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Murdoch Media “Proscribed”

By freef’all852

To “proscribe” a thing or person is to forbid, blacklist, deny to, and/or disallow actions or substances to be given or taken by persons or person for their use or benefit.

So here we are suggesting a methodology to “proscribe” those Murdoch media personalities, backers and supporters who continue to promote hate and to attack the citizen body and individuals and selected vulnerable parties and ethnic groups as victims to persecute and abuse and vilify for reasons beneficial to their employer and the vested interests of themselves and their political supporters.

How can this be done?

First, I suggest we gather under a title worthy of instigating such a judgement on those criminal minds continually slinging abuse at those we hold respect for and look to as leadership ideals.

I will suggest as a starter; “The Citizens Judgement Tribunal” … where we can seek from the citizen body through social media a majority decision through “a volume of voices” that arise spontaneously over social media after another of the many and predictable outrages and pogroms instigated by the Murdoch media against any worthy citizen or ethnic group or demographic.

Using the “Citizens Tribunal” we can then suggest and “only suggest” through social media that those commentators or journalists so vocal in misleading information or abuse be denied services and assistance by all service industry trades and people when those Murdoch media folk call for help or assistance … in effect, they are “Proscribed” from affiliation and comforts with the citizen body of Australia.

Of course, one cannot deny vital health and/or essential health support services from these criothans, keeping in mind that even a rabid mongrel dog is worthy of some humane consideration and I don’t think it would be venturing too far into the realm of overt generosity to include those Murdoch creatures in such company.

However, if we go back over some history, and that “history” is very recent, we can read of those Murdoch people’s treatment of even an innocent question asked on a Q&A audience (indeed, it could be you or me asking the question) where he was hunted down like some cursed animal by those Murdoch dogs and vermin and even his family fortunes (and that again, could be you or me) and relationships were put on garish front page display by a totally unforgiving mob of the Murdoch press. And recall most recently, the relentless abuse of the Muslim ABC presenter and now a respected woman past Prime Minister. The list is growing.

So, OK … we will not deny the Murdoch media in Australia the right to take payment from a foreign national for their delivery of his agenda … from his media platform … to propagate his political allegiance to the LNP to destroy our infrastructure to favour his media sales … that is their choice. What we do protest to is their vilifying and bigoted abuse and racism toward the Indigenous, the refugees and other ethnic peoples who are either born here, who seek shelter here, who work here at all hours on all days in all weathers to simply get by and raise their families. What we are protesting against is their continual ignorance and stupidity and betrayal of the Australian people!

So I am suggesting we Proscribe the Murdoch Media and deny them the connections and services that give them comfort and security in their lives that enables them to betray those very citizens who make their lives “hassle free” so they can choose to hassle and hate us all.

And for them to learn that one vital lesson instilled in all races in all countries, in all domestic situations in all times …


Now, let us list those who we should start proscribing. I will kick it off with the ‘A’s:


Ackerman …

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  1. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Add Chris Kenny and Miranda Devine to that proscription list.

  2. Marilyn

    I love it!

  3. Betty AMasters

    Add Andrew Bolt, Paul Kelly, Dennis Shanahan

  4. Miriam English

    As I’ve said many times, it is of the utmost importance that Murdoch’s poisonous toys be taken away from him by the next government, otherwise we will likely see a further entrenchment of nasty ultra-right-wing politics into the foreseeable future in Australia.

    See the short documentary by Jen Senko, “The Brainwashing of My Dad”.
    Video on demand:

    Jen made that documentary about how the right-wing media (especially Fox) have developed a deliberate campaign to change the way people think though persistent repetition of lies, distortion, hate, and fear. She lacked the money to make the doco the way she wanted to, so she launched a Kickstarter project to crowdfund it. I was one of the lucky ones who had a chance to help at the beginning, though you can still help it reach more people.

  5. w ch

    P is for Panahi (Rita), Herald Sun and Sky News, Miranda Devine, Peter Van Onselen (Mr Smug) and also the most ignorant loudmouth, Paul Murray, (Sky News) friend of Pauline Hanson’s

  6. Miriam English

    I should have mentioned that the trailer of The Brainwashing of My Dad is at:

  7. puffyTMD

    Good article. Our democracies are under siege,

  8. wam

    Rupertian editors operate as zealots. They receive a prime instruction then compete to carry the perceived wishes out with an ever increasing fervour which impinges(blankets?) upon the journalists and woe betide any scribe who strays into ‘fairness’.
    The girls and boys of the ABC are again reaching for the objective as guthrie-milne zealots(they were there against gillard) to the government.

