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My Father used to call it “Foot in Mouth Disease”

imageAuthor’s note: I wrote this piece prior to the death of Gough Whitlam and wondered if now was an appropriate time to post it. Then I heard John Howard say:

“A wise man once said that everything should have context”.

What we say with our words and do with our actions defines context and explains the difference between rulers and leaders.

My Father used to call it Foot in Mouth Disease

Last week in Queensland a 17-year-old teenage boy was placed on bail after posting a video of himself racially abusing a train guard. The magistrate praised the dark-skinned guard for his calmness under attack

The boy was obviously intoxicated. Was it the grog talking or did the alcohol just bring out latent racial attitudes the boy had.

My father used to call it ‘foot in mouth disease’. “People open their mouths without thinking”, he would say. A slip of the tongue. I have been guilty of it myself.

Tony Abbott’s ‘suppository of wisdom’ is but one example. He didn’t mean to say it. It just slipped out.

Or Bob Hawke’s ‘no child shall live in poverty’  where he changed a line while reading a speech.

Then there are those like Malcolm Fraser’s ‘life wasn’t meant to be easy’’ where the media deliberately misquoted what he said. What he actually said was ‘’ife wasn’t meant to be easy, but there are times of joyful bliss’. Which of course is a quote of George Bernard Shaw.

But what are we to make of statements that are so palpably bizarre and unequivocally misleading. Statements so lacking in fact that they could only be born of bullshit. Where the contrivance of omission is concealed to fool those less politically knowledgeable.

For example when Joe Hockey was asked about Australia being one the world’s dirtiest greenhouse gas-emitting countries in OECD group of developed countries. He said

“The comment you just made is absolutely ridiculous”.

On the face of it you could only conclude that he was lying. What the political observer must ask is. Is there a pattern.

Bill Clinton said to Romney: “There are real known facts in this world’”.

Let’s look at some recognisable remarks from conservative politicians and see what we can make of them.

Tony Abbott. Prime Minister. “I will shirtfront Putin”. “Coal is good for humanity”.

George Brandis. Attorney General.People have a right to be bigots”.

Eric Abetz Employment Minister. “Abortion causes breast cancer”.

Christopher Pyne. Minister for Education. “Uni fee hikes wont impact women because they don’t study expensive degrees like law or dentistry”.

Mathias Cormann. Finance Minister.Bill Shorten is an economic girlie-man”.

All of these statements are either unambiguously untrue, sexist, confrontational or reek of thuggish authoritarian superiority and have their genesis in far right ideology.

I recently read an article by Miranda Divine titled ‘Why the Libs are Ruddy marvelous’. It outlines the academic qualifications of government members. It is truly impressive. They must be the brainiest bunch to have ever graced our parliament.

“For starters, there are three Rhodes Scholars: Abbott, Malcolm Turnbull, and Angus Taylor. Two more ministers have degrees from Oxford University: George Brandis QC, and Josh Frydenberg, who has the added distinction of a master’s degree from Harvard. Two other MPs also have master’s degrees from Harvard, among the seven MBAs, two MPAs and four PhDs on the government benches. Two more have masters of philosophy from Cambridge. Fulbright scholar Greg Hunt has an MA from Yale. Former WA treasurer Christian Porter has an impressive four degrees. And he’s a backbencher”.

And it doesn’t end there. Read this. She of course failed to mention that it is essentially a men’s club. Or that Brandis cannot use a computer.

Now let’s look at what a Queens College Oxford education has done for our Prime Minister:

“We just can’t stop people from being homeless if that’s their choice”.

“Jesus knew that there was a place for everything and it’s not necessarily everyone’s place to come to Australia”.

“If we’re honest, most of us would accept that a bad boss is a little bit like a bad father or a bad husband … you find that he tends to do more good than harm. He might be a bad boss but at least he’s employing someone while he is in fact a boss”.

“I think it would be folly to expect that women will ever dominate or even approach equal representation in a large number of areas simply because their aptitudes, abilities and interests are different for physiological reasons”.

“I think there does need to be give and take on both sides, and this idea that sex is kind of a woman’s right to absolutely withhold, just as the idea that sex is a man’s right to demand I think they are both they both need to be moderated, so to speak”.

“What the housewives of Australia need to understand as they do the ironing is that if they get it done commercially it’s going to go up in price and their own power bills when they switch the iron on are going to go up, every year…”

“There may not be a great job for them but whatever there is, they just have to do it, and if it’s picking up rubbish around the community, it just has to be done”

“While I think men and women are equal, they are also different and I think it’s inevitable and I don’t think it’s a bad thing at all that we always have, say, more women doing things like physiotherapy and an enormous number of women simply doing housework.”

