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Morrison’s government, a poster-child for irresponsibility on climate

“Australia is the poster-child for irresponsibility on climate change” laments Christiana Figueres, former head of The UN Framework Convention On Climate Change. A key architect of the 2015 Paris Agreement, Dr Figueres is currently in Australia on a speaking tour. She deplores our PM’s latest “technology target” stunt.

Figueres dismisses Scotty from marketing, our coal lobbyists’ puppet PM and his weasel-worded “technology not taxes” evasion of responsibility; a dereliction of his duty to at least reduce emissions to net zero by 2050. But she may as well be talking about our bizarre determination to pursue the fiction of Kyoto carry-over credits.

Or the Coalition’s recent crazy decision to finance a four million dollar feasibility study into a coal-fired power station at Collinsville in North Queensland, a project that is destined to become a white elephant. Demand is flat and there is no shortage of electricity in supply in the area.

Tropical North QLD also has an abundance of renewables, wind, solar and hydro.

Morrison is concocting a fake substitute. Details remain top secret even to his own cabinet but he’s calling it a technology goal, so as not to upset the coal warriors who run his coalition. All will be revealed at the 2020 UN Climate Change Conference, to be held 9-19 November, in Glasgow.

Working on it now, doubtless, is Gus Taylor, the government’s undisputed computational champion following his sensational calculation that Sydney’s Lord Mayor, Clover Moore’s annual travel amounted to an astonishing $15 million a year, a figure which was leaked to News Corp’s Daily Telegraph, in an apparently doctored report, by Taylor’s office, an action calculated to damage Moore’s reputation.

Happily, NSW Police were able to hand-ball the investigation of the forgery to the AFP which hadn’t “bothered” to look for the information required. As Clover Moore, herself observes,

“The people might pay the [AFP] salary but they work for the government who appoints them.”

Similarly, Figueres is not fooled by Morrison’s proposal of an alternative, Clayton’s commitment of his own. “I frankly think every industrialised country has to take on an economy-wide target,” she declares.

According to The Australian, (the Liberal Party’s Pravda), Morrison’s conflicted Coalition will oppose any proposal to adopt a long-term emissions goal, such as Labor’s net zero emissions target by 2050, which the Opposition announced this week. Already, crackpot Craig Kelly is calling it “an economic suicide note” on Sky.

It it’s suicide, then also committing economic self-slaughter are Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Armenia, Austria, Bahamas, Barbados, Belgium, Belize, Benin, Cape Verde, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Comoros, Cook Islands, Costa Rica, Democratic Republic of Congo, Denmark, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Estonia, Ethiopia, European Union, Federated States of Micronesia, Fiji, Finland, France, Germany, Grenada, Guyana, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Kiribati, Lao PDR, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Maldives, Mauritius, Mexico, Monaco, Namibia, Nauru Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Niue, Pakistan, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Portugal, Republic of Marshall Islands, Samoa, Seychelles, Solomon Islands, South Sudan, Spain, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Suriname, Sweden, Switzerland, Timor-Leste, Tonga, Trinidad and Tobago, Tuvalu, United Kingdom, Uruguay, Vanuatu. Add in all Australian state governments including Liberal.

But don’t expect Morrison’s mob to be shamed into accepting their fair share of decarbonisation. Amy Remeikis notes in Monday’s The Guardian Australia the paucity of the Coalition’s latest threadbare case as it airs the Kiwis’ cow, sheep-fart and Fergie tractor exhaust exemption.

The government’s killer argument against Labor’s zero emissions by 2050 policy, is that the Kiwis have quarantined New Zealand’s agriculture industry from Aotearoa’s target.

“So suddenly, after years and years of rhetoric over how we don’t need to look to other countries for our policies, including NZ, in the wake of its offers to take additional refugees from Nauru, New Zealand is the gold standard of policy.”

But no-one expects, logic, consistency or sanity from Morrison. Most of the time now we are surprised, if not somewhat dismayed, that he remembers to show up for work.

Trying hard to be wily, Scotty recycles tactics Howard used to dodge emissions targets in the Kyoto Protocol negotiated in the 1990s. “Investment targets or goals” for technologies will help the Coalition continue to abdicate all responsibility for being the planet’s highest per-capita greenhouse gas polluter, amongst advanced countries.

