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Nobody Got All Ten Right! You Need All Need to Resubmit!!!


The following exercise was not completed correctly by anyone.

  1. The Prime Minister of Australia. Who_______________?
  2. The Deputy Prime Minister. Who_______________?
  3. The Assistant Treasurer who stood down. Who_______________?
  4. The Minister for Human Services. Who_______________?
  5. The Minister for Science. Who_______________?
  6. The Minister for Women. Who_______________?
  7. The Science Minister. Who_______________?
  8. The Education Minister Who_______________?
  9. The Health Minister Who_______________?
  10. The people who voted for Abbott. Who_______________?

Most of you tried to name all these people which wasn’t what the exercise asked you to do. However, I do commend the person who in answering question ten listed the three remaining people who are prepared to admit it.

The correct answers are below:

  1. The Prime Minister of Australia. Who believes him?
  2. The Deputy Prime Minister. Who knows?
  3. The Assistant Treasurer who stood down. Who can remember?
  4. The Minister for Human Services. Who cares?
  5. The Minister for Science. Who needs one?
  6. The Minister for Women. Who says a man can’t do this job – there’s really nothing to it, all you need to do is give women extra money to have a baby!
  7. The Assistant Health Minister. Who knew?
  8. The Education Minister Who let him out?
  9. The Health Minister Who? Just who!
  10. The people who voted for Abbott. Who’s sorry now?


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  1. DanDark

    Its a Claytons government
    A gov that’s not really a gov
    I was confused, but not now
    Thanks to your list,it all makes sense
    Yes we need a REAL gov
    Not the pack of old fart men we have,
    that have no idea about anything much

  2. edward eastwood

    Excellent post Rossleigh. They just keep getting better, so keep ’em coming.

  3. dafid1

    I knew who is on first base!!

  4. townsvilleblog

    As usual nobody will admit to voting tory, this lot are the worst tories yet, surely the people will revolt if Hockey’s budget looks anything like their commission of audit> Surely the the Senate would block supply if this occured, I must admit though their scare campaign has gone swimmingly.

  5. Royce Arriso

    I am now Special Adviser to the PM, $150k a year, very tasty. Evidently Tony heard I was good at Hist. and Geog at School, so he put out a feeler. “Royce old son, I can never remember. Is Spain the capital of France or is it the other way round?” Told him I’d get right on to it. Within an hour he had the emailed answer on his desk. Probably rack up 30-40 hours (annually) doing this stuff. Joe Hockey is also after anybody who knows the difference between debt and deficit. Any takers? Give him a buzz.

  6. Möbius Ecko

    townsvilleblog. David Marr on Insiders said the budget will be a lamb as compared to the Commission of Audit.

  7. Stephen Tardrew

    Mobius Ecko:

    The have blown the whistle; flown the coop; spread the disease; nailed the coffin; spread the legs; woofed the smelly one; prepared the poison because regardless of a softer budget Australians now know exactly what their objectives are and it ain’t pretty.

    The fools have torn off the disguise setting the populations minds whirling through their pre-emptive arrogant self-disclosure. Hint the Commission of Audit is a poisoned chalice.

    Mate it is time to laugh they have just fed the opposition a whole basket of instant sound bites that will turn the bile in the stomachs of most Australians.

    Lets face it these guys are really dumb and are in the process of self immolating. That they would do it so early in a term demonstrates just how out of touch with ordinary Australians they are.

    The noose is hanging; the rope is tightening and the door will soon be swinging.

    “Hang” on a minute it wasn’t supposed to be like this.

    Well Duh! we know that now take your medicine Mr Scrooge.

    Seen News Pole lately?

  8. Stephen Tardrew

    Spelling correct for to pole is to stick it up your fundamental orifice.

  9. bilko

    For two weeks now our local Canberra parish priest has added a prayer for all pensioners who are worried by this “Horror Budget”, Does the “Church” know something the MSM is NOT telling us or after the COA announcement it will not be all that bad and everyone can thank the Mad Monks team for seeing us through these troubled times.

  10. billy moir

    no matter what the rabbott says he has it covered by the economic crisis/labor’s borrowing/boats. Those who voted for him don’t read this, cannot read betwqeen the lines and only hear the rabbott and his worried men. They have nothing for which to be sorry.

  11. Dr. Lynne De Weaver

    Loved the answers to this quiz!

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