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Nicolle Flint’s “non-political” attack on Labor

Nicolle Flint seemed to be trying for a Julia Gillard moment yesterday when she attacked Anthony Albanese.

“I say to the leader of the opposition: I will not be lectured by you. I will not be lectured by your side of politics about the treatment of women in this place.”

Ms Flint, after saying that “the safety of women in this place should be above politics,” went on to get very political:

“What I say to the Labor party today is that they may not have held the spray can to vandalise my office with sexist slurs and they may not have held the camera pointed at me by the stalker or called me evil in GetUp’s phone calls, but they did create the environment in which hate could flourish.”

Oh come on, Nicolle.

It was Morrison who reportedly urged your party to capitalise on community fears about Muslim integration as a political strategy.

It was Abbott who stood in front of signs saying Ditch the Witch and Juliar and Bob Browne’s bitch.

It is Peter Dutton who spends every waking moment demonising refugees.

It is your government who has labelled welfare recipients “leaners”.

You have deliberately, for your own political advantage, stoked fear, division, and disinformation.

Where were you when SA Senator Lucy Gichuhi, and many of your female colleagues, were bullied and intimidated during the leadership spill? Where was your support for Julia Banks?

Senator Gichuhi said “I had senators and ministers in tears, that’s how bad it was. One of my colleagues was in tears the whole day.”

Linda Reynolds said “I just hope … whatever happens tomorrow that the behaviours that we have seen and the bullying and intimidation that I do not recognise as Liberal in any shape, way or form be brought to account.”

Morrison’s response?

“The events of a couple of weeks ago, I have described as a Muppet Show and the curtain comes down on that and Australians expect us to get on with our jobs.”

Move along, folks, nothing to see here.

When the allegations against Christian Porter surfaced, Sarah Henderson tried to raise again the allegations against Bill Shorten.

As was quickly pointed out, the police DID investigate those allegations unlike in the Porter case.

And if there was any doubt that Nicolle’s contribution was absolutely political, it was blown away today at #Scottyfrommarketing’s press conference about the COVID situation in PNG where he magnanimously took one question about another topic.

Except it was a set-up as exposed by Paul Karp who tweeted:

“Oh wow PM staff indicated to Morrison to take a question from Chris Uhlmann – the only non PNG vaccination question – and it’s about Nicolle Flints speech on her experience of sexism. Now PM has to go, so none on govt handling of rape allegations.

The govt is determined to create a false equivalence between its fumbling the Brittany Higgins allegation, failure to investigate allegation against Porter (which he denies) and Flints complaints about GetUp.”

Limp lettuce leaf Uhlmann asked his Dorothy Dixxer and the PM responded:

“I think she’s incredibly brave. I know how brave she was because I was there with her as she endured one of the ugliest campaigns I’ve ever seen besieged against not just a woman but anyone in this country and her determination to stand up to that in the face of the most vitriolic of abuse, stalking and threats to her own public security was absolutely appalling and I just am amazed at the Labor Party and the unions and GetUp just standing by to let that happen.

They were aware. They saw it. They were happy to be advantaged by it and I think she’s called it out well and I think she’s an incredibly strong woman.”

Are we supposed to forget that a woman was (allegedly) raped in the office of a senior Minister and nothing was done about it? The multitudinous people who knew didn’t bother informing the Minister for Finance whose department was the investigating body? No-one told the Prime Minister?

I am certain that complaints of sexual harassment will emerge from Labor’s call for women to come forward. It remains to be seen how they will handle things but I have more confidence in Labor women working for change than in the Liberal Party handmaidens.

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  1. Cath O'Connor

    In Indi it was mirabella’s mob that did the graffiti, the stalking . Bus loads of young libs from Melb. One of their best tricks was to hoist her poster on the RSL flagpole at Beechworth. That went down a treat. The night b4 the voting day they took down ALL posters except hers. Put moustaches on mcgowan posters.. in the end it did mirabella no good.

  2. New England Cocky

    I doubt that there is a member of either gender in the COALition misgovernment who could deliver the ”Gillard Misogyny Speech”.

    More distractions from an inept misgovernment floundering in its own uncaring self-serving inabilities.

  3. Kerri

    It seems obvious to me that Julie Bishop’s assertion that Liberal women progress on merit rings true when all they can do is plagiarise and ape the words and actions of Labor women.