“A little bit of body contact never hurt anybody”. “Let’s be under no illusions the carbon tax was socialism masquerading as environmentalism.

“I find homosexuals confronting”.

At this point I should say that I have only scratched the surface with these comments. I could quote many more but these will suffice for the present. There is even a Facebook page devoted to them every day. And oh my God, I haven’t mentioned Cory Bernardi. The homophobic, Islamophobic, climate change denying free market Christian fundamentalist.

If these are the views the best education in the world bequeaths you then it has failed miserably. Attitudes and opinions such as theses surely cannot be representative of the best learning institutions in the world. If so, they have learn t nothing. Is it possible these great places of learning have taught them what to think and not how to.
How men who hold degrees in almost everything could be so lacking a degree in humanity is beyond me.

The well profoundness of life’s experience that develops wisdom seems to have escaped them.

Statements like the aforementioned (often embedded with religious intent)) are devoid of social empathy and are reflective of thinking that has been influenced by notions of dim-witted superiority. They are the words of a ruler not a leader. They are an indictment of both Abbott and his ministry.

They are statements of the uncaring, the intellectually barren, the cerebraly deficient, the privileged and the narcissistic elitist.

Of the born to rule with ideals of grandeur.

My old man also used to say; “Some people might be well-educated but often they haven’t got a bloody brain in their heads. It’s in the minuteness of their thinking that true ignorance can be found”.  He called them professional students.

If humility is the basis for human advancement, then it is truth that enables human progress. We see neither from today’s conservatives. Instead we see an insensitivity to the common good.

These statements are couched in a form of indoctrination calculated to appeal to those who are open to nefarious persuasion. The sort of propaganda designed to make you feel good about the wrongs being perpetuated on you.

Just when the small L people of the former ‘’Liberal Party’’ lost out to the conservative hard right is difficult to pin point but they did. Probably during the Howard rein.

What is left is a party of highly educated neo-conservative buffoons with a world view based on master servant principles of a time long past but not forgotten.

Whereas the Left of Australian politics is concerned with those who cannot help themselves the right is concerned with those who can.

We are experiencing something very unique in Australian politics. A belief that lying has approval, that deception and misleading words will and can persuade the electorate to your view. A belief that there are enough people so politically naive that they will believe you. And that’s the majority of Australians.

It’s straight out of the Conservative Tea Party Handbook. This is deliberate ‘’foot in mouth disease’’ with intentional consequences. There is a pattern and they have been persuaded it works.

“Of course I would have read The Gonski Report had the dog not eaten it”.

Christopher Pyne.


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  1. M-R

    Only TROWC. Only this rabble of wicked children. We have not seen their like before; but I fear very much that if people keep reading the Miranda Devines of this world and believing them, we WILL see their like again.
    What does it take to get through to the Liberal voter, I wonder …?

  2. juliefarthing

    It had to be said and I’m glad you documented these John Lord, but goodness it makes me sad to be an Australian with a Masters Degree. At least I wasnt a Rhodes scholar!

  3. John Fraser


    @John LOrd

    I find your Article "confronting".

    I should add that "confronting" is the flavour of the month and that august perennial student Josh Frydenberg is currently using it.

    Sooner or later I suppose I will have to "confront" my own use of the word "confronting".

    Daunting ?

  4. Lee

    What a tremendous waste of money it was attempting to educate our current government. They are the epitome of stupidity.

  5. Kaye Lee

    Education is never a waste. But it needs to be combined with life experience. It’s like pure mathematics and applied mathematics. We also must have creativity and initiative and that is what I find sadly lacking. As John says “They have been taught WHAT to think.”

    Life experience also teaches us humility. It teaches us to listen. It teaches us compassion. It teaches us that we will make mistakes and the measure of a person is how they deal with them. It teaches us that we are sometimes wrong.

    Unfortunately, the rise of a political class where people are groomed for a life sucking from the public teat has led to the “win at all costs” mentality. Personal ambition has replaced public service. “Whatever it takes” as Christopher Pyne admitted. Those who try in vain to work in the best interests of the people are so assaulted by the daily attack that they are eventually forced into capitulation, irrelevance or retirement.

