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No Scott, we can’t just heal and move on

If anyone still held out any hope that our current government could lead this country in the right direction, that has been well and truly smashed.

Scott Morrison seems to think that giving all of his MPs a flag badge will somehow make them all focus on us (strategically pointing at camera as I say that).

He thinks that mentioning his football team every time he is interviewed will make us all relax and forget what has gone on.

He says that bullying would not have occurred under his leadership. Well, gee, here I was thinking that he held a leadership role as Treasurer, but obviously he wasn’t strong enough, or didn’t care enough, to stop the intimidation.

Helen Kroger, former Liberal senator and the current chair of the party’s women’s committee (and former wife of Liberal power broker Michael Kroger), said she does “not believe there is a culture of bullying and intimidation in the Liberal party.”

Oh, ok then. But did it ever occur to Ms Kroger that bullies pick on people who don’t have her connections? People who may not enjoy the security she obviously feels?

Outgoing workplace relations minister Craig Laundy has spoken about the tactics used by the bullies that Ms Kroger doesn’t think exist.

“Being a third generation western Sydney publican, you come at me and I’ll come back,” Mr Laundy told as he revealed he had personally heard complaints by female colleagues and believes some were made to the Prime Minister’s office.

“There were complaints made to the PMO and I’ve had complaints made to me.”

Mr Laundy also gave the shock jocks a serve they rightly deserved.

“I’ve had Jones, Hadley, Bolt, Peta Credlin … insert name of right-wing commentator here … give me free character assessments basically for the past five years,” he said.

“And the last election campaign I think is the best example of what influence they actually have, if you are a shrewd marginal seat operator. It was an eight-week campaign where particularly Alan Jones would offer free character assessments that weren’t too complimentary on a daily basis. And when the state of NSW had a 5.1 per cent swing against (the Liberals) I had a 1.6 per cent to me.”

He said the broadcasters encouraged voters to contact him, with Mr Hadley publishing his official email address.

“I couldn’t thank him enough for that because what it does is it takes those fired-up people — a lot of times based on misinformation and that commentator’s personal opinion and a real personal dislike of me or Malcolm Turnbull — it makes that listener come to me,” Mr Laundy said. “I’ll ring them. I’ve done it thousands of times. And I read my own emails and reply, usually pretty quickly. And it shocks the living crap out of them,” he said.

I can personally confirm this. I emailed Mr Laundy asking him to back up claims he had made about convictions arising from the trade union royal commission. He responded with the details I had requested. And he was right – it shocked the living crap out of me to get a factual response, no obfuscation, from a Coalition MP.

There have been several Liberal party members suggesting that politics is no place for “snowflakes”, intimating that if you can’t cop intimidation then you aren’t up to the game.

Sadly, these people seem to think that being able to endure bullying is more important than being able to formulate, understand, and advocate for sensible policy direction. (Looking at you Craig Kelly for starters)

Political pundits will tell you that it has ever been thus.

Does that mean we should allow it to continue?

In recent times, much has been written about the lack of leadership in Australia. But that is like asking the coxswain to win the race on their own.

Until the crew starts pulling together, we will never get anywhere.

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  1. Patagonian

    He’s just playing the role of daggy old silly billy Uncle Scottie – you know, like Rolf Harris played the role of daggy old Uncle Rolfie and Boris Johnson plays the role of daggy old Uncle Boris. Evil men all.

  2. Patagonian

    And…Helen Kroger was once married to Michael Kroger. Say no more.

  3. Kaye Lee

    I think he is just gobsmacked, and extremely chuffed, that he got chosen. He will now try to make us forget all the things he has said and done for the last 5 years. He will ask us to believe he leads a united team “going forward”. He cares.

    (How must Gillian Triggs be feeling. George Brandis, Scott Morrison and Peter Dutton, all of whom treated her with such contempt, have been rewarded and elevated by the party. My dignity would have abandoned me long ago. I respect her restrained professionalism)

  4. Phil

    I am ok with it 👍🏻 We have to move on and reunite.

    Those that think that can happen under any party or any current leader are mistaken.

