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No longer “suitable to terrain”

Poor Geoffery Rush … Poor Andrew Broad … and all those other damned and condemned poor bastard hetero’ males who were mesmerised beyond capacity for self-control by that demon of delight, that goddess of goodness; the female of the species … poor me … We are just no longer “suitable to terrain” vehicles driven wildly and recklessly until we breakdown on the vast desert of deluded day-dreams and await the shifted sands of bias social interpretation to bury us completely. And it’s no use us turning to our lifetime backers of our own generation; our partners and wives … or female friends … they have heard all of our best lines and now snort and sneer and mock our suave/comedic impotence … and like the disgraced Professor Rath in The Blue Angel, our adored “Lola Lola’s” drive us to becoming clowns and madmen … We are doomed.

Of course, the “new men” that will inevitably arise to suit this feminine dominated terrain will have none of the clownish speak and rolling eyes and drooling tongues of us older blokes when confronted with the chaste beauty of the “New Woman” … and I do not mock with that title … for surely it is so: a new woman drawn from all the mistakes and servitude of those older generation of ladies … we have seen it implied and written … ”time to correct the mistakes of those days, of past generations” … we read … and it will be done … so help me God!

But back to these “new men” who are expected to service the needs of these new women … Will their temperament be softened and tamed by this new understanding of “the female within”? Will they stand gracefully to one side whilst the women in their lives organise their habits and desires? Will they be idle whilst the women in their lives choose time and location for any sexual activity the couple may enjoy?

Knowing males like I do, I doubt any of the above will work … And if we were to extrapolate on the subject of male/female relationships, that situation is the “elephant in the room” of this modern-day dilemma of why men are behaving so badly … ie; because they can … Because there is no longer a cultural or physical requirement for single males or even males in relationships to adhere to a loyalty that has no longer a need to exist. Sure, there are laws … but what obstacle is that when passions or anger run high? Just look to the violence statistics to assure yourself. The success of a capital-based society in giving freedom of action/career/self-support to both genders, has on one hand released the male from expectations of paternal roles, but on the other hand has more encumbered women with the extra duties of career construction AND the natural inclination to have children … neither of which, if a woman in this materialist world, can in reality be avoided.

While the male can relinquish and is in some cases forced to relinquish by law his duties as a live-in father, it also has allowed him the freedom of movement to seek, court and seduce other women … many of them already single mothers … with a career … without the encumbrances of paternal responsibility. Males of many species gather together in packs to hunt, the females in herds to protect …

It is a piece of cake that they can have and eat as well, made all the more digestible when angry women curse and abuse men with acerbic vitriol demanding that they behave with more dignity and respect … But when the fox is let loose in the hen house? … fat chance! For it is written; “When the dick rises, the brains go to the arse of the pants.”

You hear of men casually setting up two or more appointments to meet at a certain club on Tinder, and when they arrive, they covertly sus out the best looker of the appointments and drop the others … It’s cruel, it’s vicious, it’s opportune … but since when has the hunter/capture world of sexual promiscuity ever been otherwise?

I have written about it in a scenario I was witness to a long time ago, before mobile phones, when actual face to face meet was they way it went … When divorced/single mothers would drive to another nearby satellite city, to certain cafes, where it was “understood” that men and women in similar situations could meet for casual relationships on their days off from the shared responsibilities of the children …

But what of the women in this scenario? … I have been warned off interpreting the feelings and actions of that gender by some who see themselves as both spokespersons and gatekeepers of some apparently sacred institution that needs to be shepherded away from gross male observation. I will dismiss their pultroonish possessiveness with the scorn such stupidity deserves! But yes … what of the women?

In my long years of attachment to ladies, I notice a different expectation of companionship with their men … and I say; “their men”, because that is what a man becomes in a close, long-term and loving relationship with a woman … he becomes an extension (if you like) of the woman’s personality … he becomes the “arm of masculine power” to her feminine “gathering of family lives and needs” … held in place by a strange kind of metaphorical umbilical cord that has come from the mesmerising hum of his own mother’s consoling voice from when a mere babe-in-arms … there is the strength of womanly power and virtue; “The hand that rocks the cradle” … almost tribal like … and yes … perhaps exactly tribal like … the perfect “rounding off” of required man-power needed for a sustainable lifestyle within even the modern suburban home.

I give you the perpetual requirements for security of existence: Parents/mother – father … shelter/home … genetic offspring / children … food/clothing all collected, food prepared and consumed by the tribal family … all gathered within the protective compound of village/suburb under the umbrella of a larger social organisation/government.