The dirty trick of focussing on investment is a legacy of climate contrarians such as Bjorn Lomborg, the world’s most active luke-warmer. Lomborg doesn’t deny the physics of the greenhouse effect, but instead cherry-picks information to deny that the risks of climate change are large enough to justify strong and urgent action.

Morrison’s technology hoax contains the specious case that governments should develop new technologies to drive down costs, before actually deploying the new technology. It is simply another criminally irresponsible, flawed, stalling tactic. Labor’s climate change spokesperson, Mark Butler calls out Scotty’s latest, futile, subterfuge.

Morrison’s ” … latest thought bubble of a “technology target” is just a throwback to the Howard era when he and George W Bush rejected emissions reduction targets in the Kyoto Protocol in favour of a so-called “technology approach” which boosted nuclear power and so-called ‘clean coal,’” Butler says.

Serial ministerial failure, Greg Hunt, Abbott’s environment minister patsy, who gave the nation “soil magic” or direct action is a huge Lomborg fan. Greg tried to stump up $4 million in taxpayer funds to pay for Lomborg’s appointment to an Australian university. Hunt’s opposition to the carbon tax cited Lomborg’s nonsense.

Scotty’s mob denies that we live in a climate emergency. Refuses to even say “climate change“, let alone admit that it is a result of anthropogenic global heating or link this to our recent catastrophic megafires. And worse. Kelly’s all for distributing climate change lies in schools so that children can make up their mind based on falsehoods.

Kelly’s a fan of Advance Australia – which bills itself as a right-wing version of progressive lobby group GetUp. Advance Australia plans to develop materials on climate change targeted at children. Their fossil-fuel propaganda would include a “Smart Scientist’s Kit”, a misinformative e-book of “10 climate facts to expose the climate change hoax”, as well as an “educational video and speaking tour” by a “renowned climate scientist”. Nine Newspapers reports.

Liz Storer, the former, silver-tongued, Liberal adviser behind the development of the kiddies’ kit of lies is a model of halcyon objectivity and tolerance as is evident in her views on the Clean Energy Finance Corporation. (CEFC)

We (recently) saw our PM give $1 billion more, taxpayer dollars, to the CEFC. For what? These guys started back in 2012 as a Labor-created, snot wad of a useless body,” she sneers. Useless snot-wad? Perhaps she should talk to CEO Ian Learmonth who notes in CEFC’s latest Annual Report,

We are proud to report that, since inception, CEFC investments have helped drive more than $24 billion in additional private sector (clean energy) investment commitments Australia-wide. Yet her PM is no better.

Scotty resurrects all his favourite flawed arguments as he Gish-Gallops away reducing greenhouse emissions.

“Currently no one can tell me that going down that path won’t cost jobs, won’t put up your electricity prices, and won’t impact negatively on jobs in the economies of rural and regional Australia. And my Government is absolutely committed to the jobs of rural and regional Australians,” he spins his hurdy-gurdy of vacuous, dishonest garrulity.

Scotty is totally surprised to get a bit of a hand from bush-lawyer Barnaby Joyce who can’t resist his own garbled Gish-Gallop, either, as he vents in a parliament’s hallway, shouting over the top of Joel Fitzgibbons’ Monday morning conference. Joyce is right on cue. It’s almost as if his outburst is scripted by the PM’s office.

“What a load of rubbish. What a load of pig manure. He’s going to reach out to you. He’s going to reach out to the coal mines. Don’t worry, fellas, we’re reaching out to you. We’re reaching out and saying you’re going to lose your job. Reaching out, that’s how you’re going to do it. You’re going to make the equation work by putting trees back on people’s properties whether they like it or not. We’re going to let the shrubs grow back on the country.”

You can’t beat parliament’s hallways for a bit of sober, civilised, rational discourse. Putting trees back? Oh, the horror of wanton reforestation.

No-one asks Morrison of the negative impact of doing nothing – especially when that means continuing the $42 billion a year subsidy which fossil fuel industries enjoy in the absence of carbon pricing. That would be cabinet in confidence and/or commercial in confidence and above all a matter of national security.

No-one can tell Scotty anything – unless, it’s former coal lobbyist John Kunkel or one of other nine former mining industry suits whom he’s recruited on staff. Or the claque of former News Corp hacks, who join them.

