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Of Eugenicists, Oligarchs and Psychopaths (part 4)

Continued from: Of Eugenicists, Oligarchs and Psychopaths (part 3)

By Outsider  

For over 200 years an ‘elite’ core of powerful ‘global’ leaders and grossly affluent individuals and foundations have promulgated the fear of over-population. They have persisted with devious, and some quite bizarre, schemes to control the earth’s population.

As already noted the eugenics ‘principles’ were advanced by Margaret Higgins Sanger, founder of the American Birth Control League and later, in 1934, Planned Parenthood. Try as they may Planned Parenthood found it difficult to disguise Sanger’s eugenic legacy – by attempting to ignore her ‘negro project’ (It was one of the first major undertakings of the new Birth Control Federation of America, the product of a merger between the American Birth Control League and Sanger’s Birth Control Clinical Research Bureau, and one of the more controversial campaigns of the birth control movement). However, as acknowledged by Alan Guttmacher, when he succeeded her as President of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America; “… we are merely walking down the path Mrs. Sanger carved out for us.” (E. Drogin, Margaret Sanger: Father of Modern Society (Cul Publications, New Hope, Kentucky, 1979, at 102).

It may help to explain here what Sanger meant when she spoke and wrote of using birth control and sterilisation “to eliminate human waste” and “to create a race of thoroughbreds.” In her Birth Control Review she promoted truly Nazi eugenics and white supremacy. As one contributor to Sanger’s Birth Control Review wrote: “It is the lower elements of the population, the negroid aboriginal tribes and the pariahs or outcasts, who are gaining the fastest.”  She was not alone. Sanger’s same magazine published a favourable review by her lover, Havelock Ellis, of the book The Rising Tide of Color: Against White World Supremacy by T. Lothrop Stoddard (Charles Scribner’s Sons, New York, 1920). Ellis noted that Stoddard chose to “concern himself mainly with … the maintenance of White supremacy.” Ellis agreed that “by prejudice of color, we must mostly be on his side in this matter.” Ellis also shared his concern about African Americans: “the migrations of lower types, even within the white world, such as those which have worked havoc in the United States, must be rigorously curtailed.” Ellis also wrote the preface to Sanger’s 1920 book, Woman and the New Race, Brentano’s, New York 1920).

In a later Birth Control Review article, Sanger called for giving “certain dysgenic groups in our population their choice of segregation or sterilization.”

In her autobiography she would recall: “I accepted an invitation to talk to the women’s branch of the Ku Klux Klan… I saw through the door dim figures parading with banners and illuminated crosses… I was escorted to the platform, was introduced, and began to speak… In the end, through simple illustrations I believed I had accomplished my purpose. A dozen invitations to speak to similar groups were proffered.” (The Autobiography of Margaret Sanger, W.W. Norton, New York, 1938 at 366).

Sanger was, first and foremost, a eugenicist – one who believed in the ‘inferiority of non-white races’. In 1939 she proposed the infamous ‘Negro Project’, a plan which had its roots deeply steeped in Nazi ideals, and would be developed at the behest of public-health officials in southern states, where – she wrote – “the most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population and the Minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.” Sanger also attempted to set up birth-control clinics in poor New York City neighbourhoods to target “Blacks, Hispanics, Slavs, Amerinds, Fundamentalists, Jews and Catholics.”

An even greater pursuit of eugenics might be levelled at the door of the Rockefellers. In the 1930s they funded the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Germany which directed the infamous eugenic schemes of the Third Reich. Hitler’s criminal practices brought embarrassment to eugenic sentiments but in no way halted the ambitions of the elite community committed to population control.

