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New Fossil Fuel Projects Must Stop

By Keith Antonysen

I’m extremely concerned about where climate change is taking us. The Labor Party policy of reducing emissions to 43% is not good enough.

However, a reduction of 50% or 70% is hardly enough when huge “climate bombs” are being created through developments such as the new Scarborough gas field in Western Australia and Beetaloo Basin fracking site in the Northern Territory, along with other sites which are proposed in Australia. Major fossil fuel corporations are wanting to develop “carbon bombs” in other parts of the world also.

Satellite data shows how emissions of methane from the Bowen Basin coal fields display how the emissions have been understated by the previous government. The emissions from the Bowen Basin are said to produce the carbon footprint of a mid-sized European country.

The latest IPCC Reports in 2021 and 2022, and the International Energy Agency indicate that no new fossil fuel projects should go ahead.

Clearly, a mess has been left by the former government promoting fossil fuels, any new fossil fuel projects will take some time to be developed, and so, will not aid the current energy crisis.

For numerous decades the research of climate scientists has been showing that we can expect a deterioration of the climate through continuing to use fossil fuels.

While it might seem histrionic to suggest that a by-product of fossil fuel mining and use is killing people and the biosphere, that is exactly what is happening. Epidemiological studies display how millions of people die through the pollution created by the emissions from fossil fuels.

Labor’s 43% reduction in emissions is a starting point; while the development of “carbon bomb” type developments are also a further starting point to worsen extreme natural events amplified by climate change.

The very simple equation is: mining of fossil fuels and exporting them for use in power plants and transport = death for millions of people and ruining the biosphere.

Keith Antonysen is not a member of any political party. He has been concerned about climate change for several decades.

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  1. RoadKillCafe

    Australian Conservation Foundation today commenced legal proceedings against Woodside Energy.

    The legal precedent they hope to achieve — Climate impacts must be considered under our national environment law.

    “Woodside Energy’s Scarborough Gas Project and its Pluto extension is the most polluting new fossil fuel proposal in Australia . . . It would result in yearly, yes, YEARLY, climate pollution from 15 coal fired power stations.”

    “ . . . plan to build it on one of the most captivating marine environments in the world in an area of immeasurable significance to First Nations Peoples.”

    This is a disaster for nature and a methane time bomb.

    ACF asks please help us take Woodside to the Federal Court. What are you waiting for. Give generously.

    It’s Time, Albo, old son, many have faith that you and this government will put us on the path to hope, on the hind legs, buddy, stand up, we are in deep shit.

  2. Hotspringer

    Science tells us we need to reduce our emission by 60% by 2030 to keep global warming under 2%..Majority ALP government assures a bright future for coal and gas donors. Whether I’m here or not to see it, I pray (to both Bacchus and Bastet) that the trend continues and our next government is a minority ALP one (thus assuring some real progress).

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