt knows that much of its voting base belongs in that age group, so it’s possible that this is an election ploy.

  27. GL


    I saw my doctor about a month ago and decided that I wanted the vaccine. After spending around ten minutes checking the then current information from the feds he said my choice was AstraZeneca or nothing for my age group. He couldn’t even work out anyway for me to get the Pfizer.

    Had the first shot, no side effects except a sore arm which lasted about two hours. Almost exactly a month later, pure coincidence, GrHunt now says any over 60 can get the good stuff. The stench of pre-election ploy is very strong.

    Bunch of wankers!

  28. Michael Taylor

    GL, after a six-week waiting period I finally get my first shot next week. My doctor fought long and hard to get me approved for Pfizer, which doesn’t matter now anyway. The wait was due to Morrison taking back a lot of our Pfizer and giving it to private school kids in Sydney.

  29. wam

    Funny, lord, you can rationalise your truth, just as others can their choice of belief and their truth. I must have missed your rationale for not mentioning the extremists part in killing the howard/rudd – wong/turnbull climate change action Nor in the extremist party accepting there is a need to keep the lnp in power till the bandit become the joyce equivalent.
    As usual your thought is incisive and meaningful on a site where most posts declare the LNP voter far from your ” thinking human beings”.
    GL what increase you get, unless you are competent at budgets and accounting, will soon go to the indue bank.
    I wonder if welfare recipients(previously known as aged pensioners) get franking credits, GL?
    The wait, michael, was scummo’s accepting collateral damage with AstraZ resulting in his refusal to get 40m pfizer doses in 2020??

    Government’s “appalling” error, rejects offer of 40 million Pfizer doses in July 2020

  30. Andrew J. Smith

    Good article and input from comments with which one cannot disagree but what does it say about Australia?

    Political leadership is now dictated by our white nativist libertarian legacy media and how feelings of (mostly older) voters perceive ‘leadership’; an imported US construct of white nativist conservative Christian preachiness, charisma and authoritarianism.

    On COP26, non attendance will simply confirm this but again, legacy media will try avert their gaze from COP26 by having reports on page 42 etc……. in case it inspires voters through comparisons with the outside world, science over beliefs and renewable sources over fossil fuels.

    The main game will be the election media endeavouring to nudge voters away from LNP track record of doing nothing…. imagery of coal being passed round Parliament etc.

    Related, global media e.g. Bloomberg etc., have now started claiming that renewables have been responsible for energy price spikes in UK/Europe, restrictions due to no wind etc. aka SA blackouts with sub-optimal infrastructure, and ignoring battery storage technology (even that has been poked at by some media to create scepticism); global fossil fuel sector and its PR and/or political sock puppets do not give up on their attempts at influencing perceptions.

  31. Pagnol

    Harry Lime, bulls eye- your comment at 7:36 30/9.

  32. Arnd

    Ok, so just to recap: I googled “Global CO2 emissions” and hit on: https://ourworldindata.org/co2-emissions. Apparently, the end of the holocene is marked by a steep rise in CO2 emissions. From practically 0 t in 1850 to 5 billion t annually in 1950, and to 37 billion t annually since.

    Does anyone here on the AIMN really believe that a proliferation of superannuated claques of talking heads sticking out of empty suits flying to Glasgow by the plane load for a good chinwag is going to get this problem under control in due time?

    I’m asking, because I did consider that kind of scenario to be obviously unlikely as long as 40+ years ago.

    It is entirely obvious to me that, in order for us to generate even only a sporting chance (not a guarantee!!) for ourselves to get on top of the coming environmental apocalypse, we’d absolutely have to ditch capitalism. (And I can think of a whole lot if other reasons why ditching capitalism would be a brilliant idea.) This is, however, not a subject them worthies are flying to Glasgow to discuss, is it now?

  33. Harry Lime

    That’s the problem Arnd,since capitalism,aka money, rules the world,and our “leaders” are merely their pawns,they’ll bullshit, duck and dive for as long as possible.Nothing short of cataclysm is going to change anything,which means EVERYBODY pays,wealth notwithstanding.It’s particularly galling that the current crop of fuckwits here is at the leading edge of unforgiveable ,criminal stupidity.We all know what a hollow piece of shit Morrison is,but Bucketmouth Taylor is right up there with his fossil fuel financing.
    APB: has anyone seen the Labor Party?…Albo…it’s the last quarter and we’re in time on.

  34. Arnd

    APB: has anyone seen the Labor Party?…Albo…it’s the last quarter and we’re in time on.

    Well … – barely two weeks ago, John Lord, who wrote the above article, asked “Which major political party is more qualified to embrace urgent change?”, and arrived at the conclusion that it is Labor. I wasn’t quite so sure then. I am even less certain now.

    Come to think of it, I did realise over twenty-five years ago that, in their current incarnation, they’re not, and somehow didn’t get around to renewing my membership.

  35. Roswell

    There’s speculation that Gladys will resign shortly.

  36. Canguro

    Greiner, O’Farrell and now Berejiklian. Good to see ICAC’s fearless prosecution of LNP apparatchiks who’ve strayed from the straight & narrow.

  37. Harry Lime

    Years too late,good riddance and fuck off.One down, about 40 to go.Get in the queue Liar,you’re next.

  38. GL

    My comment at 12.42 turned out to be a Jehovah’s Witness end times prophecy – a fizzer.

  39. Harry Lime

    The Binchicken’s resignation reminds me of a funeral for an arsehole…everyone lining up to give their most hypocritical eulogy,when in fact they’re just turning up to make sure the dearly departed is actually dead.What horseshit.

  40. leefe

    To get back to the original article (bye bye, Glad, don’t let the door etc etc …) – Scummo et al producing a net-zero plan would be meaningless. It would be just one more in the long line of announcements meant to massage public opinion, but with no subsequent action.

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