As already noted, the Wilhelm Institute – previously the Kraepelin Institute – as funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, invited the Swiss born psychiatrist, Dr. Ernst Rüdin to be its first head. He founded the German Society for Race Hygiene and was appointed by Heinrich Himmler to draft the Gesetz zur Verhütung erbkranken Nachwuchses – the Law for the Prevention of Genetically Diseased Offspring, also known as the Sterilisation Law – adopted under Adolf Hitler’s signature in 1933. These laws were patterned after ‘Race Laws’ which had been drawn up by the Rockefeller organisation and introduced as statutes in the American State of Virginia.

Meanwhile, in the United States eugenics ideas were embraced by the setting up of the Human Betterment Foundation by philanthropist Ezra Seymour Gosney. Its first President Paul Bowman Popenoe (The Progress of Eugenical Sterilization, Journal of heredity, vol. 25:1, 1934) was also a member of the American Eugenic Society. This too was originally funded by John D. Rockefeller and Max Forrester Eastman. From these foundations the World Wide Population Control movement might be said to have grown.

German eugenic practices, seemingly an embarrassment, actually continued unabated amongst the political elite. For instance, Prof. Otmar Freiherr von Verschuer – Dr. Josef Mengele’s mentor during the Nazi holocaust – Director in 1937 of the Third Reich Institute for Heredity, Biology and Racial Purity later founded, and continued actively within, the Institute of Human Genetics in Munster, until his death in 1969. He also remained a foreign member of the American Eugenics Society.

Nevertheless, the disturbing condemnation of the German eugenic experiments embarrassed the American Eugenics Society, and consequently its members transferred some support to the Family Planning Association, Planned Parenthood and later the International Planned Parenthood Federation.

In the United States other strong ties to eugenic views are connected with the Draper family.

In 1932 General William Henry Draper Jr. provided the finances for the Third International Eugenics Congress in New York and facilitated the appointment of Dr. Ernst  Rüdin  as Chief of the World Eugenics Movement – The International  Federation of Eugenic Societies. General Draper went on to form the Population Crisis Committee/Council, recruiting the respected Generals William Childs Westmoreland and Maxwell Davenport Taylor to activate Zero Population Control Strategies. These activities were sponsored by funds from the Rockefeller and Du Pont Foundations.

General Draper, as advisor to President Lyndon Baines Johnson, also recommended the setting up of the United States Agency for International Development (U.S.A.I.D.), which was instrumental in financing ‘birth control’ and ‘population control’ schemes in tropical countries. This was said to safeguard America from the threat of development in ‘over populated’ countries.

In addition General Draper took a leading role in Planned Parenthood becoming an active Vice Chairman. In 1966 he was one of the first recipients of the Margaret Sanger award; “for his singular contributions … to resolve the world population crisis.” In the early 1970s he was appointed by President Richard Milhous Nixon to the United Nations Population Commission.

The general’s son, William Henry Draper lll, became a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and Deputy Advisor on National Security in the George Herbert Walker Bush presidency. He served, amongst other Boards, on the Population Action International formed out of the Population Crisis Committee founded by his father.

Another of the Draper clan was Wickliffe Preston Draper the founder of The Pioneer Fund in 1937. This was one of the most controversial non-profit organisations in the United States involved with the funding of plain, ‘scientific’ racism. In 1986 he was appointed to Head the United Nations Development Programme and, as Director of the U.S.A.I.D., according to a 1991 report he prepared, he “… assisted 254 million couples to be surgically sterilized over the 90s.”

The United Nations Fund for Population Activities (U.N.F.P.A.) now claims that 37 per cent of Ibero-American and Caribbean women have been sterilised.

In 1969 the setting up of the U.N.F.P.A. could be traced to Julian Sorell Huxley, the English evolutionary biologist, eugenicist and internationalist, largely responsible for the foundation of U.N.E.S.C.O. in 1947. Huxley had close links with the British Population Investigation Commission and the Eugenics Society.