And that is it … You break apart that cohesive “basic tribal” structure, you suffer the consequences … and I believe we are now seeing the evidence of such a breakdown, all in the interests of promoting a materialist, capital-based society that can only benefit a small percentage of people of either gender. But don’t take my word for it … look around you when next you get out and about … look at your acquaintances and friends … What was gained and what was lost … listen to the tales and gossip you hear as you go about your own life … for these little clues are the whispers telling of the health and well-being of the world around you. Don’t listen to the bombastic bravado … that is mostly bluff and bluster …

Humanity may not live on bread alone. But I’ve yet to read of a full-blown revolution started on a full stomach or from the lounge-room of a contented home!

And I do believe it is loneliness for a loving relationship that drives most of the animosity in today’s world … as simple as that … the void that no amount of bling or money can fill: Loneliness.


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  1. Ill fares the land

    I can see where you are coming from and agree – to a degree, the behaviours exhibited are a part of the almost instinctive mating behaviours. However, we have to allow for the ability to make rationale choices and for a married male politician to not try to get a root from some on-line chick that is probably looking to exploit an older, monied male (well, someone spending their taxpayer-funded aqllowances) is asinine and pathetic. Same with Rush – if he has done what he is accused of, and we can separate the “Me Too” hysteria from the facts, then perhaps he has crossed the line. Even if his Broad’s marriage has broken down, he is still a politician and should know you can’t get away with this stuff in the modern era – and he left himslef open to blackmail, which it appears is what happened. Unhappily, women who have a nice set of boobs, or great legs, tend to know that and do tend to dress to show those attributes off. Perhaps I see things this way because I tend to be reserved with approaching women, but all men have to know where to draw some kind of line – even if women can’t oir won’t.

    In some respects, an example is that if I am in the company of an attractive woman who has plenty of exposed cleavage, I might notice (are you kidding – I sure as hell will notice), but I try to avoid ogling – and there is a big difference as with the latter one is assuming that the male has certain “rights” and can excuse all manner of boofhead behaviour because “she was expecting to be stared at”. Perhaps she was, but are you absolutely certain? If you aren’t then peprhaps you just have to accept that she is trying to play you for a schmuck.

    I admit I have seen more than one example of a subordinate in a professional situation turn her boss inside out by wearing low-cut and tight tops. He had no chance and was putty – but others could see she was just manipulating him and when I dealt with her, I went to great pains to avoid the ogle – because that then would have given her “the power”. So women do manipulate men and part of that just happens, but men don’t always have to be “victims to their desires”

  2. James Mason

    Up to your usual standard Joseph .. Always interesting, thank you.

    Maybe if we address the ‘loneliness factor’ and we learn how to love and live with ourselves, we would arrive at a place (in our hearts and minds) that is devoid of this loneliness, ie. be replaced with happy to be alone ..

  3. Joseph Carli

    ill fares…..yes tragic and pathetic are good descriptive words that cover many male’s behaviour….a wincing head-turner situation…But give them half a chance, half a week and they’d be back for more…and never improve…History and fictional classics give ample demonstration that such behaviour…no matter what the consequences…can always be relied upon to fill the pages of many a tome!

    James….yessss..the loneliness factor….that is the big one….I remember a cleaning lady telling me of one of her clients..a woman..who was fed up with her husbands obsessive hobby of restoring his boat he had in the downstairs garage…and she asked him to spend some more time together…but he wouldn’t..

    And the lady then told of her response…
    ” ‘You oughta to get YOURSELF a hobby’ he said to me..so I did!……His name was Bob..!”

  4. Kaye Lee

    With that attitude to women, it’s no wonder you are lonely. I am appalled by so much of what you have written that it is better if I just register my disapproval than carry on any further. Thank heavens those sort of condescending patriarchal excuses have been rejected by a more enlightened generation who view each other as people And partners rather than prospective fucks.

  5. Joseph Carli

    Wha!!??..” . . . it’s no wonder you are lonely.”…….yes, you just carry on…we can see what a brilliant job you and the “enlightened generation” are doing…But I would suggest rather than concentrating on MY perceived attitude, you pull the curtains aside and have a close look at what’s going on in the wide world outside…

    And BTW…: ” With that attitude to women,”….you don’t read half my articles, none of my stories, very few of my comments, yet you have this definate idea that I have an “attitude to women”…and WHAT, pray tell is your interpretation of my attitude to women…and remember, be accurate, your reputation for astuteness relies upon it!

  6. Roswell

    Joseph, the goings on “in the world outside” are no justification for you being sexist.

  7. Joseph Carli

    Hang on Roswell..just hang on a bit…THAT version of events is absolute bullshit!!..and regardless of how you may be positioned in “management”, you can stuff it up your jumper!…
    Who the f#ck are YOU to adjudicate on what is or is not sexist…c’mon!…you show me the sexist bit…or go jump in the Murray!

  8. Roswell

    Oh no, not this again.

    I’m out of here or this will be back and forward, back and forward, back and forward.

