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Morrison exits

By Ad astra

It’s almost surreal that this man, who has been in our face so often for what feels like endless years, has disappeared! His whereabouts seems to be a mystery. Does anyone know where he’s gone?

Having gone, what has he left us with? The image of a talking mouth relentlessly haranguing us with his words of wisdom, so assured was he always of the validity of his pronouncements.

It’s a cruel reality of political life that the descent from power and influence can be so abrupt, so cruel, so permanent.

We saw it when Josh Frydenberg, second in prominence only to Morrison, conceded he had been defeated by paediatric doctor Monique Ryan.

The two most powerful Liberals have gone. To where, we know not. Do we care?

It is not the intention of this piece to explain their precipitous exit. We owe them no fancy farewells.

Bye-bye, Scott Morrison


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  1. Kathryn

    That stone-cold, self-promoting, callously inhumane political psychopath and remorseless pathological liar, Morrison, may have made his ignominious exit from Parliament House but the damage he has done to the (once) fine international reputation of our nation, the destruction of our egalitarian society, his inability to lead, Morrison’s stratospheric chest-beating arrogance, smug elitism, misogyny, racial intolerance, backstabbing disloyalty to everyone who stood in his way (even his own colleagues) and inherent born-to-rule entitlement, will NEVER EVER be forgotten! The only monster worse than this grotesque bible-thumping hypocrite is the monstrous, blood-curdling, demon: Peter Dutton! God help us if the LNP are stupid and deluded enough to elevate Dutton to the top of the most toxic, corrupt regime in our history ……. Oh wait!

  2. Kerri

    I care as much where Scott Morrison has gone, as he did about every other Australian.

  3. Carina McNaughton

    Good riddance. I never want to see his face again. It was time to take out the trash. What a stench. Ewwwww

  4. Canguro

    Twitterverse today suggesting rumours aswirl within the bubble that the unlamented late PM will announce his retirement from politics later this week. Unsurprising if it turns out to be true. He was always one to cut and run, to seek to hide, whenever the going got tough. Bluster, bluff & bullshit, the Morrison legacy.

  5. Keitha Granville

    I smile every day when I hear “the PM. Anthony Albanese”

    What on earth is Mad as Hell going to do now 😛

  6. Harry Lime

    I ,for one, am heartbroken,…who can we shit on now?…Oh ,yes, the new,retreaded recylcled,empathetic,,cuddly and compassionate Darth Dutton.Should be a hoot.With the flannel mouthed vacuum SSSSSSSuuSSan whatsername,The more things change, the more they stay the same.


    What can I say which has not been said above?. I, like so many were manipulated by him, inasmuch as he would utter some facile statement and I was so totally gobsmacked by its content that I was thrown off by it.Before I could later my senses he would spray more of his lies and denials and then go away. In the short time Labor has taken up the mantle of Government, quietly remarkable things have happened. An Indigenous flag alongside a Torres Strait one reign quietly but rightly behind Albo. France has come out and welcomed the change; Biden even REMEMBERED HIS NAME (I would love to know what he said to Albo about SCAT MORRISON).I see him and Penny Wong together meeting world leaders and for the first time since Turnbull(and of course before him when Abbott was around) I am PROUD, happy and secure that they will not embarrass us as a once proud and regarded nation.

  8. Jim Jacobsen

    Ad, you are too kind. At least we should give his election fliers and posters, a new home. Whether as dart boards, target practice,or more disparaging uses, it is the least he deserves in retribution for the abuses metered out to the people of our nation.

  9. Ron Lee

    If Australia was a listed company, Morriscum’s removal as chief executive would have sent the share price through the roof.

  10. wam

    I know nobody sad to see you go, scummo. You proved to be a waste of time as treasurer
    Then constantly demonstrated that you were more successful, as a treasurer, than as a PM.

  11. Kaye Lee

    Scott who?

  12. Albos Elbow

    Good riddance to bad rubbish.
    Australia’s worst ever prime minister.
    Take a good look at yourself if you ever voted for this sub-human trash.
    Go on, you know who you are.

  13. Phil Pryor

    The mad masturbatory mentally muckpile misfit moronic monopod mirage of a horrible humanoid harping haranguing heap of halitosis of the anus is GONE, GONE and we are so glad, we are leaping out of our civilised, hopeful, progressive, farseeing, optimistic, relieved SKINS. Coronamorrison is a disease of the soul, of the society, of the socially democratic striving to be BETTER.

  14. Terence Mills

    I wonder what will happen to his Religious Discrimination/Freedom legislation : has he
    packed that away in a box as he cleared his office out ?

    As the poor sods in Cook will have to go to a by-election I think he will leave his resignation for a while
    if he has any principles – or maybe not !

  15. Consume Less

    So happy he’s gone and Josh, Tim, Barnaby, Craig and whoever else did not deserve to be there. Scooter might go crazy and buy a pair of pants that aren’t beige and find a new curry recipe that doesn’t use raw chicken.

  16. New England Cocky

    @ Phil Pryor: Your generosity of language greatly exceeds What’s-‘is-names skills at everything except self-deception.
    Now, what have you planned for Voldmort Dutton?

  17. GL

    I will be surprised if Shammo the Shamed Shit Shtained Shlithering Shleazeball (staying with the “sh” theme) makes it to the end of the year.


    I was going to compare Thugspud to Zippy the Pinhead but realised that I would doing the comic book character a great disservice.

  18. Fred Engels

    AGREED … Bye Bye ! Oh my heart is singing!

