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Number 2 for 2021: The Day John Lennon Was Shot I Had A Cold Sore So It Was A Bad Day For Both Of Us!

We continue the countdown to our Top 5 most viewed articles in 2021. Number 2 goes to Rossleigh for this article from January 2021. It’s the second year in a row that Rossleigh has taken the Number 2 spot. Maybe next year he’ll have a Number 1.

The Day John Lennon Was Shot I Had A Cold Sore So It Was A Bad Day For Both Of Us!

I remember clearly that the day John Lennon was shot was a pretty bad day for a lot of people. Personally I had a cold sore so it wasn’t flash for me either…

Ok, I know a lot of people will think that I’m drawing an equivalence between the two but I don’t think you should draw that inference. And a number of you probably think I’m making reference to Scott Morrison’s remarks about January 26th not being flash for the convicts that arrived…

Although, now that I think about it, why would arriving in Australia after a long sea voyage be a day that wasn’t good for the convicts? I mean, I’m not saying that life was great for the convicts; I’m just suggesting that it may have been nice for them to actually survive the voyage and disembark but I wasn’t there so I’m only speculating and one shouldn’t speculate about such things unless one is the PM, which I was shocked to discover is short for Prime Minister and not Posing Model!

And speaking of not being flash, I must say that I was particularly shocked that Margaret Court is about to be given a Companion of Australia which is a higher honour than the one she has.

I’m not one of those left-wing people that think she should be excluded because of her views. After all, if we start excluding people from Australia Day honours just because their views are homophobic, racist, fascist, unscientific or ignorant, we’ll end up with a very small honours list indeed.

No, what surprised me was the number of people saying that she was being given it for her tennis! Given that she hasn’t won a grand slam event this century and that she already had a court named after her and the second highest gong, what tennis has she played to deserve an upgrade? I mean I’d not expecting Phar Lap to be named “Horse of the Year” or Bradman to be awarded the Alan Border medal any time soon, so I have to conclude that it’s her work spreading the word of Robert Copeland. (For those unfamiliar with the man, I’ve added a video at the end.) She apparently ordered a series of tapes from the Robert Copeland Ministries and that she wore them out which is a rather silly thing to do because that wouldn’t meet many dress codes. She then ordered a second set and this time she “listened to them until she was established in righteousness.”

So there, she’s established in righteousness, so take that people. When you call her self-righteous, she actually agrees.

Last year we had Bettina Arndt for her services to men and this year we have Court for her service game because what says “Australia” more than the capacity to hit a ball and if that’s not deserving of our highest honour, then what is?

Still, that controversy about changing the date just won’t go away… particularly when various media personalities and politicians start complaining about those suggesting a date change well before anyone has even mentioned it. I had an idea for a compromise this morning, so hear me out before you reject it out of hand.

Keep the date the same, but change the name. Yes, I have suggested calling it Rum Rebellion Day before because that actually occurred on January 26th and who couldn’t celebrate the overthrow of the ruling elite? Others have suggested it be called Invasion Day but that’s just likely to cause division.

No, I’m proposing we simply call it “White Australia Day”, because after all isn’t it actually celebrating the arrival of white people?

Ok, I realise that there may be some echo of the White Australia Policy which would make it seem a little racist, but surely the people who currently insist on keeping the date where it is would have no problem with a little racism. As for the rest of us, at least we’d know that those honouring the day have no doubt what they’re doing!



But if you want an unedited one:




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  1. Henry Rodrigues

    Kenneth sounds almost like a braying donkey. so why does Margaret love this guy so much. Clue.. he has some attributes of a donkey.

  2. Kaye Lee

    And keeping up the tradition, this year Peta Credlin was made an AO for her “distinguished service to parliament and politics, to policy development, and to the executive function of government.”

    She lied about the carbon tax to get a man she knew was inadequate into the top job and then got him thrown out by his own party because of her control-freak issues. Now she spews propaganda for Murdoch.

    AOs are appointed for distinguished service of a high degree “to Australia or to humanity at large”. What a travesty.

  3. preesser#1

    I assume Monty Python has been compiling the NYH List for the past few years?

  4. Kathryn

    My God, this Kenneth Copeland is a completely insane, mad, bad and raving LUNATIC! So typical of the raving nut jobs that infest the right-wing hysterical fringe of politics in America and Australia. Morrison is every bit as bad as this leather-necked lizard, Margaret Court, who’s insane sense of entitlement, deluded sense of importance and pompous self-serving insular view of the world renders her obsolete and outmoded. Court is a very ugly woman – inside and out – the hatred she feels for anyone who does not share her limited, racist and draconian views is reflected in the sanctimonious and vile manner in which she lays judgement against others! What makes these parasites even worse is that these evil, totally depraved, absolutely corrupt megalomaniacal political psychopaths attempt – and FAIL – to hide their escalating depravity behind a thin, nauseating cloak of bible thumping hypocrisy!

  5. wam

    Court is at extreme of the christian women with ultimate faith in the bible. A book entirely written by men for men. Imagine how much better it would have been if women had been involved or better still if they had written it?
    The government knows she has millions of Australian conservatives with her basic homophobia and fear of godless socialists who will be boosted by the leftie attacks on Maggie, Jan 25 and god.
    She, like the rabbott, is totally amoral and has no concept of non-christian right and wrong. They know that lying for god is a praiseworthy action.

  6. Brozza

    Kathryn – couldn’t agree more.

  7. leefe

    “And keeping up the tradition, this year Peta Credlin was made an AO for her “distinguished service to parliament and politics, to policy development, and to the executive function of government.” ”

    The Poms have topped us on this one. Chris Whitty has been knighted. It has gone beyond satire, bypassed farce and taken a hard turn into tragicomedy.

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