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Morrison pledged 4 million vaccinations by March, we got 600,000

By TBS Newsbot

Scott Morrison pledged to have the country vaccinated by October, starting with four million by March 31. He’s since changed both targets.

At the start of the year, Scott Morrison set the organs of Australia’s health system a pure marketing challenge. The entire population would be vaccinated by October. Doing some quick maths, and that’d mean twenty million people would receive two doses in eight months. The first marker of success, per Scott Morrison, would be 4 million Australians vaccinated by March 31.

So far, we’ve managed to vaccinate 600,000, which is about 15% of the original target. In response, the government has moved the goalposts, stating that they’ll now reach that mark by the end of April. We’ll also no longer be fully vaccinated by October.

However, to meet that target, we’ll have to vaccinate 121,400 a day.

As we reported in February, “Prime Minister Scott Morrison has suggested the rollout capacity will start at around 80,000 doses per week and increase from there. That’s 16,000 a day (over five-day weeks), well short of the required 200,000 a day. The planned peak capacity hasn’t been announced, but even back-of-the-beer-mat calculation would suggest a minimum of 167,000 vaccines per day to give two doses each to 20 million Australians in the eight months between March and October 2021. The longer it takes to reach such capacity, the higher that daily number will get — or we will not reach the target vaccination percentage this year.”

An unrealistic target is one factor, but the rollout has also been impacted by circumstance. Beyond the international supply issues, they have been errors, booking issues, and a general vagueness around who gets what when. Indeed, doctors told publications that they were beating their heads “against a wall” due to issues with the rollout’s implementation.

This week was punctuated by two clusters in Queensland, purportedly spread by unvaccinated health workers. As it stands, Queensland is now experiencing a three-day lockdown, with the known cases up to 15.

Despite all this, Catherine Bennett, the chair of epidemiology at Deakin University, is hopeful. In conversation with The Guardian, she said that the numbers will grow “exponentially” as our rollout has been anything but “usual”.

In February, a group of UNSW researchers offered a different take. “It seems clear that to deliver at the scale needed to meet government targets won’t be possible through GPs and pharmacies alone. What’s needed are mass vaccination sites as proposed in the 2018 NSW Health Influenza Pandemic Plan. In a dedicated centre, trained nurses could vaccinate at a rate of between 80-100 people per hour. A similar approach in the UK has seen conference centres, sports stadiums, churches and mosques all co-opted as mass vaccination hubs, to great effect,” they noted.

This article was originally published on The Big Smoke.

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  1. Kronomex

    “Every time he speaks, let alone thinks, he weakens the nation.” a paraphrased line from Moe to Curly of the Three Stooges fame.

  2. New England Cocky

    Yawn!!!!! Another day, another disappointment from Scummo ….. why did we expect anything else form the worst Prim Monster since Federation in 1901 ….

  3. John OCallaghan

    As usual all Morrison wanted was his photo/video splashed across every known media outlet in the country receiving his “jab, just like the good little brave loyal patriotic Aussie battler that he is. That was all he wanted…his job was done and stuff the bloody rest of you idiots out there!…..

  4. Phil Pryor

    Knono says..,”every day he speaks..,” Horrorson the P M or Poxed Mentality, we get worse, and, we do, every day being cringeworthy, humiliating. To have a skinful of excremental, superstitious, selfinflating poop posing is revolting. The backstabbing advertising and office bumboy failure is peter principled out of sight, lower than a mossie’s mort’s dock. And, you cannot dredge up and reshuffle third grade nohopers and pretend you have a team of any quality. From the top down there is no talent, only a drive to be noticed, screw the tax payer, serve profiteers and corporate fuhrers. Merde Dog’s empire of pronate poltroons and political perverts, all for sustaining cosmic egos of tax avoiders, coercers, domineering feudal freaks and felons. It STINKS. Poor and Buggered, my country.

  5. Sully of Broken Hill

    Instead of making grand announcements of unachievable targets that sound great on the nightly news bulletin, which is as far as Morrison can see ahead, surely a true Leader would make a statement somewhat along the line of, we are receiving vaccines and their roll-out will be a work in process, depending on many variables that may affect the time it will take to vaccinate everyone, from possible supply line issues here and abroad to further pandemic outbreaks and needs to assist our neighbours in the Pacific and PNG. The Australian people will be kept up to date as to how the roll-out is progressing and every effort will be made to see it done as soon as possible, and we are on this Journey together,
    I know it is not as sexy as a grand announcement that everyone will be vaccinated by lunchtime tomorrow, but it would cut out the need for daily announcements blaming everyone else as to why his target for vaccinations fell short by 3.5 million.

  6. Kathryn

    I notice that the corrupt, self-promoting, self-serving MorriSCAM made sure he was FIRST in line to get vaccinated! To hell with front line workers, nurses, vulnerable elderly patients et al … MorriSCAM rushes to the front of the queue in a disgusting display of selfishness and self-preservation that truly reveals how un-Christian and self-obsessed this Hillsong Cultist and sanctimonious bible-thumping hypocrite really is!

    The fact is that everything – absolutely EVERYTHING – Morrison says is either a bald-faced LIE; a staggering piece of self-promoting bullshit, a condescending utterance displaying his contempt for ordinary working- and middle-class Australians; a vicious character-assassinating piece of slander against anyone who is remotely left-wing, a member of the LNP or The Greens or against anyone who refuses to believe in the LNP’s regressive anti-climate-change crap or misogynistic, racist ideology and right-wing extremism!

