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Murdoch prepares Bishop for Libspill

Abbott must be having a horrible Christmas break. He can’t have missed that his old buddy, his mentor Rupert has completely dropped him and in doing so, has given permission for his newspapers to admit that PM Abbott is a dud. They’re still not yet ready to admit he’s always been a dud and that they were stupid to support him in the first place (as if they’ll ever be ready for this sort of atonement), but they’re willing to go as far as actually reporting his poll numbers, which speak for themselves, and saying that if only he could get his ‘message’ right, their neoliberal Tea-Party agenda would be gratefully accepted by the electorate instead of wholeheartedly rejected. It’s fascinating to watch an entire news organisation finally coming round to the fact that the public knows better than they do whether someone is a good PM or not. I thought the whole definition of ‘news’ was telling us all something we didn’t know, and being first to the story? Abbott’s incompetence is old news, and News Ltd coming to this realisation last is really the only thing you need to know about the incompetence of News Ltd. ‘Oh Abbott’s polls are bad!’ they all cry in unison! ‘We totally didn’t see that coming!’.

So what are News Ltd going to do now that their favourite son has spectacularly failed? If you’ve been paying attention to the number of puff pieces being written at News Ltd about their chosen successor, Julie Bishop, you will see that a Libspill is clearly being planned.

As soon as I realised that Julie Bishop was being put forward as the most likely replacement for Abbott, I realised just how screwed the Abbott government is. Because if Bishop is deemed as the ‘best performer’, it shows just how badly the rest of them have performed. Think about it for a second. What exactly has Bishop done which is so high performing? Perhaps if the definition of high performing is ‘not stuffing up as badly as the rest of the Abbott ministry and being protected by News Ltd so even if you did stuff up the public never heard about it’, then Bishop has been high performing. But all I’ve seen is very basic no-more-competent-than-you’d-expect-of-an-average-politician-statements from her in response to international tragedies, such as disease, terrorism and plane crashes, and of course I’ve seen her slashing the Foreign Aid budget, making Australia the stingiest rich country in the world, bar none. I can see that News Ltd are clearly happy about this, but as I’ve said previously, News Ltd’s opinion and the general public’s opinion do not match and are increasingly at complete odds so News Ltd being happy about something more than likely works against Bishop in the long term.

But even more interesting than the claim that Bishop is ‘high performing’, is News Ltd’s strategy of backing a female Prime Minister, after systematically mauling our first female Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, with a sexist, low-life, scum-filled campaign of hateful lies and misinformation. Just to remind you all, Julia Gillard was the most successful Prime Minister this country has ever had. You won’t ever see any such analysis done in News Ltd papers, but this Guardian article has run the figures showing Gillard as the winner. So keeping this in mind, and keeping News Ltd’s vile anti-Gilllard campaign in mind, how are News Ltd going to position Bishop, a female, unmarried, childless ex-South Australian lawyer as PM material, when they so blatantly positioned Gillard as unfit, whilst appealing to the scum who read their newspapers, who were only too happy to agree? They built the anti-female-leader narrative, so how are they going to tear it down in support for Bishop?

So far, I have seen three strategies at work.

The first is to dress Julie Bishop up in her favourite ridiculously expensive clothes, to do a bit of airbrushing and to photograph her looking relaxed and feminine as if she doesn’t have a care in the world (or an office, or a desk, or, for that matter, a job. Notice how male politicians are never photographed posing as if they’re in a fashion magazine?). It’s also worth noting at this point that when Gillard posed for a Women’s Weekly photo shoot in 2007, Bishop was reported as saying:

“I don’t think it’s necessary to get dressed up in designer clothing and borrow clothing and make-up to grace the cover of magazines… You’re not a celebrity, you’re an elected representative, you’re a member of parliament. You’re not Hollywood and I think that when people overstep that line they miss the whole point of that public role.”

Clearly Bishop thinks she is Hollywood and is a celebrity and that’s the end of that.

The second strategy to ready Bishop for the position as Australia’s second female Prime Minister is for her to paint herself as not a feminist, and not as having benefited from feminism to get where she is. It was all her, apparently. And women who think they need feminism to get ahead need to stop complaining and get on with it, apparently. I feel that Bishop claiming she’s got where she is without the help of the feminist movement is akin to the captain of a football team being presented with the Grand Final cup and saying ‘thanks so much for all the applause. Clearly I played really well and that’s why the team won. I don’t know what all those other guys on my team were doing, but without my individual effort, the Grand Final cup would not be mine today’. Feminists have every right to be offended by Bishop’s suggestion that their hard fought battles are just a campaign of whinging. And of course they have every reason to laugh at Bishop, who is one of two women in Abbott’s cabinet, after being the only one for the first year, presumably because all the other Liberal women of merit were too busy complaining instead of being merit selected in a cabinet that is full of un-merit-worthy men. You’ve got to laugh so you don’t cry!

Finally, the last strategy to prepare Bishop for a leadership challenge is for News Ltd to claim that she is nothing like Gillard, and so should never be compared. Please look away now if you don’t feel like being angry for at least the next month over the following statement that was made in this Courier Mail Julie Bishop-fan-mail-puff-piece. Or do what I do and try to turn your anger into productive rage:

‘Dignified yet determined, Ms Bishop has succeeded where Julia Gillard failed, by showing that women can perform at the highest levels of political office without either hiding behind their gender or sacrificing their femininity. A passionate advocate of women, Ms Bishop believes in merit-based promotion, and her own hard work is now reaping rewards, both on the international stage and in domestic polls. And the damage done by Ms Gillard to the public perception of women in leadership roles is slowly being healed as voters regain confidence that a female politician can deliver’.

So this is the campaign and it’s well underway. There’s no sign yet as to how News Ltd will deal with Bishop’s embarrassing past of plagiarism, or her seedy career as a lawyer fighting against asbestos victims, and apparently once asking ‘why workers should be entitled to jump court queues just because they were dying’. But we will watch and see as News Ltd comes up with new techniques of dishonesty to repel any criticism of their new-found-favourite candidate. And of course, it will be fascinating to see how such a leadership spill could possibly be orchestrated without use of the words ‘blood’ and ‘stab’ littered throughout the reportage. No doubt that’s the last piece of the puzzle that needs to be worked out before we wake up to find Abbott gone, and PM anti-feminist-pro-Armani-asbestos-Julie in his place.

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  1. Lee

    Oh gawd… is that the best campaign they have? It’s so easy to refute. Bring it on. I predict Bishop will be almost as incompetent as Abbott as PM. Gillard racked up an impressive list of achievements that Bishop can only dream about.

