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NSW, the land of hope, freedom and glory

By Jim McIntosh

Freedom Day has come and gone and the numbers of new COVID-19 infections are rising at a rate that has even NSW government officials concerned, as the newer variant of the virus sweeps through the community. At the time of writing, daily cases are in the two and a half thousands, whereas just a week or so back they were in the low hundreds. A worrying trend by any measure. But, still refusing to reintroduce restrictions, the state government is apparently gambling on the hope that the Omicron variant will be mild enough to keep the health system from being overwhelmed.

That may be a forlorn hope.

Heading into Christmas, several countries in Europe have experienced a rise in hospitalisations and increasing stress for overworked frontline medical staff. The number of new infections, doubling every few days, might be milder; whether or not it actually is a milder strain still remains to be seen. The sheer volume of people who are falling ill is clearly outweighing the optimistic view that the wave of illness can be set aside without the need for restrictions, lockdowns and travel bans. When the inevitable is actually happening right inside your own country, you must act to counter it, even if it might be already too late. It’s either that or face serious political consequences further down the track.

Which brings me back to NSW. Quite recently the health minister Brad Hazzard stated that according to modelling, the state may well have up to 25 thousand new daily cases. Standing behind him as he was saying this was premier Dominick Perrottet. Was that a scowl of disapproval on Dom’s face, as the health minister’s words were spoken? It sure looked like one. Or was the scowl associated with something we’re never to find out – perhaps he had accidentally stepped in something unpleasant. Who knows? But even if the health modelling is out, and numbers don’t quite reach the tens of thousands each day, is the NSW health system prepared to cope with the inevitable increase in illnesses? I’m not saying here that every sick person will wind up in ICU, but hospitalisations are hospitalisations whichever way we’d like to spin it. People who are ill still need beds and still need health care workers to nurse them.

It’s always been apparent and obvious, to me at least, that opening up too soon without retaining other precautions such as masks and distancing was a recipe for an eventual return to more stringent restrictions, sooner or later. Perrottet may think that his hope-filled, glass-half-full approach to the virus and his almost crusading zeal to bring about a free and happy conclusion to two years of COVID-19 misery is the way to go. I have reservations about that, and I’m possibly in reasonably good company.

To me, rather than bringing about a new freedom to the NSW people, it seems more likely that the state government has simply given up and feels it can no longer cope with this health emergency.



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  1. Kaye Lee

    NSW reports 3,057 cases but who needs masks.

  2. Phil Pryor

    This wishwanking, knobpolishing, selfinflating, personality vacuums of fantasy, fraud, myth, mystery and mindless supremacist drives, Farkaduk Perrotet for example, are a serious threat to all honesty, science, decency, society’s needs. Romanist rambling rubbish is crippling to civilisation. Mediaeval mistakes and criminality must be eliminated for the good of all in a better world. It is crippling, irrational, threatening to you and to me. Anything that WE can SEE, comprehend, understand, attest, prove, can be found by observation with modern telescopes and microscopes. Everything. The old LIES must cease and the carriers denounced as the dangerous idiots they are. In fact, every supremacist religious superstition KNOWS that all the others are wrong, so, on a majority vote, it is all wrong. Fraud and faith, dreams and dribble, fantasy and fairies, lying about existence itself is a danger, and now, with serious health issues dominating world thought and decisions, no romanisms, judaisms, hinduisms, sikhisms, confucianisms, buddhisms, wall st.-isms, trumpisms, borisisms, morrisonisms, perrotetisms, disneyisms, knobrubisms or ANY -isms will DO.

  3. Kate Ahearne

    Thanks, Jim.

    We just don’t have a blueprint from the past to help our governments to make appropriate decisions. What we do have, however, is science and common sense on the one hand, and ignorance and bowing to pressure on the other.

    If the modelling includes a graph, I’m betting it’s exponential, with a sharp rise over Christmas and New Year. The longer we fail to take action, the worse the situation will become. The rapid acceleration in the numbers of daily cases is truly alarming. What on earth are they thinking?