  9. New England Cocky

    A thought provoking article Joseph. Without going into dreary detail, I agree that “loneliness” is a major social problem, often accompanied or induced by a solitary life style. But breaking out of this dilemma is as straight forward as attending a social function.

  10. Joseph Carli

    If you can’t stand the heat….don’t bother throwing fuel on the flames!

  11. Joseph Carli

    NEC…the census stat’s on single people who are lonely makes doleful reading…and while it is true that social connection could help most people…for many it is a tough ask just getting out and about..especially when older or infirm.

  12. Shaun Newman

    Yes Joe, I can relate fully to this, whilst I am only 63 I am riddled with chronic fatigue syndrome from an earlier bout with Ross River Fever and Dengue Fever and the internet is my only connection with the outside world.

  13. Paul Davis

    O M G

    gees mate, here we go again…. but you still wont get it

  14. Sue

    Another thought-provoking essay Joseph, thanks.

    What I find amusing is MSM being used as the conduit for moral criticism. Enthroned on their ‘pedestal of conscience’ and sitting just below the good Lord, they ply their trade and spread their poison. If one is gullible enough, then drink up, your days are numbered anyway. It’s a pity that this is the way it is, but let’s be realistic, this is how it is.

    Media Techniques, Brainwashing 101: stick to the superfluous, avoid facts, & hope for the best – a domestic audience.

    Politicians – we can vote out every few years, but to depose those most polluting the social environment – we’ve no choice. We’re stuck with our all-singing, all-dancing, all-ferreting media – until enough people wake up and do their own thing.

    In general, the media equals un-intelligent action. Why waste much time playing their games.
    What to do – find an alternate source of inspiration? Too easy. There is so much good happening, just look here >

  15. Joseph Carli

    “. . . but you still wont get it”….won’t get what, wise guy?….c’mon…you wanna “gees mate” me…put your “honey” where you mouth is..you want to pick an arguement…here I am…go for it…or STFU !

    Sure, we hear all about the “enlightened generation” dragging males into the twentyfirst century, but then most of what I see of these “apostles of clarity” is a vicious tounge coupled to a presumptive opinion…I mean..look at this Andrew Broad issue…sure, he was gormless duped, but now, not only do we see an endless conga-line of vicious social media lynch-mob kicking the bastard while he’s well and truly down and out, we also see those same “enlightrened generation” now wanting to vivesect his wife’s body shape and figure, his capacity to be a good parent and whether he should be investigated as suitable to be a foster parent…..
    Now I’m no Nat’ party member sympathiser..but by the living jeesus…it’s getting a bit vicious…like a feeding frenzy for sharks..all going in for the kill…

  16. Joseph Carli

    Shaun…I too am living in isolation…”splendid isolation” I call it…but I do love my internet…I had dengue fever way back in my Darwin years..bastard of a thing….the doctor tested me for malaria…

  17. Kaye Lee

    Lust and loneliness are two different things. Companionship doesn’t equate to a sly root on the side. Respect for your partner should empower you to resist temptation. You must excuse me if I don’t see Broad as a victim here. Any scrutiny of his wife, unjustified and unwelcome as it may be, is because of his actions. And can we please drop the belligerent invitations to duke it out.

    Diannaart, I wish they understood and recognised that.

    Joseph, your knowledge of history is really interesting. Your use of language to tell a story is entrancing. Your opinion of women is Neanderthal.

  18. helvityni

    Coming to Oz ( I had married a travelling Dutchman who lived here), I was a bit baffled about all this Germaine Greer business, why were the sexual male/female relationships so wrought here . Then I found out: men felt more comfortable with each other, women with women. In banks, post-offices etc. women preferred to talk to me, in social set-ups again men with men….

    I thought it was getting better lately; now it looks like we are going backwards…. In Finland we only have co-ed schools, so boys were your friends, not your boyfriends, relationships were more easy-going, there was then, and ever more now equality between sexes, job-wise, pay-wise….. women worked even on building sites…

    I feel I better leave it to you home-grown Aussies to sort this one, once and for all…I did not know the etiquette of baby wear , blue for boys, pink for girls, my babies got all colours and stripes…

  19. Sue

    Same page Joseph on this issue.

    In 20 years time, if in general social IQ has increased, the public is going to look back on the antics of some sections of social media and almost all segments of MSM as barbaric. Weak people looking for ‘thrills’, stupidly taking on vicarious suffering in the process, driven by the unconscious desire to be morally indignant and vent anger, they pile on.

    Why not leave the cleanup to the relevant parties and drop the childish ego titillation? MSM, can we just ban it?

  20. Kaye Lee


    I also went to a co-ed school and I do think it makes a difference. As you so rightly point out, boys were friends.

