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Milo: Puppet for the wealthy 1%

By Christian Marx

This week saw the mainstream media tripping over itself to welcome the obnoxious darling of the Fascists, Milo Yianopolous. Even weirder was the welcoming of this miscreant to Parliament House. Grubby indeed.

For those unaware of Milo, he is the latest puppet of big business and far-right interests to divide the population along racial, gender and religious lines. He utilizes the usual tropes of the far-right. Lambasting people of colour, demonizing refugees, supporting apartheid Israel, hating on feminists and gay rights, abusing anyone remotely left of centre and pushing the rights greatest shibboleth, its hatred of political correctness (read, “common decency”). This naturally appeals to every down and out redneck who has a grievance towards blacks, Muslims, refugees or all three!

The average Milo supporter represents those disaffected and left behind by the increasingly carcinogenic capitalist system … but unlike those who are educated and avoid mainstream media pap, these poor unfortunates believe what the idiot box tells them. Soundbites like “Muslims are taking over with Sharia Law” or the cliched “Dole bludgers are taking my tax dollars”. Like a monkey in a sad experiment, they have been conditioned to hate every distraction and minority, except the one demographic that have really destroyed them … the wealthy 1%

These poor people rant and rave about “Agenda 21” and the conspiracy theory about the left implementing globalism. Please don`t make me laugh! Globalism is in fact a key tenet of the ultra right-wing economic philosophy of Neoliberalism … a.k.a free markets. Neoliberalism ensures that our domestic economy is smashed via the lowering of import tariffs. It is the devastation behind the loss of all our local car manufacturing. Capitalists love Neoliberalism as it provides greater profits overseas in $2 an hour sweatshops.

Naturally the very wealthy cannot sell policies which would hurt the overwhelming majority of the Australian population. How do they get their draconian policies voted in? Easy, they will always blame the weakest in society, such as the refugees fleeing from war torn countries … ironically, countries destroyed for Western capitalist greed! Fear is the ultimate conservative manifesto. They have no beneficial social or economic policies for the poor and the middle class. Their whole ideology is to protect the already obscenely wealthy and the powerful.

Milo is currently the most outrageous weapon in the wealthy elites arsenal. Not too far removed from the ugliness of Rita Panahi or Andrew Bolt, just a little cruder. Even Bolt had to distance himself from some of Milo’s more obnoxious statements.

It speaks volumes about our current political system that a cheap sensation seeker such as Milo has a direct invitation to Parliament House. Very telling also, who are his biggest champions. All from the extreme-right of politics. We have the Libertarian Leyonhelm shilling like a madman for Milo. Of course Bolt is also there to facilitate the proceedings for his IPA/Murdoch handlers. The world biggest hypocrite, Cory Bernardi makes an appearance. “What!” I hear you say in incredulous tones. The very same man who hates homosexuality and derides it every moment he gets? Yes, that goose. By supporting the self confessed homosexual, Milo, just proves that his religion is all a veneer of plastic. His true religion is the free market and no doubt he is angling for a slice of the Milo fan base. So hypocritical it is deep tragedy. Like a Shakespearean play, one could not write a better script!

Then seated in the front row like 5 Nazi gargoyles are the faces of the One Nation puppets. The very same political party that votes against penalty rates and sides with the LNP around 80% of the time! Battler bus my arse!

History illustrates how the very wealthy in power will manipulate the narrative for their own ends. Not only does it help sell the papers of their grotty propagandists, it serves to take the focus off the ideological attacks on our social services, the savage cuts to health and education, and the selling off of all our assets and their lovely globalist Jihad they wage against Australian workers. This is nothing new of course, this type of brainwashing is a staple in all hard-line capitalist regimes. Fascist Italy, Franco’s Spain, Pinochet’s Chile, Nazi Germany, modern day U.K, the world greatest “free market” U.S.A and sadly, now in Australia.

The whole far-right economic movement stems from the Austrian economists who concocted a dangerous, Dystopian ideology known as Classical Liberalism. This is the insane dogma that aims to suck all the wealth from a society and put it into the hands of the wealthy elites. The greatest fanatics of this dangerous cult of the individual are none other than David Leyonhelm, the policy arm of the LNP, known as the Institute of Public Affairs and the lunatic One Nation Party … oh, and I almost forgot, the worlds biggest hypocrite, Mr Bernardi. Do not be fooled, all these unsavory individuals represent the interests of Murdoch, Rinehart and the rapacious fossil fuel destroyers.

