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Moments – I’ve come over all poetic …

Moments from Cinema:

the end of Witness when Samuel pulls the bell,

when Jerome blasts into outer space at the end of Gattaca,

the bit in Cinema Paridiso when he views all the censored bits…

when Louis says “Round up the Usual Suspects” at the end of Casablanca, so that we know that corruption can be used for good as well as evil.

Moments from rock’n’roll:

Ian Dury assuring us that there are reasons to be cheerful,
Pearl Jam reminding me that there is a Better Man somewhere.
David Byrne dancing, rather badly, before I’m taken to the river,
The Beatles shedding their image and telling us that the revolution had arrived
before Skyhooks reminded us why it drifted away.

Moments from my life:

Laughing and realising how good it was to be alive, the birth of my son, my wife, the joy of realising the joy of realising the joy was not about anything else but the realising and screaming: I am alive and all things are not only possible but definite and ready and everything is full of flowers and beauty and everything is happening in its own good time and at such a point it is enough, believe me, it is enough…

Moments from politics:

Paul Keating’s Redfern Speech, Whitlam’s election after 23 years of Coalition Rule, Me dancing to Kennett’s defeat while singing “Ding Dong the Witch Is Dead”, Chifley’s “Light on The Hill”, Malcolm Fraser showing that being a conservative doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to believe that anyone who doesn’t vote Liberal should be sent to Nauru, Billy McMahon telling us that inflation was caused by prices rising…

(Should I add Abbott’s Shirtfront moment?)

Moments in the future:

This too shall pass. We shall dance for a moment, but we need to get beyond the dancing, we need to meet each other face to face, talk honestly and find a better way to find a better way…


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  1. John Fraser


    Moments from life …… waking up each morning.

    Its so bloody good.

  2. stephentardrew

    You Came to Me

    Transforming into angels from within
    No thought of word, no word of mind
    Truth and love silent, calm, still
    Your wings feather in the breeze
    Shimmering in magical cadence with galactic harmonies
    Of places beyond thought and imagination
    No-one would believe that I saw you
    And you blessed me

    You paint your pictures and colour your words
    In ways unknown yet deeply felt
    Rising up to face the world
    As hidden verses gifted yet unspoken
    That like lost birds coming home
    To rest in my heart waiting
    For the moment to be free
    I saw you and you blessed me

  3. Paul

    I find it quite unsettling to agree with anything Malcolm Frazer says, I have been doing that a bit lately and it really disturbs me.

  4. John Fraser



    Malcolm is the S type Fraser.

    Not to be confused with the Z type which is ever so slightly inferior.

  5. Roswell

    Rossleigh, you’ve mellowed. Surely can’t be due to old age. 😉

  6. Ruth Lipscombe

    Love it Rossleigh. Made me forget for a nano second ‘the worst Government ever imagined’

  7. Richard

    Rossleigh, Just for one moment you brought a smile to my face… Thankyou.

    What brought a bigger smile was the thought of launching the entire LNP into space, Gattaca style. Now there’s something to dream of…

  8. corvus boreus

    The Golgafrincham solution?

  9. mark delmege

    Was it in ‘V’ for Vendetta when one of the characters says after another propaganda blast over the loudspeaker ‘do people believe this shit?’

    It reminds me a little of the ABC news-broadcasts these days.
    The ABC is so addicted to propaganda they report and talk such rubbish especially if they think it makes Obama look good or his opponents bad. On every significant issue involving Empire where Obama has failed (Libya, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Iran even Russia) they (the ABC) have told straight up lies and report unsupported nonsense about this or that. They just make stuff up and repeat it ad nauseam as if somehow repetition makes it true.

  10. Richard

    Sadly Mark, this government appears to be transforming itself and thereby the people of Australia into the government and characters from ‘V’ for Vendetta.

    What Australia needs is a ‘hero’, person or party, to stand up for the majority. If ASIO is reading this, I’m NOT suggesting we blow up the Houses of Parliament…

  11. mark delmege

    Richard, V even had bioweapons and you can pick up an Anonymous Mask on Ebay for under $3. (BTW do you think Ebay or Paypal pay Tax in this country?)

  12. stephentardrew

    Mark: the ABC have become a real worry for progressives. If Labor gets back in they need to do a thorough clean out and quantitative analysis of obvious bias. Giving bad ideas equal time is not democratic it is just down right ignorant. There should be some reasonable expectation that they conform to the scientific facts at hand that contradict fallacious opinion. We are allowing the media to loose the art of rational discrimination as opposed to unsupportable opinion. The conservatives have bleated so often and so loudly about equal representation that the media has lost the art of rational accountability which is the core of journalist integrity.