Meanwhile, in the United Kingdom, Professor Glanville Williams, Fellow of the Eugenics Society-England and author of The Sanctity of Life and Criminal Law (Alfred A. Knopf, New York, 1957), was one of the elite few boldly to expose the ideology of population control when he commented: “since industrialisation, the upper stratum of society fail to replace themselves, while the population as a whole is increased by excess births among the lower and uneducated classes.” In addition, Professor Williams’ book had a remarkable influence upon the case of Roe v. Wade, 410 U.S. 113, the landmark legal decision delivered on 22 January 1973, in which the United States Supreme Court struck down a Texas statute banning abortion, and effectively legalising the procedure across the United States This was reflected in comments made by Justice Blackmun, in the majority verdict, concerning the definition, or lack thereof, of personhood.

Nevertheless the Rockefeller Foundation continued its support of eugenics, both in the United States and overseas. In Japan, for instance, it continued to support the initiatives undertaken in favour of legalised abortion approved under the Eugenic Protection Act. (J. B. Sharpless, The Rockefeller Foundation, the Population Council and the Groundwork for New Population Policies, Rockefeller Archive Center Newsletter, Fall, 1993). Preservation of Japanese homogeneity was necessitated, amongst other reasons, because of the more obvious consequences of post-war American occupation.

In 1952, in company with Major General Frederick Henry Osborn, former President of the American Eugenics Society, John Davison Rockefeller Jr. founded the Population Council which, in more recent days, has been associated to the promotion and production of the pill RU 486.

One other tributary flowing from the leaders of the Human Betterment Foundation was the formation of the Association for Voluntary Surgical Contraception – A.V.S.C.. Another incarnation used the name Birthright International. A.V.S.C. has been at the forefront of pro-coercive or other encouragement, for sterilisation and contraception as population control measures; embracing abortion and other ‘reproductive health’ projects. In March 2001 A.V.S.C. became Engender Health.

In 1966 population control was officially authorised by the United Nations General Assembly by commending nations willing to decrease their populations. The following year the United Nations Fund for Population Activities – U.N.F.P.A. was launched. Other U.N. organisations, U.N.E.S.C.O., the United Nations Development Fund – U.N.D.F. and the United Nations Children’s Fund – U.N.I.C.E.F. continue to support the population control incentives of U.N.F.P.A.

In 1971 the International Planned Parenthood Federation was recognised by the United Nations as a major Non-governmental organisation and associate of U.N. Economic and Social Control, U.N.I.C.E.F. and the World Health Organisation and attracted hefty financial support. (S. Mosher, McNamara’s Folly: Bankrolling Family Planning, Population Research Review 13, no. 2. (March/April 2003 at 2).

In 1968 the World Bank had already determined that its foreign aid funding would be tied to population control advances. The World Bank moreover, has for over thirty years, provided in excess of $2.5 billion in grants to 130 reproductive health projects in some seventy countries. And in company with massive private funding from the foundations established by billionaires and their foundations – Rockefeller, Bergstrom, Buffett, Gates, Hewlett, Packard, Soros, Turner et cetera – the World Bank and the United Nations Population Fund, formerly the United Nations Fund for Population Activities – U.N.F.P.A. continue to provide incredibly large financial contributions for ‘population control’ projects. Many of them are co-ordinated through the International Planned Parenthood Federation and associated like organisations such as The Population Council, the Concept Foundation, EngenderHealth, IPAS – an international, non-governmental organisation which promotes access to safe abortions and contraception,  Pathfinder International, a global non-profit organization which concentrates on reproductive health, family planning, HIV/AIDS prevention and care, and maternal health, et cetera.

In 1968 the imaginations of a new elite family of ‘over-population scare mongers’, were stirred when Paul Ralph Ehrlich published his The Population Bomb (Sierra Club/Ballantine Books, San Francisco, CA). This was followed in 1991 when Ehrlich and his wife Anne, wrote The Population Explosion (Touchstone Books, New York)

As already noted, particular emphasis on racial aspects of population control can be traced to Henry Kissinger, who, in 1974, took responsibility for the National Security Study Memo 200. This memo discussed the implications of population growth. Essentially, it stated that population growth in the developing world would lead to a desire for self determination of their economies. Proposals were then made to see that their populations were controlled. Even so, this fact was to be withheld from the countries’ leaders. Amongst the countries specifically targeted were India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nigeria, Mexico, Indonesia, Brazil, the Philippines, Thailand, Egypt, Turkey, Ethiopia, Colombia and Indonesia.