    Still, when governments make silly decisions, there’s usually something that individuals and communities can do – wear masks, observe basic distancing, avoid super-spreader events…

  4. GL

    Kaye Lee,

    Lockdowns? Too late to even consider lockdowns. Anyway, lockdowns would upset and prevent Scotty of the Masterful Marketing from flitting around the country spewing his election garbage.

    “We will have to live with the virus,” sayeth Saint Scotty.

  5. Kerri

    I don’t know if it is so much the state government giving up as it is them simply not caring.
    Perrotet was always going to focus on the economy ahead of the people.
    People are worker bees there to make the fortunes of business better.
    He claims he wants to look after NSW citizens but ignores the physical and mental health of medical workers who will be slaving away through christmas so that he can balance the books and entice the donations.
    He was always going to be way worse than Gladys, and heaven knows she was bad enough.
    The whole “you are adults make your own choices” results in people making choices like he has. To ignore the pandemic and get on with serving business.
    The greater the cases, the greater the mutations, the greater the mutations, the greater the possibility of a dangerous mutated variant.
    When NSW mutates it’s own variant they should name it Perrotet.

  6. Henry Rodrigues

    The DOPE is living up to his abbreviation. Let her rip and let the chips fall where they may, as long as Scummo and the Libs can reap in some donations and kudos from the business maggots, ops sorry, nice guys. And let those residents of Sydney’s west look out for themselves, after all we have a state to run, rake in donors money, and do everything possible to divert attention from Scummo’s daily fuckups. He’s now approved the building of a $600m coal fired power station in NSW.

    In this case however, DOPE doesn’t have the luxury of being a woman or ethnic or wears short skirts showing his knobbly knees. He’s just another coalition dickhead with the added disadvantage of having Scummo standing in the picture pretending he’s paying attention to every word.

    Pair of wankers.

  7. Kate Ahearne


    Excuse me. What’s this supposed to mean?

    ‘In this case however, DOPE doesn’t have the luxury of being a woman or ethnic or wears short skirts showing his knobbly knees. He’s just another coalition dickhead with the added disadvantage of having Scummo standing in the picture pretending he’s paying attention to every word.’

  8. Henry Rodrigues

    Kate Ahearne…What I meant is Dope cannot claim persecution like his predecessor did and get the sympathy vote and the loud acclaim of the media. Its not a derogatory swipe at gender politics. If I have misworded it , my apologies.

  9. Terence Mills

    I see that your prime minister has agreed to a meeting of the National Cabinet (not really a Cabinet more of a pretend Cabinet) for tomorrow (Sunday) but today (Saturday) he announced that lockdowns and border closures and mask mandates were off the table : he might well have said that he won’t be listening to epidemiologists or other experts so just talk to the hand.

    And Dom is trying to prove that everything Gladys did in NSW was wrong.

    Save us from these god botherers !

  10. Phil Pryor

    And now, that blathering bullshitter, lazy lout, incompetent imbecile, superstitious shitskull, deficient drongo and backward bastard, our P M, the Pernicious Misfit, is going on about drive, faith, self inflated belief, wishful wankery and hopeless hopery to avoid Science, Logic, Honesty, Sense, Decency, Duty and Clarity. Who will relieve us of this Drenching of Dung from a Devious Dill??

  11. Robson

    Happy clappers welcome death for others of course,
    As they get to meet their heavenly father

  12. GL

    Scummo of the Crawling Desperation. What about me and my chances of being PM again if you keep thinking about the people rather than me. It isn’t fair…

  13. Lou

    Terrence, I hear there is no lawful power to create the National Cabinet. So what is the National Cabinet other than a collection of fools?
    Dom serves a useful purpose. His educational background fits with the broader plan as laid out by the globalists. Dom’s father works for the World Bank – one of the covert movers and shakers in the takedown of free nations under the guise of medical safety mandates. Dom’s role in this takedown, as far as Aus is concerned, seems related to a financial reset. Other State leaders have different roles to play. It’s a case of divide/conquer, with most people confused as per the plan. A confused person will make wrong choices. It ‘s Psy-Op 101.

  14. Kate Ahearne


    Yes, I do think you might have ‘misworded’, but thanks for the apology.