  9. john ocallaghan

    Add Rowan Deane, Ross Cameron,Graham Richadson,yes ex Labor now Labor Rat” they all spew their bile on Sky News,i watch sometimes to keep an eye on them,they are totally devoted to Murdoch and his filthy money,Oh and also another Labor rat with his own show on Sky is ex Labor Peter Beattie who has teamed up with a Liberal or Nat Senator.
    A lot of peole dont realise how many people Murdoch has purchased,Labor,Liberal Nat Green, ON ,does’nt matter,at the end of
    the day their opinions and services can easily be bought with the ” Evil Ones” money!

    ps… there are probably a lot of names i have forgotten as well,especially the ones who work for Sky News,and in case anybody does’nt know,Sky News Australia is now owned 100% byMurdoch and News Corp………… Bloody frightening!………………

    Enjoy your nightmares!…………………..

  10. havanaliedown

    I wonder how Malcolm Farr keeps his job. Perhaps so Merdeocchitler can claim he employs Leftist nincompoops too…

    Also it’s been nice to see Anna Bligh this week entusiastically shilling for the banks – I wonder how much she gets? Whatever the amount it doesn’t seem like any great value for money!

  11. Michael Taylor

    “shilling for the banks”. Nice pun.

    I wonder if they’re getting their pound of flesh. Or should I ask Mike Pence?

  12. susan

    Can we slip in Fairfax’s Mark Kenny and The Guardian’s Katherine Murphy?

  13. Miriam English

    I just re-watched The Brainwashing of My Dad. I don’t know why I called it a short documentary. It’s one and a half hours long. Well worth seeing.

  14. jamesss

    Shouldn’t those companies who advertise within his rags be removed from our shopping lists?

  15. Linda47

    Alan Jones, Ray Hadley, Chris Smith, Neil Mitchell

  16. Freethinker

    The sad part it is that Murdoch media and the low life crawlers that work for him can be irrelevant if people do not read or listen their garbage.
    I am only become aware of that mob when people mention their articles of talk back radio.
    If we all do the same and the few decent media ignore Murdoch and company we will doing the most effective protest about them.
    I do not think that we can educate the adult electorate, they are set in their mind and have to read Murdoch papers.

  17. Jennifer Meyer-Smith


    there is some glimmer of hope to reach readers (and maybe listeners) of Murdoch media. Some people very close to me religiously read the Herald Sun every day page by page.

    Sometimes, I am confronted with a point raised by that fascist media and I need to argue my Progressive, Socialist, Greens/Labor ALLiance point of view, but generally the person whom I mostly argue with, is well able to identify the same salient points we all raise and consider and sometimes argue here too.

    We can reach many of the audience that Murdoch craftily encapsulated decades ago when he started playing politics with both sides of politics.

    The same person to whom I am referring is not totally shocked by my dismissal of modern Labor on the grounds of its neoliberal love affair and says the leadership should be stronger in order to build confidence in their voters that they are meant to protect.

    My point is that apparently even the most fervent Murdoch media enthusiast has their point in the sand and even Murdoch can’t buy their hearts and minds like he has his parasite journalists’.

  18. MichaelW

    Andrew Bolt. This maniac should be locked up in a padded cell. Day after day this lunatic posts his ‘Opinion’ pieces at the mudrake newscorpse telelaugh.
    His obsession with the ABC is unbelievable, the only good thing is auntie must be giving him nightmares, and keeping him awake at night worrying about what story to make up the next day.
    As for the rest of this idiots rants, unbelievable, yet this idiot has a following of rabid lunatics who hang on his every inaccurate, cherry picked word.
    Tried to watch his show on channel 10 (sponsored by newscrap of course) a while back, lasted ten minutes, anybody who disagreed with him was cut off, talked over the top of them.
    That this man gets paid to write his bile, and present a TV show is unbelievable.
    Just in case you haven’t noticed I despise the man.