In the light of contemporary issues it is interesting to note some of the proposals put forward by the Club of Rome as outlined in 1991 by Alexander King and Bertrand Schneider. (The First Global Revolution, Pantheon Books, New York ). “In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution; the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill … the real enemy is humanity itself” (at 115).

So the web of ‘population control’ unfolds but one intriguing aspect remains. Twenty years before Mikhail Gorbachev and Stephen Rockefeller and Maurice Strong launched their draft of a new ‘Earth Charter’ before the United Nations Assembly, in June 1979 a man operating under the pseudonym of  R.C. Christian – who in fact might have been one Robert Carter Cook – contracted the Elberton Granite Finishing Company, from Elbert County, Georgia U.S.A. to erect the Georgia Guidestones.

These stones represent a new – humanistic – ten commandments, ‘Ten Commandments of the New World Order’ for ‘Mother Earth’. They are articulated along four principles:

  1. Reducing the world population
  2. Promoting environmentalism
  3. Establishing a world government, and
  4. Promoting a new [world] spirituality.

The 1st Commandment demanded that a stable world population of just 500,000,000, “in perpetual balance with nature,” was to be an initial goal.

The others are:

  • Guide reproduction wisely, improving fitness and diversity.
  • Unite humanity with a living new language.
  • Rule passion, faith, tradition, and all things with tempered reason.
  • Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
  • Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
  • Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
  • Balance personal rights with social duties.
  • Prize truth, beauty, love, seeking harmony with the infinite.
  • Be not a cancer on the Earth; leave room for nature; leave room for nature.

By 1996, what had started in the late eighteenth century with Thomas Robert Malthus. who sounded the alarm that the population would outstrip the food supply, had been taken up in 1968 by Paul Ralph Ehrlich in his bestselling book The Population Bomb, for which he even organised the Zero Population Growth – later renamed Population Connection – arguing that the growth in global population would lead to famines and ecological crisis, and even suggested that people have no more than two children, a member of the Zero Population Growth struck out on his own with a much more radical agenda. One Les Knight launched the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement (V.H.E.M.) with the goal of “Phasing out the human race by voluntarily ceasing to breed.”

The V.H.E.M. is an environmental movement which calls for all people to abstain from reproduction and thus the gradual voluntary extinction of humankind, thereby allowing the Earth’s biosphere to return to good health.

The motto of the Movement is: “May we live long and die out.” Les Knight of V.H.E.M. avowed: “No matter what you’re doing to improve life on planet Earth, I think you’ll find that phasing out the human race will increase your chance of success.” And “The sooner we go extinct, the greater the biological diversity we’ll leave behind to carry on.”

To be continued …

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  1. Gus

    “May we live long and die out.” Les Knight.
    Where do they find these geniuses?
    Fear of death is what is driving the transhumanists.
    Here’s a news flash, you are going to die, why worry about it?
    10 Commandments of the NWO, great, can we have a reset please?

  2. Miriam English

    Just a century ago virtually everybody believed in eugenics. Half a century ago, despite the rampant lunacy of the Nazis, still most people believed in some shade of eugenics. The notion that there is some kind of racial superiority or inferiority is only now, thankfully disappearing.

    While there is a very strong legacy of racist eugenics in population control, not everybody who was or is involved in birth control is a fan of eugenics. Most people understand the absurdity of racism and how illegitimate eugenics is.

    Planned parenthood has come a long way from its roots, and is now an agency of compassion and freedom, offering women choice and control over their own lives.

