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Nominations For Rossleigh’s Rum Rebellion Day Awards

Last year I did an Elon Musk and just decided all the people who were worthy and picked the winners myself. This year I’ve decided that if an award is going to have any credibility it needs to be decided by more than one person…

Unless that person happens to be a king or queen or in charge of a large company like Gina’s award to Barnaby which he had to hand back because it’s apparently wrong for a National Party politician to be given money by the mining industry in public.

Yes, if anyone is going to give me money to get their bottle of rum then let me make it clear that I don’t want one of those novelty cheques, or even an actual cheque. However, if the next UberEats paper bag should happen to have a little extra refund for the slow service and no food, well…

Ok, I should stop sounding like a Morrison under cross-examination at a Royal Commission and just get to the point.

Sorry, I don’t recall what the point was. And I don’t recall if ever had a point. You’re asking me to remember something of great significance from sometime in the past and I’m not sure if I have ever recalled anything without notes and I’m not certain there were any notes made but if you produce them I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen them before and I’m even less sure that passed them on to the relevant minister because we may have been out at a bar at the time and you certainly wouldn’t expect me to remember what happened once we’ve got the journalist taking the photo to delete it…

Oh, that’s right. The Rum Rebellion Awards.

Last year because people were a bit upset about January 26th, I gave out the first Rum Rebellion Awards and I still have the bottle of rum as the award. And people were so impressed by my attempt to include everyone – apart from the Salvation Army – with my award that they thought I should make it an annual thing.

And because I’m not Elon Musk, I’m asking for your opinion.

Which I may ignore if I don’t like it because you don’t have to be Elon to be inconsistent and stupid. That’s what makes politics what it is.

Nominations please.


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  1. Paul Smith

    Well, I’m a queen, so I guess I get to decide. In which case, We Declare the bleeding obvious: Mutt Scorrilous is the rummest corps(e) of all time.

  2. Terence Mills

    Scott Morrison has already won Crikey’s award of Arsehat of the year, another nomination would probably go to his head and encourage him to have another go at the Liberal leadership (or Pope !).

    By the way, you really need a public warning about that captioned photo : I’m still cleaning cornflakes from my keyboard !

  3. LOVO

    Ho Ho Ho and a bottle of Rum……no wonder Ruddolf’s nose is so red.
    Ross, mayhap there could be a 2nd or 3rd prize? I reckon I could get me hands on a couple of bottles or three of some aged Blackberry Nip from the cellar of an old Cafe……they might be a bit dusty but.. 😆
    Merry Christmas to all 🎅 🍻

  4. Terence Mills

    The Liberals believe that Labor ran a policy of attacking Morrison which according to Paul Fletcher very, very effectively demonised in an intense, aggressive and continuing campaign [against Morrison] by the Labor party and by the broader green left campaigning apparatus.

    So it was all Labor’s fault then – when will they ever learn !

  5. New England Cocky

    Uhm ….. I presume that you mean the first overturning of an Australian ”Head of Sate” in 1806 (?) by the wealthy John MacArthur who believed that he had a birth-right to corrupt the Sydney colony with his home distilled rum. Then another presumption that you exclude Governor William Bligh’s response to this treason and his subsequent complete exoneration back in England. Doubtless you are aware that MacArthur was never indicted for this mater because of his intervention to save the Duke of Norfolk’s offspring on the way back to England, that earned him a ”No Case” award after seven years away from NSW.

    So, which Australian (local or imported) screwed the system over and got away with it?

    As a resident of New England that is represented by the adulterous, alcoholic, amoral, misogynist Beetrooter. His ability to get away with milking the Parliamentary Allowances system, his work for the benefit of his political patrons to the exclusion of the electorate and his self-serving support of the destructive CSG development in the Pillliga Scrub that has the potential to destroy the Great Artesian Basin water supply shows that Nazional$ supporters believe that they too can rip off the Australian people for personal pecuniary advantage.

  6. Michael Taylor

    There’s only one bottle left, LOVO. Mrs Bacchus took the rest to use in her cooking. 😁

  7. Fred

    TM: Are you referring to the “Mr NBN” Paul Fletcher, who in 2020 declared it was “built and fully operational” at the same time I couldn’t get a connection and my phone/ADSL service was disconnected, i.e. no internet at all? Gee you can put a lot of credence on what he has to say – NOT.

  8. paul walter

    Dunno. What is with Kathryn Campbell switched to AUKUS after stuffng up ROBOdebt and Social Seciuity?

  9. paul walter

    True consevatives never forget and never learn.

  10. Rossleigh

    Rum Rebellion Day = January 26th. I thought that while Australia Day has become a little divisive we could all celebrate something that involved rum, even if the overthrow of the government might be painful for some.

  11. Jack sprat

    I can see the logic in why tha national party are against a indegenous voice to parliament, why should indegenous people get a voice to parliament for free when Mining Magnates pay them millions for the privilege.

  12. Clakka

    No joshing, it was a rum run. Well versed with the wielding of a racket, even omitting the claw-back claws in the covid corporate largesse, it was no returns as he was ministered to, cast adrift and teal-hauled.

    As the other rats cling to the sinking ship, the jetsam lingers, is his just desserts sufficient?

  13. David tennant

    Surely, Angus Taylor wins in a gallop.

  14. wam

    Loved the photo, Rossleigh, It so reminded me of the connection between beetroot and the fat controller. She gave him a lift to india for a wedding but he had to find his way back. His flight stopped at Kuala Lumpur and he took a taxi ride and claimed re-imbursement for researching the airport road.
    The beetroot is my favourite with lidia thorpe a rum toddy.

  15. Henry Rodrigues

    Looking at the picture, and employing a stretched version of erotic imagination, the one thought that comes to mind, two dissolute aging porn stars desperately clinging to the glory days.

    ARGH !!!!!!!!!!

  16. Terence Mills


    What I see is Dracula returning to his vampire Queen : it gives me nightmares !

  17. GL

    This obscenely rich, privileged and utterly clueless fuckwit and the rest of his mates to the Tory Crime Gang have caused all the problems in England over the last decade or so and he’s, ““I am really sad and I am disappointed about the disruption that is being caused to so many people’s lives, particularly at Christmas time,” the PM said during the visit.” Jesus H. Christ in a Rolls Royce!!

  18. Bensy

    To the AIMN, NEVER show the wife cheater Barnyard kissing Gina, it’s very disturbing and should never be published. WILL SOMEONE THINK ABOUT HIS FIRST CHILDREN ?!!! … AAAAHHH !!!!

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