  19. Malfunctoin

    Thanks for your article. It’s about time some form of legal action is taken against the liars. There are opinions to be ignored and facts that can be verified. My small protest is to not buy any newspapers and shun all advertising; if I want something I’ll go look for it.

  20. darrel nay

    What can be done about the election de-frauding lie from the left regarding the privatisation of healthcare? The partisan hatred on this website is insane?
    The entire weight of this article is directed at allegedly biased media – the fact remains that most media is left-leaning.


  21. Barry Thompson

    Des Houghton.

  22. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    darrel nay,

    you can thank your lucky stars that there was such a widespread outcry against any perceived intended changes to Medicare before the last election.

    Sussan Ley repeatedly stood in parliament and public forums pointing to those intended changes.

    Malcolm Muck was chased off but he fully intended to steal Medicare from our Public service.

  23. Miriam English

    darrel nay, been taking in too much Fox news? Most media aren’t left-leaning. Once upon a time most media worked for the good of society, so had a progressive emphasis. This was true in both conservative and left-leaning media.

    Now, since the USA Republicans, hand-in-hand with Murdoch, have worked systematically to undermine the media, most have a badly regressive slant. They would embarrass old-time conservatives. They are not even conservative anymore; they’re right-wing radicals who want to perform outrageous and unsupportable experiments upon society.

    What you see as partisan hatred is merely a rejection of regressive voices. The people here (mostly left-leaning, some centrist, some conservative) want a fair and humane society. The new extreme right-wing bigots who want to tear apart our society with fear and hatred have earned the disgust of those here.

    As for your question regarding the “lie” about the LNP working to privatise healthcare in Australia, perhaps you should pay more attention to what your idols say and do; they have been gradually working to destroy Medicare since gaining office, trying to kill it in a slow death of many small stabs. Our health system has long been one of the best in the world, but their intent is to gradually damage it to the point where they can appear justified in handing it over to private insurance corporations and deliver to us USA-style health, which is the worst, most expensive health system on the planet, but most profitable for the corporations who run it.

  24. darrel nay

    reply for Jennifer Meyer Smith’
    Why would I thank my lucky stars that a corrupt government forces me to contribute my money to a corrupt and inefficient social engineering scheme that serves to redistribute my money to others? A truly free country would allow individuals to make choices as to how to spend their own money – simple stuff.

    Compulsory contributions are authoritarian!


  25. Miriam English

    Incidentally, has anybody noticed that the IPA have tried to hide their radical extremist LNP agenda?

    I’ve tried to look once more at their checklist at:
    and the addition
    and they are now blank… at least when I view them.

    The poor dears probably don’t know about’s Wayback Machine:

    Their nastiness is enshrined for all time… or at least for as long as the web remains open.

  26. Miriam English

    darrel nay, there are a number of fallacies and broken thoughts in your response to Jennifer. I’ll examine them piece by piece.

    When you say you object to being “forced” to contribute money you don’t seem to notice that you can always leave Australia and go to a society that doesn’t value health.

    You ask why you should value such contributions. We have one of the best levels of health in the world here. That’s a damn good reason to value such contributions. It prevents contagions sweeping through the poorest parts of society and threatening everybody.

    You call medicare and our public health system inefficient, and while it could undoubtedly be improved, it is one of the most effective health systems in the world, bang for buck. It certainly is many times more efficient than the USA model, which it sounds like you’d prefer. If you ever visit the USA the common advice is don’t get sick or you’ll be paying it off for much of the rest of your life… if you actually get to see a doctor. Here in Australia anybody can go see a doctor and get free treatment in a reasonably short time, even with the damage the LNP has wreaked upon the health system, cutting hospital budgets and damaging Medicare.

    When you talk about what a truly free country is, you skip the fact that freedom always requires us to share the place with other people, thus putting natural limits upon what we can and can’t do. I’m not free to punch everybody in the face. I’m not free to sell my urine to people as a miracle cancer cure. I’m not free to knock your house down and build my own home there. The kind of freedom you seem to want requires that there be no other people on the planet. That kind of freedom is meaningless.