    The saying you are not entitled to an opinion unless it is an informed opinion applies. My feeling is that media outlets should have scientifically literate experts to help sort the facts from rabid opinion. Getting to the facts is not censorship it is a process of defining the rational limits to an argument.

    Common sense, after all, is not too much to ask for unless you have no idea what common sense is of which both the LNP and Labor are guilty. The role of a democratic society is to find out the facts and disseminate them to the general public. There has been no controversy over global warming amongst scientist for decades yet until very recently we still had to put up with this equal representation bullshit. If 95% of scientist agree with global warming they should get 95% of the air time. And we have a government and leader that are not scientifically literate yet allowed to peddle unsupportable nonsense.

    How the hell can you have an informed and educated public when they are being continually mislead? Many then turn around and blame the public. Good lord we are being sold absolute devious deflections while the true culprits are the media themselves. But golly gee that logic thing just undermines idiot opinion so lets just cry injustice and unequal representation. These are conniving manipulators and irrational ideologues in the guise of reasonable rights to representation. What utter garbage. If you are going to quote Adam Smith and the “invisible hand” then also note his opinion in his book “On Moral Sentiments” that extols regulation and distributive justice. So much deception and lies in the name of common sense. Plenty of common and very little sense. The ABC should be held to higher standards than the run of the mill MSM. The right are trying to force the ABC into the Murdoch mold by fawning too business elites.

    The ABC used to have a strong predilection towards science education and facts now they are beginning to look like more and more like the MSM.

    Are things really that bad? looking around you don’t need to be a genius to see clear barefaced lying and deception by politicians that is given a free ride by much of the media.

  13. Anne Byam

    Good one Rossleigh ….. enjoyed that article and your reminiscing, very much.

  14. corvus boreus

    Flights of fireflies in a forest under starlight.
    On the bow of scarce moving boat, on glassed sea under full(ish) moon.
    Foolish night swimming in phosphorescent surf.
    The sudden silence from the squabbling birds as a grey goshawk perches overhead to consume its’ dragon prey.
    The endless opportunities for experience and growth that chance has offered.
    The realisation that I hold the key to the prison of my own behaviors and reactions.
    The miracle that it is.

  15. Sir ScotchMistery

    We watch, breath held hoping
    For a result we know we won’t see
    Punishment the only course for a failed ALP
    But punish I think quietly?
    And let the TV results answer
    Unasked questions – where to from here,
    Who is punished most by an elected LNP
    Lie upon lie before the poll
    Takes it’s time,
    Takes it’s toll,
    And I wonder quietly to myself
    Suffer most? Schools or health
    Pensioners don’t know the score
    They’ll vote lib for evermore
    No matter nothing comes to them,
    But lies about us and them
    And blithely they vote again
    Libs are the only ones who stem
    From wealth, to wealth, nothing changed
    And I wonder how that was arranged
    Without a score of giddy lies
    And years and years of daddy ties
    Without a thought for the future size
    Of a country failing in its bid
    To bury a lone asylum kid
    On a stinking atoll cursed by abuse
    And a christian’s failure to deduce
    That lies have become the common trade
    And mistakes and errors all are made
    To protect us from a Muslim horde
    Of strangers who can ill afford
    The smugglers pay to try again,
    A new life, far away from them
    Who kill and rape and rob and cheat
    Democracy targeted for defeat.

    Now we wait, we breathless few
    For a chance, a change, a thought that’s new
    But waiting is a luckless game
    When LNP are in the frame with workers voting for them now
    And little hope of change for now.

    Jacquie Kelly says enough
    This mob aren’t bright, just tough she feels
    And stands aside
    Whilst Abbott and the others steal
    The spotlight on a failed world stage
    And we sit back and hope like hell
    They’ll hear at last a final bell,
    And leave the running of the state
    To those who don’t fill all with hate.

  16. Anne Byam

    @ Sir ScotchMistery ,,,,

    Enjoyed your verses, BUT have to say this – here is one pensioner who will NOT be voting LNP ‘for evermore’

    “Pensioners don’t know the score
    They’ll vote lib for evermore
    No matter nothing comes to them,
    But lies about us and them ”

    Depends upon the pensioner – doesn’t it ?

    I rather think ( despite the dire ‘medical’ warnings continually blasted from the MSM – which they have NO RIGHT TO GIVE on any medical situation for the community )………that there are many more pensioners out in voting land, who are “still with it ” enough ….. and not sitting in high care, unable to function or think. ……..

    So I reject that stanza you have written.

    There’s much more wisdom in the aged and experienced ……… although admittedly there are also the died-in-the-wool Liberal ( or Labor ) followers who will never be anything else. That does not constitute a lack of reasoning …… it’s more to do with familial, ground-in obligations they think they must have, more than anything else.

    Don’t sell pensioners short please. …….. We do still have a conscience, a mind, and an ability to decide what is what – and when.

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