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A Musical Interlude – “Blowing In The Wind”!

Let’s all sing it loud and with gusto!

How many times must Turnbull back down
Before you call him your man?
How many times must he say “Jobs and Growth”
Before he can say what he’s planned?
Yes, and how many times must we trust the Libs
Before they’re forever banned?
Turnbull, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind
Turnbull is blowin’ in the wind

Yes, and how many years can coal power exist
Before it’s washed to the sea?
Yes, and how many years will people stay on Nauru
Before they’re allowed to be free?
Yes, and how many times can a man turn his head
And pretend that he just doesn’t see?
Turnbull, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind
Turnbull is blowin’ in the wind

Yes, and how many times can a man lie to us
Before we know it’s a lie?
Yes, and how much did you give to the Liberals
Including the bits on the sly?
Yes, and how much did you trade to be the PM
You pathetic thing, Malcolm Bligh?
Turnbull, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind
Turnbull is blowin’ in the wind.



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  1. Michael

    Sing it from the roof tops …..

  2. Kyran

    “The Living Years”

    Every generation
    Blames the one before
    And all of their frustrations
    Come beating on your door

    I know that I’m a prisoner
    To all my Father held so dear
    I know that I’m a hostage
    To all his hopes and fears
    I just wish I could have told him in the living years

    Crumpled bits of paper
    Filled with imperfect thought
    Stilted conversations
    I’m afraid that’s all we’ve got

    You say you just don’t see it
    He says it’s perfect sense
    You just can’t get agreement
    In this present tense
    We all talk a different language
    Talking in defense

    Say it loud, say it clear
    You can listen as well as you hear
    It’s too late when we die
    To admit we don’t see eye to eye

    So we open up a quarrel
    Between the present and the past
    We only sacrifice the future
    It’s the bitterness that lasts

    So don’t yield to the fortunes
    You sometimes see as fate
    It may have a new perspective
    On a different date
    And if you don’t give up, and don’t give in
    You may just be O.K.

    Say it loud, say it clear
    You can listen as well as you hear
    It’s too late when we die
    To admit we don’t see eye to eye

    I wasn’t there that morning
    When my Father passed away
    I didn’t get to tell him
    All the things I had to say
    I think I caught his spirit
    Later that same year
    I’m sure I heard his echo
    In my baby’s new born tears
    I just wish I could have told him in the living years

    Say it loud, say it clear
    You can listen as well as you hear
    It’s too late when we die
    To admit we don’t see eye to eye.

    My apologies, Mr Brisbane. I was listening to Dylan when posting to ‘Walk for freedom’. Serendipity in the extreme. Whilst reading your post, Mike and the Mechanics were playing. How many times, indeed. Sláinte mhaith, take care

  3. rossleighbrisbane

    Nameste – I bow to the true nature of our serendipitous world!

  4. John Ward

    Liberal and National Party Ministers have colluded to remove all funds from the Clean Energy Finance Corporation. Pledging a total amount $6.5 billion, left in the CEFC account to other LNP causes. These Attempts to allocate funds which are meant, as directed expressly in the ‘Clean Energy Finance Corporation’ (CEFC) invests; applying commercial rigour, to increase the flow of finance into the clean energy sector. The CEFC invests in accordance with the Clean Energy Finance Corporation Act 2012 (CEFC Act) and the Clean Energy Finance Corporation Investment Mandate.

    Strategic distractions of sowing doubt and confusion, have been part of international complicity that has held government leaders worldwide, hostage to the purposes of the Fossil Fuel giants; even to the excess of waging war to protect International Oil Associations assets.

    At the same time Malcolm Turnbull has been subsidising the fossil fuel industry with (the IMF estimates) $1,712 per Australian a year or $41 billions of taxpayer funds.

    This includes exploration funding for Geoscience Australia and tax deductions for mining and petroleum exploration.
    Coal is not cheap, reliable and affordable. Coal is, across the board, exceptionally subsidised, political corrupting and malignant.

    The IMF calculates that Australians subsidisations to the Fossil Fuel Industry account for hidden adverse costs spread out across the states and the ATO, that ultimately, permanently come out of taxpayers’ pockets.
    The same IMF financial forensic methods applied to the price of coal-generated electricity, should account the cost of ‘Black Lung’ in miner’s and pollution related disease and death among the general population and workforce.

    Coal is not cheap and has not ever been ‘cheap and affordable,’ the price is governed by where direct and indirect outlays and subsidisations are concealed.
    The price of electricity is an intrinsic artifice of government and a political choice these days to prolong the use of Coal as a squalid deal by both political parties with their generous donors.