    Birth control is now a very important part of ensuring life on our planet survives us. It has become part of personal choice, and has led to our population growth slowing to the point that, when our elderly generation (me included) finally die, our population will have plateaued. After that, human numbers will fall to safer, more sustainable levels. That will be better for everybody and for all life on Earth.

  3. Michael Taylor

    Hi Miriam, re your last two sentences I encourage you to watch David Attenborough’s “A Life on Our Planet.” It sums up your sentences just nicely.

  4. New England Cocky

    Funny how when small loan Asian and African banks fund women into commerce that the size of those families decreases or remains stable. Over population is a real effect and maldistribution of population into mega-cities is merely a holding pen for surplus population when in Australia, and other countries, there are broad acres of agricultural land that could be better utilised than producing surplus cattle protein.

    I think Eugenics was linked with capitalism long before Darwin’s Origin of Species was misinterpreted because it provides justification for the imperialistic excursions of European nations into Africa, Australiasia and Asia itself.

  5. Steve B

    “They have persisted with devious, and some quite bizarre, schemes to control the earth’s population.”
    Two methods not mentioned in this article are endocrine disrupting chemicals and vaccines laced with HCG.

    Endocrine disruptors, “these chemicals are linked with developmental, reproductive, brain, immune, and other problems. .. are found in many everyday products, including some plastic bottles and containers, liners of metal food cans, detergents, flame retardants, food, toys, cosmetics, and pesticides.”

    Birth control vaccine, “Published research shows that by 1976 WHO researchers had conjugated tetanus toxoid (TT) with human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) producing a “birth-control” vaccine.
    Three independent Nairobi accredited biochemistry laboratories tested samples from vials of the WHO tetanus vaccine being used in March 2014 and found hCG where none should be present.”

  6. Andrew Smith

    Another good article giving an overview of a movement that has credibility, still, among many of the centre, left and greens where the eugenics movement and deep pocketed supporters cleverly compelled people to view environment through a population numbers prism; when the issue is qualitative, not quantitative.

    Further, no coincidence the Rockefeller influence appeared to have seeped into the UN thanks to an expensive gift:

    ‘The Rockefeller family contributions in Manhattan also include the donation of the land where the United Nations headquarters now stand.’

    ZPG with Ehrlich, white nationalist John ‘passive eugenics’ Tanton (much more open about his sentiments vs. Ehrlich) and Paul ‘Sea Shepherd’ Watson were all focused upon ‘immigration’ and ‘population growth’ with support from the Rockefeller Bros., Ford and Carnegie Foundations; claiming their population/immigration concerns were environmental yet had no interest in environmental protection polices nor supporting the EPA.

    Not only did Ehrlich and Tanton inform Sustainable Population Australia (SPA) which in turn had been informing/lobbying media, MPs and committees over some decades through an academic veneer provided by Dr. Bob Birrell; it was all at the expense of credible research and analysis globally to benefit legacy fossil fuel related sectors.

    Ehrlich has managed to publicly keep his distance from Tanton (but not in private) but an old quote of Ehrlich’s here:

    ‘…there is no reason blacks ought to be concerned with saving a world they don’t have a piece of…’ (The Evening News, 24 June 1970, NY).

    UK’s Population Matters has David Attenborough as a patron (and a SPA person as consultant) with Torygraph and Times readers in mind on population – environment, although I would strongly suspect he has no idea of what lies behind the group’s PR and media releases on population; surprise, surprise, another patron is Paul Ehrlich.

    Meanwhile their brothers in arms at Migration Watch UK seem more focused (like One Nation and UKIP) upon asylum seekers and immigrants with many policy recommendations for the UK government via MPs or committees (including ‘Limits to Growth’ via Club of Rome), and megaphoned by red top tabloids.

    Like Population Matters, Migration Watch has common links to the US anti-immigration networks founded by Ehrlich’s old ZPG mucker John Tanton e.g. CIS/FAIR now informing the White House, media and the alt right; pretty much transnational in the ‘Anglosphere’ but NZ and Canada are more independent and not beholden to this ideology (nor do they have e.g. NewsCorp).

