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Negative Gearing was designed by God

DO NOT PANIC. The Labor Party might want to destroy our way of life and utterly debauch all of the maidens in our midst but DO NOT PANIC. I am here to provide some entirely impartial and unbiased advice that may or may not be paid for.

I want to talk in an impartial and entirely unbiased way about the really really nice people at the Property Council of Australia. They are almost saints: each and every one of them. This is simply a fact. Working tirelessly for the public good all the people at the Property Council simply seek to ensure that Australia can remain a country in which we are all happy and free and can all have kittens and fairy floss. Hardly any of them are multi-billionaires.

So, of course, we all know the Property Council is as an entirely unbiased observer that would never ever ever tell anyone a fib. It’s right up there amongst our most respected institutions. At least as respected as the Church and the Media.

So you really really should listen to their entirely trustworthy and dispassionate advice when they say that even if we just think about removing negative gearing in Australia it will likely lead to widespread famine, plague, a loosening of the moral fibre, and probable damnation for all of eternity by an all powerful omnipresent creator.

At first I was somewhat sceptical of these claims. So your intrepid and impoverished reporter, who might or might not have been looking for a good story to objectively report on for money, decided to give the Property Council a ring. After answering a few simple questions about my favourite colour and approximate net worth I was instantly transferred to someone who couldn’t help me. Instead they pointed me to the work of Dr Credibility of the Australian Cash in Large Denominations Institute. Then yesterday I was provided with a sneak preview of his all his work. Including his most recent research. It was an enriching experience.

It seems that Dr Credibility, who describes himself as Australia’s foremost Economically Rational & Theologically Acceptable Social Scientist, is the source of many of the recent flags that have been run up the public flagpole. While waiting to interview him I was provided with a rare opportunity to flick through and consider some of his recent work (after surrendering my phone, signing a few inconsequential documents, and being patted down very politely).

Light bulbs went on as I leafed through ‘How Marxist Terrorists Likely use Gay and Transgender Children to take over Schools’. Then after considering several papers devoted to the current scurrilously low level of our GST, a small installation in the corner caught my eye. It was called ‘Rationalising our Education Spending’. It seemed to rate all of the schools in Australia according to parental income? After a few minutes spent fiddling with the controls I still couldn’t get it to show any public schools but I was assured that this was just a glitch in the software.

After only a very short conversation with Dr Credibility I was absolutely convinced that he was a diligent and credible scientist. His small brown paper bags are utterly convincing. His charts and graphs are also quite professional. Plus there is no doubt his big foldout ‘build-your-own-diorama’ featuring ‘Bill Shorten Massacring the Innocents’ will keep kiddies occupied for hours. (Apparently the Telegraph is showing interest and although I was initially a bit sceptical, the Doctor was quick to assure me that some Telegraph readers are actually allowed to use scissors. They really have come a long way.)

One quick glance through a big book on a golden stand labelled ‘The Negative Gearing Heresies’ was enough to convince me that, if anything, that the Property Council are currently understating the probable impact of this silly, dangerous, evil, inequitable, selfish, foolish, misguided, anti-working-mums-and-dads proposal. At the very least it will lead to the end of civilisation as we know it. Perhaps the end of the world, maybe even Mars, Jupiter, Mercury and several other close celestial neighbours. And it will certainly kill Christmas. That is just undeniable.

It’s a complex and sophisticated argument. All of Chapter Four of the good book describes how negative gearing was originally part and parcel of the original commandments that were handed down to Moses. Apparently it was removed by Liberal Heathen Popish Barbarians in the middle-ages. A close reading (of original manuscripts from Salt Lake City) shows that the original final commandment actually read: ‘Den theleis epofthalmioún tis foroapallagés ton gerónton sas.’ Which roughly translates to mean: ‘Thou shalt not covet the tax breaks of your elders/betters.’

This new science of Econotheology is wonderful stuff. Dr Credibility also has some entirely plausible arguments regarding the identity of the Messiah but that will have to wait for another day. Also he has an entirely new translation of the ‘Blessed are the poor,’ verse. Apparently the poor are entirely unlikely to inherit anywhere near as much as they once thought. Who would’ve guessed?


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  1. Rossleigh

    Gee, aren’t you worried that under Labor house prices will drop to $100,000 and it’s going to cost about a million a year to rent like Malcolm is saying?

  2. Gangey1959

    Howls of derisive laughter, Bruce.
    That was entertaining reading.

  3. babyjewels10

    Hilarious! Can I post it on Malcolm’s Fb page? 😀

  4. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Despite your blasphemous ways, I’m putting this on Twitter and God help anybody who doesn’t read it!

    Good idea babyjewels10. Do it! 😛

  5. Wam

    Australia’s Rational Social Economic Speakers usually produce non-aromatic results but this time their product has the stench of an election. Will it have the same effect as the Western Australian More Profit Under Mining campaign against Gillard? Should Hate It To. But Under Malcolm?

  6. Bronte ALLAN

    Well stated James, although, it is so true what you talked about! I am not a “negative gearer” (sic), & I really do not understand just what all the talk is about, especially from the inept, lying, right wing mob. It does seem, to me, that what Bill Shorten & his Labor mob are wanting to “do” with negative gearing of properties makes a lot more sense & does seem like a “fair & reasonable” policy. However, Talkbull & his crones are hell-bent on discrediting the Labor policy, & it does seem like they (perhaps?) just maybe telling a few untruths about this whole negative gearing saga! After all, Talkbull & his obscenely wealthy mates may just have to pay some tax or something, if the Labor policy was to be adopted. Oh, boo hoo to ALL of them!

  7. Florence nee Fedup

    If so, there will be fewer renters as they rush to buy. Also more money released for investment in productive endeavours which the honourable PM is so keen to promote.

  8. James Moylan

    babyjewels10: please feel free to post any of my stuff anywhere at any time. If you get sued you are on your own. If you make any money then i want a cut (it’s not fair but i am learning not to worry about that). 😉

    Florence: you beat me to it! Also note that the changes to super now mean a large cash flow that is risk averse will now be diverted from super to other purposes. Well thought out and rational investments in housing are a long term value sink that is relatively stable and will likely look like the next best option.

  9. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Spot on, FnF and James.

    I support Government funded low and no income primary HOME purchases that will give people the chance for their own permanent roofs over their heads repaid at moderate interest rates and with a modest or miniscule up front deposit, and which is the way of the positive future. This means they will repay their Government mortgages at the same rate as they would pay wasted rent.

    The Government would not lose out coz the HOME purchasers would be repaying their loans plus moderate interest to the Government while the Government retains title until the HOME-owners have paid the last dollar.

    Extra revenue and extra public service jobs would manifest in this new Progressive Reformed Economy.

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