  4. Vikingduk

    You bewdy, says the smirking jerk, time for another dead cat on the table moment. Does he connive with his rat fucker mate, uhlmann, to prime the cat drop? Do you think the liar from the shire spends his waking moments looking for diversions? What about jen? She share the strategising? Yeah, go nicolle, we’ll make it labor’s fault, on a winner there. And, surprise, surprise, fresh from trashing Kate Thornton’s mental health, the typists at news corpse are thrown fresh meat. Labor’s fault, labor’s fault squawk the sycophants.

    Yo, scotty, you rancid sack of shit, where were you during ditch the witch, sack on head, drop in deep water, Juliar, Bob Brown’s bitch? Laughing it up we’re you? Feeling proud were you? Congratulate yourselves for some fine lnp repartee? Any comments on those lnp women that retired due to bullying from their own colleagues?

    Nah, mate, all we get from smirk & mirrors will be more of the same, more of those mirror & vomit moments — I’ll look into it, bring it up at the next meeting.

  5. Lawriejay

    Ys can’t roller skate in a buffalo herd !

  6. Kaye Lee

    Nicolle Flint is from the hard right. She was signature no. 9 on Dutton’s leadership petition.

    In her maiden speech, she waxed lyrical about “the stability provided by our constitutional monarchy and the Judeo-Christian principles and traditions that have made us one of the most respected, respectful and peaceful nations on earth.”

    She told students that they should vote for her because “we believe in freedom”.

    She was proud to be “the first South Australian Liberal woman elected to the House of Representatives in 20 years” but thinks that any thought of quotas “fatally misunderstand the culture of our people.” She didn’t mention patriarchy at that point, instead saying “Change needs to be organic, and it needs to be encouraged from the grassroots up.”

    Which is EXACTLY what GetUp! does.

    Perhaps Nicolle attracted their attention by her reference to the “modern day scourge of environmental and animal activism” in her first speech. Coming from 150 years of farming in the area, she has no truck with that sort of wealth-challenging lefty crap.

    “Labor can never be trusted to balance the books, they cannot be trusted to look after our farmers, and governments should not interfere in our markets,” said the newly elected Ms Flint who claimed Paul Keating made her a Liberal because of his recession and record debt.

    I guess that makes it kinda hard for her to defend her own government, particularly since her Spud was dudded.

  7. Henry Rodrigues

    Everyone here, please don’t take my next comment as being sexist or misogynist etc. but Nicole Flynt is the perfect example of a species that should only ever be seen but never heard. She’s desperate to catch the attention of someone who can further her career in parliament now, and later perhaps, in the media ( did you get that Rupert ?)

  8. DrakeN

    It’s good to be reminded of the fundamantal hypocrisy which empowers the ‘right’ side of politics, the ‘free’ market and the ‘culture’ warriors.
    Thanks for laying it out for us, Kaye.

  9. David Evans

    What did you think jen?

  10. Ian Laidlaw

    One only had to read her regular articles in the Murdoch Adelaide Advertiser before she went into politics to understand why so much anger is directed towards her.

  11. Kaye Lee

    For many of we women, recent events evoked memories, some too painful, too personal, to share. But this is one of mine that I want to tell.

    I was waitressing at a bowling club that was hosting the xmas party for a local big company. As I was serving meals, I was beckoned over by one of the party-goers. In my most professional way, I walked over and stupidly asked “How can I help you sir”. He pulled me down close and told me he wanted to fuck me on the bowling green when I got off work. I just said “No thanks” and went in and told my boss I wouldn’t serve that table anymore. When he asked why, I told him. He then told the guy’s boss, and he got the sack. And I felt really guilty.

    I didn’t want the guy to get the sack. And just before Xmas made it worse. I felt bad that had happened.

    I just didn’t want him to speak to me like that.

    Is that too much to ask?

    PS That was in the 70s. We seem to have gone backwards.

  12. pierre wilkinson

    does he not recall the treatment meted out to Gillian Triggs,
    never mind that inflicted on Julia Gillard
    or Sarah Hanson-Young
    and all that before you even consider the dismissive rhetoric about the demonstration from women and men about a subject he can’t even identify with unless he talks to Jen?”
    liberal philosophy #311
    hypocrisy writ large

  13. Phil Pryor

    Why is a lady in a dogshit team of lying filthy anuses who cannot understand decency, honesty, morals, ethics, standards? If she gets out of the pigsty and scrubs she will not smell of pigshit. The conservative controllers, patrons, enforcers, bother boys and assorted primitives are below an ant’s anus. They do not actually care about her as a human and need elimination, now, so any lady of principle can get out smartly.