  2. Graham Houghton

    Very well said, Victoria. It’s noticeable how quiet Abbott has been in the last few days whilst Bishop has been quite prominent in the media. Writing his resignation speech perhaps? And how will he find life on the back benches? Early 2015 is looking very interesting.

  3. Peter Watson

    Vexing issue here, Murdoch and the IPA should have no place in our democracy, let alone maniputating it. Julie Bishop may prove to be more ‘competent’ than Abbott. If anything it could make the Junta even harder to expunge from our polity. Why else would the non electable extra parliamentary forces of the far lunar right even contemplate such a move? Abbott has fulfilled his role in gaining the government benches. He is, and has been from Sept 14 2013, exranumerary.

  4. townsvilleblog

    a drovers dog would be a better leader than Abbott, however Bishop does not have a personality either and the policies that they are trying to shove down Australian necks just won’t be tolerated no matter who tries to sell them. This only maked the LNP more divided and Aussies won’t vote for disunified political parties no matter who they are, but when they are trying to sell shit sandwiches nobody is buying.

  5. Jexpat

    How are they going to deal with it?

    Through blatant hypocrisy and repeated, ritualistic propaganda.

  6. Nick

    My paths have crossed Julie Bishops on numerous occasions over the past 12 years or so, at Royal Perth Yacht Club and Murdoch University to name but two. I have had lots of time to observe how she treated those around her and it was quite obvious that unless you were wealthy or powerful she had no time for you and would just ignore you. I heard her give a speech at Murdoch University around 2007 which was without a doubt one of the most appalling I had ever heard. It was poorly argued, how was she a barrister if she couldn’t construct a coherent argument is beyond me, and it was about students paying for their education and how the fees should be increased. And as we know Julie has not contributed one cent towards her education! I have found her to be one of the most vile people I have ever had the misfortune to encounter and I wonder if Rupert Murdoch regards her as some sort of kindred spirit?

  7. Matters Not

    With all due respects, Abbott is going ‘nowhere’ and I include all senses of the word. He will not walk because that would be too humiliating.

    The Liberals will not unload him so early in his term for any number of reasons including the fact that he led them to victory and recent history shows that changing leaders ‘midstream’ is a recipe for disaster. It’s not going to happen. They are simply not that desperate just yet.

    As for Bishop, she is having an easy ride as most Foreign Ministers do. She hasn’t had to make a hard decision that would ‘wound’ her image. BTW, anyone who thinks that Bishop makes decisions in the sense of:

    I’ve seen her slashing the Foreign Aid budget

    is just wrong. No Minister willingly ‘slashes’ their budget. It has to be forced on them. While she may have redirected the $200 million from her budget to the international effort on climate change, the cuts to foreign aid in the Budget came from above her rank.

  8. lawrencewinder

    A good piece and I couldn’t agree more… if she’s the best of ’em, then the paucity of the other talent is horrendous. Why doesn’t News limited just come clean and push for John Roskam for PM; he’s running the show as it is!

  9. Joe Banks

    Great stuff, Victoria!

    Nick 11.51am. I would say that makes her a perfect candidate for the leadership of the LNP.

  10. Kate Rose

    Victoria, Don’t forget the pearls – always wearing pearls – I think the ones we are seeing on the news grabs must have been a Christmas present from her new lover.

    The clothes have always been incredible and expensive but her change of hair style does not flatter her at all.

    I agree with Nick – the times I have crossed paths with Ms Bishop have not been pleasant. I saw first hand the pain she caused to victims of the asbestos saga that she managed to drag on and on and on….

    There will be skeletons in her closet too. I hope her parting from Noel Crichton Brown was friendly……

  11. stephentardrew

    You have to laugh. After this mess Julia looks like a shinning light in the darkness of conservative doom sayers. Julia is now ready to be viewed in light of history and the incredible struggle to govern successfully. I think it is time to just laugh off Asbestos Lill Brain and stand by our first woman prime minister. Forget the anger since facts will win out in the end. The best way to treat the conservatives is just to laugh in their faces undermining the blustering arrogance of aggressive one eyed dogmatism. Australians are learning that bullying and blustering will not get you good governance.

    Jully is secondies na, na, nee, na, na.

    The Australian is about to eat dirt while squirming to promote the toxic poison of failure. We are about to be fed a cauldron of misspeak that will come back to bite them as the economy dives into recession.

    The whole government is a sick parody of democracy and no one, but no one, can save them from their greed infested selves.

    Damn they are going to leave a mess to clean up though.

  12. stephentardrew

    Naughty photo but I like it in a sick sort of way.

  13. corvus boreus

    I wonder if Julie learned anything about the race-ladder or colour spectrum of civilizations during pillow-talk whilst she was involved with the charming (former senator)Ross Lightfoot, noted racist and brown-bag courier.

  14. John Fraser


    Australians know that Bishop (the younger) would be no different from Abbott.

    Presently she looks good because she isn't the P.M.

    Bishop (the younger) doesn't have much to look forward to in the future.

    Oh sure she could possibly stay as an M.P. ….. and who knows one day she might even be sitting where Bishop (the elder) is now sitting …… Bishop (the younger) must surely view this, on a daily basis when parliament is sitting , as her worst nightmare.

    That leaves only a couple of scenarios for Bishop (the younger).

    (1) Marry a man of the right "calibre" ….. not necessarily the Lambie type.

    Or …. and this is the most likely one :

    (2) Leave politics and go into corporate law with one of the multinational firms.

    Another nightmare for Bishop (the younger) is the removal of Steve Bracks from the Consulate-General position :

    As ye sow so shall ye reap.

    Bishop (the younger) must surely know that revenge is a bitch.

  15. Brenda

    Yes and she would have to send him to the back bench and he will probably resign in shame. or he could stay on, imagine what he would do to the woman who rolled him.

  16. bob mayall

    townsvilleblog got it almost right except to mention that bishop is the ” drovers dog “he eluded to. im sorry for the drovers dog, poor bugger got stuck being likened to some real deadshit pieces of work ..

  17. mysay

    Their isn’t one person capable of governing for all Australians in the Abbott government,
    Most of them were there when Howard was in government,and soo many of them are still living in the fifties,That is why we are going backwards at a hundred miles an hour,
    If their is to be another liberal government,We need to get a new broom and sweep this lot out,
    They would all be very nervious at the moment ,as i don’t think any of them will be able to hold on to their seats ,And i am sure poor old Rupert is barking up the wrong tree ,The liberal party would never be told what to do by a woman,that is why that most of them despise PETA

  18. Anthony Shorter

    Rupert could shuffle Tony off to the New York Post, after all he was a journalist in an earlier manifestation.
    I’m sure he could write copy that matches the mad dog prose of the rabid Post “Headless body in topless bar”,
    type of thing,

    Or alternatively he would slot in nicely with the one eyed morons filling the benches on Fox News(?) channel.
    Um re you bet you will, I bet I will.