  21. Joseph Carli

    Kaye Lee..; ” Your opinion of women is Neanderthal.”….and yet…and yet…from my teens to my retirement, I’ve managed to have many friendships with women, a respectable number of relationships..with women!.. and two marriages…again; with women! and no…I’ve never cheated on any one of those relationships or marriages…I still hold many women amongst my friends and I seek their advice quite regularly when I want to post an article that could be gender contentious..

    And then we have YOU Kaye…and since you hold no reserved compunction about commenting about yours T…can I remark that yourself being a person who ..I believe you have informed the site…courted and married your school sweetheart, have had a seemingly comfortable lifestyle and now are comforted by a secure age…I have to wonder if YOU are best placed – with such a limited knowledge of the rough and tumble of the vicissitudes of life and love and all that those ups and downs that broken dreams of forged relationships encompass – to make reasoned comment or to give glib platitudes and advice on other peoples behaviour?

  22. Joseph Carli

    Sue…heartily agree..

  23. Joseph Carli

    helvityni..: ” ( I had married a travelling Dutchman who lived here),”…I have a hunch he was a sweet-talker!

  24. Diannaart

    Shaun Newman

    I am on DSP, due to ongoing chronic illness (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) after a particularly bad bout of Epstein Barr virus way back in 1996. The impact on my life was and remains profound.

    If I am lonely, it is a loneliness due to the restrictions imposed by my illness and nothing to do with any men, women how they relate to each other nor anything Joseph Carli has written about here.

    There is nothing for me here, except insult and bullying – no matter what I write, Carli will mock.

    Yes Carli has female supporters and, yes, Trump was voted in by many (white) women. Such is human nature.

  25. Kaye Lee

    Joseph, I am sure you have had great success with many women in your personal life. I was more commenting on what you write here which I presume is shared for comment. And once again, you are incorrect in your assumptions about my private life.

    Diannaart, belittling can only work if you let it trouble you, as you well know. I have a feeling that you are too self-aware for that to happen.

  26. Joseph Carli

    Fixed it..; ” no matter what I mock, Carli will write.”

  27. Joseph Carli

    No…Kaye Lee…it is incorrect to write/imply that I have had “great success with women”…THAT is to imply that I am some sort of Svengali type character, which I am not…Better to write that I have had many friendships with women….there..a little bit of syntax instruction for you…..I see myself as an “educator”.

  28. helvityni

    Joe, I have always been a sucker for men with a good sense of humour, sweet-talking never worked with me…

    As a young woman, at some dance, a sweet-talker had the last dance with me and tried this one: ‘ You have beautiful eyes’. My blunt reply: ‘Yes, I know.’
    The arm on the waist loosened immediately……

  29. Kaye Lee

    Joe, you may see yourself as an educator but do you ever listen in case there are things you could learn?

  30. Joseph Carli

    ” but do you ever listen in case there are things you could learn?”..

    “In each of us there is that twist,
    That in the end will come to this.
    No matter the culture, the mother, the art,
    Each to each,
    Heart to heart.”

    Yes..I listen and learn…

    Helvityni…Most discerning young men know the core philosophy in getting to start a friendship with a young lady is to make her laugh….if you can do that, you have made a good start!..

  31. Kaye Lee

    My son was in hospltal for an extended period and was being visited, when in bad pain, by lots of relatives that he didn’t usually see. When he asked me what he should talk about to a second cousin who was coming, I said just ask her about herself and then you don’t have to talk. He informed me that he learned that about girls when he was 12 lolol

  32. Egalitarian

    There is a lot of anger out there Joseph.We have had a good 25 years of dividing our society ideologically, socially, economically.Divide and Rule is working beautifully.

  33. Matters Not


    had a good 25 years of dividing our society ideologically, socially, economically

    And before those 25 years we all held hands and sang “Kum ba yah” because society was ‘ideologically, socially and economically’ …?

    It was that bloody Marx that started all this conflict many, many decades ago – and he thought he was only describing same. One wonders how his influence continues.

  34. wam

    My first school, as a teacher, was opposite a migrant camp. Any boy could dip his wick into 12 year olds for two bob.
    When you went to the drive-in, if the teacher wore a dress you sat in the back, if she wore slacks stay in the front.
    Men must, breathe, drink, deposit genes and eat. Shelter is optional.
    At that time, the gang bang was pretty standard in American high school football teams and fellatio was taught in sorrorities.

  35. Kaye Lee

    “Men must, breathe, drink, deposit genes and eat. ”

    And then, if we see to all that, and make the house clean and get the kids sorted and make ourselves pretty enough, will we get to the part about what women want?

  36. Egalitarian

    MN I mean that we have been Hyjacked by Extreme Capitalism or Neo Capitalism Ideology.via Privatization though we are manipulated by the story tellers bent whom takes it to the extreme.