  6. lawrencewinder

    Painful isn’t it, to be pushed around by these thugs? Their appeals over the past 10 years to the lowest common denominator, the Bogans of this country have borne fruit but the real worry is that they haven’t the brains or capacity to control the whirlwind they will reap when these racist, Islamophobic, anti-science really get going. I’m more concerned about that than some dill in costume making a fatuous fatwah to impress his gang members.

  7. Kaye Lee


    When I saw that kid talking tough on tv I thought oh for heaven’s sake you are 17 years old. I am more scared for you than I am for me.

  8. mars08

    Josh Frydenberg… Abbott’s parliamentary secretary, said the video warning showed why the Government must act.

    “That video is chilling and it’s a reminder of the threat we face by radicalised young people,” he said.

    “And that is why the Government has acted swiftly, but also thoughtfully and in a considered way to introduce new legislation and to resource our intelligence and law enforcement agencies better, so that we can meet this challenge and protect the local community.”

    Yeh Josh. Now just f#ck off!!!

  9. oldfart

    “I wasnt a Rhodes scholar!”
    Neither is he. More like a rodent scholar, but that would also be bringing rodents into disrepute

  10. PopsieJ

    I think the expression is “Educated beyond their intelligence”

  11. Jane Salmon

    Hawke with an “e”.

  12. The AIM Network

    Jane, we found the ‘e’. Thanks for pointing that out.

  13. DanDark

    Fried eggs from the Liarbils needs to go look at the ADL face book page, young right wing extreme radical males in this country by the truck full…

  14. Wayne Turner

    Nice article.You forgot the genius (or is that gen arse) Joe Hockey with wonder such as “poor people don’t drive cars”,and “the age of entitlement is over” (while bludging on us,and only punishing the less well off.)

  15. Wayne Turner

    “A belief that there are enough people so politically naive that they will believe you. And that’s the majority of Australians.” – Spot on sadly,and I think it’s also been this way.It’s just that these Libs have ALL the MSM promoting them,so they have NO SHAME,and they have no moral compass – While others in the past have NOT been as bad.

    Also,all those Libs are formally educated,but they still carry on like lazy arrogant morons,who could pass exams but still very stupid ie: The product of a flawed education system – That idiots can still pass,these Libs the case in point.

  16. stephentardrew

    Point is they fail on the logical rational intelligence scale; the comprehension of empirical evidence scale; the emotional intelligence and maturity scale; the the psychological evidentiary scale as well as the biological foundations of empath and compassion scale however they do pass on the ideological nonsense scale which turns all the other scales on their head through irrationality and illogicality. Their education is education for dunderheads. Anyone can pass an exam however intelligent assessment and application of learning requires, wisdom, maturity, skepticism and understanding of experimental and empirical facts. They are not educated they simply learn to memorize things from within the blindness and shutters of dogmatism and retributive nonsense.

    To call them educated or Rhodes scholars is to completely miss the point when they do not posses common sense or understanding of causation and the undeniable fact that people do not create their own realities. They are the modern version of eugenics and social Darwinist rubbish wedded into their ideological, political and econometric models. These are truly dangerous fools who accumulate pieces of paper that they have no idea how to put to practical use in the larger scheme of things. Our educators should be building a meta-theoretical framework which integrates all scientific and academic pursuits under the umbrella of logic and evidentiary fact. If we keep allowing our student to come away from higher education inculcated with this ideological nonsense we will just get more of the same.

    Theology and religion should be held separate from the hard sciences and qualified as subjective belief rather than objective fact.
    We need facts to build a sustainable material world and we should keep irrational ideological beliefs for our personal prejudice and subjective musings and they should be separate from practical application of science.

    Social construction of justice and equity is an engineering problem not an ideological game playing with people’s lives causing them untold suffering and hardship. I don’t care who snivels about their religious nonsense get over it and work towards a wholly sustainable society. I have my own metaphysical beliefs however I will not let them interfere with the obvious fact that only science can alleviate suffering and inequality. It is demonstrably obvious that politicians just get in the way when they hold to irrational gobbledygook. Left and right are cause citizens pain an suffering by adhering to illogical claptrap rather than working towards sustainable science based solutions.

    Hey cloud seekers and fantasy ideologues the clock is ticking.

  17. stephentardrew

    Hey Micheal got lost in spam land Help!

  18. Florence nee Fedup

    I always thought being a Rhodes Scholar meant something. This government has corrected that. error.

    They have three. Also many other educated with many degrees from world leading universities. Something must happen when they join the Liberals.

