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Morrison must go – ASAP – and so must Albanese

I am ashamed to be Australian, and to have to admit that we have a government that refuses to see how the future of this planet depends on ALL wealthy nations – including Australia – planning effectively for global warming.

I am not a fool.

I have an honours science degree from Imperial College, London, plus an Australian law degree.

I believe the scientists.

I understand that we have an increasingly limited time in which we can make the changes necessary to ensure that our descendants will have a world which they can live in, and still have a reasonable level of comfort.

I lived in the UK through WWII, so I know that we can support rationing and restrictions and change generally – at least it will be easier when we are not suffering air raids and sea battles!

We have grown soft and complacent – and selfish.

Most of our population has sufficient resources and it would be easily possible to ensure that no one was below the poverty line.

We are destroying the habitats of multiple species and allowing the few to accumulate wealth – which buys them power – while watching the lives of millions in poorer countries being damaged beyond repair.

We must act to ensure that we elect politicians who will work, with leaders like the USA’s Joe Biden, to ensure that not only our own citizens, but the global population, can hope for a future.

We are at a decision point.

It is up to us all to make sure that we have governments prepared to make the right decisions.

We are running out of time, and electing governments like our present one will simply lead to irreversible damage.

I am no fan of the current Labor leadership, so they, too, need to think really hard about what they can do to ensure the global population really has a future.

What should have been our agenda since the 1980s, has now to be completed, properly, in less than a decade.

Get stuck in, folks.

It really is a matter of life and death!

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  1. Ken

    ScoMo has got to go. We cant waste anymore time.

  2. Terence Mills

    Every thing that this government does follows a washing machine process, it starts off as pretty grubby but finally it goes through the spin cycle and then they unleash on us.

    These 900 changes to Medicare rebates and services are commencing in three weeks. Normally they would be all over the media telling us what a wonderful thing it is and how we will all be better off. But,nothing they’ve gone to ground.

    Overall the AMA are approving the changes but noting that they will increase ‘gap costs’ as it appears (and correct me if I’m wrong) there are no increases in the Medicare Rebate for any services, whatsoever.

  3. Joe Carli

    I think ; HERE…was the crossing of the line as far as over-industrialisation goes…and can it be possible to go back?

    ” This was the ritual that finished the end of harvest every year since the family had bought and come to the Mallee Flats to crop the land. This was the ritual that bound every member to the home and hearth of family consciousness. This was the ritual that was repeated in many of those sturdy pioneer gatherings across the length and breadth of what was known as “Breakheart Country”. This was the “glue” that formed the tie to community and church and from there to each other, this familiarity and consciousness of like-habits and required procedure…this..was the culture of a community. ” …..

  4. Phil Pryor

    Rosemary deserves support, endorsement, some further comment, while Joe, often seen as inscrutable, has offered the extension to his selected quote, enough to depress, even horrify some. We live in a growing monster society with modernity abusing us and bruising this planet, to the advantage of under-endowed and greedy acquisitive fools who must pose, prance, take and abuse. The time of torture in the land of the loudmouth has us worried, rightly, for damage being done now will more than scar us, leaving a poorer outlook for our precious families and descendents. Like Rosemary, I was born into a world of under two billions of humans, more than enough. There is no sense, reason, justification, for any particular number, but, as we approach eight billions, we must bash and bleed the planet. It is dangerous, futile, for where will an open ended brainlessness finally end for us? Yet, the worst types with the worst outlooks demand attention, contrive control, occupy decision making positions, threaten us with ignorant consequences, doom us. Can a decent intelligent approach eventually prevail?

  5. Stephegb

    Joe Carli


    No I fear not, at least not voluntarily any way. We will be forced to a new world where land is further divided into substinance fifedoms, ruled by those with the power of arms and soldiers, who will rule over the neo-peasants in a neofeudalist new world.

    Each little fifedom, will jealously guard the land and domesticated beasts in order to stay alive, each fifedom will defend its borders, there will be no nations, no countries, only fifedoms capable of feeding a limited population of people.

    Each fifedom will discard all who cannot contribute to the fifedom, the ruling administration will see to it that the fifedom survives even at the expense of discarding those who are unproductive enough to remain alive.

    The “few” v “the many” will go on as it always has, it will just look different is all !

  6. Arthur Tarry

    I’m not ashamed to be an Australian but I am deeply embarrassed about this current national Govt. They are simply a bad government. Think of any ministerial portfolio area and you will see issues, some bigger than others, but all portfolios currently have issues indicative of incompetence, lack of common sense, truth telling, or plain dumb ideology. There is not sufficient space here to list them such is the vastness of the problems. Yet we hear that the ‘quiet Australians’ think that the ‘jerk with the smirk’ and his colleagues are doing a good job. Who are these people and in which void do they live ?

  7. David Stakes

    Labor scared into submission, Ruperts tactic has worked. Making them scared to seem progressive, and now stuck with a leader who seemed like the light on the hill. But has lost the backbone he had to fight Tories, Labor has to rattle the cage of this Government and its Media allies, at least we go down fighting hard not a meek surrender.