    Yes, compulsory contributions have an aspect of authoritarianism about them, but they are unfortunately required to maintain a civil society that works best for all. Without such small compulsions greedy and thoughtless people (such as yourself) would ruin many of society’s advantages and make it a pretty horrible place to live. If you want that kind of place go to Somalia, praised by some as a Libertarian paradise of freedom. You’ll find you will likely have much reduced health and life expectancy and many hardships, and healthcare will cost you far more than the paltry contributions you’re “forced” to make here in Australia. But maybe that’s what you want. Good luck to you. It isn’t what most Australians want.

  27. freefall852

    darrel nay…Your decidedly thick comprehension of the depth of social contract most of the population makes with a taxing government (with exception of yourself, perhaps) to supply those services that are beyond the capacity of the individual or the community to; good roads, good health (fresh water, sewerage, energy..etc) defence, communications etc, etc, etc, etc..When you wake in the morning to only the dulcet tones of a bird’s song, be thankful you are living in a taxed community that has rule of law and a good, reliable policing force to let you sleep safe (as possible) in your “posture-pedic” bed covered, no doubt by a good quality gooose-down doona!
    You ought to be grateful…but with the intellect you appear to possess, I very much doubt you could spell the word…may your “next life” be lived in Raqqa.

  28. darrel nay

    any chance of you haters (raqqa comment) actually having the ticker to use your own name?

    You like to create strawmen because you can’t argue the actual points. I am not anti government – rather I, and millions like me around the world, are sick of big corrupt nanny governments, such as we have in Australia. We are sick of watching governments getting bigger while our roads and infrastructure collapse and we are sick of having the corrupt UN dictating policy to sovereign nations.

    In a free country we should have voluntary contributions to super not compulsory contributions. Similarly in a free country we ought to have a voluntary tax system rather than a compulsory system which only serves to create unnecessary jobs for tax accountants and tax dept. workers – a compulsory tax system also ‘serves’ to criminalise good Australians. In a free country we should have optional schooling not force-fed education which contributes to child suicide rates. As a society, we have been incrementally shoved into a system which institutionalises our elderly and our youth – it’s a weird sort of freedom.


  29. Hotspringer

    Thank Dog for the “Murdoch Block” Chrome extension!

  30. freefall852

    Darrel..I only replied to you to press a point home..NOT to you, but to the generic conscience “out there”…I would not waste time trying to convince you, and I would not bother giving such like my real name..seriously..after these last years of reading, listening , viewing all the RWNJ’s in every religion, corp’, political party and beyond, I doubt there are many who retain the patience to be even polite!…The gormless stupidity of the Right wearies us and we have no time left for the likes of them…Personally, and I speak for myself on this point..I would “Stalinize” the lot of them!..ol’ Joe was too soft…. 🙂

  31. darrel nay

    freefall852 (the stalinizer)
    once again you remind us of the worst of the left. You espouse a violent politic against your fellow man while trying to claim the moral high-ground. You talk a big game (ie. murdering tens of millions) but I’ll bet you are just another big-mouth operating in an echo chamber without the fortitude to back it up.
    You seem like the sort of typical lefty who moans about global warming destroying the planet whilst at the same time refusing to go out and turn off your mains switch – no you just prefer to whine about what others should do.


  32. Kyran

    As an observation, freef’all852, it cannot help but be noted that the media are reliant on ‘trust’ for their mere existence, let alone their survival.
    To put a different slant on your premise, the ‘Edelman Trust Barometer’ rates ‘trust’ in four societal sectors; business, government, media and NGOs. The surveys started in 2012 and the general populace’s trust in all four sectors has been in decline from the first survey.
    Richard Edelman penned a piece in January, 2017, titled “An Implosion of Trust”.
    All four sectors are reliant on ‘trust’ for their existence and all four sectors have abused any trust they have had to such an extent they are now perceived as untrustworthy by most people. Globally!

    “…two-thirds of the countries we survey are now “distrusters” (under 50 percent trust in the mainstream institutions of business, government, media and NGOs to do what is right), up from just over half in 2016.”