  37. Joseph Carli

    GeezUS, wam…I didn’t envisage this discussion expanding to encompass those “informative entries” from your teacher’s “daily diary”…but hey…this is a social blog….whatever!

    Those observations above fall into the category of “background noise” of society and are generalisations of ..sometimes extremes in one way or another…that is..one hears of such things, but in many if not most cases they are are only scuttlebuck and rumour…and in some points are the result of a picture conjured up through old schmaltzy movies or syrupy pop songs that have made their way into cultural “norms”…even creating fashions and / or accessories to fit the occasion…I could name quite a few of those 50/60’s Gidget, Tammy’s in love, Holiday in Rome etc etc movies that played the women as a pastiche object to both aspire to or..in the case of males..to adore.
    But at the end of the movie, we all came out to the light of day and went to our respective homes and got on with our lives…in short, the fantasy was left to the movies and the harsh reality was confronted every day….

    BUT..I do concede that there has been a kind of crossing of the lines between those worlds…where now fantasy could be said is becoming the “new reality”…Everything from our gender to “our” pregnancies can and is in some cases..interrupted and altered to satisfy a preffered outcome…as is our working life, our living space and our familiar relationships…dating is nothing like when I was young..likewise jobs and language…
    I don’t know quite where it will go from here…does anyone else have some answers…or is the world now only a bunch of questions?

  38. Kerry

    Dear editors:

    Of all the things you COULD have published commenting on the Geoffrey Rush or Andrew Broad style of abuse of power, you choose this?

    Human beings, including men, have ben behaving badly for millennia, simply because they can. This is not a modern phenomena.

    Patriarchy, power and inequality is the issue to be addressed.

    The men, whose names are used in this article merely for clickbait, are perfect examples of misuse of power and position.
    They do it because they can and because they always have.

    Patriarchy is a system based on the subversion and abuse of the masculine principle and requiring the systematic suppression of the feminine principle. This does not equate to “all men” or “all women”.

    But things are changing and however imperfect the movement towards human equality is, not just for women , at least it is all coming out into the open. This is the first requirement for change.

    To use an extreme analogy: I imagine that the thousands of women burnt by the patriarchy for being witches over the centuries would not feel much sympathy for a few token, wealthy, self indulgent men getting a rap over the knuckles by the press.

    Poor Geoffrey and Andrew indeed!

  39. Joseph Carli

    Ok…been giving it some thought…I’ll have a go at some answers…;

    An analogy ; When we want to restore our computer operating procedures, we are asked to gve a date or time where we would like to go back to so as to restore the “equilibrium” (or whatever tech-speak says) of the software program…In “real life”, if I was asked the same, I would have to say that the most salubrious time for me was at the beginning of my first marriage, when we were expecting our first child and we had started on the build of our first house. There is a photograph among my effects of that exact moment, my heavily pregnant wife,posing as turning the soil for a proposed garden on the site….I was taking the picture.

    That moment held the ideal for..I expect..an example for many people who went through the same or similar period in their lives..; The freshness of love, the starting of new life and the promise of the future…and sure, there were many good years before things fall apart..

    Now here is the problem many of us face in this day and age…That first marriage broke NOT on the rocks of infedelity or financial disaster (though we were never flush with funds), but rather on the smoke-screen of a false ideology…the false promise of “New Age” mysticism…weird, I know…but back in the eighties, there was a movement that totally consumed some people with the promise of spiritual enlightenment that could take one to ..well..I don’t know..and that was my side of the problem..take one to the stars!…and that ideology was the rocks that our ship crashed upon..
    I won’t go into this or that of the thing, enough to state quite categorically that one of us thought their “spirit was dying” and the other wondered how he got mixed up with so much and many crazies!! and where was it going to end..so we drifted apart..
    If you want my interpretation of the final days…here: https://freefall852.wordpress.com/2018/09/16/on-health-practitioners-and-other-medicines/

    But that is it, isn’t it?..while the physical practicalities of life remain the same..ie; food , clothing , shelter…it is the ideological variables that intrude..and in this day and age, they are intruding into our lives in ever more dramatic fashion…The demands of adherence to this or that particular belief are becoming louder and more pervasive…and loyalty to this or that ideal becoming more and more enslaving until division between every solid institution of our lives right down to the relationship between men and women seems to have become an unresolvable conflict…yet all the time, there is or was that ideal moment..that REAL MOMENT that as a partnership of two people or then a family, we strove for the same goal with REAL love or commitment…and it’s a crying shame that it has to be damaged by such a thing as false ideologies…a damn shame.

