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Morrison – the crooked enabler

While the Sports Rorts are still fresh in people’s minds, despite the COVID-19 hiatus, we are also very clear about the failure of police to investigate adequately Angus Taylor’s unfounded slur on the reputation of Clover Moore, Lord Mayor of Sydney.

Then prior to that was Michaelia Cash, who refused to respond to police requests for an interview, subsequently the incompetence of the Aged Care Minister, Richard Colbeck – ignorant of the numbers of deaths in Aged Care Homes under Coalition Government supervision.

You will all be aware of the litany of misfeasances by Coalition government ministers – and equally aware of the number who have lost their ministries.

Even Bridget McKenzie, the one and only who was demoted, (I cannot remember any others – were there any?) lost out on a technicality, and there has been no redress over politically misdirected grants.

Reigning over is all has been the King of Spin (accompanied always by his personal photographer) who has demonstrated to the world that being honest, respecting a need for integrity, presiding over transparency in government, and ensuring that ministerial appointments are dependent on behaving honourably, are all for the mugs.

Winning, by staying on top and making your own rules, is the name of the game – and has been for Morrison from long before he entered politics.

No wonder a rogue group in the Special Forces ran amok.

After all – the Prime Minister is the most important person in the country and his example must be one to follow.

Scott Morrison -you fully deserve the opprobrium implicit in the Chinese cartoon and your fake anger in response is patently dishonest.

You are an enabler of the worst kind.

And – disastrously – you are also enabling a reluctance to act on our greatest challenge – global warming.

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  1. Ill fares the land

    It is no wonder that Gladys has reacted in a manner that is beyond farcical over some very serious matters. She has seen how incompetent and blatantly corrupt the federal LNP is and it will not have escaped her that thus far, those actions have resulted in no serious consequences for the miscreants involved. That has led her to believe, as Morrison believes, that they are loved by their people and will be forgiven a few minor missteps.

    If Robo-debt had genuinely been the “fault of Labor” as Ferengi Robert claimed, Morrison would already have called a Royal Commission. For the limp Ley and the moronic McKenzie, their brief time in political purgatory was token, at best. But pink batts? It’s a scandal – let’s have an inquiry. Gillard, Shorten and union shenanigans? Let’s have a Royal Commission. Banks – why would we want a Royal Commission? I know. Let’s use it as an opportunity to attack industry super. Pity that backfired, but the LNP hasn’t given up yet.

  2. Win Jeavons

    In the traditional churches, Protestant ones at least, a church member behaving like this would be called to account for his unchristian dishonesty by the elders of the parish. I remember one who rented a home from another and failed to pay rent – neither was rich, both workers- he was asked to justify this.
    Churches do have standards that full members are expected to to adhere to.
    It would seem the Hillsong lot value money more than integrity.
    That, to me makes his lot all hypocrites.

  3. OnceWasALiberal

    What you say is correct. All of the prosperity religions have substituted money for the old, fictitious gods and don’t care how their members become rich so long as they give sufficient to their church. Like all religions, they seem on the surface to be obsessed with sex, but recent events show that their obsessions only apply to the “faithful” and behaviour from child abuse, or in some cases its concealment, to a “bit on the side” are OK for the religious promoters.

  4. Baby Jewels

    While we have a Liberal government the Liberal party will not be held to account for anything. They will see to it. What we have to do, over and over and over, is point out how disgraceful, how dishonest and how blatently corrupt they are. Far and wide. All of us. We can’t rely on Labor to do it for us.

  5. Ray Tinkler

    I’ve said it enough times. The problem we have in this country now is that the selfish party, because it so well blends with the “aspirations” of a faux christian cult’s Wealthiness is next to Godliness doctrine, with members who owe their allegiances totally to that foreign based organisation, have infiltrated it from top to bottom and now are in control of it. We see it’s methods for extending that control over all of this country’s affairs, on display every time they open their mouths or act. Millions of dollars from govt coffers have been diverted to it’s coffers and it seems without good reason. What will it take to stop this? I could say, Heaven knows, but if it too questioned, I doubt it would receive an answer because if the record of being transparent is anything to go by, they would appear before God himself and tell him it was none of his business.

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