  19. Christine Farmer

    It seems being a Rhodes scholar simply means that you fulfilled the criteria for selection, and little else. Your common sense, empathy, wisdom, wider understanding of life and society simply don’t come into the selection criteria, and judging by the behaviour of those in the government who were such scholars, such qualities were of no consequence then, or , sadly, now.

    The pity of it is that, as Florence says, a Rhodes scholarship has been thought to “mean something”. It’s sadly been demeaned, by such as these narrow-minded, self-serving politicians. Even more unfortunately there is going to remain this perception that Abbott must be “a good prime minister, because, after all , he was a Rhodes scholar and you lot criticising him weren’t”.

  20. Florence nee Fedup

    Trouble is there are two others. Brandis is and Oxford graduate. There is one from Harvard. Why then does the front bench come over so stupid. Then we had Keating, that never saw the inside of a university that comes across as highly educated.

    I attended Western Sydney, well into my forties. Was amaze at some young ones, mostly from religious families and schools, who finished the semester knowing no more that when they begun, with exactly the same attitudes and opinions. Marx was not for them.

    What’s more, many of the front bench were educated together, at Sydney and Oxford. Most seem to have form their views and opinions back then., Nothing in the convening years has changed them one iota.

    I think I really believe, tertiary education is wasted on the young.

    I spent a year at Macquarie. Hated it. Yes, and they believe any kids from the west should not have been there., Aldo quick to let us know, as lecturers they were superior to those at Western Sydney. I found that amazing. I also found it not to be true. Western Sydney lecturers mostly had worked in the field ass well a lectured, This was not the norm at Macquarie.

    Sadly one was a leader in the feminist movement that I had admired until then.,Still see her regularly on TV.

  21. Florence nee Fedup

    PS This government could be one of the best educated on paper. Saying that, not many worked in any field except politics. Maybe that is the problems. Expensive private schools, coasting through university, then becoming political staffers, on the way to being MPs. No contact with the real world along the way.

    I cannot recall any other government being this close together, through school and university.

    Another thing, none seem to be close personal friends., If so, they keep it hidden.

  22. Billy muddle moir

    Beliefs drive education based outcomes?? There is a strong common education link between the rabbott, his joey, the pyne nut and Joyce on the one hand and shorten and bullock on the other. There are slightly more tenuous links between those heavies and albanese, robb, Andrews and the copperman. Perhaps their default is virtually the same???

  23. Florence nee Fedup

    I think I was lucky in my education. Went to ten schools, plus might school for a while. They ranged from one teacher to a large high school. Both city and bush. Spent two years boarding. From Catholic to public.

    Dad farmed in the Central West, We spent much time in the city, because of illness. Left school when my mother dies, Was living in western Sydney at the time. Spent the next part of my life, working at factory, cleaning, cooking, and labouring jobs. You name it, I did it. Spending four years on a dairy farm prepares one for anything.

    Went back to university after my marriage failed at forty. Had four young children., Spent the latter part of my working career in welfare

    I love university most of all. Was surprised to find out how much one knows. Our politicians would benefit from such a wide ranging education I believe. Well at least some work experience.

  24. John Lord


    ‘The ideas of today need to be honed with critical reason, factual evidence and scientific methods of enquiry so that they clearly articulate the currency of tomorrow’

    Science has made in my lifetime the most staggering achievements and they are embraced, recognised and enjoyed by all sections of society. The only area that I can think of where science is questioned is the religious fever of climate change doubters and conventional religious belief.
    ‘Commitment to the use of critical reason, factual evidence, and scientific methods of inquiry, rather than faith and mysticism, is the best way of providing solutions to human problems’

    ‘The ability of thinking human beings to blindly embrace what they are being told without referring to evaluation and the consideration of scientific fact, truth and reason,never ceases to amaze me. It is tantamount to the rejection of rationale explanation’