  40. Kaye Lee

    I don’t know what you mean by false ideologies Joe. I think the difference now is that women are starting to feel like they can actually speak up when something makes them uncomfortable instead of just enduring it as we were expected to do in the past. Women want choices rather than the expectation of a lifetime of domestic servitude. They want to be recognised as capable productive members of the workforce rather than some sort of office eye candy. And they want men to grow up and stop excusing bad behaviour with claims of “irresistible urges”.

    Interesting article today….”More Australians need to call out sexism when they see it, says Our Watch” https://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-12-20/sexism-our-watch-domestic-violence-women/10594638?section=politics

  41. helvityni

    ‘Brisbane’s men-only Tattersall’s Club has voted to allow women to become members, ending gender-specific discrimination spanning more than 150 years.’

    Let’s not be too negative, things are happening, and from little things big things grow…

  42. wam

    kaye the point I was making but, as is usual, failed to convey, is for many men that is it? They have no humanity just the same animal life of self. There are women who are supportive of such men. There are religions who support such men. The society supports such men. The schools support such men. The workplace supports such men. The home supports such men.
    When the women and men who do not support such men reach critical mass. People like rush, trump, the rabbott et al will not be free to do as they please.

  43. Kaye Lee

    wam, I know you are a feminist (even if you wouldn’t use that word yourself). I have seen you many times decry the discrimination women face and I appreciate it. I understood your comment and didn’t mean to criticise….just to expand on it.

  44. helvityni

    Sadly wam, there are also nasty vindictive controlling women out there, they ruin their partners/husbands’, children’s lives; they do damage at work-places, neighbourhoods, they are on many internet blogs….

    My neighbour, a divorced mum, mother of two nice teenage boys, a school teacher, was driven away from her previous rented townhouse by three mean-spirited women in the same complex, making her life a hell…. luckily she was supported by the law, and was allowed to break her rental lease….

  45. Michael Taylor

    Wam, I have a somewhat similar story to yours at 11:38 last night.

    In 1992 I was staying with my sister who lives in the SA Riverland, and after a heavy night of drinking at the Berri Hotel I headed straight to the taxi stand and hopped in the first cab. “Take me home, please” (and I provided the address).

    “Are you sure? Most guys after a few drinks go to the Mission. (Gerard Mission, a nearby Aboriginal community). For a round trip of twenty bucks you can go to the Mission and bang a young lubra. Some of them half-caste shielas are rather gorgeous until they start hitting the booze and grow fat. It’s only twenty bucks – which is a cheap fare – what do you reckon?”

    “Take me home please,” I asked as my stomach started to churn over. And it wasn’t because of the booze.

  46. Joseph Carli

    Kaye Lee…on reading your above comment (9.54am), it has an ascendency imperative like the building up of a Rossini ‘crescendo’ to a bombastic finale…: “and we want men to grow up and . . .” I have to presume when you talk of your gender you are using the “Royal WE”…I am presuming you have the permission to talk for everyone in your gender?…I ask, because that is the impression I get when many of that “enlightened generation” you mentioned talk of the wants and needs of “WE Women”..and “YOU Men”…like the entire gender of every generation alive falls under some sort of “finishing school corporate brand name..”….: We Women….

    This is one of the issues of that “false ideology’ I mentioned…where the younger generation, which in my opinion lacks what is called : corporate memory…takes it upon themselves to interpret the cultural patterns that existed just after the second world war and into the early fifties and sixties…before they were born..yet have..through extensive readings on the subject…suddenly become experts and advisers and now policy makers “in the best interests of”…a whole mass of the population..
    This ideology is not altruism, nor is it left-wing.. it looks and sounds more like authoritarianism!

  47. Joseph Carli

    Because, you see..I can reflect back to that age yourself and your “enlightened generation” glean most of their outrage of a “lifetime of domestic servitude” that …I presume…was more a condemnation of middle-class expectation of women of that class, rather than the inevitable expectation of both men and women of the working classes…Most men were in labouring trades and women were home with the kids…lots of kids…six in our family and my mother would have had more if she could…strange that..that some deluded women actually wanted more kids…of course, they were brainwashed by men…bastards!

    But back then in many poor local households…I know ’cause we kids went to everyone else’s..”domestic servitude” was more a necessity of chopping the wood, killing the chook or duck for dinner, getting the ice into the cooler, heating the water on the top of the fire and all the kids sharing the bath…in a big tub in the kitchen by the stove…and..but hey…any of you old enough..and from a family poor enough knows the picture….; The veggie garden, the bucket-‘n’-chuck it dunny, plucking the bird…kids turned loose in the creeks or down the beach in the summer…all summer..

    But then, I see what you mean, Kaye, when you say that : ” They want to be recognised as capable productive members of the workforce . . . ”

    And now you are!…welcome to the 9 to 5 existance…and look!…that company that delivers “fresh-cooked food to your door”..has just delivered the “lean-cuisine” schnitzel w/chips!!..it’s gotta be thursday!….good onyer mum..you’re the one!

