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Momentum and global warming

Batillus – This supertanker was built for Shell Oil in 1976. The condition of the international oil market did not improve between 1977 and 1980 and the number of voyages undertaken by the Batillus was considerably reduced to just 4 trips round the year; which were further reduced to 1 or 2 trips by 1982.

Have you ever realised how far out from port a super-tanker or an ocean liner needs to start reducing speed, to ensure it can safely dock?

Check it out – the answer might surprise you.

But think about the last time you were approaching traffic lights in an empty lane, as the lights change to green.

Moving your foot from the brake to the accelerator, you sail through, ahead of the pack – because of the momentum you are carrying.

Students of physics know that momentum is calculated by multiplying velocity by mass, so the greater the mass of the vehicle or vessel, the greater its momentum – and the higher that is when it meets an obstacle, the greater the damage done.

“So what?” you might say.

Well in many ways, this is analogous to the situation we face with global warming.

Unchecked emissions of greenhouse gases have been building momentum and causing ever greater forces to spark fires, boost floods and create droughts, with increasing levels of damage resulting.

We need to apply the brakes to this process, yet the longer we delay, the harder it will be to dissipate that momentum.


And we have barely touched the brakes, despite our awareness of the consequences of failing to do so!

A change of President in the USA, to one with a commitment to tackling climate change, and, believe it or not, a growing awareness in China that more needs to be done – and remember, the ruthlessness of the current leader in China can be turned to produce good results, just as forcefully as it is being used to less desirable effect – both give us a hope that all is not yet lost.

Whether it is stupidity, ideology or some other flaw that drives our current leader in Australia, we have got to force a change of policy, if our children’s children are not going to inherit an uninhabitable world.

Concentrating on ‘growing the economy’ is a total waste of time and effort if, in doing so, we totally destroy the quality of life of a majority of those who survive the increasingly hostile environment which our government’s efforts are creating.

The failure of the Coalition government to use the hiatus caused by COVID-19 to enable a whole new approach to planning for the future – instead they are refusing to accept that ‘normal’ is a memory of the past and the future is uncharted territory – has got to galvanise us to take over the reins and plan for a realistic future.

The very way they are proceeding to penalise those least able to help themselves – re-introducing the ‘mutual obligation’ approach for job seekers, and extending the introduction of the cashless debit card – shows their contempt for those who are unable to aspire to have all they want – let alone an abundance!

Greed is NOT good.

Caring for the welfare of others is NOT a weakness.

Being guided by a sincere moral compass is NOT related to religious beliefs, but to a desire for a cohesive society, where at least a majority strives to live in harmony, following a ‘do as you would be done by’ approach.

Recent events and disclosures make it very clear that those who boast of their religious affiliations are, too often, among those whose behaviour is truly selfish and antisocial.

Do we really want people like this in control of our lives – particularly when it seems their selfishness is destroying lives?

Now that borders are opening up and – with suitable social distancing, as the pandemic is merely in abeyance – activism is becoming an option, those who care, need to be out there making it clear that the current national government is out of step with what is needed.

Step up, shape up – or go!!

We CANNOT change the past but we CAN change the future!

This is the message we need to get out there!

Look to the future and avoid the mistakes of the past.

Change is inevitable.

Embrace it!

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  1. John Boyd

    Sadly, the ‘momentum’ of global warming is most likely going to take us into a catastrophic condition no matter what we do. We have left it too late.

  2. Phil Pryor

    The momentum story of a ship is useful; I remember that a loaded bulk ore carrier smashed a wharf in Port Hedland long ago, using a dodgy radar clock system for controlled berthing. It kept on and on, only doing a quarter mile and hour, but, crushing the wharfage. USA ignorance, arrogance, stupidity, vanity and self infatuation, (what a rotten stew) will continue the decline into exceptional rottenness.

  3. Vikingduk

    Rape, pillage and plunder, demonstrate our mastery over nature, fck you says nature, you worthless pack of ungrateful, deluded fckwits, begone, take your poisonous bullshit with you. Too late for change? Perhaps so. What a horrible, tragic world we leave for our grandchildren. Our guilt is a rotten stench, almost visible, our crimes against nature inexcusable, never to be forgiven. Fck us all, it’s all we deserve.

  4. Terence Mills

    I note that the British Prime Minister has announced that the UK will ban the sale of all new petrol and diesel vehicles by 2035 ; earlier if possible.

    The European Union may do so by 2025, according to new reports.

    So, within fifteen years there will be no new petrol or diesel vehicles being sold in either the UK or Europe.

    Australia doesn’t appear to have any such ambitions and could very well become a dumping ground for the world’s surplus petrol and diesel vehicles as it can be anticipated that there will be a catch-up around Asia : a total ban on petrol and diesel cars in China is likely to occur after 2040.

    The USA have no national policy although California is moving to ban the sale of all petrol and diesel vehicles by 2035.

    The Abbott government were very much opposed to co-investment with the auto industry, in fact, their haste to send the car makers packing was weird. Perhaps if they had sat down with the car makers and set up a co-investment deal based on GM (Holden) transitioning Australia to electric vehicles we would not be in this parlous position.

    When will we see some definitive statements from the Australian government do you think ?

  5. RosemaryJ36

    John Boyd – alarming as the situation might be, we cannot give up when so many in other countries are beavering away to reduce emissions.

  6. John Boyd

    RosemaryJ36…maybe I should call myself JohnB40…No, I have not given up. I am a member of the ALP, and do what I can, particularly to support LEAN in keeping the pressure inside the ALP on this issue. The draft National Platform is up, and you can see where it is at.

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