    “We have moved beyond the point of trust being simply a key factor in product purchase or selection of employment opportunity; it is now the deciding factor in whether a society can function. As trust in institutions erodes, the basic assumptions of fairness, shared values and equal opportunity traditionally upheld by “the system” are no longer taken for granted. We observe deep disillusion on both the left and the right, who share opposition to globalization, innovation, deregulation, and multinational institutions. There is growing despair about the future, a lack of confidence in the possibility of a better life for one’s family. The 2017 Edelman Trust Barometer finds that only 15 percent of the general population believe the present system is working, while 53 percent do not and 32 percent are uncertain.”

    “The lack of societal and institutional safeguards provides fertile ground for populist movements fueled by fear. Corruption and globalization are the top two issues for the general population, with two-thirds of the public concerned and nearly a third deeply worried about these economic factors.”

    With specific regard to the media, although noting that all four sectors are suffering the same crises in their trust deficit;

    “Fourth, the media, the vaunted Fourth Estate in global governance, plunged in trust this year, distrusted in more than 80 percent of the countries we survey, to a level near government. Media is now seen to be politicized, unable to meet its reporting obligations due to economic pressures, and following social media rather than creating the agenda. Donald Trump circumvents mainstream media with his Twitter account, in this way seeming more genuine, approachable and responsive. Technology has allowed the creation of media echo chambers, so that a person can reinforce, rather than debate, viewpoints. In fact, 59 percent of respondents would believe a search engine over a human editor. It is a world of self-reference, as respondents are nearly four times more likely to ignore information that supports a position that they do not believe in.”

    He concludes his article with this;

    “The growing storm of distrust is powerful and unpredictable. Trust in institutions has evaporated to such an extent that falsehood can be misconstrued as fact, strength as intelligence, and self-interest as social compact. This has been a slow-motion meltdown, an angry delayed recognition of permanent decline in economic and social status by those who have not kept pace with globalization and dramatic technological change. If faith in the system continues to fall, rising populist movements could wreak unimaginable havoc, with resurgent nationalism and divisive rhetoric moving to dangerous policies.”

    The most recent survey is here.

    All four sectors have abused their trust, their ‘currency’, to such a degree, they are now regarded as bankrupt of the one thing they relied upon for their very existence.
    With respect, they don’t need to be proscribed by us. Their declining relevance, commercially and societally, has been self-evident for years.
    As an observation;
    “Now, let us list those who we should start proscribing.”
    It would be a far shorter list if that read “Now, let us list those who should not be proscribed.”
    With regard to the ‘Citizens Tribunal’, we already have one of them. It’s called the ‘Australian Press Council’. If you don’t like what the press writes, you can complain to the publishers about their content. They will adjudge any criticism of themselves.
    The lack of accountability in all four sectors has led to the current malaise. Most of us, globally, are unimpressed with the leadership (or lack thereof) on offer, in all four sectors. More significantly, there is no effective complaints mechanism.
    In terms of the media, sites such as this are empowering if, for no other reason, they allow diversity of opinion and the opportunity to tease out details.
    Thank you freef’all852 and commenters. Take care

  33. freefall852

    There you put a little worm on the hook… darrel, ol’ son..I’m going to tell you a little anecdote..I like stories..most of us from the left like a yarn or why is it that there is a drought of good stories and tales from the Right-wing side of politics?…just one of those things , I guess..

    Now. back in the 80’s , a brickie mate of mine worked for this no-nonsense gang of Italian builders / bricklayers (oh, btw..I too have been in the building trade as a tradie for over 45yrs)..and they needed a brickies labourer..the boss put an add in the local paper and this young blade rang him at home one night and he hired him over the phone, gave him the work-address and said to be on the job @ 7am. and he’d (the boss) be there by 8.30 as he had to go quote another job.
    The boss gets to the job and watches the new labourer for a bit…there are 3 brickies on the scaffold, and the labourer is “feeding” carrying one brick in each hand at a time…The boss doesn’t say a word, just sighs, goes to the “labourer” takes out his wallet and pays him off the days wages and says goodbye.

    Now..anyone here who has worked “at the coal-face” in the building game would guess why the “labourer” was sacked..for others, and YOU darrel..I will explain..
    There is a presumption as on that building site AND here on a political blog..when one fronts up to take on a challenging job that requires a degree of experience and nous, one has the capacity to give good and intelligent or witty substance to their qualifications..I take one read of your first couple of sentences, darrel, and I can see that not only do you have any worth while answers to contribute, you do not even have a intelligent question to propose!