    So the job of uniting the people will be hard under any party. Don’t think Turnball, Dutton, Abbott, Shorten, Hanson or the Greenie guy will miraculously make it better. They won’t. Therefore, for the most part, I am prepared to give him a chance.

    You should too…if you want to live in a great and united country again. It has to start somewhere and sometime. Yesterday was the best time and today is the next best. Don’t put it off till sometime in the future…it will never come that way. Never.

  5. New England Cocky

    “Daggy ole Scottie”:
    … Minister for Incarceration in Hell of legal refugees ….

    as Treasurer, identified that free handouts as tax concessions and other bribes to local and foreign owned corporations were the cause of Budget deficits … and did nothing about removing these causes ….

    … conveniently forgets Christian principles on Parliamentary demand …

    Bring on the 2018 Federal Election!!!

    Cronulla supporters are nearly as bad as Manly supporters. Think they are God’s gift because they own property overlooking a small creek that gives them at least equivalent social status to residents in Darling Point or Point Piper over-looking Sydney Harbour.

    Why the sewage system on the Peninsular was only completed by the Whitlam ALP government in the mid 70s.

    @Kaye Lee: Our experience is that using “work” and “Liberal politician” in the same sentence is an oxymoron. In Barnyard’s case, well, sometimes the “ox” is accurate.

    @phil: The rejuvenation starts at the 2018 Federal election … after considerable effort from every voter who disagrees with the COALition driving Australia into a 19th century colonial outpost of foreign owned multinational corporations

  6. wam

    Did the son of a small forget that the bibleboy healers have two catcher when the healed faint?

    There is some hope that bullies can be compassionate as dutton and his au pair decisions show.

  7. Glenn K

    I’m so glad I moved to France last year. What a shit-show of corruption the LNP are – destroying a country I love. Perhaps the ALP can start the repair next year and I might bring my family back. He can start with a federal ICAC.

  8. corvus boreus

    Back in the days of the Byzantine empire, there was no such thing as democratic elections, merely processes of accession through either ‘legitimate’ inheritance/appointment or nefarious skulduggery..
    The bonus of this state of affairs was that formal political parties did not exist, at least not in the modern sense, however this did not mean that there were no political machinations, since, then as now, the various candidates for imperial appointments unceasingly vied for elevation to positions that would give them greater access to power and privilege.

    Thus, they maintained a source of ready-made popular factions within the plebian poli, pre-assembled mobs under ready-branded colours, able to be instantly mobilised for exploitation by wily political operators when they wanted to utilise herd movements to further their agendas; sports fans.

    In the case of the lowly of Constantinople, the street-level factions were based around professed allegiance/support for the one of the two main rival teams in competitive chariot racing at the Hippodrome, the main teams being the.’Blues’ and the ‘Greens’..
    Thus, any time aristocrats or bureaucrats with greater ambition wanted to utilize street violence to further their political ends, they just filled the streets with chariot-racing fanatics.

    The circenses that went with panem were not just a distraction, they were also a convenient method of maintaining irrationally and fanatically partisan (ready-to-be-angry) mobs under identifying banners of colour.

    Perhaps my unhealthy focus on history (nothing good to be learned there) is part of the reason for my cynicism when others talk about the social cohesion offered by the spectacle of competitive team sports.

  9. MöbiusEcko

    In every interview I’ve seen with Morrison since he became PM he sounds as though he’s spruiking a rehearsed propaganda sheet. Insincerity drips from every vowel and sanctimony from every consonant. It seems he thinks he’s geeing up his team and the nation by being ebulliently positive and nationalistic, but the hypocrisy is stark in the light of his absolute negativity in attacking Labor when he was in opposition.

  10. Terence Mills

    Questions are still being asked [except in the media] about how Dutton could resign from the government one day, mount a coupe on the sitting prime minister the next, fail in his attempt and then get reinstated to his former position by the incoming leader.

  11. Grahame

    Good point Terence. I also wonder, was the whole thing as haphazard and chaotic as it appeared or have we all been gamed by LNP powerbrokers? Dutton struts about as if the whole charade went to plan. Anyone seen the masterplan? It seems to whole idea came down to getting Turnbull out of the office, full stop. Policy changes, what changes? Groundhog day LNP style. ICAC.