    The fact is that everything – absolutely EVERYTHING – Morrison DOES is devious, underhanded, self-serving and, usually, turns to SHIT in record time!

    Morrison is a smug, arrogant, totally corrupt sociopath who has all the compassion of a starving crocodile, zero integrity and not one iota of credibility. Morrison couldn’t tell the truth if his life depended upon it and is about as shallow as a carpark puddle!

  7. Skip

    But but PM no hose aloha chook daddy ‘alledgedly’ got the billionaire Pfizzer genetic m-rna concoction??!

    Ah that pharmacom AZ vax. A few facts:

    Canadian health officials on Monday suspended use of the Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID vaccine for people under age 55 following concerns the vaccine might be linked to rare blood clots, according to U.S. News & World Report.

    According to ABC News, Deeks said the committee updated its recommendations amid new data from Europe suggesting the risk of blood clots is now potentially one in 100,000 — much higher than the one-in-1-million risk stated before.

    Although many European countries resumed using the AstraZeneca vaccine, Norway has not lifted its restrictions on the vaccine’s use after two independent research teams in Norway and Germany identified antibodies associated with the immune response that caused the type of blood clots experienced by some people who received the vaccine.

    “This vaccine has had all the ups and downs. It looks like a rollercoaster,” said Dr Caroline Quach-Thanh, chair of the National Advisory Committee on Immunization, when asked if the latest news will lead to further vaccine hesitancy in Canada.

    Just last week AstraZeneca was accused by U.S. health agencies and federal scientists of misrepresenting efficacy data of its American clinical trial and failing to identify safety concerns related to the vaccine.

    Got your vax passport yet?

    In order to once again attend sporting events at Madison Square Garden, visit art galleries or eat at restaurants, New Yorkers will soon need an “Excelsior Pass,” the nation’s first “vaccine passport” . . .

  8. Bronte ALLAN

    And why would anyone believe this fucking lying toe rag? Failed scotty from marketing would not know enough about anything to do with covid, so how could he ever know just how many persons are getting vaccinated in any one day or week? We ceratainly should be utilising sports grounds, empty buildings & any other vacant sites to muster a larger number of nurses etc & to try & get more Australians innoculated. Well written article from TBS Newsbot!

  9. ajogrady

    You always know what you will get with the L/NP. Consistency! Lots of consistency. Consistent corruption at all levels of government, consistent avoidance of scrutiny, consistent lack of accountability, consistent lies, consistent obfuscation, consistent stacking of boards committees commissions and delegations with L/NP stooges, consistent branch stacking, consistent incompetent and corrupt members, consistent rorts, consistent slush funds, consistent blame shifting, consistent photo ops; consistent do nothing and ineffectual policies, consistent attacks on unions, consistent lack of support for workers, consistent demonising of those on social security, consistent poor governance, consistent bad judgement plus consistently more and more corruption and theft of taxpayers money. Rather then the “comeback” being on the truth is “the fix” is on.

  10. David Stakes

    #ScottyTheAnnouncer is now #ScottyTheFailure

  11. Gangstas Paradise

    Morrison has proved he’s a dud PM ….. now he’s proving he’s a dud at marketing.

    Wait a minute ! ……. he’s already proven he’s no marketeer when he got sacked as the inaugural managing director of Tourism Australia.

    Looks like a return to …… “where the bloody hell are ya” ….. when Aussies go looking for their 2nd Covid-19 jab.

  12. Michael Taylor

    As someone on Twitter (KloakaRato) said:

    “Who needs vaccinations when we’ve got so many announcements!”

  13. Brozza

    Typical scummo.
    IMHO, a total success at making announcements and a total abject failure at implementation of anything, apart from giving the thumbs up to corrupt practices from his ‘team’ of total abject failures.

  14. Mark

    Morrison is not popular on this site but in the real wider world his numbers are still a wonder to behold with 55% approval. Why is it so?

  15. Cedric

    Give him a break, remember he got everybody home for last Christmas! His maths are faultless.

  16. wam

    the 20-20 has a scoring hint telling how many runs per over is needed to achieve the target. Albo could copy the format for scummo is already millions behind. ps I have believed in vaccinations through smallpox, whooping cough and polio but astra isn’t a vaccine despite changing the definition of a vaccine to cater for it.The fact that pollies are NOT joining us in OUR ‘vaccine’ but are using something else also called a vaccine fits my assessment of politicians as fuckthepublic me-first. pps good one mark but if you were to read the evidence reproduced on this site you would understand why newspoll results are not believed here.
    oooh sorry mark I just looked at the date and realised what you are!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Zathras

    From a poll (Newspoll – owned by The Australian) conducted between last Wednesday and Saturday, Morrison’s approval may still be 55% but that’s down seven points and his disapproval rating is up 6 points to 40% and the ALP are also still ahead.

    That’s an undesirable trend and both he and his government are looking nervous and I suspect other polls will look even worse.

    Prepare for lots of new announcements and distractions!

  18. Kronomex

    I seem to recall from yesterday that, according to GrHunt, the vaccine rollout is on track and on time as they planned it. Except that horrible and nasty reality seems to have interfered with another of the now worn out and tired LNP fantasies.

  19. John Lord

    Did that take into account the margin of error?

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