    Enlightening and directly related, is Nancy MacLean’s ‘Democracy in Chains: The Deep History of the Radical Right’s Stealth Plan for America’ states that the radical right libertarians have been running a long game of influence for a couple of generations now, like the white nationalist eco-fascists (also helps to split the centre or Democratic vote and lets fossil fuels off the hook); one learns that Koch senior was a founding partner of the racist John Birch Society….

    What a surprise to learn that Koch controlled ALEC which is a ‘bill mill’ and fulcrum for libertarian corporate interests to promote libertarian politicians and policies, also dabbles in eugenics and survival of the fittest (accused of having a strong whiff of bigotry); supported by Paul Weyrich who also had some ‘tasty’ friends in post WWII Germany and founded Heritage Foundation where Tony Abbott has presented. Importantly, ALEC is also a meeting or crossover point for Tanton’s eugenics and radical right libertarian ideological promotion, in addition to evangelical Christians, US Chamber of Commerce, NRA etc. whom are essential in forming voter coalitions (of seemingly different policy outlooks) to gain votes, form government and then cater to corporate interests.

    Fascinating story, transnational organising and background that leads one to conclude that radical right libertarians (not all) have a dirty little secret, in addition to their love for fossil fuels, is eugenics being used to dog whistle and induce people’s worst instincts, for electoral gain and/or support eugenics.

    PS The Federal government’s plan on partner visa English testing requirements not only replicates the same ideology and need for obstruction (of post white Oz immigrants), but comes straight from an admirer of the white Oz policy John Tanton and his outlet ProEnglish, described by SPLC as a hate group.

  7. Miriam English

    Michael, thank you for the recommendation. Sorry about my 4 day late response. Coincidentally, I just today got that movie and was considering watching it tonight.

    Steve B, I’d be careful of anti-vaccine reports from Nairobi, where there seems to be an unusually active anti-vaxxer presence among the authorities, as well as a strong current of lunatic conspiracy theories.

    Andrew Smith, be wary of too easily connecting things that are not connected in the ways that you want to believe they are. While some of those things are connected (ALEC, the Koch brothers, racism, and right-wing extremism) many other things are not (John D Rockefeller, his wife Abby, and their children were not racists or eugenicists; the UN is not involved in Eugenics; Paul Ehrlich and members of the Club of Rome are very pessimistic, but not racist or eugenically minded as far as I know).

  8. Michael Taylor

    Hi Miriam. Let me know what you think of it.

  9. Miriam English

    Michael, I just finished watching it with my Dad. Wow! What an amazing movie!

    The one thing I would add to all David Attenborough said is that we should be moving our cities, suburbs, towns, and roads underground and giving over the surface to the plants and animals that so enrich our world.

  10. Michael Taylor

    Miriam, I’m glad you enjoyed it. Frightening, wasn’t it?

    The hotter the climate gets I’m sure that people will explore the option of going underground, as they do in Cooper Pedy.

  11. Miriam English

    Michael, I confess I didn’t find it frightening. I knew most of it already, so understand most of the dangers (or at least I think I do). Perhaps I have become numbed to the horror.

    What I was surprised by is the hope in what he said… for example how Costa Rica has reforested much of their country in a very short time. I didn’t know about that. It is very encouraging.

    My parents showed that is possible by buying a block of land which had been depleted and destroyed by many years of having been a pineapple farm. It was covered in just grass when they bought it. In just 25 years they turned it into rainforest. And now 30-something years after they bought it, the understory is glorious and open, the trees are immense, and the number of birds living here is astonishing — an oasis for life.

  12. Michael Taylor

    Miriam, what frightened me was that the message of hope at the end of the film will fall on deaf ears to people like Trump, Bolsonaro and Morrison. Unless we all act, we are doomed. I just don’t have the faith that all will act.