  12. helvityni

    Glenn K, for crying out loud, don’t be in a hurry to leave France, the Brits are regretting Brexit….

  13. Rezenebe

    Heard Julie Bishop, the 3rd placegetter, support the “side” the other day. Along the lines. ….. Scomo and Joshi will be a great leadership team for a new generation ministry……… The only thing we were saved from this gut turning tripe was that there were no emoji’s attached, it was a radio interview.

  14. Reverend Rodinal

    If you look up Scott Morrison all the best dictionaries you see the entry “Post Turtle”

    But no matter how Scummo tries to spin his cabinet of rusty cutlery, it is still a severely divided ‘rabble’ (to be said in a heavy Scottish accent viz Doug Cameron because he does it so damn well)

    Look at the votes each candidate received – Morrison 45 to Dutton 40.
    This is far from a coherent party and a guaranteed clusterfluck just waiting to happen.

    So Morrison can say he is “For You.” Fine, but just who is the ‘you’?
    Is he referencing the 40 votes who did not vote for him? The ALP? The Greens? Muslims? Atheists? Agnostics?

    Yet more definition-vague bullshit statements that result in the warm ‘n’ fuzzies in his cold, dead heart and little confidence in the hearts of Australian voters.

  15. Frank Smith

    The RN interview with Helen Kroger yesterday was a disaster. Her primary message seemed to be that women in the Liberal Party should toughen up and accept that bullying and intimidation are an essential part of the political game. There was a far more reasoned interview with a female former Liberal Senator this morning who confirmed that bullying and intimidation tactics were rife in the Party. There is absolutely no doubt that the Liberal “suits” have a major problem with gender equality and that has got to end. I wonder if anyone has asked Jane Prentice (Liberal Member for Ryan who has been rolled by a staffer “suit” for preselection) for her thoughts.

  16. Ian Hughes

    Our new “go-go” PM deserves a new car for his new role.

    Time to ditch the Beemer in favour of a goggomobil! Yes, gee o gee gee o.

    Those of you a certain vintage will remember this classic ad:

    Seeing the car up on a jack needing repair just makes it more fitting!!

  17. Ricardo29

    So here we are, supposedly all heaving sighs of relief that we have dodged the bullet of Mr Potatohead, by getting the soft and fuzzy, touch football fumbler, scomo ( I prefer momomo, for motor mouth Morrison) when, in reality, we have a religious hypocrite, climate denying abuser of legitimate asylum-seekers. The extreme right wing have been silenced for a while because momomo is cut from essentially the same cloth but also even they know another coup would be disastrous. For the good of the country we can only hope Momomo’s is a do-nothing government serving out time until the inevitable electoral defeat, without doing too much more damage. Why people might even get lower electricity prices. Sooner or later though, the Australian people will get the opportunity, and hopefully will take it, to show this rabble rump the door.

  18. Phil

    Move on, nothing to see here. Turnbull as left the room. One big happy family.

    In the absence of facts and in the presence of Liberal Party lies, propaganda and deceit, we are led to draw our own conclusions.

    My conclusion, drawn from that what I have seen and heard in this tawdry affair, and tempered by the past words and actions of the Liberal Party participants, is that Dutton, Morrison, Cormann, Pyne and faceless power brokers colluded to achieve a singular aim. That aim was to remove Turnbull, the progressive rat in their ranks.

    The theatrical drama they played out was a carefully scripted play that very nearly went off scrip but in the end achieved its aim – there was no competition amongst the actors and the director.

  19. Diannaart

    Sadly, these people seem to think that being able to endure bullying is more important than being able to formulate, understand, and advocate for sensible policy direction.

    LNP don’t do ‘policy’ – too nambypamby – meaningless, sweeping expressions are the shiny objects to dangle in front of the spectator voter.

    Enduring bullying proves stoicism, whereas standing up and complaining is the resort of the weak, the snowflake who deserves further denigration for their temerity.