  14. Michael Taylor

    Nonetheless, Kaye, you did the right thing.

    One of the girls at our rally told of an incident during a massage in Melbourne. The male masseuse acted inappropriately when he ran his hands along her breasts before hopping on to the table and sitting above her breasts with his crotch facing her mouth.

    Across the road there was a police station. She didn’t cross the road to report it because she was too scared. On top of that, nobody believed her story.

    A bit over a year later that masseuse was charged with rape. It was then that seven other women came forward to lay complaints against him.

    The girl at our rally feels that if only she had crossed the road that day to report him, she could have prevented a woman getting raped a year later.

    Her advice to all women was: Say something. Speak up.

    So yes, you did the right thing.

  15. David Stakes

    And their attack on Gillard was all just business as usual. LNP a government of grubs.

  16. Kaye Lee


    The thing is that punishment for perpetrators rarely heals the hurt. (Not talking about my story – I was ok). We do have to aim for prevention but it is exhausting continually pointing out that we are not there for men to use. Women are pleading, just stop it. Enough is enough.

    I didn’t find Nicolle’s contribution helpful considering the big picture that we are dealing with.

    It is telling that women like Julie Bishop, Sharman Stone, Kellie O’Dwyer and Julia Banks all left the Liberals when they are in dire need of strong women. (And my fave, Judi Moylan)

    But I think they prefer the maleable kind….here Sarah, go read this; this is your response Marise; here’s a promotion for you Linda (though that may have backfired); Jane, we need you to step up and say how great we boys are; Ann hush now, I’ll answer that; and how long can Michaelia, the self-avowed non-feminist, hold anyone’s attention without saying something ridiculous that the boys wrote on her talking points script. They even found another job for Melissa Price FFS. Merit-based? Give me a break.

  17. Vikingduk

    And while we’re at it nicolle, how do you feel about the unaccompanied minor recently deported to NZ? What about the Biloela 4, remember them? Now into their 4th year of confinement, apparently one bed for them to share. How do think the refugees incarcerated in our gulags are doing? All good for you nic? Or, according to GetUp, the 636,000 plus unemployed turfed off the dole by their privately run agencies, sound good does it nic?

    How can one go through life being an unprincipled, uncaring, irresponsible, lying hypocrite? Care to share any hints or tips from your knowledge base, nic? Do you reckon repulsive rupert’s news corpse might have a position open? Sky after dark? You and credlin could do a double act. Easy move, one whore house to the next.

    Well, nicolle, just for the hell of it, as they say in the classics, go fuck yourself.

  18. iggy648

    According to RonniSalt, the PM’s response to Uhlmann’s question was published by the SMH 36 minutes before the PM said them. Is that true? Anybody?

  19. wam

    Kaye, not reporting the sleazers will never fix the problem, will never highlight the problem and will never expose your hurt to men who are believers in their superiority and the system which perpetuates the women who “you can do anything grab them by the pussy you can do anything” and the xstian belief that men rule by god’s decree.
    Maybe it is time for a new discussion on the crime of rape as an assault with the punishments of assault being at the magistrate level??

  20. Michael Taylor

    iggy, I’ve seen that, too.

    I can’t remember where, but I do recall that the evidence was provided.

  21. Michael Taylor

    Actually, you could make up some crazy stuff about the government and a day or two later it’ll come true.

  22. Rossleigh

    Nicole Flint is clearly positioning herself for a stint as either a columnist for Murdoch or a program on Sky After Dark. I haven’t seen anything as absurd as her”let’s not make this political you lefty bastards who are the reason I’m quitting politics” since Andrew Bolt wrote that it’s not us who are racist, it’s the Asians…
    I could have spent several years unpicking both the explicit and implicit racism in that one…

  23. Kaye Lee


    Very interesting.

    The article in the SMH was published at 9:19am

    The Guardian live feed shows the PM stepping up at 9:33 am and they reported his response about Flint at 10:02.

  24. Michael Taylor

    I’m surprised Morrison remembered his lines.

  25. Kaye Lee

    Just saw a tweet….

    Hi Ronni, happy to talk to you about how our time stamps work, but I can confirm I updated the story at 10.10am, after the PM spoke. No talking points circulated to us

  26. Andrew J. Smith

    Classic modus operandi of control for corrupt, authoritarian and patriarchal conservatives everywhere, including Russia or Turkey, being actively reactive to any threats, real or perceived.