  48. Topenda

    I see Joseph at 12.45pm is doing his usual “do as I say, not as I do” routine to the little wimmenfolk.

    In his article he presumes to speak for the whole of the male gender since time immemorial, and bemoans the changing paradigm of male/female relations. He mourns the loss of the ‘rightful’ traditional male role (as he knows it…which is not necessarily the same as it’s been throughout history).

    When Kaye comments from a female perspective on some of the contemporary factors that come into play, she is attacked and accused of bombasticity and utilising the “royal we” as a weapon in Joseph’s perceived war.

    With breathtaking hypocrisy he announces she is presuming to speak for all of her gender, and dismisses her informed opinion as a generational fault – he is older and therefore wiser, having seen and done everything (and of course what with being omniscent as well), so no one else’s opinions count for much. Even less if they happen to have been issued with female genitalia.

    No doubt I’ll be disparaged for daring to point out his hypocrisy, but that’s pretty much what I’ve come to expect from Joseph when it comes to engaging with females online: disparage, attack and avoid answering any challenging questions in a meaningful way.

    Ironically, I agree with his assessment that loneliness caused by the breakdown of society is one of our weakest points as a ‘civilisation’. Even more ironically, his inability to treat women as equals is likely to be symptomatic and perpetuating of that very breakdown.

  49. Joseph Carli

    Jeezus, Topenda…I like the way you put so much of your intellect into your responses…You really DO think these things out …

  50. Diannaart


    Thoughtful consideration of changing attitudes such as this?


    The element in the debate that has leapt to the fore this year is that society no longer tolerates the view of women taken from 1970s James Bond films, which Mr Broad’s pick-up lines betrayed.

    This new understanding has become established in most other workplaces and institutions but the political parties, Liberal and National but also to some extent Labor, seem to be cocooned from it.

    It may well be that the world of the theatre is another such cocoon. Actor Yael Stone’s description of colleague Geoffrey Rush’s behaviour towards her on ABC TV on Monday also showed two fundamentally different views of how powerful men should behave to young women.

    What Mr Rush saw as “spirited enthusiasm”, Ms Stone saw as sexual pestering which made her feel unsafe. Given Mr Rush’s status in the industry, she felt she could not tell him how unpleasantly he was behaving.

    Mr Broad and others are not unusual in their arrested development. A lot of men are slow to accept the new balance of the sexes and rebuild their personalities accordingly or at least change their outward behaviour. Many react angrily when what they previously saw as an expression of romance is now seen as serious harassment or untoward conduct….

    ….These debates about the limits of flirting and romance are of course only one aspect of women’s fight for equality. It is also about access to health services and equal pay and the choice of a Governor-General.

  51. Joseph Carli

    Diannaart…yes the changing culture has left many of us males high and dry in a desert of lost youthful dreams..Hence the title of the piece and the accompanying header pic..and a very good pic it is to…thank you Michael..so apt…But what I ask is do we know what is this new world we are embracing?..will it have the depth or the solid base of some of those eras past?…or will it just deliver just a different variation of a shit sandwich?…But I won’t go into that here…..I feel a article coming on…

  52. Joseph Carli

    Moderators!!…Did I just see right?…Did one of you censor my copy of James Joyce off the page?…..Am I correct in seeing that James Joyce was censored off the blog??……You censored James Joyce off the post?????….are you kidding??? are you serious???…are you for real in this..: the 21st century????

  53. Joseph Carli

    Kerry…neither Rush nor Broad..no matter how alledgedly scurrilious their behaviour, have not committed an illegal act…and I would suggest you read the post past the first two names before drawing your sword…I know there are many people who like nothing more than to lean on the scaffold of social condemnation to support their lack of personal commenting credibility, but such laziness is no excuse for slander…

  54. Roswell

    Joseph, that was I.

    The comment was a slur at one of the female commenters here. This is the 21st century – a bit of respect would be appreciated.

  55. Joseph Carli

    I suspected as much…pointless, I also suspect for me to make issue with Diannaart’s link which was directed straight at ME…and backed up vicariously by K L…and equally pointless for me to point out that I chose that particular James Joyce poem because it also was in reply to slander from his “would not be publisher” … ;

    ” ‘Gas from a Burner’ is written from the dual perspective of John Falconer, the printer who burnt the sheets (as alluded to in the title), and George Roberts, manager at the publishers Maunsel and Company. The ‘Irish writer in foreign parts’ with ‘foul intent’, therefore, is Joyce.

    Joyce focusses in on the fact that Maunsel and Company, after agreeing to publish Dubliners, rejected it for being ‘anti-Irish’. Refuting the accusation, Joyce follows in the footsteps of the great 18th-century Irish satirist Jonathan Swift, drawing on all the powers of satire.”