    I’m not a fan of Gladys, but I wasn’t aware that she had played the gender/victim card, or the ethnic card, or the short-skirts card. Do you have any references for us?

  15. Canguro

    That may be so, Robson, but isn’t it odd that even though they bang on about ‘mercy, love, kindness, embraced in the bosom of the Lord’ and other saccharine soundbite pseudo-seriousnesses in relation to having any significant spiritual comprehension, they’re more than happy to allow the bottom levels of society to suffer, to deny procedural fairness, to withhold social or economic support, to denigrate and denounce the notion of minimising suffering, to demonise the arguments for human end-of life options, to overturn the endeavours of others to allow euthanasia for those faced with intractable pain and irreversible decline – preferring instead that the old or infirm experience their own hell on earth at the time of their greatest frailty, cynically and cruelly preventing access to the readily available technologies that exist and allow our frail to exercise their freedom to choose to end their physical and mental torment.

    One cannot help but to scorn their ignorance, to hate their obduracy and cloddishness, to despise their hypocrisy, and to hope that they, one day, will themselves dwell in the inescapable torments of inhabitance in a failing body, dribbling and shitting and pissing themselves in their last miserable days on the planet.

  16. Kaye Lee

    Lou, I think some of us are more confused than others.

    ” the takedown of free nations under the guise of medical safety mandates” is the sort of rubbish deliberately spread by those who want to make you confused.

  17. Michael Taylor

    Lou, John Perrottet’s role at the World Bank is developing tourism projects. I don’t see anything sinister in that.

  18. Michael Taylor

    PS: This site does not endorse conspiracy theories.

  19. Kate Ahearne


    I can see why Kaye and Michael are concerned about your comment.

    There’s a dividing line between mindset and conspiracy. The mindset of big banks (and small ones, for that matter) IS all about finance, investment and profits. But that doesn’t mean that powerful individuals have got together to plan the takeover of free nations. (Over a cup of tea? Snifters and cigars?)

    We do know that there actually are conspiracies between like-minded people – organised crime is an example. We’ve seen some smallish scale conspiracies, or maybe-conspiracies, here in Australian politics, eg. rorting?

    But realistically, what we’re up against in Australia at this point in history, is mindset. Suspicions are not evidence. If you have no evidence/indication of conspiracy, peddling conspiracy theories is not helpful. Harmful, in fact, because it muddies the waters, distracts from the real problems and the appropriate solutions.

    It’s the mindset of the current federal, and some of the state governments, that we need to be concerned about, and which we can actually do something about.

    And about the World Bank – I was in Yemen in 2011 on a six-month teaching assignment. One of my groups of students was a bunch of engineers studying English to improve their capacity to communicate with international bodies who might be able to help them to address the problem of water shortage in agricultural regions in Yemen. Those students were funded by the World Bank.

    The World Bank is not a bank in the usual sense.

  20. Michael Taylor

    Suspicions are not evidence.

    Bingo, Kate. One of the best lines I’ve read in ages.

  21. Kate Ahearne

    Thanks, Michael. High praise!

  22. Henry Rodrigues

    Kate Ahearne… If its possible sit through her excruciating, say nothing do nothing, daily 11.30 press conferences and her constant references to ‘her affinity and solidarity ‘with all those people who are like her, living in Sydney’s western suburbs ( where she hasn’t lived foo many many years) and how she ‘understood’ their feelings. As for her demure looks, I’ll say this,. Mikaella Cash and Sophie Mirabella and Brownwyn Bishop could learn a bit or two about the damsel in distress routine.

  23. Kate Ahearne

    OK, Henry.

    The ‘damsel in distress’ routine is an impression. It’s something you have intuited rather than something you know, or even something you have observed. That’s how it is with stuff like that – the ‘eye of the beholder’. I’m not saying that you’re wrong about Gladys.( I have no intention of sitting through however-many 11.30 press conferences so that I can form my own opinion.) And I’m not saying that Scott Morrison is not a smirker, either! What I WAS trying to say is that your impression led you into a mini gender/ethnic/short-skirts rant that came across as quite, shall we say, ‘…ist;.

    Your apology was a good idea, and it was accepted.

    As for Michaela and Sophie – don’t get me started!