    The MO is respond to grounded accusations with old or unsupported accusations and/or cases to counter, as a form of damage control and ‘whataboutery’.

    By comments elsewhere, including a pale male conservative business blog, the Libs have really mismanaged these issues of late with warnings of look out for Lib voters’ wives in SE Oz, especially east suburban Melbourne, seeking revenge……

    The Libs especially in Vic with Rupert Hamer as Premier in the ’70s, modernised to attract more women, youth and minorities, plus Dame Beryl Beaurepaire did some form of review for the Liberal Party on empowering and promoting women to the point of reaching parity with Labor, but this subsided or was allowed to disappear, starting with John Howard….. to now; hardly progress.

  27. Matters Not

    From Twitter post on KL’s link

    In the last week I’ve renewed a passport (optimistically) paid car tax and returned the census online

    Indeed – there’s so much you can do online. Only limited by imagination really. Can (share) trade on indices across the world (at least 12 on my platform), unbound by external limits, pay fines, post articles etc etc. But I can’t be an effective active Citizen in a democracy – online.. For that I’m supposed to walk up and down a street waving a flag, disrupting traffic and mouthing three word slogans. Childish really.

    Anyone see the possibilities? Suspect, Citizens in the future will look back, shake their heads and wonder why so many had so limited imagination.

    Then again – perhaps the above is evidence why we shouldn’t have so many anywhere near the reins of power. Perhaps Plato had it right?

  28. calculus witherspoon.

    It was diversionary and proved useful in helping msm not to report on the new LNP/Hanson New Robodebt sadism.

    Rape of democracy and the crazies are out in force.

  29. Terence Mills

    Why has Nicolle Flint has chosen this moment to tell us that she will not contest her seat in 2022 : she is not resigning from parliament as many thought was the case, she will continue to represent her electorate until the next election.

    I agree that nobody should be subject to the abuse that Flint has received but let us be very clear, Penny Wong has suffered far worse ever since she entered public life and let it be known that she was in a same sex relationship.

    I’m smelling diversionary tactics here !!!

  30. Stephengb

    In all of my life (from as far as I can recall) bulloes, when found out or they get hit back, squeal like stuck pigs, they are the first to crack under pressure, they are the first to cry poor me, they are the first to find God or a phsyciatrist !

    It is sickening to see.

    Is it me or do others see a sudden pletherer of the bigger bullies hiding and or skulking away ?

    Meanwhile I am sure that is an appropriate sinecure has been arranged for Ms Flint.

  31. Kaye Lee

    Labor’s Senate leader Penny Wong said this in response to the Liberal MP’s line of argument yesterday: “I want to say first, every woman has a right to be safe. Every woman”.

    “Nicolle Flint has a right to be safe. You have a right to be safe. All of us have a right to be safe. Brittany Higgins had a right to be safe. We all have a right to be safe. What Ms Flint reports as having happened to her is utterly unacceptable. It is unacceptable”.

    “It is also unfair of her to seek to tie me and Tanya Plibersek to it”.

  32. calculus witherspoon.


    Fair?? Since when did “fair” ever come into it with the hard right?

    More robodebt style stuff flying in the face of economists and civil servants?

    Let us hear Flint talk about the death of the woman who suicided recently a day after giving up hopes of justice after being raped as a juvenile by a politician.

    I will add more as to my thoughts concerning the cold, calculating little MP at a more apt time.

  33. New England Cocky

    @Kaye Lee: Thank you for your additional information about this fascist sycophant Nicole Flint.

    Don’t feel guilty for your waitressing experience ….. the bastard deserved everything he got!!

  34. Jack sprat

    Ah the old blame transfer defense .when caught out doing wrong claim but others where doing it too . Does not work work in the school yard or the courtroom .When johnie gets caught doing wrong by the teacher he exclaims “but others where doing it too”. Two wrongs don’t make a right . Sick of politicans of all persuasions trying to defuse a issue by accusing the other side of doing the same This was Gladys ‘s Berejiklian ‘s defense when caught out on pork barreling and surprisingly she got away with it .

  35. Andrew J. Smith

    One wonders if, or assume that, Flint was put up to this ambiguous, false equivalence and deflective messaging, if so who? PM’s Office? Media types?