  20. benway

    Phil – Agreed, Pyne calling Paliament adjourned that day seemed rehearsed and calm to me, and I can’t fathom a world in which every last one of them was stupid enough to think Dutton was anything but a stalking horse.

    Watching much of it go down live, I am left with a few niggles. First being the speed which the MSM carefully cut any mention of the media role in this debacle. Insiders was especially insipid and Uhlmann’s fabulous tirade faded quickly from the forefront. It’s been downplayed, though mentioned, ever since, to me it’s mentioned with the same sort of credibility as horoscopes.

    Second – it appears that some of the Lib/Nats are now so far up their own bottoms that they think they have a whelk’s chance in a supernova* of re-election; that they truly do believe in the face of all evidence to the contrary, that there is a vast bigoted conservative ‘base’ out there.

    Douglas Adams quote

  21. king1394

    Why was Turnbull’s 48 to 35 victory not enough, but Morrison’s 45 to 40 has been decisive apparently. Is Round 3 likely in a few weeks’ time?

  22. Kaye Lee

    I note that our illustrious leader has squibbed going to the Pacific Leaders Forum on Nauru, leaving Marise Payne to face the questions on why we have abandoned any pretence at emissions reduction and any nasty questions about our offshore gulag and why the International Development portfolio has been moved off the front bench,

    PS I love the “go-go”mobil. How utterly appropriate. If you have a goggo, you’ll get a goggo.

  23. Frank Smith

    I note they have been tipping the refugees out of the Nauru Detention Centre gulag this week and pulling down the mold ridden tents these people have been consigned to for the past 5 years. Can’t have any happy snapper attending the Pacific Leaders Forum next week photographing such clear evidence of human rights abuse. Bastards – they should be allocating those tents to Leaders like Marise Payne to be accommodated in.

  24. Kronomex

    Dear Scotty,

    You may want to seriously consider removing the blight that is Dutton from your cabinet because anyone with any sense can only see the polls getting worserer and worserer the longer you have to suck up to him to keep him from potentially knifing you.

    But you won’t because you are just as spineless (apart from the “tough” yapping noises you make) as the jelly you replaced.

  25. Kaye Lee


    That is despicable. Not only are they moving them out of the tents, “refugees working at the Menen Hotel have been stood down from work so they won’t have incidental contact with visiting leaders.”

  26. Frank Smith

    Kaye Lee,

    Despicable indeed. And also note that more than three refugees gathering together is illegal – just like Queensland’s bikie laws. Our inhumanity seemingly has no bounds!

    “Gatherings of more than three refugees will be considered to be unlawful assembly by the government of Nauru police and so protests will be shut down on that basis.”

  27. Florence Howarth

    Dutton no longer immigration minister. One can wonder why Morrison took it off him? Could not have made Dutton happy.

  28. susan

    Just my personal observations as someone handing out how to vote cards in Laundy’s Reid electorate, the interpersonal exchange between Laundy and his father suggests bullying . As for facts, that is another matter. As Turnbull’s protege, Laundy spouts and votes the party line and never answers emails if there is any criticism. The recent immigrants with poor English who belong to churches and are paid to hand out how to vote cards for the Liberals along with the changing demographics of the area suggest to me that the increase in votes for Laundy is more to do with people not understanding what they are voting for rather than his popularity.

  29. phil

    If the rest of the MSM including the ABC will not boycott reporting on the Pacific Leaders Forum, I know I will boycott any news that comes out of the forum from News Corp. That includes any independent outlet that regurgitates the News Corp narrative.

    I’m less and less inclined to read reports and articles on any media platform when they are accompanied by videos and/or pics of Sky broadcasts and other trash outlets of the Murdoch sewer.

    I have abandoned the ABC Insiders program and won’t return until they end their weekly “what do the papers say”. Murdoch has been setting the daily news agenda for way too long.

  30. Oscar

    Susan: The Liberals love confusion.That’s where their Gaslighting and Manipulation techniques come to the fore.

  31. Kronomex

    The LNP, the gift (graft?) that just keeps taking and taking and…

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