  13. Miriam English

    Michael, yes, you’re right. It is scary that those people will remain completely unable to hear the message.

    On the other hand most people understand that climate change is real. The deniers are a dwindling minority. Positive change is occurring whether such clueless idiots wake up or not. Renewables are a major growth industry now. Businesses have little interest in investing in fossil fuels, and that interest is lessening by the day.

    If you want some doses of good news, check out the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI). RMI is a non-profit research institute which advises governments and businesses around the world on how to save money by going renewable, and they have lots of great news to share.

    Things are still very dangerous, and there is no way we will get out of this without lots of damage because of decades of inaction and dragging our feet, but positive changes are also coming at an accelerating rate. Will it be fast enough? I don’t know… but at least we’re not just gazing into the maw of a beast we can’t hope to evade… there are genuinely great things happening and real cause for hope.

  14. Andrew Smith

    Miriam: I don’t claim all Rockefellers are eugenicists etc, as the family and its influence becomes more diluted while related foundations become benign for good causes. As the series of articles has shown, there has been a clear historical connection with Rockies and their ilk including Ford et al.; plus doing business with Nazi Germany.

    Disagree profoundly on Ehrlich’s ‘innocence’ through his (ambiguous) words in the public domain, never producing any clear peer reviewed scientific evidence (constantly revising his forecasts), then blaming poor people, fertility, immigration and population growth for environmental degradation, while his collaborators include too many white nationalists, mostly via the infamous John Tanton and eco-fascist movement.

    Population Matters is astro turfing the same, overpopulated with (vaguely) environmental PR types and/or nativists who avoid speaking of the phenomenon that hath no name; fossil fuels causing global warming while resisting measures or solutions to control carbon emissions (and like Migration Watch happy to threaten journalists with legal action who ask questions). For example, Lionel Shriver, an American novelist resident in the UK and part of Population Matters (PR) has been a guest in Australian media to muddy the waters on global warming, fossil fuels etc. (Q&A 2019?); supported by our daily media obsessions on immigrants and population growth.

    SPLC etc. go further and describe these population groups formed round Ehlrich and Tanton’s networks as ‘greenwashing racism’; there has been much deep and broad research about these groups in the US; unlike the UK and Australia. Both Ehrlich and Tanton cooperated and had encouraged nativist groups to help take over and demand that the Sierra Club (like the ACF) make population growth and/or immigration central to both their and govt. policy.

    Question: behind the PR and astro turfing, where is the science method analysing what causes environmental degradation through e.g. climate change then where are the solutions apart from immigration restrictions to lower population growth (as fertility rates were already dropping by the time Ehrlich came out with the ‘Population Bomb’)? Where is the clear peer reviewed science as opposed to offering dodgy data and/or unscientific claims couched in scary narratives?

    In fact, even without names of people and/or organisations, through text or discourse analysis, they all present the same themes that allow fossil fuels off the hook. It’s all joined at the hip with well funded climate science denial, demonising ‘greenies’ or environmentalists, conducting anti-renewable campaigns, nobbling environmental protections; meanwhile, look over there ‘population growth’, immigrants…..

    This has been described as a ‘return of the population bombers’ and an article from ‘Climate & Capitalism’ explains the history and ‘architecture’ well while South Australian journalist Malcolm King presented and warned on its emergence in Australia over ten years ago (after headlines emanating from the new inflated version of the NOM 2006 and promoted by SPA):

    ‘This is a story about the rise of anti-humanism and imperialism in the Australian environmental movement. The anti-populationists represent environmental politics gone mad. And they are coming to a forum or blog near you.’

