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Number 4 for 2021: Morrison (inadvertently) admits he knew?

We continue the countdown to our Top 5 most viewed articles in 2021. Number 4 goes to Dr Jennifer Wilson for this article from March 2021.

Morrison (inadvertently) admits he knew?

The following information was reported by Channel Nine news on the evening of Friday March 26, and has so far escaped the attention it deserves.



Prime Minister Scott Morrison states in this interview that when Brittany Higgins expressed her intention to resign from the office of Michaelia Cash in January 2021, she was offered the opportunity to speak with him before her allegations of rape by a senior staffer in Parliament House were aired in the media.

“At the time just before she departed she was offered the opportunity to come and speak with me with Minister Cash,” he says.

The Higgins story broke on February 15 2021. Morrison has steadfastly denied that he knew anything about the alleged rape of Ms Higgins until that day.

Ms Higgins left Cash’s office on February 5 2021, ten days before the story broke.

Why would the Prime Minister offer to meet with Ms Higgins prior to her departure from Cash’s office, if, as he has maintained for the last two months and stated several times in Parliament, he knew nothing about the alleged rape until it was aired in the media?

Facing intense questioning on the involvement of his department and himself, Morrison instructed Secretary Phil Gaetjens to conduct an inquiry into when the PMO knew about the alleged rape, and who had been informed. This inquiry has since been halted, though Morrison did not notify Parliament of its cessation, leading the House to believe it was still underway.

Senator Cash has denied that she knew the “full details” of the allegations until Ms Higgins indicated her intention to resign at the end of January.

Why would Cash consider accompanying Ms Higgins to a proposed meeting with the Prime Minister if Cash believed Morrison knew nothing about the alleged rape and indeed, had only just found out herself?

Ms Higgins, by the way, says she was never informed of this invitation from the Prime Minister.

It’s not clear if Cash was ever informed, either.

Morrison has gone to extraordinary lengths to convince Parliament and the general public that he was ignorant of the rape allegations until the story appeared in the media on February 15. He claims his office was unaware until February 12.

In one sentence, the Prime Minister has done irrevocable damage to this narrative. He has also exposed the unreliability of all other accounts that have been tailored to support his own, accounts from ministers, senators, senior public servants and staffers.

Morrison’s one sentence has the power to bring the entire dysfunctional edifice crashing down, if the press gallery will follow it up.

If the Prime Minister didn’t know, why would he extend an offer to meet with Ms Higgins in January?

If the Prime Minister did know, he’s been lying to Parliament and the public.

Either way, he’s a liar.

This article was originally published on No Place For Sheep.


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  1. Phil Pryor

    It is very bad to be irritable daily, under the suffocating regime of a chronic lying deficient backstabbing upstart who clouds the nation’s life and future. This P M, a Pernicious Malady, must be outed soon. Surely his own side has many who front up daily for the team while hating the lying, treacherous, hypocritical, negative, lazy, inefficient, dodgy captain? Cleaning up will be relieving, when it happens, as it must, soon. Murderous misfits, by laziness, egofixated lunges, sheer wilfulness, rot our nation’s social balance and progress. No-one can trust this skinful of putridity…

  2. Terence Mills

    There is so much of this incident that doesn’t make sense : as it is still before the courts it needs to be qualified as an alleged incident, alleged to have taken place in ministerial offices on the night of 22/23 March 2019.

    CCTV from the night shows the pair arrived at Parliament House’s ministerial entrance at 1:50am.

    Ms Anderson an experienced security guard of some twelve years standing greeted them at the security desk.

    “It kind of took us by surprise because they walked in at two in the morning, and it was a Friday night … well, Friday night, Saturday morning,” Ms Anderson told Four Corners.

    “They basically walked in together. She was wearing a white cocktail dress. I’d noticed that she’d had grass stains down one side of her body on this pure white dress. He seemed to be quite dressed up as well. And it was just strange to us that they were there at that time of night together, wanting to go into the office.

    “My colleague had made a comment and said, ‘Jeez guys, couldn’t this have waited until Monday?’ And the man had replied, ‘Oh, not really.”

    Security Guard, Ms Anderson issued the pair with what are known as Positively Identified Passes, or green passes, which allow holders unrestricted, unescorted access.

    She took the pair up to Senator Reynolds’s office, unlocked the door and let them in before heading back downstairs to continue her shift.

    CCTV shows the man left Parliament House at 2:35am, less than an hour after he had arrived with Ms Higgins.

    So the question of who knew what and when comes down to the security report and who it went to and what they did with it.

    So many unanswered questions !!

  3. Kathryn

    ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER APPALLING LIE FROM THE INVETERATE, PATHOLOGICAL LIAR AND NAUSEATING BIBLE-THUMPING HYPOCRITE, SLOTH MORRISON! When will all the lies, self-serving corruption, smirking arrogance, rorting and waste end with the unspeakably depraved liars, skirt-lifting misogynistic predators and cruel sociopaths that line Morrison’s smug LNP cabinet? Answer: AT THE NEXT FEDERAL ELECTION IF YOU KICK THIS PACK OF INEPT AND DANGEROUSLY UNDEMOCRATIC POLITICAL PARASITES TO THE KERB AND EITHER VOTE FOR THE ALP OR PREFERENCE THE ALP ON YOU BALLOT PAPER!!! Put the LNP DEAD LAST on your ballot paper because that is where the LNP will ALWAYS put you!

  4. Mr Bronte ALLAN

    What an amazing fucking LIAR is Slo Mo! As for his fishwife so-called “lady” (?), fucking Cash, she is no better! Unfortunately for ALL Australians, we have had to put up with the continuing litany of lies, untruths etc from ALL of this so-called COALition!! How wonderful will it be when they are kicked out of office, & replaced by a genuine almost non-lying (I say this as it seems there are always a liar or two everywhere!) Labor Government? At least we all know where we & they stand in running our country, & NOT running our country down as the lot of liberals always do!

  5. Colin SC

    From Best economy on the planet to 30th in just under 9 years, a tale of LNP fiscal mismanagement and con jobs.

  6. Colin SC

    Scummy has known about the various misdeeds from his minions as has been shown by his clandestine meetings with them immediately prior to them being released to the public. He is known be the architect of various scams inflicted on the public i.e. Robodebt. When faced with far less unethical behaviour the LNP howled for Labor ministers to go with the full aid of the Murdoch media. Now they can perform outrageous misdeeds and the media ignore it, then Labor with objecting are either shut down by the speaker or ordered from the house.
    Scummy cannot eject one of his ministers as they only have an advantage of one, if they loose this advantage Labor can have a no confidence vote. Scummy is forced to accept the most unethical behaviour and even defend it to keep power, this makes him as unethical as the people he has enabled.

  7. wam

    Scummo rests his case on truth, not that he has anything favourable, NOT reaching the voters. His ally, Rupert, will hide the truth whilst publishing any lie with vague references – positive for Scummo and negative for Albo.
    Scummo has done enough to lose but Albo has done little to win?
    The key is a miracle:
    Cakes, keating, wars, children overboard the lying rodent, Turnbull is not the rabbott with labor and shorten have no economic credibility. Then Scummo’s miracle the caravan and shorten confirming he has no credibility.
    This election will be truth vs lies portrayed as truth. The evidence against Scummo is huge and it will be close unless the bandit is ambitious enough to sabotage Albo.

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