  19. Suziekue

    A most important criteria for true leadership is the ability to relate to the people. Yet Julie Bishop, with her style, mannerisms and yes,her expensive clothes and jewellery, sets herself apart from the hoi polloi, from the ordinary people, with obvious intention. Her relevance would apply only to the elite in society, so more of the same as Abbott.

  20. Kaye Lee

    “women can perform at the highest levels of political office without either hiding behind their gender or sacrificing their femininity”

    Right. So women should stop whinging and look pretty while they do it…is that the plan?

    I note no-one was game to take credit for writing that drivel in the courier mail. Can hardly blame them. BTW do these jammies me look fat?

  21. Matthew Oborne

    It has been obvious that the Murdoch papers have been pushing Bishop because they know Abbott has to go. The issue is that under Abbott they filled more seats with far right wingers, my own seat had on far right winger replaced for an even more extreme right winger, they shored up the numbers of the far right. Abbott when talking about stability in opposition did so at times where his own leadership was in question, clearly he would not go quietly, but it is clear for them that he has to go, many journalists are laying the blame on peta but it is really the PM’s office that is the problem some just will not go as far as to say Abbott is the problem regardless of the polls clearly showing it is Abbott. What Murdoch wants he may not get this time because the difficulties with Abbott are too many to overcome, they are damned if they do but how damned is not known, what is known is just how damned they are if they dont. I hope my neighbour is now thinking of what I said to him, winning the election under a far right wing is the worst thing that could happen for the Liberal party and that he should be hoping they dont get in for the sake of the party.

  22. edward eastwood

    Great article Victoria. It had become obvious in the first two months of the Coalition government that neither Abbott nor Bishop were capable of carrying out their roles as the Indonesian bugging scandal and the China-Japan rift clearly showed. The rest was all downhill from there.

    It doesn’t really matter who takes the leadership of the LNP, the position is now a poison chalice at best.

    More than likely it will be Bishop, although Turnbull may be a possibility as a late starter from the back of the pack.

    This however, will not save them from an electoral wipe out and the very best that they can hope for is either a majority by a narrow margin (one seat or perhaps two), or forming a minority government with the aid the independents such as Leyonhjelm and Day.

    SInce November 2013, I’ve been arguing that a leadership spill would be likely before April 30 2015 but as you point out in your article, News Ltd. is already cranking up the bullshit machine in Bishop’s favour, so the challenge may come much earlier.

    I’d love to be a fly on the wall of the LNP back-room at the moment.

  23. Wayne Turner

    IF they dump Abbott.I still think these “boys clubs” Libs will still replace him with their fav. demonizer of asylum seekers: Scott Morrison – With his campaign slogan for the average bogan of: “We Stopped The Boats”.The Libs fav. Weapons Of Distraction bashing asylum seekers…

    PM Scott Morrison – Oh the horror!

  24. Sportysa05

    You have got to be joking this piece of vile (ju-liar toxic bitchop) is to replace the current piece of vile…..murdick should take his $880 mill gifted by lnp and piss off, those that saw through the bullshit can see through this bullshit option, and those that fell for the propaganda are now seeing the folly of their vote in 2013. We dont want anyone remotely associated with any lnp political ideology! Now murdick, scabbortt, bitchop and others piss off!

  25. Kitty

    I don’t think there will be a spill, the LNP made to big a fuss over Rudd & Gillard, its rare we see their dirty laundry, so would have to be a huge split in within the party ……..interesting article though…….

  26. bobrafto

    There was a puff piece on Gillard by the ABC on Australian Story and lo and behold she was PM a little while later.

    The endless tirade against Gillard by Abbott and the Murdoch spear carriers was too such an extent that the electorate drew breath that Gillard had lost, not because she was a poor PM but because the electorate couldn’t stand the carping of Abbott and Murdoch.

    I don’t think the electorate has gotten over the Gillard carping to welcome another female PM especially when she is carrying baggage.

    I for one am not ready for another female PM and I find Bishop uninspiring at best. However, I think Tanya would make a good PM in 6 years time.

    I wonder if Pickering will do a cartoon of Bishop with a strap on.

  27. theangryantBruce

    Regardless we are still left with a mean ugly lying govt in power. A turds a turd even if you coat it with fake gold.

  28. Zathras

    It was bad enough for Abbott to lose to a woman at the last election but to be deposed by one while in power would be utterly humiliating for him and also go against all the arguments his Party has been spouting for the last few years.

    I wonder how long it will be before his supporters begin “white-anting” Bishop with personal leaks against her?

    She doesn’t really have any sort of record to defend but “Asbestos Julie” (aka “The Cockroach”) would surely have accumulated a bit of baggage in her past.

    It’s been an interesting end to 2014 to say the least.

    2015 will be a cracker!

  29. Gregory T

    The picture at the top of the article, brought to mind this link.

    It could be her first cabnet meeting.

  30. Kaye Lee

    People keep saying that Julie Bishop has done a good job. She has certainly tied up a lot of the National Security Council’s time talking about planes – lost ones, shot down ones, ones sent to bomb Iraq again – but other than that it really hasn’t gone so well.

    JULIE Bishop has been personally criticised by China’s high powered foreign ministry for intervening in the East China Sea dispute.

    “In this area, I have to point out what Australia has said and done in terms of the Air Defence Identification Zone in the East China Sea. That position has jeopardised that mutual trust … this is not what we desire to see.”

    Russia’s Foreign Ministry responded furiously, saying “some members’’ of the Australian Government had “completely lost an adequate picture of the developments in Ukraine’’ because they were “burdened by their own over-size ambitions’’.

    “Julie Bishop has gone farther than others in making irresponsible innuendos against our country even though one would think that her position presupposes building bridges between countries, not destroying them,” the ministry said.

    “What we have in place is a series of policies that we intend to implement by legislation and operationally, and they will not breach Indonesia’s sovereignty,” she said.

    “We’re not asking for Indonesia’s permission, we’re asking for their understanding.

    Anger is growing in Indonesia after it was revealed Australian ships repeatedly breached Indonesian territorial waters.

    “I have contacted him in writing,” Ms Bishop said. “I’ve sent a written apology on behalf of the Australian Government and also personally.”

    The speed at which Australia has lost the respect of the international community on global warming policy is truly embarrassing.

    In 2012, as the Deputy Opposition Leader, Julie Bishop criticised the Gillard government on ABC News24’s Weekend Breakfast program, saying: “Climate change funding should not be disguised as foreign aid funding. That’s been the view of the United Nations and yet this government still continues to do it. We would certainly not spend our foreign aid budget on climate change programs.”