    I am having grave doubts, Roswell, about YOUR capacity as an unbiased moderator…I suspect you have hitched your wagon to the rising star of a certain clique of commentators and judging by your continual concern for MY sexism, you have decided, like they , that I am “legitimate target”…

    And I have to say that I am also worried about your knowledge of English literature history.

    Go in peace.

  56. Joseph Carli

    F#ck it !…I had this piece ready to post, but I told Michael to scrub it as it may be a tad contentious…but bugger you lot of effing censoring wimps and cringers…I put the link to MY blog here…: https://freefall852.wordpress.com/2018/12/15/a-counterfiet-concern/ …Discuss…if you got the guts!

  57. Joseph Carli

    And Kerry…when you are finished clawing and kicking us males and OUR miserable behaviour…perhaps you can go burn a candle at the altars of some of your less glorious “sisters”..like : Oh..where shall we start?..Local..like any number of anti Gillard women commentators…Jennette Howard, Peta credlin..or those harridans on Sunrise who supported the stolen generation platform..or shall we go international…there’s a few there…Maggie Thatcher, Elena Ceasuescu, Imelda marcos, Dewi Sukano, Benazairr Bhutto, Queen Victoria, Aung San Suu Kyi, Indira Ghandi…just off the top of my head…we could go back in history..to say Livia Augustus who ran the Roman Empire for a while, as did Cleopatra with Antony or Agrippina who also ran that same state over her son Nero..and then there was the mother and aunt of Elagebalus..oh sweet Jesus and Mother Mary, there were so many…but you know….they really were or are such sweet things..why..butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths and some even deserve a peace prize…

    Stop bullshitting us with your middle-class wank!..better yet..stop bullshitting yourselves!

  58. Dianne

    Poor Joseph!

  59. Joseph Carli

    Sorry, Diannaart..I….found it “offensive”.

  60. Diannaart

    Of course you did, Joseph Carli.

    In fact I was going to ask Roswell to take down the children’s cartoon of Benson, (Australian production) spitting the dummy, seems you beat me to it.


  61. Joseph Carli

    Oh..not to me. Dianna…to Walt Disney!….Have respect for the departed…

    And thank you Dianne…It’s good to see others who will not speak from a kneeling position!

  62. Roswell

    That was a funny video, diannaart, even though I did think it was aimed at me. 😀

  63. Diannaart


    You have more respect for a frozen head, than Australian creativity?

  64. Roswell

    What!!! It’s disapeared!!!

    Gawd, I thought this was the 21st century.

  65. Diannaart


    If you are white and male, you know everything I say is aimed at you, coz I’m just that kind of shrieking harridan.

  66. Joseph Carli

    It’s alright, Diannaart..i replaced it with a more suitable link.

  67. Dianne

    I think Diannaart &Co will be taking Roswell out for a Counter Lunch and a Raspberry Lemonade for being such a good Boy.

  68. Diannaart

    That was MY comment, as much as I enjoy the Blues Brothers… if you have any courage you would restore the Benson cartoon.

    You don’t earn respect by treating anyone who dares to stand up to you or … drum roll … disagree with, contempt.

    To the AIMN reader, this is how a man who claims to be an “educator” treats women (or men) who disagree with him.


    In fact, Roswell, please restore Joe’s response to my quotation:

    When accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression.

    And I would love to take you out to lunch.


  69. Roswell

    Diannaart, I was joshing with you. But you knew that. 😜

  70. Joseph Carli

    Roswell…you hear the “lady”…this is where you come in, isn’t it?…go on jump to it!

  71. Roswell

    Diannaart, it appears the link has been deleted. As the author of this post, Joseph can edit or delete any comments.

    But if you were to post it elsewhere … 😉

  72. Roswell

    Dianne, if you don’t like me doing my job then feel free to write to the site owners.

    It is a much more mature thing to do than be a public smart arse.

  73. Roswell

    I have an appointment for a couple of hours.

    Then we’ll go out to lunch, hey? 😎

  74. Diannaart

    I applaud you for the job you do.

    This is where the written word does not convey any nuance…

    Yes, I understand Joe can change anyone’s comment to whatever he wants. There is nothing I can do about that.

    Am smarting about the “public smart arse”.

    Thought I was being humorous.

    I am sorry.

    Is lunch still on?

  75. Joseph Carli

    ” Is lunch still on?”….oh dear, oh dear…what can one do with THAT topic….get thee behind me Satan!!

    And with that cheerio..I think it best to close commentary on this post…: If you can do the honours please , Michael?

  76. Diannaart

    And now it’s time for something completely different:


    Bring back Tom Ballard.

    And, Joe, I know you can’t resist having the last word, over to you.

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