    However, there seems to be a ‘Round Robin’ scheme here.
    Taxpayer money is handed to the Fossil fuel Industry in the form of subsidies.
    The fossils fuel industry donates to the Liberal and National Party, the IPA, the Sydney Institute, the Menzies Centre Et al., in turn the LNP Looks the other way as international corporations remove profits by ‘paying head’ office for research and any other dodgy scheme the ATO allows, they do these things, without paying Australia a fair tax, while they plunder our resources.

    Ultimately, the LNP is funded with taxpayer receipts which started out as subsidies.
    There is a Royal Commission in this.

  5. Kyran

    “How many times must Turnbull back down
    Before you call him your man?”
    He just got rid of the “Indigenous Advisory Council”. That was the half assed replacement of the previous council, dispensed with by a predecessor, can’t remember if it was little johnnie or tiny.
    I’m not given to violence. They are, however, pushing their luck.
    Nameste. Take care

  6. guest

    More and more I find it hard to believe that Turnbull has been a lawyer. He struggles to speak clearly with confidence on anything, starting and stopping and diverting and obfuscating…smooging with smug smiles, reminding us that one may smile and smile and be a villain.

    His talk of “clean coal” entirely neglects the effects of burning coal. For him, climate change is something far off. The health effects are of no significance, and that includes the health of people and the environment including The Great Barrier Reef and the presence of huge open cut mines. He prefers to talk about cheap power, forgetting that so much of our power generation has been leased to foreign entities who are guaranteed profits. While he talks about the cost of electricity, he fails to consider the cost of cooking the planet. He seems to think the matter is all under control by his government. Meanwhile, other countries he sees as markets for coal are moving away from coal to renewable energy

    His attitude to refugees and the Convention seems to rely too much on the laws developed by this country which subjugate other countries into taking the blame for what happens in off-shore detention centres.

    He hives off at certain times of discomfort to attack Shorten. He speaks of populism and how Shorten is beholden to the CFMEU – but of course neglects to mention that he himself is beholden to numerous supporting entities such as the IPA.

    He tells us that he and Lucy have bought their Harbour-side mansion, while Shorten hopes for a Harbour-side mansion paid for by the populace. This is just a cheap shot, accompanied by aloof smugness, as was his comment about how he has contributed to Coalition funds often and generously ($1.75m?), drawing on funds salted away in the Cayman Islands. One wonders if he sees that as a way of buying the PM position. And perhaps he saw the PM position as a nice retirement activity, having in fact procrastinatingly achieved very little as PM despite what he says.

    There is justifiably a large amount of dissatisfaction in the Coalition government. Turnbull’s face was dark when he was reminded of the poll figures at present. He will be even more distressed if the polls widen as he fails to demonstrate exactly what he intends to do over the next year, something more comprehensive than the bland mantras he has come up with so far, as the closure of the car industry looms and the effects of Trump’s Presidency bite.

  7. Peter F

    Kyran/Ross Thank you. I can’t see the keyboard.

  8. helvityni

    Turnbull wasn’t happy with Stan Grant interrupting HIM, the PM, Leigh Sales never does it…Let me finish, he said obviously irritated.

    Lucy and I are generous people, we give, we give to many good course. Why talk about it…

    Let those men on Nauru and Manus free, be truly generous, give them their lives back.

    Word of advise; all that talk about that naughty Billy boy is not very grown-up, stop doing it..

  9. Ella Miller

    “The answer is blowing in the wind”
    Well we heard it …
    For those of you that read my grandsons’s letter …what was MT reply….give tax cuts to big corporations so that;

    in ten years time his mother may get a $2.00 rise….and perhaps a job.

    Barnaby Joyce said “build more coal powered stations the poor can turn on the lights”

    “how many years will it take till we learn” that enough is enough… IT IS TIME

  10. guest

    I am kept awake worrying about this man who is our PM. I am worried about the way he presents himself as a “pragmatic deal-maker”.

    I worry about what deals he has made with the Coalition. There are those among them who do not agree with it, whatever it is.

    Then there is the deal which saw the NBN emasculated. And the mess of the electronic census and the “debt” collecting program.

    He had to make 20 deals with cross-benchers to get the ABCC bill through, so modified it is probably a toothless tiger.

    Still he talks about the trickle-down deal which he says will take 10 years to mature. He mentions NZ as an example of his deal, but omits to say that NZ raised the GST to 15%.

    Now we have this strange on-again, off-again deal with the prince of deal-makers, Donald Trump. Turnbull had already made a deal with Obama which showed the difference between Turnbull and Obama. Turnbull could not let those people into Oz, but Obama could let them into the USA. Now Turnbull is supposedly making a deal with Trump to let them into the USA to honor the Obama deal at a time Trump is “banning”/”pausing” immigration, having prepared a grocery list of ins and outs.

