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Oh what a shame, who shall we blame!

Are the LNP preparing to throw chief Medical Officer under a bus?

Saw Angus Taylor this morning on the ABC, and noticed how many times he STRESSED that the government is providing advice (regarding leaving the schools open) from the Chief Medical Officer, Brendan Murphy.

Not once did Taylor state the advice was the government’s position. Instead he stressed over and over and over again “We are taking the advice of the Chief Medical Officer”.

What we need to remember is that Chief Medical Officer, Mr Brendan Murphy, is the man that was advocating hand shaking just four days ago on the ABC program INSIDERS.

So we need to ask ourselves, is Brendan Murphy’s advice the advice we want to trust for our and our family’s safety? What would lead a thinking person to conclude that his advice today is any better than the advice he offered last Sunday? Especially when all advice is getting walked back on daily basis.

When government ministers are distancing themselves from their own stated advice it certainly raises some questions. Is Angus Taylor lining up their chosen scapegoat for when the “schools open/business as usual” message backfires horribly?

Given the UK has just closed schools, it can’t be too far behind for us. The much trusted Norman Swan, who expressed some relief that the decision was not his, stressed that his view was that a school shut down would be the most prudent course.

Time is of the essence. Everyday we avoid lockdown is another day of exponential spread and rising mortality. Things are moving so fast, infection rates are skyrocketing, and people are rightfully skeptical of the government’s advice.

If the LNP are reluctant to claim ownership of, and stand behind their own advice, how can they seriously expect us to trust it?

We all need to make our own decisions with what is currently permitted under law. It is difficult for all of us to decide on the best course, and we all must do what we feel is best. My reading of the situation is those that are able to do so should stay home and stay safe.

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  1. Michael Bongiorno

    “All care and no responsibility” Smugmo,he has not, and never will take the blame for anything,they are all trying to distance themselves from this calamity,it’s the “leadership” we have come to expect from liars and incompetents.
    The big shake out is on our doorstep.

  2. Phil Pryor

    The huge, arsehole, Morrison, sends out middle and junior arseholes as skirmishers, scapegoats, scouts. A Taylor, a notorious liar and cheat, is just the idiot for some publicly declared idiocy. Not one of these contrived office holders is actually trained, decent, informed, experienced, qualified, suitable, to be talking and giving advice here. The AMA and a few experts from University staffs should be the advisory committee, officially or casually for applied advice. If there was a crisis in thieving and lying, we’d ask this government.

  3. David Evans

    Yep, what feels “right” for the individual?……..How interesting that so many heads of health/ related Commonwealth Heath Departments have suddenly upped and outed?…… Some actually destroying their minutes, emails and electronic files etc as they “walked”? Just what are they hiding?….Their own failures, or are they protecting the elected officials, ministers etc? Do we trust “government”? Hell NO!!…….

  4. Keitha Granville

    I am a happy woman today. My State Premier has made the right decision, to shut us down. Only essential travellers and goods and services allowed in, and every person will have to quarantine for 14 days. Tasmania has a chance to be disease free. Once our remaining cases have been cleared, we can breathe out. Our schools can stay open, our businesses will struggle but hopefully stay afloat. We can move freely around our island safe in the knowledge that we are disease free, and we will wait it out if need be till next year when there might be a vaccine.

    A brave new world.

    For those of you in mainland states, good luck.

  5. crypt0

    Norman Swan stressed that his view was that a school shut down would be the most prudent course.
    Morrison “government” says … Not yet, not yet … which is pretty much default setting for ScottyFromMarketing.
    Who to believe” That’s an easy one!
    Heaven forbid we should ever get in early when action has considerably more impact than later.

  6. Baby Jewels

    #scottyfrommarketing used Singapore as an example re keeping schools open. But as was pointed out, every child, every day, in Singaporean schools is tested for fever. This is not being done in our schools.

  7. New England Cocky

    As a resident in the New England for too many decades from hard experience, why would you trust anything said by a Nazianal$ politician … at any level from local council to NSW Parliament to Canberra?

    Perhaps the most sensible solution is to immediately put all schools on Easter holidays and adjust the remaining three terms to accommodate the apparent necessity to have 202 days of state schooling per year ….. except in private schools where the billions of government subsidies means that sporting facilities are far more important that academic successes.

  8. Marilyn Shepherd

    There is absolutely no need for any of this crap. There are 7.8 billion pple on the planet, 7.78 billion of them have not been exposed to the virus or got the virus so why the hell do we quarantine all of them.

    Quarantine by definition is the isolation of the ill, not the isolation of all the healthy – what is the point when the ill are all isolated.

    Less than 1% of the few pple in Australia who have this virus have died, all have been very old and for heaven’s sake why do we suddenly expect all old people to be immortal, the government certainly didn’t when 16,000 died waiting for care packages. The virus is not a smoke miamsa hanging over the globe and normal barrier nursing practices will stop the spread without resorting to facism. After all over 300,000 people a year get the flu inspite of the much vaunted vaccinations with 1 billion cases globally.

  9. Arthur Tarry

    You are entitled to your opinion Marilyn but your opinion, as described above, suggests to me that you do not have a deep understanding of disease control principles or practice. You can call what is being implemented fascism though, again, I think you don’rt understand the total obnoxiousness of fascism.Schools should be closed, imo, as part of the disease control program and keeping them open isn’t considering teachers and support staff, and is, indeed, encouraging the spread of the virus The reasons given for keeping them open seem to me amount to ‘child minding’ for parents/guardians, not wise disease control. Many of the actions taken by our governments have been delayed and not in accord with timely introduction of well understood infectious disease control principles. The school situation fits that scenario.

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  11. wam

    On holiday in Adelaide and the ABC afternoon announcer said there are Morrison haters who want him to fail and other government wish washy bullshit.
    We want him to succeed but fear the bastard is hedging and lying.
    Who remembers the tribe wherethefukawee? Has albo joined it?

  12. Matters Not

    To close schools or not is indeed a wicked problem defined as:

    a problem that is difficult or impossible to solve because of incomplete, contradictory, and changing requirements that are often difficult to recognize.

    Thus one can reasonably agree and also disagree with both Marilyn Shepherd and Arthur Tarry because reflection somewhere down the metaphorical track might show merit (or not) re the right/good or wrong/bad decision – whatever that maybe. That’s the nature of wicked problems.

  13. Kronomex

    All I can picture is Scotty from Marketing sitting in his positive pressure office on the phone to a minion, “Is the bus marked Brendon Murphy fuelled and ready to go?”
    “We’re just finishing putting bigger tryes on it now.”
    “Good, good, let me know when it’s ready. And start work on the rest of the bus fleet because I think I’m going to need them.”

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