  25. stephentardrew


    Absolutely, science does not prevent us from having an imagination and exploring metaphysical reasoning based upon the areas in which science has limitations or expresses profound unknowns, counterintuitives and paradoxes. The point is those unknowns are definable in the context of science and they leave a broad domain of subjective imagination and creativity in philosophy and the arts. Nevertheless the accumulated scientific facts exclude a broad range of magical and mythical beliefs generated in subjective space from ignorance and the primal struggle to describe the world without the necessary facts at hand that science can provide. There is a substantial difference between empirical philosophy of science; broader scope in the metaphysical application of some of the profound mysteries confronting science and the subjectively generated superstition of magic, mythology and religion. In evolutionary terms they all have some kind of selective advantages and binding limitations. For example magic, mythology and religion do not generate facts however they open up subjective space to imagination and diverse ideas that can fly free as long as we can define the foundational principles of an empirical science. The basic facts of cause and effect; conservation of mass and energy; the primary understanding that much of the universe is causally determinate and that people don’t create their realities, yet are often victims of circumstances, should lead to a much more tolerant society free from the binding constraints of victim blame as well as unwarranted judgment, blame and retribution. The role of science is to look at the causal contributors to material existence then redefine them in objective terms which feed into subjective space allowing us to make logically-based rationally-constrained choices.

    The brilliant philosopher of science Thomas Kuhn in his book The Structure of Scientific Revolutions opened up a controversial can of worms that are still being debated today however his thesis was brilliant and, I think, spot on. He suggested revolutionary discoveries in science are incommensurable (inconsistent) with past theoretical models and as science proceeds it needs to adjust its paradigm to meet the new demands of revolutionary discoveries. This is blatantly obvious when today we still cannot logically resolve particle wave duality; action at distance; relativity, time dilation and time; the hierarchy problem involving the extreme weakness of gravity, unification of quantum mechanics and relativity; the value of the cosmological constant is enormously smaller than predicted by the standard model; the broad use of infinity in maths, geometry and calculus; the coherent foundations of the mathematics of infinity outlined by Georg Cantor and many others. Some of these dilemmas have been around for over a century and are still no adequately accounted for. As an upshot science is not cut, dried and in the bag as so many uninformed advocates of scientific absolutism, based upon closure and determinism, would have us believe. There is still no sound understanding of consciouses especially the apparent conflict between a deterministic causally consistent universe and choice. The fact that we can ruminate upon our mental musing and select certain patterns over others is antithetical to determinism. Many hard headed deterministic philosophers, for example Danial Dennet, have now become compatibalists believing that determinism and nominal choice are compatible. Unfortunately another paradox raises it ugly head. At the moment there is no logically demonstrable way to unify nominal choice and determinism. The solution, I feel, is that unit volume complexity leads to degrees of freedom in subjective space which allow feedback mechanisms to derive a sense of choice and volition.

    Bit of a long and convoluted rave however it is important that people understand the solid foundations of science and its potentialities as well as its limitations and the broad scope of exciting counter intuitives that lead the door wide open to revolutionary insights and discoveries. And so magic, mythology and religion can be morphed into a profound sense of mystery awe and wound underscored by the infinite web of context evolving in subjective space. It is much more useful to work out how we can transition from religion to science than going into a war of words driven by anger and resentment. If we can do that without loosing a foundational sense of mystery awe and wonder that allows those who need to believe in God their God, while maintaining empirical facts, then we can gradually evolve the process rather than forcing immediate change with all its conflicts and disturbances. We cannot expect too much too soon. Evolution is steady sate and slow interspersed by periods of seemingly rapid change.

    Just some thoughts for the Ovid’s Void.

  26. John Lord

    Stephen, you touched on free will. Would you care to expand on another of my quotes.
    ” The study of free will is an important foundation of rational thinking and objective application of thoughts to actions. How many seriously take up the study of free will and the constraints of pre determined facts that limit free will, and personal action? “

  27. stephentardrew

    I remember the quote John but decided to lay off because I tend to hog the space a bit with more detailed reposts. It’s the nature of the beast if your going to be relevant. It is a deep problem however philosophers are at odds to the degree of choice but not the fact that choice is only nominally available. It is obvious that fundamental laws and constants are finely tuned therefore the degrees of freedom, in any system, are severely constrained by fairly well determined laws. Therefore much of our universe is demonstrably causally deterministic. Complex dynamic feed back systems, like brains, give us a sense of time yet physics (relativity, anti-time and quantum reversibility) demonstrate there is no actual single and explicit datum for time. Many physicists and philosophers of mind deal with this by saying time is an illusion (Paul Davies) which to my mind is entirely unsatisfactory. In my previous post I pointed to some counterintuitives and paradoxes in physics and math which seem to have their phenomenal worldly counterpart in the problem of free will, self-reference and time. It appears it is no coincidence that the paradoxes of microscopic supervene upon material reality in the guise of the paradox of self-reference. Alfred North Whitehead and Bertrand Russel attempted a fully axiomatic logical number theory in the three volume mind warping Principia Mathematica however Kurt Godel demonstrated there are things that are knowable truths that cannot be proven logically (Godel’s Incompleteness Theorem) which entails linguistic paradoxes and a raft of others.

