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We Need to Talk About Tony!

When the people around me give their views on the Abbott Government, I have to admit that I’m definitely one of the undecided. While some people I know are sure that they have a plan to change Australia and adopt the worst aspects of the United States, others argue that they’re a bunch of incompetents and sociopaths who have no idea what they’re doing. And I have to admit – at different points in the conversation – both arguments are quite compelling. One person will point to the way the Audit Committee softened us up for the spending cuts or Abbott’s meeting with Murdoch in support of the first view, while another will simply say “Christopher Pyne” to refute any idea that this mob have a clue about anything.

And I have to admit that it’s hard to dismiss either point of view.

For example, is their decision to deny the dole to anyone under 30 a plan to force down wages, or simply evidence of how out of touch they are.

“Well, if they can’t get work immediately, they’ll just have to sell off part of their share portfolio to provide themselves with something to tide them over,” I imagine Bananaby saying.

Of course, as I’m sure some of you realise, most of them would have already sold off their share portfolio to pay for the high energy costs of the Carbon Tax.


A Fictional Interlude. Sometime in the future.

“Hi, Mom, I’m moving back in for a while.”

“What about Sharon?”

“Oh, she’s moving back in with her parents.”

“What happened?”

“I lost my job.”

“Well, that can lead to some tension, but can’t you two try to work it out? We always thought you were so well suited.”

“There’s no problem – it’s just that, with neither of us working, we have no income, so we thought it best to move in with you until we become eligible for the work for the dole scheme in six months.”

“But we’ve rented out your room. We were having trouble making ends meet on the age pension.”

“That’s ok, I’ll sleep in the garage.”

“No, you can’t – sleeping there. We’ve rented out our room too.”

“Well, where can I go then?”

“If you hurry, there may be a few cardboard boxes left over from the CEO sleep out in support of the homeless.”

I’m not sure which is more frightening: the idea that Abbott Government is just a front for organisations that wish to exploit the most vulnerable. Or whether Barnaby and Christopher are really convinced of all that they say.

Is it more disturbing that Abbott thinks that the electorate is so stupid he can stand up in Parliament and assert that he’s broken no promises. (Don’t bring up his wedding vows – family should be left out of it!) Or is it more disturbing to consider he might actually believe that he’s broken no promises because what’s said in an election campaign stays in the election campaign.

Whatever, I certainly think the following statement from The Herald-Sun editorial takes the prize for the week’s most delusional:

“While some sections of the media continue to show their political bias by accentuating what they think is a negative, Mr Abbott and Mr Obama, although from different sides of politics, have found they get on together.”


Kick this mob out

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  1. trevor

    If Abbott as PM had anything beyond three word slogans and Lying for a living he has failed to show it ..

    Abbotts’s only claim to fame is as a notorius f*wit whose lust for Power has driven him toward ours and his own political oblivion.

    Abbott has no policy except to renege on anything and everything in his lust for Power, control, and the Prime Ministership of Australia..

    Export Abbott not Refugees.

  2. Kerri

    The Herald-Sun has mistaken “getting along” when it is really Obama’s excruciatingly good manners.

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  4. john921fraser


    I sincerely hope Abbott and his gang stick with everything that they have done so far.

    It will give Australians the impetus to get of their arse and get out into the street and protest.

    And once that happens nothing will save Abbott.

    N.S.W. & Queensland knew that Pensioners marching was not a good look so they caved in and kept Pensioners concessions …. W.A. is about to learn that lesson and Abbott will be the one who pays :

    With luck Bishop (the younger) will be one who pays the price.

  5. VirtualNonsense

    I think it’s scary that some people who appear seemingly normal and rational as I encounter in my normal day to day, still believe the Abbott govt is the best thing ever. I’m beginning to question my sanity as I don’t understand how they can’t see through this current evil phase of govt, where the only thing that matters is keeping big business happy and keeping everyone else in the dark. Where can I pick up the papers to admit myself into those special hotels with the plushly padded walls?

  6. Terry2

    Slogans, much as I dislike them, seem to work for Abbott and Rupert, so let’s run this one up the flag pole :

    We must – CLAIM AUSTRALIA BACK – from these people

  7. Keitha Granville

    CLAIM AUSTRALIA BACK – that’s great, love it Terry. Put that up on the MARCH pages. I am sure that will get a run. I find it impossible to continue some days wondering where we are going, but then when you look at other places on the planet where people have to queue for water, or food – or actually leave your home to save your life – I guess it’s not quite that bad, yet. The one thing that has cemented in my mind in recent days is that we MUST not let the religious right force their way into our schools. Look what is happening in every nation where religion holds sway in the government. We do NOT want that to become a feature in our future and it will if religion becomes a PART of education. Church and State – separate, always.