    Fast forward almost exactly two years, and the joint statement from Prime Minister Abbott and Foreign Minister Bishop reads: “We will allocate $200 million over four years from our aid program to Australia’s contribution to the Green Climate Fund.”

    This decision to raid the foreign aid budget instead of committing new funds will cause a lot of pain in aid circles, coming as it does on the $7.6 billion cut in the budget, and it may not achieve Australia’s aim of buying back credibility.

    Tony Abbott, Julie Bishop using Climate Summit to further the interests of coal (and nuclear) lobbies

  31. Anomander

    It doesn’t matter who the Libs put in charge, nothing will change. Their whole purpose is to invoke the IPA’s agenda as quickly as they can and to dismantle as many social structures as possible, to make Australia more divided and profitable for their uber-wealthy mates to plunder and pillage.

  32. davidadams0001David Adams

    Poor old Julie…………… She has aged 20 years in the last 12 months.

  33. ausdavo43

    I wonder does Julie have a Rupert Bear in her bed?


    If Julie Bishop becomes PM that would be at least three liberal leaders that she has stabbed in the back.

  35. June M Bullivant OAM

    The LNP, not just Abbott is on the nose with the women, they are hoping that if they make a women in control that will change. Sorry, the many women I know are not that gullible, what is needed and then I don’t think it will work because they have clearly shown they are an unfair government, is to reverse all the measures that they are putting in place through the back door that are unfair.

  36. David

    Only reason I can think of for Murdoch to support Asbestos Bish is to try to bed her as his reward for his backing. He apparently successfully managed to invade his protegee, the red haired fireball lying editor of his News of the World, Rebekah Brooks inner sanctum.
    it seems no price is too high for his blessing.
    However I tend to agree with those who lean towards Abbott hanging on. Perhaps this Bishop flurry is merely a smokescreen to give Abbott some breathing space and keep out of the news cycle for a while. He is further damaging the already severely damaged Tory message every time he opens his obscene mouth.
    It may be a bluff, desperate times for a desperate rabble.

    Incidentally I see Dud Duttons Christmas present to his border staff at points of entry to the country. guns at the hip, was well timed. News coverage was negligible. When I wonder will we see the first headline…’toy gun mistaken for the real thing in customs area, child fatally shot’. Alarmist? yes. Possibility????

  37. Kaye Lee

    I forgot to include Palestine in countries Julie has pissed off with our stupid refusal to say “occupied” territories. Well we have now put a further nail in their coffin.

    The United Nations Security Council has rejected a Palestinian resolution demanding an end to Israeli occupation within three years, in a setback for efforts to get the UN’s most powerful body to take action to recognize an independent state of Palestine.

    The resolution received eight “yes” votes, two “no” votes — one from the United States and the other from Australia — and five abstentions.

  38. paul walter

    Dont underestimate them on this. That Bishop may lack the flexibility to make a good pm means little to them.
    Abbott is “worn out” and they want regime change, she is not compromised in the way Abbott is, image-wise and that she is also against community interest would be the last of their concerns.

    By the time people wake up, more time as been lost and Australia travelled further up the road to authoritarianism.

  39. David

    Bishop on behalf of Australia has made it very clear to the rest of the world, this country’s Govt has no love or cares for, the people of Palestine. More antagonising of a people we should not be showing obvious hostility towards.

  40. Signe

    Excellent piece…and a picture of the Pill wearing a Pillbox, how apt.

  41. joffa230

    If bishop takes the leadership from abbortt will peta credlin still be Prime Minister?

  42. Peter

    Julie Bishop is far more dangerous that Tony Abbott. She lies with more conviction and her news clips always sound coherent (unless you pay attention and actually analyze what she is saying). Tony Abbott would loose the next election, but she might not. For those who care about such things, she is much more pro-Israel and illegal settlements than even Abbott has been. To her the murder in Gaza was legitimate defense of Israel.
    With Julie Bishop as PM, the erosion of the “good life” in Australia is guaranteed. An unlucky country.

  43. crypt0

    Sheesh ! Just when I had decided that morrison was the perfect, tick all boxes, candidate to succeed abbott !
    No matter, give SM a couple of months in his new job, sorting out the unemployed, the homeless, and anyone else still on welfare and his claims to the job will be irrefutable … any LNP type instinctively knows this .

  44. JohnB

    Julie left her mark in China – Rupert can keep flushing, but it remains forever in the ether bowl.

    “The Chinese version of the Global Times editorial goes further than the English version, saying “China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs doesn’t even have the tools to deal with this kind of ‘complete fool’ of a foreign minister.”

    In the interview, Ms Bishop bluntly pledged to stand up for Australian values and to “manage for the worst” when dealing with China, while criticising the alleged temerity and incoherence of Labor predecessors. “China doesn’t respect weakness,” she said…. ”

  45. Kaye Lee

    It was very disappointing and regrettable … and will unfortunately affect relations with Palestine and the Arab world,” Abdulhadi told Guardian Australia.

    “It’s really very disappointing and I can’t understand why the decision was taken. We don’t know what the reasons are for this.”

    Abdulhadi claimed there had been a shift in Australia’s position on the long-running conflict, citing what he viewed as a new Australian stance on East Jerusalem.

    In June George Brandis, Australia’s attorney general, said it wasn’t appropriate to refer to East Jerusalem as occupied as it was a pejorative term.

    “There is a policy shift in Australia’s voting position, as represented with the East Jerusalem issue,” Abdulhadi said. “I hope there will be a discussion with Australia on the issue and an opportunity for engagement with the foreign minister.” ”

  46. Suzie Wright

    Was appalled at the vilification and sexist campaigning against Gillard and now appalled at some of the sexist comments here about Bishop. Why would it be humiliating to be “taken down by a woman”. Don’t hear any talk about clothing and gender in the Luke Foley succession…..duh

    Bishop may not be the best candidate but wtf has her appearance, marriage status, whether she has children or her frigging gender got to do with it? Get over it people, women can run the world and stuff it up same as the men! We just need more of them representing us in the big houses and criticising them because of their appearance and gender is beside the point – and dissuades young women from picking up the baton.

  47. Liz Franklin

    Will we hear Alan Jones talking about JU-LIE?

  48. Kaye Lee

    “In August (2010), in the sort of language (Greg) Sheridan usually reserved for the limp-wristed shillyshalling foreign policy Leftariat, he excoriated Bishop over the Opposition’s handling of the Stern Hu matter, saying of the Coalition “it has probably for the moment definitively forfeited the right to be taken seriously as an alternative government.”