    It amazes me that Turnbull blatantly makes this kind of deal when the current Coalition Pacific Solution has been widely criticised internationally. The New Guinea government has declared Manus to be illegal and unconstitutional.

    When Angela Merkel spoke by phone with Trump, she explained the Refugee Convention. Not Turnbull. He thinks the world after Trump is starting to catch up with Oz with regard to a “humane” immigration policy. Is he for real?

    We can see why the Murdoch Empire are attacking the Oz HRC. Rupert brooks no criticism and presently the right wing press is buoyed by the rise of Trump.

    Well, the winds of change are coming. A petition of 1,700,000 in the UK rejecting a visit from Trump. Violence in the streets of the USA. Protests around the world against the twitler. We shall overcomb!

    Here in Oz, the polls are widening against Turnbull the procrastinator.

  11. helvityni

    Turnbull is starting to sound like Trump: I’m like this, I’m like that, that’s what good prime ministers do,that’s what I do, Lucy and I are good people, very good people, we give, we give plenty…

    Is this what happens to you when your mum leaves you, and your dad sends you to a boarding school…

  12. jimhaz

    We are still better off with a weak MT, than we ever were with Abbott. Imagine what his squad would be saying and wanting to do now with Trump in power.


    These two songs from Randy Newman kind of fit the current situation.

    Political Science

    A Few Words in Defense of Our Country

  13. Michael

    jimhaz – I wonder if the $1.75M would be forthcoming if abbott was PM – after all if that was the case MT would have to arrogantly regard Labor as enemy of Australians rather than preferred opponent with alternatives – question to ask by an enterprising journalist?

  14. jimhaz

    [I wonder if the $1.75M would be forthcoming if abbott was PM]

    i’d say no chance at all of MT giving anything near that, were he not the leader.

    As MT only just won, one really does wonder what would have occurred without that money – although one paper said “donations dried up after Abbott was deposed” so I don’t know what the net difference would have been.

    I wonder if the religious crowd stopped donating with MT – my guess is a high chance. Like Bannan’s religious think tank links, they are a very active, organised and well off crowd and Australians like Bernardi and Andrews have been taught by them how to obtain political power.

  15. Michael

    If that is the case, then there would be a general expectation (feeling within one’s water, so to speak) in the ranks that this example of the Turnbull family largess, generosity and non conditional love would continue – never let be said on condition of continued PMship???

  16. silkworm

    “The IMF calculates that Australians subsidisations to the Fossil Fuel Industry account for hidden adverse costs spread out across the states and the ATO, that ultimately, permanently come out of taxpayers’ pockets.”

    This is not strictly true. Federal govt subsidies are a forming of spending, which is not funded by taxes. Subsidies are monies created by fiat.

    Leave taxpayers out of it. Subsidies to the fossil fuel industry just have to be opposed on environmental grounds.

  17. silkworm

    “His talk of “clean coal” entirely neglects the effects of burning coal.”

    Turdbull is not the first to speak of “clean coal.” Remember Rudd I? He blew his environmental credentials when he wanted to set up a “Clean Coal Institute.”

  18. Harquebus

    I think it was $5 that Turnbull once gave to a homeless person. Such generosity, such compassion in our Prime Minister. Truly an individual that we can all aspire to be like.
    Just joking, obviously.
    What a ****ed up world it would be if we were all as compassionate and generous as he.

  19. helvityni

    stan, I read it and thought that Mal has not been altogether truthful when speaking, albeit reluctantly, about the phone conversation regarding OUR asylum seekers. Why should America take them, we have a much smaller population…

  20. jimhaz

    Amazing, but not that surprising at all, if he ends up canning the deal. To big an electoral promise failure. Trump wants or needs to scuttle this for brownie points from his core voter group.

  21. helvityni

    “Robust”, “contentious” and “hostile” is how a weekend phone call between Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and US President Donald Trump has been described.(ABC online)

    Now Mal , how about a captain call, and take them in.

  22. guest

    Thank you, Silkworm @1:23 pm. Rudd was keen to be involved in reducing emissions. Clean coal was not the only solution promoted The year 2008 was early days in government interest in climate change. The big complaint was that he set up the Institute instead of supporting some other interests in carbon capture already established. By 2011 many carbon capture facilities had folded through lack of commercial viability, lack of technology, vast costs involved, lag time in establishing such ventures etc etc. (Google it). Here is Turnbull clinging to fossil fuel fantasies instead of following renewable energy technologies – although he seems to be placing great store in the possibilities of hydro. Good luck with that.

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