    There are those like the patient person above who went to great lengths to explain to you the reasons for existing social contracts between good government and the citizen body…all, I notice from your very next post, to no avail…

    Me?…I’m like that brickie boss..I take one look at you and I see “no hope”…perhaps you could do like Michael on this blog and many others of the left here and elsewhere and go write your valued opinions on your own blog?..cost nothing and there you have it..your own personal opinion for ALL to read and enjoy…

    And good luck to you…cheers!

  34. guest

    Darrel, you can see that people get very angry about your position – because it represents the kind of self-centred individualism we see epitomised in Donald Trump.

    And you are right to question the ‘violent politic’ of the Right wing dictatorial kind. But you fail to realise that your stance attempts to take on a ‘moral high ground’ by such stupid comments as demanding that those who espouse Climate Change turn off their power immediately.

    You clearly fail to understand what is happening. If you support the burning of coal you are even more ignorant. If you reject renewable energy, you have your head deep in the sand.

    So we get even from the Right wing press its attack on banks for not supporting the Adani mine financially because it is a clear liability. But the Murdoch press calls it ‘sucking up to the Left’. Does that mean that only the Left understands Climate Change? Would Murdoch invest in the Adani mine with his own money?

    You have been conned by the Murdoch echo chamber.

  35. freefall852

    Kyran…” the ‘Australian Press Council’ “….now THAT is a good one!..say!..have you heard the one about the traveling salesman and the watermelon farm?
    No disrespect to yourself, Kyran that was a decent and honourable’s just that the Aust’ Press Council???

  36. Michael Taylor

    any chance of you haters (raqqa comment) actually having the ticker to use your own name?

    Anybody who comments here are welcome to use an alias. Some people – public servants are a good example – can jeopardise their employment if they are engaging on a political blog when using their real name. Others use an alias because they have in the past had threats made against them.

  37. Kyran

    Tee hee, freefall852. The tongue was firmly in cheek.
    Once upon a time, I used a ‘BS’ meter. The thing imploded so often, I replaced it with a ‘truth’ meter. It hasn’t gone off in recent years.
    Take care

  38. Trixie M

    I’m no intelectual and I rarely comment on here, though I love reading it and all the replies. When something is of real concern to me, I will go off and do my own investigation on the net. Mostly I simply find stories that are “for” or “against” and I am left to form an opinion of my own. That is it. Simply to think for myself. There appears to be no middle ground out there. If we were to believe everything that is written our poor brains would explode. Therefore, it is opinion that matters, and to myself, my own opinion although I love to read everyone else’s. Even your, Darrel Nay.

  39. darrel nay


  40. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    darrel nay,

    just for you!

    “Noam Chomsky: I would vote for Jeremy Corbyn … – YouTube”
    Video for jeremy corbyn interview youtube▶ 22:43

  41. darrel nay

    Sorry Jennifer, I do respect your effort, but Corbyn makes my skin crawl.


  42. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Surely you don’t disrespect Noam Chomsky too?

  43. darrel nay

    Jennifer Meyer-Smith,
    Chomsky is just another socialist who wants to take more of my money and redistribute it to whoever he chooses. Venezuela and France are just two of the latest nations to express their outrage at failed socialist utopian ideals. I respect Chomsky as a human being, but I vehemently disagree with his prescriptions for political change. I believe that socialism could work in an environment without corruption, but how will we get to the point where corruption is eliminated.


  44. Jennifer Meyer-Smith


    I don’t have time to argue now. I’ll get back to you later.