    Not unlike C10’s/NewsCorp’s and former Lib apparatchik Peter van O, being wheeled out often in legacy media to laughingly represent the ‘left’, ‘liberal’ and related issues (but often in a puerile way); then people demonise the ‘left’…..

    A form of astroturfing and gaslighting for nudging on the Overton window….. Libs seem to be digging themselves deeper and deeper into dependency on -ve media tactics with rusted on legacy media audiences being the targets; creating more confusion and doubts round any issue while the Liberal Party has become a media construct with neither grounded policies nor ethics.

  36. Vote the Liberals out

    I was an action group leader for GetUp in the Boothby campaign. We didn’t smear or abuse Nicolle. We simply pointed out to voters that she supports the fossil fuel industry, supports drilling in the Bight, is opposed to climate action, and she signed the leadership petition to get rid of Malcolm Turnbull. There’s nothing remotely misogynistic about that and every word of it was correct. Nicolle, on the other hand, campaigned repeatedly about false Labor taxes. She also lied about her stalker being a member of GetUp. He was a lone wolf. He wasn’t known to GetUp, and he admitted he wasn’t a part of GetUp.

    I think her latest effort is a tactic for the Liberals to win Boothby again. It has a very small margin, and Flint is likely to lose it at the next election. If the smear campaign can convince voters that she was abused and harassed, then another Lib candidate has a chance of winning. I would like to know what Nicolle receives in return for her sacrifice.

    Nicolle claims, quite rightly, that women should be safe at work. Yet she is anti-union and has voted to weaken the power of unions, when unions are fighting for the safety of workers in the workplace.

    When did Nicolle speak out against her government’s cuts to DV services? When did she speak out against her government trying to force women to access their superannuation to escape DV? When did she speak out against Linda Reynolds calling Brittany Higgins a lying cow? Where was she earlier this week during the march4justice? Why has she previously denied that misogyny is rife within the Liberal Party?

    If anyone isn’t convinced yet that Nicolle is a nasty piece of work, this is really vile.

    Children, rather than their delinquent parents, are the ones deserving of protection by the system (The Advertiser, 21 July 2015, page 20).

    That is an op ed by Nicolle that is still available behind NewsCorp’s paywall, or in news databases via many libraries. It was published little more than a week after the body of Khandalyce Pearce was found in a suitcase near Wynarka. Police didn’t even know her identity yet, and had stated she was loved, based on the home made quilt that was found with her body. Nicolle was fairly confident that Khandalyce had been abused and murdered by her family, because no one had come forward within such a short space of time to claim her.

    For those unfamiliar with the story, Khandalyce’s mother had also been murdered by the same person, so was incapable of coming forward. The people responsible for their deaths contacted Khandalyce’s grandmother and convinced her that her daughter was well but wanted no contact, and so the poor woman withdrew a missing person’s report. The grandmother died before Khandalyce’s body was found, so was also unable to come forward. Other family members thought they were still alive, but just not keeping in contact.

    Nicolle is so nasty, she didn’t know anything about the child’s circumstances, and she wrote an op ed smearing the family, without a care for the hurt it would cause if her assumptions were wrong.

  37. SP

    @Kaye Lee above

    When did the transition occur?

    When did Western Civilization start to be referred to as built on so called “judeo christian” principles instead of the more fundamental “greco roman” traditions.

    Its laughable that people who on the one hand champion democracy then insist on the lie that the founding principles are judeo- christian. There is not much democracy in theological texts. Just spend a little time in Leviticus.

    I’m old enough to remember the ’70s and western culture was always referred to as of greco-roman origin.
    The legal systems of Europe are fundamentally built on the laws inherited from the Romans.

    This change to me is somewhat insidious and is prevalent among Morrisions co practitioners in clappy land.
    People need to be reminded.

  38. Skuze Me

    Message to Nicole.
    You are a representative of your constituents. Political representatives are regularly, if not sometimes unfairly subjected to excessive criticism and vandalism regardless of gender. Just ask Victorian premier Dan Andrews.
    How dare you use a pathetic interpretation of Julia Gillards speech to politically mislead the nation by suggesting that the ALP is responsible for separate demonstration groups such as Getup, Extinction Rebellion, and several other independent protestors who are saying to you and your party that they are not happy.

  39. Kaye Lee

    Nicolle Flint was supported by the Australian Christian Lobby at the last election.