    In case you were left wondering, Sheridan emphasised the point, calling Bishop’s response “internally contradictory, unprincipled, amoral beyond even the exigencies of parliamentary hypocrisy and profoundly stupid. Bishop was a dud shadow treasurer and is now a dud foreign affairs spokeswoman.”

    Now not merely has Bishop managed to reveal confidential information about national security matters, she’s made herself look a prize goose. Her defence is that she didn’t understand the question.The exchange went:

    Bishop: “It would be naive to think that Israel was the only country in the world that has used forged passports, including Australian passports, for security operations.”

    Tim Lester: “What – we do?”

    Bishop: “Yes.”

    Quite what part of “What – we do?” isn’t clear is something of a mystery.

    A defence along the lines of “I was a prize dill overplaying my hand as always and I’ll try to exercise better judgement in the future” might at least have earned her some Abbott-style “hey at least I admit I lie under pressure” points.

    Greg Sheridan was right! About Julie Bishop that is…

  49. paul walter

    Doesn’t like blue collar workers who wont die quietly, in their final agonies. Doesnt like asylum seekers, no matter how miserable their circumstances. Ór West New Guineans, although she would cooperate with the Indonesians, who she also appears to dislike, in the crushing of the West New Guinean independence movement. Aborigines, in the minerals rich province of WA?

    Doesnt even like feminists.

    But that is because feminism is tied in with emancipatory politics rather than narcissism and the Cult of the Self, why would an elitist be interested in what affects other people, when all that’s left is a perverse satisfaction at being able to control or thwart others.

  50. Kaye Lee


    May I criticise her for telling women to “stop whingeing and just get on with it.”

    Considering the epidemic of domestic violence in this country may I criticise her for saying “Please do not let it get to you and do not become a victim, because it’s only a downward spiral once you’ve cast yourself as a victim,”

    May I criticise her for using an interview in Who magazine to “talk fashion, running, and style”.

    May I criticise her for saying “We allocate tasks (at Christmas) and mine is normally to buy the chocolates. I have to get into the line at Haighs on Christmas Eve. That’s not easy; it’s a zoo.” It must be hell for her.

    May I criticise her for saying “feminist” is “not a term that I find particularly useful these days”.

  51. Phi

    What a great read – satire and cutting wit. News Ltd will be seething. Can’t wait for the Bishop’s ascendency – this is going to be even more disgusting than Murdoch’s red carpet ride for Abbott. Poor Australia.

    However, with incisive writing such as we get at AIM and other sites I really think Australia’s sanity and future just might be saved by the collective independent media we now have available to us.

    Seeing we are discussing News Ltd, Robert Parry’s recent essay at Consortium News – also accessible at Common Dreams, is a studied and graphic review of the Reagan/CIA corruption of the fourth estate, including Rupert Murdoch’s role in supporting US war and terror – it follows right through to today. In my opinion Murdoch should be tried for treason – accused of irreparably corrupting global media and destroying public confidence in democratic institutions.

  52. Loz

    Julie Bishop doesn’t step outside the box. She has no individual thoughts, no charisma, no integrity and in her role as Foreign Minister flounces around the world with little or no heed for intelligent diplomacy. She is a hardliner like the other motley crew.

  53. Gregory T

    “Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition.”

    Timothy Leary

  54. Aka

    I think that Bishop will cop a lot of flack on top of her being a child-less un-married woman, plagiarism etc as mentioned in the article above.

    I will not be surprised if she cops flack over her clothing, what looks like botox treatment, and what looks like fillers in her face.
    Poor Rudd’s wife Therese copped wardrobe criticism as soon as he was elected, and Gillard certainly did too.

    Bishop wears expensive tailored clothes. As a dressmaker of similar age to Bishop and Gillard, I take notice of the cut of their clothes. Not that I am a fan of either of their styles.

    Because I have adjusted my patterns to fit my lowering bust line (typical in mature women regardless of body shape) my dressmaker self particularly noticed Bishop’s very expensively cut clothes that catered to her lower than average bust line. It is more common and easier to deal with than higher than average bust line in custom fitting clothes. Bishop’s clothes are very well cut and do full justice to her figure, but it is difficult to get that level of dressmaking/tailoring skill and is expensive when you can.

    Gillard tended to wear off-the-rack clothes as her poorly fit bust line darts showed. Gillard’s bustline adjustments would have been more like mine – just a slight adjustment. That is fair enough because many women, even tv presenters do these days. I know I am finicky to mention it, but it does demonstrate the upper-class snobby image of Juliar Bishop.

    After what the right dished out to Gillard (even though I am not a fan of hers either), Bishop will no doubt be fair game for signs of ‘ditch the witch’ etc.

    Looks like 2015 will be interesting.

  55. John Kelly

    There’s an eerie truth to your analysis, Victoria. My expectation is a spill Around June 2015. In addition to JB’s other shortcomings, the one I see as her Achilles heel is her failed attempt as shadow treasurer. Just as Abbott is an economic vacuum so too is JB. This should be Labor’s focus of attack: her credibility as an competent economic voice. Already the LNP has shown to be seriously wanting in this area. Hockey doesn’t know from buttermilk. Cormann is a parrot, Turnbull won’t get a look-in, Frydenburg is too new and that’s about it. As the economy continues to head south the chances of a sustained comeback are unlikely. JB’s performance in the parliament has not been anything to write about either.

  56. mars08

    As a nation… we get the government we deserve….

  57. Sir ScotchMistery

    @Joffa – of course not. They hate each other.

    It seems funny how the LNP can’t field sets of balls. In Queensland, te parliamentary party was led by a “man” who had never faced the polls, let alone won a seat. Basically they didn’t have anyone with a spine to stand up and like the federal sphere, LNP didn’t win, the ALP lost, and deservedly so.

    We now have 18 months to find 60 groups of citizens, with the nouse to find 60 independents, and employ the candidates, then give them the agenda of things they need/want/aspire to in that specific electorate, and put them up against the local ALP and LNP party men/reps, irrespective of who gets parachuted to where.

    But first WE AUSTRALIANS need to realise it doesn’t have to be this way. We just let it be so, because as a group we have little vision of what’s good for us as electorates, and we don’t understand that it’s completely okay to head-butt elderly liberals.

  58. paul walter

    Mars, unfortunately you have said a mouthful.

  59. Gregory T

    Mars08, brought this to mind.

    James McTeigue’s film, V for Vendetta;
    V addresses the people of London,

    “And where once you had the freedom to object, to think and speak as you saw fit, you now have censors and systems of surveillance coercing your conformity and soliciting your submission. How did this happen? Who’s to blame? Well certainly there are those more responsible than others, and they will be held accountable, but again truth be told, if you’re looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror.