Australia would prosper – if only it had a government responsible enough to take real action on climate change, according to a range of experts. These include CSIRO calculations that we would spend 58-64% less on electricity under a shift to 100 per cent renewables.

Above all, it exposes the Coalition’s reversion to the hype of $100 lamb roasts, as cynical, disinformation. In fact, renewables bring huge economic benefits.

The CSIRO’s Australian National Outlook report finds bold action on the uptake of renewables could lead to GDP growth of 2.76% to 2.8% annually, a 90% increase in real wages and net zero emissions by 2050.

Monday, Pravda is full of Morrison’s drop that Cabinet ministers, the National Farmers’ Federation and freight lobbyists are all calling for Anthony Albanese to cost his economy-wide target of net-zero emissions by 2050, despite all states in nation having already made their own independent commitment. It’s the same wedge tactics we heard from Tony Carbon-tax Abbott with his $100 lamb roast and Whyalla off the map hype.

Oddly, The Oz fails to include the relative cost of inaction — which the Climate Council estimates at over $2 trillion by 2050 for Australia’s agriculture, property and productivity sectors.

But ScoMo knows that when you’re a government in an abusive relationship with the electorate, you gaslight the nation, you insist repeatedly that renewables are so costly they will wreck the economy. Or you make cryptic references to developing technologies – only to be blown out of the rapidly heating water in one of the best good news stories of the week.

“The technologies are here,” software billionaire Mike Cannon-Brookes says as he announces a $12 million plan to fund solar and battery off-grid system to provide clean and reliable power to communities hit by bushfires and other disasters.

In delivering the first two of what could be one hundred off-grid solar and storage systems – using rapid solar deployed by Australia’s 5B, and Tesla batteries , Cannon Brookes is struck by how surprised people are that such technology is available now. They tell him they thought such technologies were a decade away.

Such misconception is rife in the general community as it is amongst our ruling class. Yet disinformation about energy and denigration of renewables is the mainstay of much of mainstream media – the Murdoch papers, Sky News and toxic talk-back radio’s investment in recycling ignorance, prejudice and superstition. Even our ABC is not immune. Who can forget or forgive Chris Uhlmann’s mis-reporting that the SA grid had collapsed not because of freak weather but because of over-reliance on renewables.

This Sunday, David Speers on ABC Insiders, whose objectivity is imperilled by its increasingly framing discussion by reiterating federal government policy, twits Albo eight times about a carbon price in the desperate search for a gotcha headline that is neither in the nation’s interest nor in the interest of informative, objective journalism.

At the arse-end of last week’s government by announceables and cheering ourselves on until we are hoarse over such big wins as an Aussie Coronavirus cure; a billion dollar spend for Tindal air base, near Katharine, to upgrade it to re-fuel US long-range bombers, a bit of maintenance on the US Alliance we must pay for ourselves, dynamic duo, Dan Tehan and Greg Hunt shuffle on stage right, Saturday to pin the tail on the donkey of the body politic, a Liberal party game of upbeat stuff and nonsense where self-congratulatory bullshit masquerades as fact.

This week’s show’s subtext is abuzz with feel-good fantasies. Good old Aussie know-how and “working around the clock” will produce an anti-Covid-19 Coronavirus vaccine any day soon, whereas, other scientists in other countries are also researching and any vaccine is years away from licence and use in the community.

Professor Warwick McKibbin, director of the Centre for Applied Macroeconomic Analysis at the ANU Crawford School of Public Policy, argues that government money would be best spent on advertising public hygiene, given that simple hand-washing is the single, best preventative against the virus.

The Covid-19 Coronavirus has been contained in Australia, claims Hunt, a fair stretch, given that the Morrison government is again putting the interests of trade and investment ahead of any woke city latte-sippers’ concern for public health.

Worse. The much-vaunted China travel ban was relaxed last week when a series of its cargo ships were allowed to dock regardless of the compulsory 14 day exclusion period. Shocking as this may be it’s hardly a surprise.

If the travel rorts have taught us anything, it is that Morrison’s government is flexible in applying regulations. Yet Health Minister Hunt’s quite happy to take a punt on helping turn Covid-19 into a global pandemic, if there’s a quid in it. It’s our government keeping us safe. Tarric Brooker in Independent Australia, notes,

By choosing to partially lift the China travel ban, the Morrison Government has chosen to bet the wellbeing of the Australian public on coronavirus statistics coming from the Chinese Government. The same government that lied about the impact of SARS and, even as late as January, was persecuting whistle-blowers who were trying to warn the world about coronavirus.