    “The Australian Christian Lobby is gearing up to bolster its influence on Australian politics, using the election to road test new campaign tactics targeting gender fluidity, abortion and Safe Schools.

    Sitting MPs to benefit from the ACL’s help include Andrew Hastie in Canning, Nicolle Flint in Boothby and Luke Howarth in Petrie.

    The group says the election will be critical to its interests, saying religious freedom and abortion are “key issues”.

    Nicolle is anti-abortion. I did not hear her speak up about the harassment women were receiving outside abortion clinics in Adelaide.

  40. andy56

    There is nothing wrong with my party, its all labor’s fault. Flint, you wasted your time in canberra. Shit like ” look over there” greatly diminishes her intellectual front. ITS THE FCKING liberal party that shafted her, yet its Labors fault. She supports the liberal party that shafted her, yet somehow, she still wants to be a liberal. No integrity here.

  41. Kronomex

    Skuze Me,

    LNP: Party first, religion second, big end of town third, party fourth, fifth, and sixth, with little people at the bottom of the list (except when it’s election time).

  42. Kaye Lee

    “I gather the prime minister’s office tipped off some journalists that Flint was going to use an adjournment speech after the extraordinary March 4 Justice protest on Monday to tee off about Penny Wong and Tanya Plibersek not denouncing her terrible experiences sufficiently in 2019, and to excoriate Labor for creating a campaign environment “in which hate could flourish”.

    It seemed clear that the prime minister thought that Flint’s personal recount served his political objective.”

  43. Gangey1959

    I need help.
    I just don’t understand.
    On january 26 2020, a basket baller died in a helicopter crash. The world stopped. The nfl superbowl, (not even his sport) stopped for a minutes silence in respect, and the names of all of those who died in the crash were recognised on the giant scoreboard.
    In 2019, 39,566 people were killed by gun violence in the USA alone
    Where are their names?

    On may 31 2020, when a not anglo-descent american was killed by a police officer, the world stopped. The world in fact went mad. In the middle of a global pandemic, people all over the globe, marched, rioted, killed one another, destroyed property, and in general displayed their displeasure at the actions of a police officer murdering a suspect during an arrest. (The guy was a criminal, but that is not actually relevant.)

    On 24 February 2021, in Australia, Brittany Higgins found the courage and the voice to tell of a rape that happened in an office in the federal parliament of Australia some two years previously. She was met with doubt, discredit, and dishonor.
    On monday15 march, at various places around Australia, crowds of people marched peacefully in protest at the treatment of women by (mostly) men. Australia’s prime minister didn’t even have the intestinal fortitude to come to the front door of the parliament in Canberra and meet the marchers there, including Brittany herself. He did suggest that the marchers should consider themselves fortunate not to have been met by bullets…….
    This incident, and several others that have come to light in the aftermath, have ignited debate, anger, retribution and angst across the Australian political and social spectrum. This is good and healthy for, and in, a democracy.

    My question, and my confusion, when I look at these three occurrences, WHAT IS THE BLOODY DIFFERENCE ?????
    Why is the WORLD not up in arms at the treatment of women, or indeed any sexual or workplace harassment ?

    Police officers have to follow the rules, sports people should be recognised for their achievements, but neither are gods. They are but mortals, and have to be treated as such.

    Without women, our species is doomed. Women should be revered.
    (Just ask jen)

  44. DrakeN

    “Without women, our species is doomed.”

    …but you could reduce the number of men by a factor greater than 10 without consequence.

    “Women should be revered.”

    …as they often were in the distant past, if the archeology is to be believed.

  45. Terence Mills

    I was told yesterday – but I can’t vouch for accuracy or veracity – that the Liberal Party staffer who allegedly raped Brittany Higgins had not been interviewed or detained by police and has since returned to the USA : my informant believes that he is a dual citizen.

    Surely this cannot be correct, anybody ??

  46. Kaye Lee


    I found these couple of references. They are from late February.

    “Police are yet to speak to the man, who is a dual national. Government sources say he will not be allowed to leave the country.”

    “Some people are spreading rumours that Bruce Lehrmann has fled overseas.”

    Were young women sexually assaulted when Bruce Lehrmann, the alleged parliament house rapist, was an official at the ANU UN conference?

    Seems to be twitter speculation but nothing to verify. I would be very surprised if he was allowed to leave.

  47. Lambchop Simnel

    Drake N, your idea sounds sound provided I am the one left in the queue.

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