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There was a link to something I wrote in 2014 and it contained a quote from the Energy White Paper that the Abbott government released which was:

“The Australian Government does not support reserving gas for domestic use. Reservation would result in less profitable production, attracting less investment, thereby reducing supply and raising costs.”

Thank God that they didn’t reserve gas for domestic use because that would mean that the price was higher because of less investment. (Shit, where’s that sarcasm font when you need it!)

Anyway, interesting that this is still the Coalition argument three Prime Ministers later.

Who says that they change their energy policy all the time?


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  1. Anne Naomi Byam

    Short – yes … n Sweet … not so much.

    They will never change.

    Wonder what 2023 will hold for the Coalition ?? Possibly a change of leadership ?

    Perhaps Scumo will be re-instated. !!

    I have just made myself feel ill.

  2. Andy56

    Imbeciles use a form of irrational logic to justify a stupid policy. You know, we cant do anything to make australia attractive for any indistry bar extraction. Cheap and abundant made the nation but in their ideology we are non deserving so we need to be punished. Using logic thats been shown up as stupid, they persue a wreck australia policy. You know, gas company making record profits means they wont invest if we cap their record profits to record profits. Make a stupid assertion and then build your arguement around it.

  3. Fred

    Andy56: It’s not “irrational logic” – it is plain stupid. Anybody that comes up with “reservation would result in … thereby reducing supply…” is being illogical. “Reservation” is an amount set aside for Australian consumption, presumably sufficient for our needs, so there is NO “reduction” in supply. The reduction is in what is exported, i.e. amount exported = amount extracted – amount reserved for Australia.

  4. wam

    The skill of the lnp and the rabbott was their largesse. Unfortunately, with their usual inept planning, they gave the gas to overseas investors at bargain prices. Thereby, achieving the desired low prices for everyone except us.

  5. Kathryn

    More, yet MORE proof that the ONLY things important in the shallow, insular, elitist and corrupt lives of LNP MPs is kowtowing to profit-obsessed businesses and stooping to any obscene level to attain more and more money to satiate the remorseless greed of the Top 1% – and that includes selling off EVERY SINGLE asset Australian taxpayers own including OUR ABC, Medicare, all our public-owned transport, utilities, universities and assets (which, at some time in the future under their misguided mismanagement of our nation, would likely end up with the total privatisation of our State-run public hospitals and schools)! In order to give the phony pretense that they are “managing our economy” and making a dubious “profit” (at our expense), the LNP – under the appalling influence of Murdoch and the IPA – won’t be happy until they sell off and privatise absolutely EVERYTHING taxpayers own!

    The rot set in with that horrendous non-achieving, cigar-puffing elitist, Robert Menzies then rapidly deteriorated with that nasty little war monger, John Howard who used the genocidal invasion of Iraq as a “distraction” to take attention away from his appalling ineptitude and depravity! Things just got worse and worse under the elitist, privatisation-obsessed, inarticulate, sociopath and WRECKING BALL: Tony Abbott and, worst of all, the internationally notorious and thoroughly despised political psychopath, Scott Morrison, who tried – and failed – to hide his unspeakable level of inhumanity and corruption behind a thin, nauseating cloak of bible-thumping hypocrisy!

    Fortunately, the majority of Australians had the foresight and intelligence to kick the depraved LNP/Murdoch/IPA Alliance back to the gutter where they really belong – they are, indeed, the absolute WORST, most dangerously undemocratic and corrupt regime in our history! It is ESSENTIAL we keep them in OPPOSITION for as long as possible!

  6. Geoff Andrews

    Over 100 years ago, C.J.Dennis anticipated this scenario in his “The Glugs of Gosh”, in which a foolish race of people (the Glugs) are persuaded to exchange their raw materials for the manufactured goods of another country, to the detriment of their own manufacturing industries.
    Every newly elected member of parliament should be forced to read it and pass a test before they are sworn in!
    A bite out of the story: after the trade in cheap manufactured goods for raw materials is established (“every Glug in the land of Gosh, had three clean shirts and a fourth in the wash!”), the ruling class (the Swanks) take credit for this false prosperity by declaring Gosh a ““happy & prosperous land”, which causes the Glugs to “grow idle and fond of ease and easy to swindle and hard to please.” God bless his prophetic soul.
    Just google “The Stones of Gosh” and “The Swanks of Gosh”.

  7. Clakka

    Suicide capitalism par excellence.

    We’ve got a deal for you. Nothing too big or small.

    In case of invasion from behind, get in while you can.

    Cum hell and high water, we’ll be open again and readied.

    LNP, we’re never closed for business.
    Never say we don’t know a deal when they see one.

    Continuous improvement management by innumerable innumeracy

    Enfranchised and recycled by the raving craven cringers of the LNP

    With genuflections by also-ran shopkeepers on consignment.

    Sold at any cost, while stocks last.

  8. Pete Petrass

    Someone alert them to WA where they DO have a reservation policy and see how their prices look.

  9. andy56

    Fred, its irrational and by definition stupid, lol. Its the logic they try to push in our faces. It seems reasonable so therefore it must be true. Fools enough people enough of the time unfortunately.

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