  60. Erotic Moustache

    I would like to know the source and context of the image used for this article.

  61. Harquebus

    We will have one term governments until one of them realizes the absurdity of infinite growth on a finite planet. We have reached the limits to growth and yet, growth is the mantra of both major parties. This is why most governments everywhere can not balance their budgets and never will. Peak oil mates, peak oil.

    Labor lost the last election, Abbott thinks he won. Abbott will lose the next election, Shorten will think he won. Shorten will lose the following election and Bishop will think she won. Bishop will lose the one after that and then I dunno. One of the many rotten apples which, doesn’t make me optimistic. It will probably be too late by then to do anything about the terrible state of affairs that will ensue in the meantime.

  62. Symon

    It’s a bit rich painting readers of the Murdoch press as “scum” isn’t it? Misinformed, undoubtedly, but does that make them scum? The Murchoch press is certainly run by a scumbag and produces a nasty, scummy product, but a fish that consumes scum remains a fish. Other than that slight misstep I applaud your analysis of the situation.

  63. mars08

    Erotic Moustache:

    I would like to know the source and context of the image used for this article.

    Um… the logo in the bottom right corner might offer a clue about the source.

    Amazing how often I find myself using the words “bottom” and “right” these days. Well… I tend to mostly use certain bawdier versions of “bottom”…

  64. Erotic Moustache


    Thanks, I would never have seen to ABC logo if you hadn’t pointed it out. I want context and you well know why.

  65. paul walter

    No Symon. You would forgive them if their often egregious lies were occasional or merely the result of poor research and thinking, but that’s not the case.

    And there is a difference between contaminated and uncontaminated fish,

    You will discover that very quickly if you maintain your affection for the contaminated botulised stuff.

  66. Zathras

    Julie Bishop used to go by the name of Julia Gillon.

    Although divorced she has remained unmarried and childless.

    Now there’s a couple of close comparisons somebody could have some fun with.

  67. musicinhills

    She is Pickering’s favourite now, that vile cartoonist that put the most disgusting vile and lies and filth about Julia Gillard,
    so what’s that tell you, a Margret thatcher for the lnp, News media will do a terrific beat up on her, the 52% of Australians will fall over them self’s to believe it, regardless of any facts, an early election when the time is ripe, She’s in, I hope she is not real good friends with scotty, ole Joe’s gone to I bet.

  68. eli nes

    Women will occasionally flash into tolerance, as ‘one offs’ or as one of abbutt’s exceptional women, in right place, at the right time. But as long as WASP and WASC men and women join with the other Judaic religion’s supportive women rule society! rien ne va plus!!!!

  69. mars08

    Erotic Moustache:

    …I want context and you well know why.

    I really don’t know about the context. And I can only speculate about why you are so interested. Has it got to do with becoming a knight or dame in the Order of Australia? Does it start with the letter Q? Has it got anything to do with Shane Warne? Does it involve one of the the family Equidae?

    Gooo onnnnnn!!!!! Tell ussss!!! We know you’re busting to….!

  70. Conrad

    To me Bishop has the credentials of a coffin – one living in a narrow pit, and not going into the future. Whenever has JB spoken out on wide-ranging social issues? Never, as far as I can tell. What has she ever said about the homeless, the disabled, the common workers, the need for Australia to fit into a difficult changing Asian/Pacific arena? My observation is that she was brought up in the old cold-war era, and her lawyer training did nothing, absolutely nothing, to widen her thinking. That is why she voted with the big-tobacco companies against plain packaging, and why she worked with big-asbestos companies against fair compensation. Bishop’s only ideological foundation is old Communism/socialism/the left are wrong; this is the ideology that has driven her anti-Russian crusade in the Crimean region, and apart from that and a ‘big-noting stance’ on downed planes, what has she ever offered to make her appeal to the ordinary voter? The only other viewpoint she holds dear is along the self-serving lines of let the rich float upwards, on the discredited ‘rising tide’ utter rubbish school of thought. On a personal note, I feel that she has done terrible things for the branding of pearls – the Pavlov effect is turning me off them!

  71. Tim Marshall

    It would take very little for these articles (Victorias’s last two but countless others on this site) to be taken seriously outside of the normal reader base, for example,in the last article the references to wankers needed to be dropped and this time, don’t call people who read news limited papers ( most of Australia , most of QLD ) scum!

  72. silkworm

    I think the difference between Abbott and Bishop is that, while they both tell porkies, Bishop is actually stupider than Abbott and believes her own lies. On the plus side for the Libs, this makes her the better (more convincing) liar.

  73. Annie B

    Harking back to Murdoch – who has been mentioned here a few times !!! …… it is my bet, he is dropping / will drop / has dropped not only Abbott, but Madama J. Bishop as well.

    He ain’t about to have his reputation sullied ( more than it already has been in England ) ….. and will back right off …….. he is after all, No. 1 in his own eyes, and would intend to stay that way – no matter who ‘WAS’ his former best friend ( Abbott ). Murdoch is a robotic money and reputation maker – from head to toe – with no sense of humanity whatsoever.

    Which leaves the ghastly thought he might turn his oh-so-virtuous attentions to the Labor Party.

    Rather think we could do without that !!!

  74. Rob031

    As a teacher for 25 years I was not terribly favourably impressed with J. Bishop after I saw her, as education minister, on Brockey’s SBS Insight program a few years ago. It was about ‘incentivising’ (gak) ‘good teachers’. When pressed about teaching being a ‘calling’ (like nursing) Bishop revealed that this was a totally foreign concept to her. It was all about higher pay.
    A friend of mine (a very high-powered educator) who met Bishop at a couple of conferences about the formation of a national curriculum saw Bishop as ‘pleasant enough’ but totally clueless about education – about, if you like, the inquiring and teaching ‘spirit’. Just a technocrat.
    So, Bishop is probably as ‘good’ a candidate to replace Abbott as any other narrow-minded philistine or instrumentalist in the Coalition. I think she’s a flake and this would be revealed quite soon if her career became ‘enhanced’ as has been suggested here.

    As an aside, it seems (apart from other things) that neither Abbott, nor Bishop nor many of the other ‘visible’ members of the current government possess anything approaching the ‘common touch’ or a sense of humour. They come across as people with great big keys in their backs who require winding up every so often. Perhaps they are really non-carbon-based lifeforms like knitting machines! I wonder what they’d produce if one took an ice-pick to their deck of punched cards! Annabel Crab wrote a critical book on Rudd about the ‘Rudbot’ – a manufactured election-winning entity. Hi Annabel, have you considered one on Abbott and Bishop and a few others in a similar vein?

