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Don’t throw away your hydraulic fluids! Keep using them, writes Craig Hingston.

There is a revolutionary message going out to heavy machinery, vehicle and equipment operators and maintenance technicians thanks to a new innovation developed in Australia called Excel Fluid Care Technology™… and not only is it saving companies tens of thousands of dollars it is dramatically reducing the amount of used hydraulic fluids being dumped at landfill.

The ‘Don’t throw it away’ message comes from Kevin McCaffrey, the owner of Excel Hydraulics in Sydney, who has been working in the hydraulics industry for 25 years.

Landfill1“It is a myth that fresh hydraulic fluid is clean. International testing proves that drums and containers are not free of sub-micron contaminants. It’s also a myth that new filters remove all contaminants. When you drain fluid there is always a quantity left behind clinging to parts, hoses and in the reservoir tank. The solution is to examine every millilitre of fluid for particulates and remove all of them. It is possible now to make used fluid contaminant-free and to re-use it over and over again.”

At the heart of his technology is the FLUID-X™ Diagnostic which is like an x-ray exposing sub-micron contaminants down to the size of bacteria (0.004mm). As a comparison the human hair is 70 microns and the eye can’t see less than 40 microns.

“Traditional laboratory testing can produce misleading results because it is based on single ‘snapshot’ samples which don’t necessarily reflect the nature of the total volume of fluid, and it is analysed against generic comparison charts and it does not provide a solution to remedy contaminant issues. In contrast, FLUID-X™ provides a scientific reading with direct reference to the type of equipment and the nature of its environment. This includes cleanliness, viscosity, physical properties and temperatures. We provide highly accurate analysis results specific to each individual piece of equipment with the correct solution to keep fluid as pure as possible”, said Kevin.

Landfill3The fluid is passed through a mobile rig-based centrifuge which removes the bulk of solid contaminants and suspended water then a vacuum dehydrator removes emulsified water and gases. Early adopters of Excel Fluid Care Technology™ include heavy machinery, plant equipment and hydraulic compactors in the rail, mining, crane, manufacturing, tunneling and waste collection industries as well the Royal Australian Navy.

“You can see the fluid change in front of your eyes.”

“They are saving us a lot of money by not having to replace our oil. It is a big advantage being able to continue processing the waste whilst the filtration is being carried out. This negates any lost production, lost revenue and inconvenience. We don’t have to send the oil away for treatment and we can keep using the same oil over and over. I can see how much contamination there is in the oil before and the fact that it is all removed after”, said Ilche Grasevski from the Transpacific Liquid Waste plant at Sydney’s Olympic Park.

“We operate two channel balers which each have three hydraulic rams and they run 24/7 and 365 days a year. The compactors process 9200 tonnes of waste every week and we cannot afford for them to break down. Each baler has a holding tank and historically we would empty these out. We decided to call in Excel Hydraulics who performed oil diagnostics and determined that our fluids required the removal of small contaminants which has seen a dramatic saving of $60,000 to $80,000 in new fluid”, added Craig Doorey at the Veolia Transfer Terminal.

Kevin is so sure of his new technology that he is standing behind its performance with a Zero Down Time Guarantee™.

“By implementing an ongoing maintenance program we are helping companies maximise their up-time. Should equipment fail due to reasons under our control we will cover the cost of bringing it back online.”



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  1. Bernie Dehmel

    now this is what I call real ‘innovation’ (y)

  2. bobrafto

    oh, oh!

    Guess who won’t be happy about this.

  3. stephentardrew

    Great innovation.

  4. diannaart

    Innovation occurring BEFORE the great magical Turnbull Show.


    @bobrafto – Tony Abbott? Seems to be on permanent disgruntlement leave.

    Of course, the entire fossil fuel industry, boo hoo.

  5. Gangey1959

    CoalandOILalition will have to put s top to this sort of thing. Think of their major sponsors and all….

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