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National Party Fractures With Canavan Refusing To Support Leader’s Position!

In looking at our current government – even when I try to put aside any of my different priorities and values – I’m struck by one thing: I wouldn’t trust most of them to housesit my home… And not just because I think they’d sell anything that wasn’t locked down and pretend it was a burglary… No, I’d be afraid that they’d find some way to accidentally destroy the place.

And credit where credit is due, just when I think that they’ve hit bottom, they find some way to dredge the ocean floor and reach new depths of absurdity.

Now, I could understand Michael McCormack’s attempt to argue that farmer’s shouldn’t be part of any zero emissions strategy. After all, he relies on a very small number of voters concentrated in farming areas to wield a disproportionate amount of power. However, when he tried to argue that farming, mining AND manufacturing should all be exempt. I mean, if he just adds Craig Kelly talking, there’ll be very little left that causes emissions.

But not content with that, McCormack tried to appeal to young voters with the idea that he didn’t care what happened in thirty years time. Appeal to young voters, you ask? Yes, I say, appeal to all those young voters who don’t think about the consequences of anything they do and are happy to drink to excess, take risks and believe that they don’t need to think about tomorrow, not the young people who are concerned for the planet’s future because let’s face it, the latter group of young people are never going to vote for his party anyway.

You’d think that “we don’t care what happens in thirty years” would be a pretty uncontroversial position in a party whose previous leader lost his job by getting a staffer pregnant, but no!

Matt Canavan announced that he DID care about thirty years into the future and promised to cross the floor if there was any attempt to legislate zero emissions because if there’s one thing that the National Party insist on is there right to have emissions even if they result in children born out of wedlock.

I’m stunned that the media haven’t picked up on this major difference between two Nationals but then I’m frequently stunned by the way the media fails to pick on a large number of things like the fact that the current government announces that they’ve secured more vaccines to go with the other vaccines that we’ve secured but don’t actually have. I haven’t heard the word “secured” used like this since we were told that the GFC was caused when all the secured properties weren’t worth anything.

I’m also stunned that nobody seems to have a problem with Scotty From Modelling telling us that there’s no point in setting a target until we know how we’ll get there and we can’t know how we’ll get there because we don’t know what our target is, but hey, technology not taxes is how we’ll meet the challenge which isn’t a challenge because we’ll meet it in a canter.

Or nobody seems to question the fact that while the opinion polls tell us that an election would be too close to call, the focus seems to be on Morrison’s so-called popularity and the polls are written up as though the next election will be a Liberal landslide. It well might be, but that’s not what the polls are saying. In fact, given the margin of error, the polls rarely tell us anything more than the fact that the next election might be closer than we think, or a landslide depending on which seats have the numbers that change.

Ask yourself honestly, do you really think that the vaccine rollout won’t have an enormous impact on how people vote in the next election? And if it’s successful, Marketing Morrison can look forward to annoying us all for another couple of years.

And ask yourself honestly, do you really believe that there won’t be some major stuff-up with Stuart Robertdebt running things?

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  1. Harry Lime

    Personally, I feel like I’m trapped in an endless Marx Brothers movie that isn’t funny.

  2. New England Cocky

    Now Rossleigh, have you done the numbers for when Canavan crosses the floor of the house of reps to vote against legislation supporting zero emissions by 2050 … or any other date?

    Suddenly, in this fit of industrial pique, Canavan alone, by himself has cancelled the COALition majority … to insure that about 50,000 miners continue to dig up coal for foreign owned multinational mining corporations cna remain aimed towards the Nazional$ 19th century future.

    Why, if Canavan surprises everybody (including himself) the 2021 Federal elections may be sooner than the predicted August 2021 date. We live in hope.

  3. Kaye Lee

    Not sure how Canavan can cross the floor on setting a target. It’s not legislation. But then I don’t think the Nationals have ever really understood what their job is. I often feel that Matt isn’t that bright. I recently asked him why he changed his profile pic to him with a really dirty face dressed up in coal-mining gear. Sadly, he did not deign to answer.

  4. Dianne

    That there are no effective consequences (apart from the next, distant visit to the ballot box) for any politician who refuses to think beyond the present is a clear failure in our representative democracy. Thus, we get what we deserve.

  5. Phil Pryor

    M. Cucking- Fanavan, a political pox from perverted political pathetic posturing, is a skinful of putrid shit, foreign by breeding (hah), genetics, culture, probable bribery and corruption connections for future aggrandisement and wealth, and is so Un-Australian as to be a disgusting pestilence worse than toads, rabbits, foxes, venereal disease of the political organs of perpetual perversion. A mafia type of misfit, a fascist type of fool, a romanist ratbag raver, a superstitious scrotum full of nation rotting stupidity, this turd must be flushed…he is a whore for foreign intrusive environment ruining arseholery of the lowest kind, Canavan being lower than a dung beetle’s dick…

  6. Kaye Lee

    December 2020

    A coal company controlled by the brother of former Federal resources minister Matt Canavan has gone under, after global mining major Glencore called in receivers over a $24m debt at the Rolleston thermal coal mine in Queensland.

    John Canavan happily took profits when they were flowing – $28.45m in 2019, and $6.56m in the first four months of 2020 – but when prices and demand tanked due to coronavirus and bills came in, just bail, and phoenix yourself a new company – it’s the Liberal way.