  19. Henry Rodrigues

    While we are heaping shit on this fool, let’s not ever forget the electors of Cook the rest of the Liberal party who kept this miserable bastard in parliament and in our faces for so long. They knew him better than the rest of the country, still they cheered him on, feted him at the rugby and greeted him in the streets of Cronulla, swore undying fealty to him, and even in this election, returned him to parliament with a healthy majority.

    They are as despicable as he is. History reminds to remember of the enablers who help perpetuate the crimes.

  20. New England Cocky

    @ Terence Mills: Perhaps Scummo & Beetrooter will resign at the same time so that the cost of the two bye-elections for the AEC will be minimised.

    oops!! Silly me ….. THAT won’t be allowed to happen because Scummo will want ALL the limelight and Beetrooter only ever represents the pecuniary interests of Beetrooter.

  21. Albos Elbow

    This is the parting gift the Minister for Burning Fossil Fuels has left us. Out of control rising energy prices.

    Imagine if they were still in government, they would be lying through their teeth blaming Labor and Renewable Energy, saying we have to build more gas and coal fired power stations.

    We MUST move to Renewable Energy NOW !!.

  22. RomeoCharlie29

    Kathryn, sadly unless he resigns, he will still be around Parliament House, treading the halls like Banquo’s ghost, almost certainly a shunned and diminished political figure. I think he will be unable to endure it and think he will be out before the end of the year. Can you imagine a rooster like him enduring being a feather duster? I can’t. Mind you, given his vindictive streak, he might get some perverse pleasure from being behind Dutton and his further diminished band of incompetents

  23. Canguro

    I tend to agree, RC29. The undisputed fact of his colleagues’ hatred of him, their contempt and disgust at the way he railroaded the LNP into political oblivion will, now that he’s Mr Nobody, empower them to give unconstrained vent to their feelings.

    Imagine being a fly on the wall in the coalition party room. You might hear this…

    ‘Fuck you, scumbag’.

    ‘Hey Morrison, you arsehole, just get the fuck out of here. You make the room stink.’

    ‘You still here, you fuckwit?’

    ‘Hey loser, why don’tcha show a bit of integrity and quit, now? There’s the exit.’

    ‘Political genius my arse. Fucking dunce of the century, more like it.’

    ‘Listen, you bag of shit, I’m surprised you’ve got the gall to show your face in this room. If you had an ounce of shame you’d have quit the day you lost the election for us.’

    ‘Mate, we’re gonna be in opposition for the next three election cycles, at minimum. Thanks for nothing, pal.’

    ‘You and your fucking captain’s picks screwed us big time, you tool. Just quit, now, before somebody really gives it to you.’

    Yes, to be a fly on the wall…

  24. Florence nee Fedup

    The ex-PM & his extended family have holed up in Kirribilli House. Morrison has gone nowhere.

  25. Albos Elbow

    After more than a decade of Fossil Fuel Corruption, the energy mess that Scummo and the Minister for Burning Fossil Fuels has left Australians in will cause us the most damage and financial hurt. Energy and fuel prices affect the production and distribution costs of everything we consume.

    If only we were on 100% renewable energy already.
    We would be enjoying lower energy and transports costs, a higher standard of living and a brighter, cleaner future for all.

  26. Jim Jacobsen

    Remember all, this man is the supreme parasitic politician. With his slimy shell and unwillingness to accept responsibility for anything, his colleague’s scorn will slide off his totally uncaring back . Until someone (really stupid) offers him a better paying job elsewhere we are stuck with paying this incompetent lying sociopath for another 3 years.

  27. Henry Rodrigues

    Florence…..Why is the scumbag still using Kirribilli House as his residence ??? Isn’t there some protocol about the use by ex PMs ?
    Maybe its time to send the creep a more forceful message, like a pair of evictors with batons and prods.

  28. Michael Taylor

    Henry, I’m fairly sure that the protocol for vacating the PM’s residence is 14 days.

  29. Henry Rodrigues

    Michael….. True to form, this creep will try and extract as much as possible from the taxpayer; no sense of decorum or shame or nicety about practicing the gospel of the church of grifters: what mine is mine, what’s yours is mine.

    Some one should do a count of all the fixtures and decorations after he’s left.


    RE Henry Rodrigues comment regarding fixtures, I was a regional manager for the removals company who carried out all Governor and high ranking NSW (and other state) officials once there tenure had ceased. I was contacted about 1week after such a removal to return to the South Coast retirement home of ————- to ‘return several hundred bottles of wines and spirits inadvertently taken in the removal’. My crews only packed what they were directed to pack and move the incumbents own personal items. We were greeted by a rather sheepish wife and pointed in the right direction of a superb wine collection, which was returned to Sydney as enormous expense to the NSW Government.

  31. Henry Rodrigues

    Thanks for the information Roy Edwards. Seeing how these creeps behaved whilst in government, one always has to suspect them of being unmitigated crooks. I’ll bet the persons always responded with ” I can’t remember, must have been included by accident………….etc etc ”

    Have a nice day, mate !!!!!!


    You too. They did of course BLAME SOMEBODY ELSE-in this case us as the removalists, but with high profile moves I had to be present and the men reminded to simply do exactly what the customers told them to do. It was also typical that the men(8-10 on various days) were not even offered a glass of water,I had to force the issue and it was then given reluctantly. The value (in those days) was, according to a staff member who was in charge of the wine cellar, was roughly $20,000 at that time- perhaps $100k+ given the number of bottles of Grange, French reds, whites and champagnes.

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