Yet Morrison’s government – can now add a brand new slogan. We’re the only party that didn’t stop the boats. New Zealand, on the other hand, has extended its ban on arrivals from mainland China into a fourth week, Kiwi PM Jacinda Ardern announces Monday 24 February. The ban would be reviewed after that, she says.

Of course, it’s difficult to get a fix on the facts amidst background noise from other competing narratives; the cheering on of UQ researchers who are “just days away” from testing a COVID-19 vaccine on animals while dapper Dan’s on hand to spruik up getting “normality” back into the international student market.

Nothing is remotely normal about the international student market which Liberal con-artists such as Immigration Minister David Coleman claim is worth a whopping $35 billion in export revenue. Luckily, Dave was addressing Gerald Henderson’s Sydney Institute last August and no-one was paying much attention.

Coleman is wrong. It’s not export revenue, as Leith Van Onselen points out. International students studying in Australia are legally allowed to work 20 hours per week. Many also work illegally. Because the income earned is used to pay for either tuition fees or living expenses, it is not a true export but merely economic activity.

International students working and supporting themselves are no more an export than domestic students living away from home. It pays to take boasts about total numbers of international education exports with a grain of salt, however much Dan Tehan loves to blow his own trumpet. We just don’t know the facts.

Tehan dynasty scion, Dan, an Education Minister, who knows the price of everything we can charge a fee for and the value of nothing that accrues from study let alone learning, struggles a bit to get his message out.

The guts of it is that he’s going to take China’s reassurances at face value because we’ve got to get those Year 11 and Year 12 fee-paying students back into the country or all hope of any sacred surplus materialising is buggered.

In fact, given “political tensions” and diplomatic ineptitude, the result of our government’s US sycophancy, numbers of students from China are declining while those from India and Nepal are on the rise.

Leith Van Onselen worries given the ABC’s Four Corners expose of plagiarism, academic misconduct, and students from India failing their courses, that standards may be lowered in order that the government can pump up numbers.

Or, in other words, that we continue to prostitute our tertiary institutions to boost our “export” earnings, however, dodgy or “Gussied” up they may prove. Yet there’s no way to “Gussie up” or put lipstick on the pig of Morrison government’s energy debacle.

Our corrupt, coal-fired climate science denying Coalition is crippling investment in renewable energy, according to COAG’s Energy Security Board (ESB) which released its annual Health of the National Electricity Market report on Friday. It confirms recent reports that investment in renewable energy in Australia has slumped 40% in 2019.

Yet as Giles Parkinson writes in Renew Economy The only thing that is getting in the way of a zero emissions target is a government refusing to acknowledge it is possible. And that’s because it doesn’t set a plan that federal regulators and rule-makes can follow, and which can provide a signal to business and investors.

The ESB pulls no punches. It’s time we called sabotage for what it is. The Morrison government is sabotaging the uptake of renewables in order to build a case for the fossil fuel industries which are among its principal backers and donors.

In its report, the Energy Security Board observes

The lack of a strategic direction has led to stakeholders deferring investment in the maintenance and construction of new generation, especially in flexible dispatchable generation. This has increased reliability risks, undermined affordability and slowed progress on emissions reduction. It has also raised barriers to entry and constrained competition in the market. With political uncertainty investment planning becomes very difficult and this has impacts well beyond the electricity industry.

The undermining of affordability of renewables is exactly what those who drive the coal-powered Morrison puppet government desire. It is part of their game plan. With every delay and cynical evasion, the Morrison government reveals itself to be hopelessly, irretrievably corrupted; captives of a fossil fuel industry which is interested only in the profit that comes from expansion even if this means destroying the planet.

At a time when all around it, is the evidence of irreversible global heating, drought, catastrophic megafire, rather than take action to pledge to limit greenhouse gas emissions the Morrison government prefers to play politics; weaponise climate change; rather than act in the best interests of the people it is elected to represent.

Labor’s pledge of net zero emissions by 2050 is neither controversial nor radical. Experts argue we should do much more. This week, it is abundantly clear, however, that the Morrison government, hopelessly in thrall to the coal and gas barons would rather wedge Labor than pursue an emissions policy which could help save the planet.

