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  1. clarissa

    an absolute pleasure to be part of this march, to hear and see the outrage that the people feel, loud and clear, a lot of them, cars beeping horns in agreement, well done, these are the Australians I know.

  2. DanDark

    Power to the people

    “I learned to give not because I have much but because
    I know exactly how it feels to have nothing”

    “Keep your head and your heart in the right direction
    and you will not have to worry about your feet”

    “Resist those who try to predict and set your fate”

    “Education is the most powerful weapon
    which you can use to change the world”

  3. Lost2

    Adelaide was a good showing to, far outdid the March one, people from all walks of life attended, we will keep up the rage, with more to come and even bigger.

  4. flohri1754

    Very good to see it AND that the MSM picked it up quite prominently says something about the changing mood in the country. Here’s hoping the next one is even bigger AND held in all capital cities (including Canberra) …..

  5. jaq

    Happy to be part of the change back into normality. Where people take responsibility for their actions, and realise that every raindrop eventually becomes a flood. Please maintain the rage people, if not for you, for others including our kids who will suffer. The fasicists need to be blocked out from our way of life. If anything, Abbott and Co have sent people on their way to understanding politics in this country. Sadly, it is not a pretty sight. But education is power. The more educated people are going into the next vote, the more accountable we make our politicians.

  6. Terry2

    Heard Abbott on RN Breakfast this morning : why did I have this uncomfortable feeling that he had been told to memorize another slogan before the interview – looking at you Peta – I don’t think that Tony would think up alliteration.

    The latest, oft repeated this morning was, “Labor’s Debt & Deficit, Disaster”

  7. Peter Hamrol

    Australians, we are the deciders of our nation’s destination; The only role and responsibilities of the elected government is to put our decisions into action and maintaining our status quo … Australians decide the policies on a democratic basis …

  8. Trish

    This mob will be remembered for what they really are , lying , scheming , right wing extremists. Experts largely agree about the traits of Sociopaths :

    Sound familiar ?

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