    The pretty fireworks are over in NSW. It’s 2015. Happy new year all you AIMN folks. Let’s hope that Capt’n Crackers and the crap ship Coalition sails into even stormier waters than they did in 2014. Barnicles sharmicles. Even a trip through the Panama canal won’t help them with any luck. I await their future with an unkindly interest and not a little Schadenfreude. All you contributors and Michael keep up the good work.

    Another aside ’cause it’s late. Great headline spotted today = ‘Headless person found in topless bar’. Beats my favourite: ‘Bishop fights fire in pajamas’. Sweet dreams.

  75. Terry2

    I had a look at the plagiarism link and I think this sort of thing could come back to haunt her : you can’t blame other people for plagiarism in papers or speeches delivered in your name.

    What it demonstrates is a lazy approach to policy, quite surprising for an experienced legal practitioner.

    Remember, they hounded Julia Gillard for some ‘sloppy’ but not unlawful, legal work some twenty years ago.

  76. stephengb2014

    I hear what you are saying Tim Marshall, but I sense a degree of frustration coming out in Victorias article which for the most was well written and very pointed in its assessment of the situation.
    I understad that Victoria is not a proffessional writer as ineed a number of contributers to AIMN are not, therefore whilst I too was a little surprised by the language I took it as a sighn of the immense frustration that many of us, who dispise the direction that this government is hell bent on pursuing, feel.

  77. John Fraser


    @Tim Marshall

    Take a little time to see the readership of The AIMN rising while the readership of Murdoch's (Australia wide) is declining.

    One of the 2 is a wanker …… and as an American sucks Australian dollars out of the Australian economy.

    That makes Murdoch a sucking wanker.

  78. Kaye Lee

    Victoria’s articles already attract a huge readership. Her passion gives vent to the frustration so many are feeling. The AIMN has grown from a bar like Cheers to a national (and even international) hotel chain. Perhaps we need to adjust to increasing demand but it would be a shame to sanitise so far that we lost the personal touch. You may not always agree with Victoria’s choice of words but she sure gets people talking.

  79. braindrainers


    The rough slouching beast
    shakes its head
    in dully realized
    all admirers
    and acolytes
    in the blinking of an eye
    have turned away their faces
    in embarrassment
    in disdain
    in disappointment
    that their bold and blustering
    great white hope
    has so abjectly
    failed to deliver.
    and Bethlehem
    will not save him
    despite all the
    clerical promises
    and next
    the geriatric despot
    roused from
    his senile demented
    plans for world
    via anything
    but the truth
    will drop his
    once favoured
    pet cur
    for the next
    that will
    faithfully vow
    to do his
    bidding in all things
    and always ask
    how high?
    and it will be ugly
    but not as ugly
    as the
    rough slouching beast

  80. BSA Bob

    There’s much to be said on either side of this, as to whether Abbott will be removed. I’m inclined to believe he will be. The obvious issues of hypocrisy, of promoting another barren, ex lawyer etc, etc may not concern Murdoch or his lot. For the reason they believe they simply have sufficient force to bring about whatever it is they want.

  81. Michael Taylor

    We love Victoria just the way she is.

  82. braindrainers


    base mongrel
    hatchet harridan
    like nothing more
    a two bob lair
    and his doxy
    in a traveling
    boxing troupe
    pretending to
    and worth
    merely a
    source of
    and idle
    out there
    in the real world.

  83. LP

    Julie Bishop couldn’t even be a competent shadow treasurer. She’ll be a useless PM.

  84. la_lasciata

    Can any participant in the MSM group actually have power over voters, still …? – seems like.
    I’ve been a critic of all the media throughout my adult life – a Very Long Time, alas. The responsibility they all have is one that should not be carried as lightly as it is, mais plus ça change.
    The rôle of the media is so important that it should be hedged about with regulations that prevent scum like Murdoch ever getting control over so large a portion of any country’s population; and yet government and government passes, and still the bastards do nothing.
    Oh, and as for Bishop, I LOVE that photo in the black beret: THAT’s what she looks like. Who wants to see a face like that on-screen every goddam day ?
    (Yes, I admit I’m being superficial: but that’s all she is !)

  85. Kaye Lee

    Do feminists defend Julie Bishop just because she is a woman?

  86. helvityni

    Julie Bishop reminds me of the very tough baby health clinic nurse who most abruptly told me to remove my necklace as it would strangle my baby.. without saying a word,.I took my baby and left, such harshness…I was a new-comer to Oz at the time.

  87. Kaye Lee


    I had one of those too. My baby wasn’t putting weight on – clinic sister yelled at me. I suggested I move to comp feeding and she told me my daughter was so malnutritioned she wouldn’t be able to take a bottle. What a load of crap. I don’t think these women understand what damage they can do to mothers. On the bright side I also had some amazing support from other clinic sisters.

  88. David

    Stephen re your thoughts on Victoria’s article…agree 100%. I haven’t missed reading many of her contributions and generally they are are restrained. However for one who studies and writes about this shambolic, evil Govt so often, frustration and tempered descriptions are bound to give way to the odd slightly over the top comment. Hardly a hanging offense, probably as in my case, worthy of no more than a wry smile and forget it.
    Happy New Year everyone

  89. Alphonse

    To: Erotic MoustacheDecember 31, 2014 at 6:25 pm

    “I would like to know the source and context of the image used for this article.”

    I tried to oblige you, EM, by doing an exhaustive google-image search. I imagine I shall recover in a little while. Murdoch needs to do the same before he pulls the trigger. AIMN could have chosen far less charitably.

  90. Kaye Lee

    Interesting Alphonse. I also tried. I think I remember it having to do with a memorial service in Holland for the victims of the plane shot down in the Ukraine but I cannot verify that. Perhaps they too have been removed?

  91. Möbius Ecko

    Here’s Bishop at a MH17 service with a sprig of the same type of flowers.

  92. Terry2

    I’m still of the opinion that yon Malcolm with the lean and hungry look is only remaining in parliament for one thing and that is to seize back the leadership that was so abruptly,and as it turned out so disastrously, wrested from him.

    Why else would a self made and successful man like Turnbull waste his time serving under this gormless nincompoop if it wasn’t to right the wrong that was done to him by one calamitous vote: I am sure he doesn’t see his destiny in life as being a telecommunications minister in this hapless administration.

    Count the numbers with care, Malcolm.

  93. Anon E Mouse

    I predict there will be blood on the floor as Morrison wants the top job, Abetz thinks he is a superior being and deserves it because of this, Hockey will demand it because he is next in line, and Malcolm will see it as his last chance.
    Ju-lie is hoping to do a Bradbury, with Ruperts endorsement, and grab the prize – especially as she has been the loyal servant (ahem) of 3 Lib leaders.