  45. Halfbreeder

    there is an inherent flaw in communism and socialism that is evident in the definition of karl marx. According to marx communism is the ownership of the means of production by the state on behalf of the proletariat. there are no mechanisms of accountability of gov in this definition. how are the gov held to account? this is why corruption becomes rampant…lack of accountability of gov. it is also how tyranny grows. Australia also has very weak accountability mechanisms and i would not say it is a communist or socialist state. we have a weak seperation of powers between the judiciary and gov as gov appoints judges. we have no bill of rights protecting the people from oppressive parliamentary legislation . we have no mechanism of investigating political corruption at fed level. most human rights in the UN Charters have not been integrated into australian domestic law. we have no impeachment mechanisms. we have no laws prohibiting conflicts of interest in politicians who are free to take advantage of tax laws such as capital gains tax and negative gearing then vote against the repeal of those laws. we have limited rights of appeals from decisions of gov appointed judges and weak legal mechanisms of review for gov decisions. turnbull is now centralising all domestic and international spying operations into one body that will spy on us all. we have limited freedom of speech as the decisions of judges cannot be criticised even though the courts are part of the system of gov set out in the Cobstitution. the current constitution is not an act of the Australian Parliament but an act of the englush emperial parliament and was only adopted by 19% of the people at the time because voting rights only extended to male landowners .Hence the constitution is imposed on us without our consent from another country. we are not in a democracy. we are told we are but all we do is vote one every three years and politicians are entitled to lie during election campaigns without rebuke untill the next election and can remain in office despite those lies. governments do not require a specific mandate to gov from the people so they can reverse the positions they stated during an election capaign. we have a dictatorship of the parliament in a similar way the english had under lord protector Oliver Cromwell in the 1600s. is it any wonder corruption is rampant Aust is an arch capitalist enclave that misrepresents itself as a democracy and its people as citizens but, in fact, without the rights that are necessarily connoted by citizenship, Australians are just subjects of an unaccountable state and parliament. the only reason we dont have a draconian dictatorship in aust is because the gov does not want to spend the money on police. but that will occur in time with the increasing encroachment of corporate feudalism and fascism.

  46. darrel nay

    impressive work Halfbreeder.


  47. Jennifer Meyer-Smith


    your money is not being taken by anybody; not even the Australian government to pay taxes. The government pays for everything because it creates its own sovereign currency and can afford to. Your money is used to help control inflation and I’m sure you’d be happy about that.

    So to accuse great thinkers like Chomsky as “just another socialist” and to dismiss the great advantages of socialism as just being prone to corruption, you are deliberately downplaying the obvious advantages of how socialism can provide for everyone fairly without negatively impacting the environment.

  48. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Interesting post, halfbreeder. It appears darrel and I can agree on that at least.

    Your warnings are even more reason to start working on reforming our government mechanisms now by encouraging more diverse representative government alliances to a polyopoly of various parties with decision making powers determined by their voter support.

  49. corvus boreus

    darrel nay,
    Although you issued your ‘grand challenge for all lefties to publicly refute freefall852’ on another thread entirely, I shall post my response upon this, the relevant one (that’s just how i roll).

    “freefall852 (18/5, 10:05am),
    Despite the fact that you quantified your statement by clarifying that you (personally) spoke only for yourself, and epilogiously added a facetious smiley-face ( 🙂 ), I, as an informal member of the ‘left’ (albeit one with a corresponding, if somewhat atrophied, right-wing and a flight-balancing array of tail-feathers), am morally obliged to chastise you rather robustly for your round recommendation of the ‘Stalinizing’ of the ‘Right’.
    Josef Stalin was a rabid (yet cynical) ideologue who instituted, through a murderous and repressive regime based around a cult of personality, a completely corrupt and militantly extremist version of Lenin’s revolutionary form of Marxist communism (the collectivization and redistribution of resources and production), itself an extreme form of Socialism’ (conduct of governance with the common good of society as the the broadest aim and goal).
    I cast my deepest frown ( 🙁 ) upon your smiley-face.
    corvus boreus”

    Now, darrel nay, will you , in return, willingly admit that;

    A); ‘just grabbing them by the pussy’ (as espoused by Donald Trump) constitutes a serious form of sexual assault (?),

    B); the worldwide actions of an ever-expanding number of humans conducting exponentially increasing levels of the broad-clearing of canopy vegetation, and the concurrent massive-scale excavation and burning of fossil-fuels, is manifesting major consequential repercussions in the form of significantly altering the Earth’s weather and climate (?), and,

    C): people like Alex Jones (@ ‘infowars’), who repeatedly make very serious but provably false claims, should (despite their apparent street-cred in having ‘non-MSM’ status), be regarded as (at best) entirely dubious sources of evidential information (?)

    Cheers in anticipation.