Its hoax of a technology target or goal is a ploy to get away with doing nothing when every indication from every expert is that we should do all we can and more.

Energy and Emissions Reduction Minister Angus Taylor reduces our responsibility as global citizens to a despicable semantic quibble today. Australia has committed to a net zero emissions target by 2050 under the 2015 Paris Agreement?

“That’s incorrect,” said Taylor. “We signed up to the Paris Agreement, which involves the world achieving net zero in the second half of the next century.” We are not part of that world? Only a fool could be happy living in such a fool’s paradise.

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  1. Michael Taylor

    Brilliant as always, David.

  2. Matters Not

    Great read as always. Clearly much work involved and across a broad spectrum.

    One minor quibble re :- Tony Carbon-tax Abbott with his $100 lamb roast … . Think that nonsense came from Barnaby who additionally claimed that :- a single cow or lamb could cost as much as a house . But he’s a great retail politician apparently even if he’s often some way off with his predictions

  3. David Tyler

    True, Matters Not – but The Budgie Smuggler did use the words in the house in the dying days of the price on carbon. Labor was having fun with the Coalition.

    Abbott responded by saying if Labor kept voting to keep the “toxic tax” the price would just go “up and up and up”.

    “Eventually – who knows? Maybe there would have been a $100 leg of lamb,” he said.

    It was Abbott who called Barnaby a great retail politician and other sycophants have called Barnaby Joyce a political genius but the truth is he has always lacked judgment and any interest in the detail or consequences of his actions.

    As Coalition finance spokesman, Barnaby claimed Australia was about to default. Even Abbott had to kick the “best retail politician in the country” out of that portfolio.

  4. Matters Not

    Yes David. And there were a number of others who picked up that line as well.

    Barnaby’s performance in the corridor this morning was also very interesting. For me, it looked like he might have been still pissed from last night but I suspect (fear) that his performance will again bring applause from his supporters.

    When you have a particular belief (or theory), the giving of particular meanings flows very easily and ‘naturally’. Such is the nature of knowledge.

  5. Marion

    Morrison has never had an original thought. . The ‘technology target ‘ he borrows and uses from the past has no credibility whatsoever. This is a man without the creativity or nous to deal with climate change. He has no idea or cares that renewable energy is a great boost to the economy. It’s about keeping the top job. All ego like Trump. Mad Barnaby is sent out to deliver some crazy incomprehensible message and shouts down Fitzgibbon. It’s a kind of horrible theatre.

    We have become so thoroughly Americanised that all false utterances are viewed as facts.
    This government ‘undermines the affordability of renewables’. This government shouts down truth tellers. This government has never cared about the people but they sure love the power. Call it out for what it is..corrupt.

    This is a government that stripped away money from women’s refuges. today we saw Scott Morrison in Question time looking very heartfelt about the murder of Hannah Clarke. So show us the money Morrison to keep women safe. All talk. That’s all it is and it’s shameful. He had the opportunity to put back the money and them some into women’s refuges..he had the opportunity to announce that today and there was nothing. It makes me sick, utterly sick.

    I worry that Australians will gradually forget the great misery he caused during the bushfires. I worry that people will become tired of the whole political process; so tired of all the lies that they will turn inward and turn off and it will become easier to forget rather than stay engaged. It’s my greatest fear.

  6. Matters Not

    Marion re:

    all false utterances are viewed as facts.

    Seems like that worries you (as it does me) but maybe facts are of far lesser value (politically speaking) than hearing what one wants to hear? That emotions dominate reason and logic? Might explain why so much irrationality is out and about? And why it seems to work, at least with so many voters.

  7. Aortic

    Yeah but come on, as far as I know the toilet gender potent drama has been sorted out. And then there was this policy and that policy which sorted out this and that. Just waiting for the announcement on the other policy which will sort that one out too. Who knows what earth shattering gems are yet to emerge from the cabinet room. As Barnaby says don’t worry we are reaching out to you. Good enough for me.

  8. Marion

    Matters not.

    I have a vision of a better world. I’m a realist and an idealist, pessimist and an optimist..I’m an old person. I grew up in an era where mostly the truth was hidden from the citizens in a genteel way and nothing has changed except it ain’t genteel anymore. I’m a militant old person. I will fight to my last breath to send out the truth about what we have become.. what our government is…a dire masquerade of truth, a mammoth lie, a travesty.