    Rupert and Gina will no doubt be playing one off against the other.

    Looks like 2015 will feature the blood-sport of the Libs greed-and-power-is-good face off.

    I think we need to watch the sidelines because the likes of Andrews or Abetz, even Corman will try to sneak off with the crown.

  94. ThePoliticalVagina

    I’m not so sure she will be put forward for the job, the powers that be must realise her ego would not allow any manipulation by the Credlin/Loughnane overlords.

  95. mars08

    @Kaye Lee… as I suspected EM’s innocent question has to do with the family Equidae

  96. w ch

    Thank you for a great article. I thought I would draw your attention to the fact that Fairfax are also running a Bishop campaign. Last year in their weekend magazine they wrote a fluffy profile piece. Then today in The Age, they ran a self help story advising people to aim for greatness and not perfection. Julie Bishop did not appear in the body of the story. However the photo they used to go with the story was one of Bishop at the United Nations with the caption “”Julie Bishop: An ambassador for ‘greatness'””. Here is the link Quite clearly Fairfax are also a rubbish news organisation, not just News Limited, as this completely unbelievable caption illustrates

  97. corvus boreus

    I do not know the context of the photograph of the woman in black, but the flowers would appear to be those of some species of Acacia, more commonly known as ‘wattles’.

    There is currently controversy and acrimonious debate amongst senior botanists as to whether to reclassify antipodean ‘Acacia’ (from Greek meaning ‘thorny’) into the genus ‘Racosperma’ (from Greek meaning ‘rough seed’). If this occurred it would mean learning (or not) a new scientific name for our national floral emblem, but would eliminate a general mispronunciation as Acacia should probably be spoken with a hard ‘c’ (“akakia”).

    The common nick-name ‘wattle’ (from Anglo-Saxon meaning ‘whippy sticks woven into screens, fences or walls’) would remain unaffected.

    ‘This here’s the wattle,
    the emblem of our land,
    you can stick it in a bottle,
    you can hold it in your hand.

  98. mars08

    Australia, Australia, Australia, Australia, we love you! Amen!!

  99. Terry2

    w ch

    Julie with gavel in hand, sits as the President of the UN Security Council and utters the words:

    ” I should initially like to thank Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard for their determination and
    persistence in pursuing this seat on the UN Security Council on behalf of Australia
    despite strident objections and criticism largely emanating from the leader of my party
    who has said a lot of silly things both in opposition and since, as Prime Minister .

    I feel confident that the prestige that this position has brought me will auger well for my
    inevitable and deserved ascent to the Prime Ministership of Australia.

    Thank you all for coming”

  100. Kaye Lee

    PS Sorry bout that Palestine, Uncle Sam made me do it

  101. Gregory T

    Möbius Ecko
    in the future, if you are going to post a link to a full sized picture of that woman, a warning would be appreciated.

  102. Möbius Ecko

    Lol, Gregory T, but I thought this; “Here’s Bishop at…” would have been enough warning.

  103. paul rogers

    Perhaps the only way for the libs to go is to forget taking sides of ‘big egos’, ie, bishop, morrison, and look to someone with experience and trusted by the public. Like howard before him, turnbull was dogged by the egos but he may just be their saviour. howard perservered and outlasted the ‘celebs’ and maybe malcolm can do the same. Abbott is a lemon and simply must go. Do a downer and hand the job to the most capable and palatable, not the biggest ‘noise’.

  104. Möbius Ecko

    paul rogers there are a variety of reasons that Howard survived and perseverance maybe one of them, but he also survived in large part by stacking his cabinet with rusted on Howardista loyalists, rewarding them and by suppressing and punishing those who were challengers like Costello.

    Abbott, though not as adept and subtle as Howard as a politiician, is doing the same.

    From the moment Turnbull won the leadership he was white anted at every turn from the Liberal invisible men run by Minchin, who is/was the Liberal’s real power broker during the Howard and Liberal opposition years.

  105. Tony

    “Julia Gillard most successful PM” – Is that a typo error or did you forget to take your memory pills? Is there anyone that really takes this nonsense seriously.

  106. Kaye Lee

    Tony is obviously getting the Young Libs out with their spray cans to do some electronic graffiti.

  107. Pingback: Murdoch prepares Bishop for Libspill – The AIM Network | GymStyle

  108. Jack Arnold

    Oh dear, and here’s me thinking that the “Defender of the Faith”, that “True Christian Prince of the NLP”, that “Doyen of False Imprisonment of Refugees” (the one and fortunately only) El Supremo Peter “The Gatekeeper” Dutton would lead the NLP charge into the next Federal election after the Liarbral Party sacked Muddles Turdball for having 30 consecutive polls showing declining favouritism with the voters. But wait …. what do conservatives do when there is a true dearth of talent??? Why, the logical thing … elect a woman (*wo-man” almost masculine) to lead them into the Valley of Well Deserved Political Ignomy.

    Bring on the Double Dissolution election so that the doubly disillusioned constituency can despatch this NLP misgovernment into the WPB of Australia political history.

  109. Hefina

    When is Murdoch going to go to the hell gate .please god take him sooner than later ,this country is going to hell as well if this Government isn’t changed soon. .

    Watching the insiders interview between Turnbull and Barrie it was Turnbull calling the shots,he was in charge of that interview, Barrie was continually being interrupted by this useless PM .
    We need an Election now with no interruptions from Murdoch’s papers ,

    Let’s get on with it .You know and I know this PM is as useless .

    If Bill Shorten was mentioned once he was mentioned on every question asked by Barrie
    Will someone brave enough in the press room when he is next interviewed ask him why does he blame Bill Shorten and blame Labor .!!!!
    All the damned liberals when interviewed are blaming Labor,
    No more blame games, we are sick of the same song by these turds runing the Country.

    Julia Gillard was good no doubt about that.

    Julie Bishop is a cheap looking old woman with expensive taste .stop her spending spree ,another Bronwen Bishop in the making.

  110. SteveFitz


    If we could just telegraph that to another few million Australians it would be a landslide victory for the possibility of freedom and democracy. The “Liberal Party Corporate Coalition” has friends in high places including MSM and, with lies, deceit and omissions, they are having a great old time screwing the rest of us and plundering society. So how to get this out to the people? I’m an old timer so, in the lead up to the next federal elections, I’m thinking analog. In your face, giant billboards dotted across every marginal seat. eg…




    It will need the endorsement of the Labour Party and AIMN – An advertising agency will provide the costings.

    Not everybody engages in political social media and sees the world as it is – Are there any other creative ideas on how to get this out to a few million Australians come election time?


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