  7. Henry Rodrigues

    Whatever shitholes these coalition pricks dig for themselves, they smile through it all because the crinkled old bastard, and Stokes and arsewipe Costello will resort to every dirty trick, blow smoke rings out of their arses to befuddle the stupid voters into thinking that the coalition is only ones to vote for. The Nationals are there only because they are the quintessential, useful idiots.

  8. wam

    The media don’t pick up on things that may offend the advertisers and their perception of readers, watchers and listeners of” but they will publish a piece that could up the ratings.
    Funny but your “…he relies on a very small number of voters concentrated in farming areas to wield a disproportionate amount of power.”
    He personally secured more votes in his seat than the loonies get in 10 seats and his party repeats the dose in 15 more electorates.

  9. Consume Less

    Wasn’t Canavan’s mentor Barnaby Joyce. Stupid learning from stupid.

  10. Keith

    From Bloomberg newsletter:
    “Fossil Fuel Pollution Kills 8.7 Million a Year, Twice Previous Estimate
    Air pollution from burning fossil fuels is responsible for 8.7 million premature deaths globally each year, or twice the amount in an earlier estimate, according to new research. Even though air quality has improved in many countries, particularly wealthier ones, the findings suggest that even at lower concentrations, pollution caused by fossil fuels is deadlier than previously known, Bloomberg reports.

  11. terence mills

    With all the carve outs from the zero emissions target, the only person who seems to be left to make the cuts is the bloke two doors down from me who just bought a V8 Landcruiser.

    By the way, the caption photo reminds me of the Morrison and Turnbull moment ; I’m ambitious for him as Morrison pushes him in the dam !

  12. Kronomex

    I get the feeling that Coalavan is looking at making a run at the Gnats leadership himself or is setting the scene for The Return of Beetroot.

  13. Vikingduk

    Na, the cunning stunt caravan just wants one of them dressing gowns like the one the bloated bloviator Kelly got. Looks stunning, too. A charming puce. Just perfect when lazing around the office whilst searching for credibility and/or relevance. Monogrammed. Hand stitched by jen and the girls, blessed by saint scotty of the smirk.

    Wondering if betting market open — how many sleeps till that certainty of a coal-ition fuckup happens, how long before their talents for ineptitude, incompetence and insanity come to the fore.

    Shit, can ya hear that? The squawking, screeching sameness? That’d be them typists masquerading as journalists readying the day’s news. Nothing like a little propaganda in the morning, keep our thinking on track, can’t be questioning now.

  14. Mark Shields

    Phil Pryor: Pure poetry.

  15. Gangey1959

    For the pic at the top.
    “Hey scotty, I just crapped in my pants when I heard the camera go click.”
    “That’s ok, micmac, I just shit in your pants too.”

    And a scorched earth climate (non)policy to leave for the grandchildren. Goodonya fellas.

    If there is no point setting a target until you know how you are going to get there, does that mean that as I haven’t ever fired a rifle I wouldn’t be charged with anything if I happened to point one in the pm’s general direction ad the damn thing went off? I mean, it’s not like there is a gun shop just opposite my des unemployment service, and youtube only has instrutional videos, not lessons, and I don’t have a passport so I couldn’t get to hawaii without help, so there are a lot of dominos to get in line first, but stranger things have happened, and there is an election coming up. Sometime in the future.
    Hopefully within the next 30 years.

  16. Florence Howarth

    I think young people might care about what happens in 30 years time. They are not stupid. They know it will be them who has to clean the mess up.

  17. guest

    Canavan is just trying to support his Far North electorate. It has been done before by right-wing activists who have supported farmers there from accusations of fertiliser and soil run-offs affecting the Great barrier Reef.

    Agreements about reducing carbon emissions are anathema because, they claim, it is the rural people who “pay the price” for mitigation. Land clearing is restricted, and this it is said reduces productivity. And of course coal and gas are key elements in the Coalition’s economy.

    With regard to coal in particular, on the ABC’s The Drum (9/2/2021) Tim Buckley, Director of Energy Finance Studies, Australia, told the panel that coal is “a dead man walking” and “a stranded asset”. The Hunter (Joel’s territory) has 5-10 years with coal and Queensland about 20 years.

    ANZ Bank is stopping funding for the Newcastle coal port. It is a matter of rick management. It is a position widely touted and applied.

    The port itself is restricted because it cannot use containers, which restricts diversification.

    With regard to not using coal for making steel, Twiggy Forest has said things can change very quickly; instead of coal, hydrogen can be used.

    All this just throws up more questions about Morrison’s announcement about removing the debate about climate. How and when does Morrison’s energy map work? A Murdoch representative said that the energy map reasserted “mainstream values”.

    Only a short time ago, Morrison told us not to be afraid of coal. Now a road to Damascus event?

  18. Kronomex

    On a side note: I saw this article and after reading the first paragraph immediately thought of a certain political party.

    A reeking, parasitic plant lost its body and much of its genetic blueprint

    The story itself was quite intriguing but I just can’t get the…cough…LNP…cough…out my mind. I feel I have now insulted the Sapria himalayana though.

  19. Henry Rodrigues

    Kronomex………. Well observed. The article could be considered a metaphor for the LNP as it feeds on its host and corrupts itself. Darwin himself would have been fascinated by the approximation of Sapria and the nasty LNP.

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