    Again, more journalists and researchers are catching up with these groups within their own nations (but often missing the transnational nativist links), but recently according to Monbiot (repeating what has long been common knowledge in credible circles):

    ‘When a major study (Ibbitson & Bricker had already highlighted in ‘Empty Planet’, 2019) was published last month, showing that the global population is likely to peak then crash much sooner than most scientists had assumed, I naively imagined that people in rich nations would at last stop blaming all the world’s environmental problems on population growth. I was wrong. If anything, it appears to have got worse……… In 2013 Sir David Attenborough, also a patron of Population Matters, wrongly blamed famines in Ethiopia on “too many people for too little land”, and suggested that sending food aid was counter-productive. … Most of the world’s population growth is happening in the poorest countries, where most people are black or brown’.

    Apart from Ibbitson and Bricker another good science based read, and far less alarming than the ‘population bombers’ is Pearce’s (journalist at New Scientist etc.) ‘The Coming Population Crash: and Our Planet’s Surprising Future’.

    I have no real issue with Attenborough, especially on his documentary films, but one prefers to understand the world through a prism of grounded science not old ideology presented as science, by those lacking science literacy then transmitted through mainstream media; like climate science denialism. Worse, it is aiding and abetting respectable middle class white nationalists and thier obsession with the ‘great replacement thoeory’.

  15. Andrew Smith

    I would also add re. CoR and Ehrlich that I originally thought, wihtout scrutinising, they were kosher i.e. former based upon science and the latter had distanced himself from Tanton and white nationalists; I was wrong on both counts.

    Without going into detail the CoR, sponsored/hosted by fossil fuels and/or auto helped give credibility to greenwashing of nativist ideas presented as scientific theories that had been subjected to peer review; not true. Limits to Growth ‘theory’ was debunked by a research group at the University of Sussex and published in a book ‘Club of Doom’, Ehrlich was there too as was ‘good old boy’ Herman Daly presenting an environmental sounding ‘steady state economy’ theory; the latter is simply nation states adopting autarky (strong borders, self sufficient, avoid trade agreements and no migration) while global players avoid nation state laws (aka Brexit to avoid EU constraints).

    Further, it is very difficult to gain an understanding of these machinations and how to present e.g. a 3D diagram is needed to reflect how nowadays the media interactions, and is being manipulated. Such a diagram was developed by Mother Jones and shows how Ehrlich has remained central and their infrastructure with the GOP, following features ‘family trees’, was linked to and operating with John Tanton

    Finally, The Daily Kos showed how Tanton came to be involved with ALEC, one of the more important fulcrums of radical right libertarian economic and white nativist ideology for promotion to (mostly GOP) politicians:

    ‘ALEC & SLLI – “Bipartisan” Bigotry. Being that this was the third time in less than a month that the universe had slapped me in the face with the Tanton Network’s State Legislators for Legal Immigration (SLLI) – I figured that meant – it’s time to try to connect the dots between SLLI and ALEC. This may be a little long – but I wanted to give you the information and sources that built the story – a story I think people need to know. There appears to be a dirty little secret lurking in the halls and cocktail parties of the of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) meetings – overt racism.’

    Finally, some maybe 5 years ago Ehrlich turned up on Philip Adam’s RN LNL where he was welcomed with ‘Paul my old mate…’ but some young LNL researcher was not so respectful in finding something odd. When Ehrlich was asked about decades long gap on his bio (I know it was the time he was doing butterfly research and possibly hanging out with John Tanton, corporate sponsors et al….), his response was silence for 20 seconds; at a later date the interview and comments (critical of Ehrlich) were removed…..

    These types are very sensitive and easily upset….. I know personally being on the end of abuse from SPA types online especially via TC….. including Dr. Jane O’Sullivan who also consults with Population Matters, then appears today in Macrobusiness (think Breitbart, Zero Hedge, SpikedOnline, 2GB and Sky After Dark) pushing the tired old lines masquerading as research but without any credible support; hardly academic.

  16. Ted

    Andrew, have you seen the doco by Aaron Russo, ‘America, Freedom to Fascism’. Aaron’s close association with one of the Rockerfellers gave him some rare insights into how the elite view us.

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