  24. GL

    As the Covid and Omicron infection rates ramp up does anyone else see Scummo begin to panic?

    Somehow I don’t expect we’ll see the return of Lou after he got the reaction he did after his trollish post.

  25. Kate Ahearne


    My apologies. I forgot about Bronwyn. Don’t get me started on her, either!

  26. Kathryn

    Has this totally gormless, short-sighted, bible-thumping religious hypocrite got any sort of insight? Clearly, the Parrokeet doesn’t seem to care that he is putting the lives of thousands of people in NSW (and elsewhere) at risk – which INCLUDES countless little children and vulnerable members of our aged society! There is no doubt about it – the LNP at STATE and FEDERAL LEVELS are overflowing with unconscionably corrupt, self-serving, callously inhumane neoliberal sociopaths who, clearly, don’t give a rat’s behind about the health and welfare of ordinary Australians but just want to go on and on ensuring that their donors in Big Business have a steady flow of workers on-call to keep their profits expanding, the economy pumping, dollar$ flowing and their rich and powerful mates in the Top 1% getting richer, more powerful and fatter at the expense of working- and middle-class Australia! No matter that there are now more than 3,323 active cases of Covid-19 right now; no matter that (as at yesterday) the average number of new infections reported in Australia each day is reaching new highs and that more than 2,500 daily COVID-19 infections in Australia peaked with the highest daily average reported — now at 2,552 new infections each day!

    There have been 246,797 infections and 2,142 coronavirus-related deaths reported in the country since the pandemic began and here we have these bible-thumping hypocrites: the signed-up member of the Doomsday Cult of Hillsong, Morrison, and the anti-contraception, anti-abortion, misogynist and shrieking homophobe, Dom Perrottet, with their heads FIRMLY stuck in the sand hoping that it will all just “go away”!

    Now that Australia – and the world – are labouring under the highly contagious Omicron version of a rampantly contagious international pandemic, it is IMPOSSIBLE to think of a worse, more totally inept, bone-idle, delusional and callously inhumane regime as the LNP to be at the helm of our nation mismanaging us into oblivion!.

  27. Kaye Lee

    NSW records 3,763 new cases – one of them is my nephew who, with his family, was supposed to be coming here for Xmas. Anyone feel like lobster, oysters and prawns? I’ve now got plenty to spare.

  28. Michael Taylor

    Kaye, that’s terrible news about your nephew. I pray for a swift recovery. 😢

  29. Henry Rodrigues

    Kaye.. sorry to hear about your nephew. Hope you are all safe.

    Kate Ahearne…. Nothing to apologize for, we’re on the same side, coming at it with different perspectives. All’s good.

    The images of those three LNP ‘personalities’ is revolting to say the least.

  30. Kate Ahearne


    Rotten news about your nephew. Everything crossed for him to get well v soon.

  31. Trevor

    Can we have the varied Politoxics made accountable under Australian Law for their theft, fraud and missappropriation of public funds, misrepresentations to the electorate, outright lies and dissembling bs regards all manner of public policy?. can we?

    Or does the farce of Parliamentary Sovereignty , ergo sovereign Politoxics, cast Ozlanders as forever passengers on the MorriSCUM self righteous Ship of fools, with the Howard (Aust resident War Criminal) dictum, that Ozlanders get their opportunity to participate in Democracy on voteday and only voteday.

    Vote independant.

  32. Fred

    5715 cases today – looks like the curve is seriously exponential (almost a vertical line). Wait 2 weeks and the ICU cases will follow. It’s so good to see our “Leaders” do effectively nothing, maybe they are busy praying Omicron will go away on its own.

  33. Lou

    It doesn’t matter which State you look at, its a dogs breakfast, eg, today Ms Palaszczuk said Queenslanders now needed to live with coronavirus. “This virus is here. It is right throughout our community. We are living with this virus. This is the next stage of the pandemic”. Aussies are now at the starting point of where Sweden was almost 2 years ago. The main differences are Sweden didn’t destroy its economy with gov racking up huge deficits as the virus circulated, they didn’t mandate and they don’t do child sacrifice. Can we get some leadership, not leadershit, in this country soon?