  8. Doctor Wu

    All of these comments moved me and my cynical old heart to sadness. Oh, I did not disagree with any of them, but all missed the underlying point … Yes, Scummo must go. and so must the entire system he represents. Yet Scummo et al are a mere symptom of an existential malaise … Aborigines lived for millenia on this land because they understood that it was not sustainable to take from the land more than it could provide. They knew that humans were only one part of a complex and interwoven ecosystem the overall function of which provided cycles of life, reproduction and death in all of its component sub-systems … In a couple of hundred years, we, with our transplanted concept of some supposed god-given dominion over the entire planet, our assumption that resources are infinite, and our inculcated demands for more than we need, have proved them right … Yes folks, believe it or not, like it or not, oppose it or not, it is too late to save the planet. Humans have done a thorough and seemingly irreversible job of strangling it … But I do hope to be amused by watching Scummo go down a hole in humiliating defeat. Poetic justice if not salvation.

  9. Jon Chesterson

    TIME TO MAKE HISTORY: NOT REPEAT IT! – Time to reclaim our country, pay careful attention and scrutiny to who we vote for. Every single Australian has a duty and responsibility to vote for a parliamentary candidate who is going to stand up and protect the planet, the people, our economy, health and human rights, education and housing and serve the interests of our country and all who live in it. We can no longer vote for people who serve themselves along partisan lines. We can no longer vote for the party as we have always done or allow the party to nominate or select its own preferred candidates. We can no longer vote for politicians who have and will continue to lie to us, promise us a tax cut, pork barrel in our constituency, wax lyrical with announcements and manifesto, promises and bribes and do another, fail to deliver what is in the best interests of our country and people’s survival. We can no longer tolerate racism, sexism, homophobia, prejudice, manipulation, propaganda, gaslighting, aggression, hostility, adversarial and offensive politics, injustice, inequity, poverty, warmongering, extreme ideologies, religious fundamentalism, deaf ears, corruption, conflict of interest, nepotism and lies. Every Australian now must do their duty and vote differently, responsibly for good government, science, conscience, social justice, honesty and courage. We may not get another chance, our children may not have a choice or future to compare or live in if we fail to act now, change our path, the journey and our destination. It is time to reclaim all we have lost and say no – No more will we be governed by abuse and corruption, no more will we stand for more of the same, this mediocrity, this rape and pillage, the diminishing culture and heritage our predecessors fought and gave their lives for. The window before us is closing, this is it. This is all we have. Once our home will be no longer when the planet’s autoimmune and evolutionary forces click and play to a different tune – It won’t be for us. Everyone who governs us now turn around, go back, leave the House and don’t come back – Kick the bastards out. Make history don’t repeat it!

  10. GL

    It’s a given that Scummo, and Crony Co. and Nutters Inc, must go. The Hamster should go as well because he’s almost useless and needs to be replaced with a stronger contender like Tanya Plibersek.

  11. ajogrady

    I want my country back! I want to be proud to call Australia my country and my home again. Where truth and justice prevail. Where ethics and honesty are valued.Where honour and morals are held in high esteem.Where respect and dignity for others is not a choice. Where humility and servility is considered strength. Where empathy and compassion are paramount. Where fact is important and fiction is left for fairy tales.
    I reject the LNP’s and Main Stream Medias lies, distortions, corruption, arrogance, deceitfulness, law of the jungle dog eat dog, survival of the fittest world

  12. Consume Less

    Well said Rosemary !! According to Scomo, “someone” has this problem covered, LOL.

  13. Jack sprat

    In a capitalist society the personal accumulation of wealth will always trump morality or science or the environment .

  14. Mrs Wobbly

    I have to agree Rosemary, sadly thanks to our so called leadership, they have shown the world how insanely incompetent Australians “so called” leadership are and have been, embarrassing it’s citizens overseas regularly, while mostly the rest of the world is working to move forward and act on climate change, not our “so called” politicians LNP who are living in their own reality of fossil fuel royalties and secrets, lies, racism, illegal humans rights injustices and the operational line, to control there own agendas while pushing through back door policies that silence criticism, only to screw the poorest Australians whom can’t fight back, unemployed, low income workers and the taxpayers in general, for there own and there masters greed and wealth, at any cost to the Australian people existence. While they’re dictating lies and are spooling unqualified opinions of their own personnel beliefs and benefits eg- a fictitious “god” saving the planet and climate from humans destruction, if only the LNP would admit climate change is real and pollution generated by fossil fuels is the coursed,not the liar of it’s cyclical . The majority of Australian voter must be as insane, to believe our “so called” leadership and voting “year in year out“, for government dictatorship and its incompetences and lies who are under there masters control and generating greed driven wealth, what ever the cost to Australian citizens or of the planets we live on and it’s certain destruction. The planet will eventually rid the polluting cancerous human race from off the planet, with the blame to be laid squarely at the feet of the minority of greediest wealthiest masters ruling our “so called” politicians and the Australian parliament by dictating policies to the LNP, ALP and so called independents of the far right whom all conform and with the mainstream media on board were all doomed. Welcome to the end game, hopefully the next planets birth, will have inhabitants that are with one with their planet unlike humans.

  15. Zathras

    As one observer (I think it was an American author) remarked a while ago, “it’s hard to see where the coal industry ends and the Australian Government begins” but that’s also true of the fossil fuel industry globally.

    That’s the system we have and nobody has the courage to challenge it.

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