  50. freefall852

    corvus boreus … “The Crow of the north”…The use of that old chestnut ; ” ‘Ol Joe (Stalin) was too soft”, along with the “Stalinize” threat is a catch-cry from many of us on the far left to insinuate that the current drift to the centre or the right of politics is weak and wishy-washy…piss-weak politics…NOT an actual threat against person or persons unknown!..although I would not demur at giving many RWNJ’s a sound horse-whipping…if I was permitted!
    Back onto Joe S. your dismissive of him was almost a demonstration of type that I wrote of in my above link..short , sharp , sloganish. I would remind you of the terror of the second world war when the survival of the Soviet Union and by consequence ; the entire of Europe swung on the temperament of that “rabid ideologue”..I do not contradict your impression of Stalin “losing it” in the later years and going a kind of crazy…I..certainly would not have liked to lived under that reign…BUT for many of those years he and the Soviet Union was hunted and pushed to the point of nuclear engagement by the entire western military machine..The nation was under a siege mentality..suspicion and conspiracy, rumour and intrigue haunted the Kremlin..I don’t wonder he was on some sort of heavy medication.
    But one thing has to be granted to that leadership..They did put an end to Hitler’s power and they did in consequence save darrel’s “West”.
    So..I cast my broadest smiley upon your garrulous frown 🙂

    halfbreeder.. what you lament in your post is that general complaint of ALL governed humanity down ALL of time…There will never be a perfect system..but the one you describe of Marx..: “According to marx communism is the ownership of the means of production by the state on behalf of the proletariat. ” I find the most appealing and if I could also quote my own idea on the subject, I would reflect back to the closure of GMH. in SA…The company, losing money was asking for govt’ assistance…the LNP govt’ told them in no uncertain terms to get stuffed!..the company did…IF…however we had a more social govt’ they could have said to GMH..:
    “Listen, YOU are losing money, WE are losing about WE; the govt’ take over financial and managerial control of the operation, We guarantee the workers jobs and so relieve YOU of the high cost of job security and WE hire YOU as a sub-contractor to control just the production and finishing of the product and to outsource to other allied small-business the usual extras of the cars..WE will then take control of the marketing and after sales…”

    I will leave the idea there rather than go into too long winded detail..just to let you get the gist.

    There are way and means to socialise production. There are ways and means to install accountability mechanisms into good governance..there are ways and means to secure manufacturing toward longevity of employment, all it takes is a social contract that serves the majority of the producing population.

  51. Jennifer Meyer-Smith


    your later comment about how a stalinist approach to saving GMH car production in SA is not ignored.

    In modern times, we don’t need to be so severe and horrible as Stalin was to his own people, but the basic socio-economic elements should have been employed by the Abbott Gov but then what would you expect of such a bunch of loonies?

    Mind you, the previous assortment of Labor Govts were preparing themselves for its demise too. Didn’t the esteemed Buttons say something to that effect?

  52. freefall852

    There is a sad intellect in politics on both sides that cannot seem to see past the idea that all work has to be directed toward a profit making end..yet work has been and will be around long after we are all dead and gone, along with the cursed capital-based economies that will undoubtedly drag us down…
    Many owner-builders slave away without payment to construct a home for their family and are only too happy to do it..there could be some equal there once was in tribal society..when the community joins in to build a society for all to is not a pipe-dream it has been done so many times throughout history…but it is unprofitable for that 1% who ache to make money off the hard work of others and then whinge and lament when they are encouraged to share that easy won wealth.
    When I hear such profiteers brag that they ” made my fortune through hard work”..I’m inclined to ask : “Yeah..whose?”

  53. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    So freefall852,

    are you espousing collectivism which the likes of Stalin shat on and the likes of Trump, Murdoch and LNP are scared of now.

    If you can’t answer yes, I’ll answer for you and say YES.

  54. freefall852

    I hold no tender spot in my heart, sentimental or otherwise for ol’ Joe…if I did, I might just as well burn a candle on the altar of tyranny for Julius Caesar…or..or Caligula!…no..I have never been one to worship the idol nor seek out the oracle…but I do hold optimism for the collective ideal, if mainly because it just may be the only means in a climate-changed future where the cultivation of food and harvesting of potable water will be achieved.
    But if I was to burn a candle of respect for any communist leader, it would have to be for Fidel Castro.

  55. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    I’ll accept that.

    Well done

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