    My feeling is that Ockham’s razor: the simplest explanation is the best – fails in complex systems so while you can derive simple fundamental laws and constants their combined gestalt (organizational whole) is, in effect, greater than the sum of their parts thus reductionism, to some extent, fails. So the answer is scientist just do not know how our sense of choice and free will comes about when it is antithetical to the primary axioms of science yet complementary to the underlying counterintuitives and paradoxes of physics, geometry, mathematics, self-reference and so on. Refer back to the above explanation of the emergence of magic and mythology as a precursors to subjective creativity and generative while the mechanistic side of the brain experiments rationally with the world through empirical investigation producing scientific proofs. However proofs are not truths because there is never 100% certainty re: quantum probabilities, uncertainty and incompleteness. As you can see its one damn great minefield that is left for philosophers of science to play in.

    By the time we get to complex minds magic and mythology emerge as approximate explanations for a largely mysterious reality while logic and rationality lead to experimentation and scientific methodology. So, frustratingly, evolution fabricates magic, mythology and religion as survival strategies while the mind improves its function by mapping real world events onto evolving cognitive structures. So we are left with a pile of irrational and illogical developmental fictions and beliefs that eventually become self-defeating which we then have to solve logically and rationally. And for me this is the seed of choice since choice becomes an inevitable evolutionary necessity. Creativity, technology and art help maximize potentiality in subjective space while logic and rationality roll back the primal structures of magic, mythology and religion. Magic, mythology and religion are pre-logical free associations that help evolve conceptual self-referential abstract thinking while conversely minds learn to explore the rational context and relationships of material reality.

    And her is the three thousand dollar question. If this is the case then how does mind come to contemplate infinity conceptually and mathematically. What is driving us towards more complex dynamic systems for complexity and diversity. God and religion are pre-rational structures so they are not going to cut he mustard. Pre-logical thinking is not choice it is habituated transmission of radically incomplete magical and mythical understandings of nature. Rational thinking and scientific methodology, represented by logical empiricism, deals adequately with fundamental laws constants; causation; complexification self-organization; and determinism but fails to resolve quantum paradoxes and counteroffensives nor can it resolve time; self-reference; or the real choice to embrace scientific facts and the dynamic interplay that allows or subjective imagination to stretch into abstract domains not present in the material universe. The degrees of freedom in subjective space are much greater than that of the constraining laws of material reality yet more conducive with the paradoxes and counterintuitives of micro-physics. The answer is, of course, we have no idea. Philosophers and scientists have attempted to foreclose upon reality way before they have any idea of what is actually going on.

    Firstly we need to leave magic, mythology and religion behind. Secondly we need to “choose” to break mythical habit and apply ourselves to the facts of science that can resolve practical material problems of injustice, inequity, poverty and inequality. Thirdly we need to explore the dynamics of the sentient wish for happiness and joy in subjective space recognizing that material reality is a structural engineering problem while the unfolding domain of subjective complexity and potentiality reaches out into a vast textured domain of creativity and abstract generative supported by technology, virtual reality and, possibly, artificial intelligence. Nevertheless it is what wee feel in our hearts that gives us a sense of happiness and joy so we need to understand and reconfigure our biology to dampen our overactive fear responses. We may even enter what is called polytope (four dimensional space) in which the degrees of freedom are dramatically expanded which will also exponentially grow the matrix of choice.

    So choice is actually the choice to leave magic and mythology behind by accepting the foundations of empiricism and rationality and then freeing ourselves up to explore the subjective domain of creativity that stretches beyond the horizon of sentient closure in any given epoch.

    And most profoundly of all we need to ask what is it that flows through existence conserving every moment in time for all time. It is no good referring back to magic and mythology or scientific determinism because the paradoxes and counterintuitives of science point directly to a domain of insight we are far from understanding. There are even deeper questions that can be asked and in some profound way realized through becoming humble and admitting that infinity is telling us we know all but very little of what there is to comprehend.

    This is personal interpretation and I claim no certainty or truth however it seems to mesh with my life learning and experience so I hope it is of interest.

    The technical side of free will, choice, compatibility, incompatibility etc. is riddled with boring philosophical minutia so I have tried to give what I see as a broad meta-theoretical approach to choice.

  28. John Lord

    Thank you Stephen. You have opened my mind to new thoughts and considerations.

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