  9. Pingback: Morrison’s government, a poster-child for irresponsibility on climate. #auspol - News Oz

  10. Zathras

    It was indeed Banana-by (the report-texting drought envoy) who threatened the “$100 lamb roast” but it’s only part of their overall game-plan. We also had thousands of refugees massing to come here in boats, Labor taking away the Tradies’ Utes and their weekends, debt and deficit disaster and children overboard just to name a few of their scare campaigns.

    That 2050 emissions target was already agreed and signed over by Abbott as part of the Paris Agreement and is in line with several other countries making the same claim.

    The Nats are holding the country to ransom with only 5% of the vote and are working more in the interests of coal companies than their natural constituents as they disintegrate internally.

    Eventually they will realise there are two more bushfire seasons before the next election and eventually they will have to take some sort of stand and the longer they stall the more foolish they will look as they back-pedal on their claims.

  11. Peter F

    David, If only your post was fiction, I would have put it down half way through as being too depressing. I did not.

    Somehow, the ALP need to remember the opening words of Rudyard Kipling’s poem, ‘if’. when dealing with this ‘government’ :

    ” If you can keep your head when all about you
    Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,…. ”

    It will take great courage and stamina to overcome the barrage which is about to be directed at them as the ‘government becomes more desperate.

  12. johno

    Well said David. A cacophony of lies and deceit from our erstwhile government.

  13. Kaye Lee

    Oh the irony…….

    Sport Integrity Australia will be established after federal parliament passed legislation on Monday night with bipartisan backing.

    Sport Minister Richard Colbeck said it was essential for a cohesive and well-resourced national body to combat integrity concerns.

    “Australians love their sport and we expect our sport to be clean,” he told the Senate on Monday.

    “When it isn’t, it damages the confidence of participants and viewers, and the games they hold close to their hearts.”

  14. Barry Thompson.

    Spot on David.
    In particular I agree with your comment about David Speers on Insiders. He is almost as rude an interviewer as Fran Kelly with his constant interrupting of answers to his questions, in his blatant desire for the “gotcha” moment.
    Speers had a big build up before coming to Insiders, but so far I find him disappointing. He is certainly no Laurie Oakes, Kerry O’Brien or Barrie Cassidy. I hope he improves because I normally enjoy the show.

  15. Harry Lime

    Here’s a few more three word slogans for the unimaginative vermin :Lying, not Leading F#cking your Future
    Vandalism, not Vision.
    KL, Colbeck must be auditioning for the Melbourne Comedy Festival,just another in a long line of woeful, sad little people who inhabit an alternative reality.

  16. Kaye Lee


    They seem completely bereft of self-awareness or context.

  17. johno

    Wisdom seems a forgotten state of mind in the ranks of the LNP.

  18. whatever

    Today, the day after the Emissions Policy tantrum/sook-fest, they get the head of ASIO to make scary statements about spies everywhere and hope you will just forget about ClimateChange.

  19. Dave G.

    I am of the view the problems existing & looming for the country & planet are completely beyond the intellectual capabilities of anyone in the current Government.I fear only when the wellbeing of most of us is under serious threat will the electorate see they have been conned by these hucksters.

  20. DrakeN

    Dave G,
    If/when the the moronic masses wake up to the reality that we have been conned, you can be certain that many will blame the Greens/Labor for not telling them about it.

  21. Florence

    I seem to recall under CEF a pippergy, an a abbator was given the money to channel the effuence from the animals into electricity to run their enterprises. In fact enough to move off the grid. Same goes for some council rubbish depots.

  22. Syephengb

    Great article followed by really good comments.

    With all the stupid talk about we are going to pay for it, I am reminded that there is no discussion about how we should be paying for the LNP rorts approaching $5.5 Million. And how do weary for the 4.2 billion in fossil fuel subsidies. Then there is the government’s intent to raise defence spending to 2% of GDP, shock horror ” how we going to pay for that”? And how did we pay for bailing put the banks during the Great Recession’.’

    How did FDR pay for the ‘New Deal’, hhpw did Chirchil find the money to prosecite the second world war. How did Hitler suddenly raise (pay for) a massive war machine from nothing from the midst of the ‘Great Depression’

    Interesting reading

  23. johno

    Some good news, Equinor has pulled out of drilling in the Great Australian Bight.

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