  8. Matthew Oborne

    The post election spending spree is being blamed on Labor because the worlds economists took notice and slammed the Abbott government for it. Simply put they are blaming Labor for what they did. As examples that defy explanation that is the most top (to quote the castle) We are living under a government that perpetuates a completely false history of events of the six years of Labor while it denies even it’s own rhetoric when cornered.

    In 2016 who is going to believe any election promises from the Abbott government?

    a young Spanish man helped me get something into the car when I was at Ikea the other day. He decided to warn me that this government will ruin the country by bringing in austerity. His family came here for the very reason that our economy was wisely managed during the GFC. Overseas people Look at our GFC response as the wisest course that saved our economy.

    His kicker to the Liberals was simple, without the stimulus how much bigger would our government debt be without the measures that saved our economy?

    The young lad is nineteen years old, bad politics made him realise he needs to pay attention to politics.

    A lesson the majority needs to learn.

  9. Graeme Henchel

    Tony Abbott the mendacious monk is easy to despise
    He is always breaking promises and telling porky pies

    He came to power by telling lies about the carbon tax
    He thinks that climate change is crap, he just ignores the facts

    He speaks in three word slogans and scripted short sound bites
    It’s clear that he’s got no ideas except for Dames and Knights

    He gets his is orders from billionaires via the IPA
    Like Tea Party republicans he loves the Ayn Rand way

    It’s not only the lies he tells, it’s the values he reveals
    Protect the rich and screw the poor, to pay back grubby deals

    The Mendacious monk is getting worse as lies come home to roost
    Oh what delicious irony his pain is self induced

    Smokin’ Joe’s budget was the straw that broke the peoples back
    It’s based on lies and so unfair, the poor won’t take the whack

    Their litany of lies extends as panic settles in
    The Murdoch press can’t save them it will all end in chagrin

    Tony Abbott the mendacious monk has long since jumped the shark
    With his cabinet of sycophants, they’re pissing in the dark

  10. mars08

    America’s Tea Party might be excited to see that its tactics are being replicated as far away as Australia. Australian voters shouldn’t be.

    QUOTE: America’s Tea Party might be excited to see that its tactics are being replicated as far away as Australia. Australian voters shouldn’t be.

    None other than failed U.S. presidential candidate Rick Santorum has congratulated Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott for his scaremongering about government debt. Santorum calls Abbott a “hard-liner” — high praise indeed — who is forcing his conservative vision on a nation that doesn’t know what’s good for it. Yet the more Abbott and his team indulge in Tea Party tactics, the more they’re imperiling the future of one of the developed world’s few bright spots.

    For the record, Australia is nowhere near reaching the fiscal emergency that Abbott and Treasurer Joe Hockey have recently been hyping. Gross national debt was just 28.8 percent of gross domestic product in 2013… /QUOTE

  11. paul walter

    People must begin to understand, Tony Abbott and some of his close confrateres are not rational people.

    They are psychotic…you cannot reason with a dog.

    Having said this, I’d say that others have wondered about the mental state of the ALP leadership, including myself; if the thesis is right the cupboard looks very bare as to leadership at a time when it’s needed, as never before. Labor is still a beeter bet, but the future looks black short of a seismic psychic change in this country and most all, where it counts most.

  12. Marfi

    Möbius Ecko, I’ve tweeted your very interesting comment & article. Sorry, wasn’t enough space to give you credit!


  13. Paul Raymond Scahill

    Abbott would only receive about 6/7 votes from the whole of Australia if we had a whole of the country vote. His own , Margie, Chrissy, Fatso, Frances, the other daughter, Morriscum, and then there are the others, who would have difficulty in voting because of their mental situation. People like Alan Jones, George Brandis, Matthias Cormann (whoever he might be) Kevin Andrews, Malcolm Turncoat (who does not know which side he is on) Bronny Bishop and the like. From what I have penned it would certainly not be enough to assist the return of this government. BRING ON AN ELECTION. DOUBLE DISSOLUTION . anything to change this moronic mob.

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