  34. Michael Taylor

    “… and they don’t to child sacrifice.”

    What a ridiculous statement.

  35. GL


    “…and they don’t do child sacrifice.”

    Provide us with verifiable evidence to back up the nonsensical, and frankly tiresome garbage from the nut job conspiracy universe. If you can’t then don’t annoy us with anymore of that crap!

  36. Michael Taylor

    GL, Lou won’t be bothering us again.

    It’s all part of this site’s new policy: conspiracy theorists get an instant block.

    Experience shows, however, that these people are very persistent so I would not be surprised if Lou reappears as a new entity.

  37. Canguro

    The internet has many positive attributes, amongst which is the enabling of armchair commentators. Hundreds of millions of blogs exist. Doctoral dissertations will eventually emerge in their wake, on matters sociological & psychological.

    Clearly, we’ve got a lot to say to each other. Equally apparent is the ownership of our writings… and the identification of what we have to say with our own personal set of beliefs and values… witness the arguments, flame wars, abuse, vitriol, nastiness and malice that occasionally dominate the discussions.

    Thankfully, AIMN seems relatively free of such destructive and negative offerings.

    Language matters, the choice of words matter, the thoughts expressed matter.. in composite they all serve to create an impression of the type of intelligence and a sense of quality of the author’s perspective that sits behind the offering.

    It’s natural that for many blogs or sites where we can comment that the dominant themes are of local focus… not much point in banging on about the Icelandic eruptions if you spend your time in Alice Springs, but still, even a parochial localised focus still offers contributors limitless opportunity to intelligently parse circumstances and offer a helpful viewpoint. One that, evenly assessed, may fall into the category of ‘balanced’.

    I’m not sure that, all things considered, we’re correct in saying this country’s response to the pandemic is a dog’s breakfast – a confused mess or mixture – positions have changed as the pandemic has evolved and by and large the states have had to operate within a dynamic and fluid environment, subject to their senses of responsibility to their citizenries – all perfectly appropriate, one might argue.

    Parochially, it might seem dog’s breakfasty, but looking over the horizon…? How do we compare to Europe, or England, the USA, or parts of Asia? Pretty damn good, I think.

    In 2020 I spent nearly ten months in lockdown in a south-east Asian country… not allowed out of the house, army trucks patrolling in the streets, people being put in caged detention in public places to demonstrate the government’s determination to control the rate of infection spread… much closer to this mythical dog’s breakfast than anything locally-based Australians have experienced.

    As for child sacrifices, whatever that means, but it sounds like something lifted from the pages of the Illuminati or a Q-Anon playbook… why even bother to put that type of unverifiable stinky red herring up onto a mostly rational and well-argued website for the intelligent?

  38. Michael Taylor

    Fabulous comment, Canguro, and much appreciated.

    We pride ourselves here for the high level of mature debate. All credit there goes to the commenters and to our moderators for making it so.

    Despite our best ‘police work’ a few conspiracy theorists will always slip through. They certainly keep us on our toes.

  39. Canguro

    Thank you Michael, your comment also much appreciated, and apologies for the time I pissed you off with my intemperate comments about the pair of researchers at Adelaide Uni who published on the impact of scary shark movies on the consciousness of folks.

    And stay safe, as well to all the folks who post here, over the coming weeks of the silly season. I’m off for a 9 day jaunt around the interior of NSW, check out the bird life at some of the western sanctuaries – Menindee, Lachlan swamp, Lake Cargelligo.

  40. Michael Taylor

    My pleasure, Canguro. I can’t recall the time you pissed me off. To me it never happened.

    Enjoy Lake Cargelligo. I stayed there once with a brother but I remember very little of it except that it was a good place to go yabbying.

    As with a few places here in Victoria a number of the good yabby spots are gone as dams dry up. It’s probably the same up there, too.

  41. silkworm

    He/she was no conspiracy theorist. He/she was a Lib troll. Sent to distract from the main topic — Dum Dum the Parrot. Cases reached over 5.000 today. 5,000!

  42. Michael Taylor

    silky, good to see you.

    Merry Christmas.

    Well picked up about Lou.

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