Be wary, be ready, and ultimately call out the naked self-interest and greed of these far right warriors. They champion “Free speech” no matter how toxic, because it serves to divide and dislocate society. Reasonable opposition to these vile attacks on minorities is drowned out via their media. They believe in a free market alright. A market free to rape the Australian people and our environment. A market that will think nothing of destroying tens of thousands of jobs for sweat shops in Asia and India. Meanwhile, they will scream at the top of their lungs that it is the immigrants, the blacks, the dole bludgers, the “feral left”. NO! the real threat is in plain site and it has a name, free-market capitalism and the grotty 1% who will stop at nothing to plunge the majority into desperate poverty. This is all about power and control.

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    excellent christian.


    notable that many of these ultra right wingers have no quaifications and fail university courses. both bolt and milo are examples. seems they get thru life sprouting the ideology of their employers. that is, the only degrees or qualifications they have are in ass licking and they have first class honours in that.

  3. Michael Taylor

    It’s sickening that the right-wing media and the extremist right-wing politicians are licking this guy’s boots.

  4. Christian Marx

    Sadly even the ABC are now losing their credibility. They are breaching their charter.
    I see Red Symons was sacked from ABC radio. 🙁

  5. Andrew J Smith

    The likes of Milos helps delineate the battle lines for US led white nativist corporate Christian conservatives who own the GOP; also manifested by the anti-immigration and population control movements (aka eugenics) FAIR, CIS and The Social Contract Press, NRA, Alt Right (desperate to get more young people involved), evangelical and related churches practising unethical 1930’s German style Christianity, Fox News and related radio networks etc. All against minorities and/or people not like them; against those who will outnumber white people in a dystopian future requiring everyone to look backwards to pre WWII, or at least the 1950s

    Not only is it an exercise in repetition to reinforce in people’s minds the ‘enemy’ ie. anything liberal or progressive or brown, but of course deflects from serious policies and governance by elected MPs and media; free content to clog up the airwaves. SSM episode was similar, rather than a quiet conscience vote in parliament, it was trying to create angst and division in society and the electorate for ratings, gridlock and bypass parliament. Brexit was similar but far more serious allowing a populist insurgency on behalf of swivel eyed loons and old Tories (of left and right) to create chaos and bypass parliamentary democracy, UK’s biggest calamity since WWII.

    PS: Many misunderstand the etymology and reasons for the use in public narratives of ‘globalisation’ and ‘neo-liberalism’. By anyone’s standards most Australians are neo-libs through obsessions about income, property, super, cost of living etc.; when in fact it’s about socialism for the top 1% and competitive neo-liberalism for everybody else.

    Anti ‘Globalisation’ sentiment (dumbed down binary versus nation state) is a dog whistle and a PR strategy for old and new oligarchs and top 1%; drawing a line in the sand for the top WASPs (supported by many willing dupes and useful idiots). In past, and still, fossil fuel and auto oligarchs (Rockefeller – Standard Oil, Carnegie, Ford et al.) supported ZPG, ZEG and Club of Rome for ‘limits to growth’, ‘sustainability’ etc. to sound ‘liberal and environmental’ when in fact they already have a global footprint hence discourages global competition, avoidance of regulation or taxes and encourages national monopolies e.g. Telstra (would not be able to exist in the EU), while promoting national over global e.g. blame ‘immigrants’ for any perceived ill.

    ‘Globalisation’ has had different meanings, in too many circles it’s a dog whistle and means George Soros, Jewish banking cabals and/or Rothschild; yet we are all a mix of national and global.

  6. Darren

    I can’t help but wonder these days when I see someone using the word “shibboleth”, whether or not they are West Wing fans. I was raised Catholic, but I had never heard the term before watching that show. Not important I know, but there you have it.

  7. jimhaz

    The far left are so predictable. Ohh well, ideology and motherly groupthink reigns supreme. Articles like this are the very reason I do not mind Milo. He is actually different from Bolt and co in many ways – he has a sense of humour for one and understands men….and marketing in the entertainment age.

    One of the things I like is that normally the Bolts, Bernardi’s etc would run a mile on nails away from the likes of Milo – a gay media slut married to a black man.

  8. Jack Straw

    Not everyone believes Milo’s bullshit. Here he is on Bill Maher’s show earlier in the year.

    Great piece Christian:


    Andrew J Smith. ‘Globalisation’ is a right wing neoliberalist reactionary response to marxist internationalism. You are confusing the two. Being an internationalist is not the same as being a globalist.

    The whole point of neoliberalist globalism is to shift the assets of a sovereign nation of people into the hands of private individuals. The point of internationalism is to protect the interests of a nation of people and keep the national assets in the hands of the collective and community by co-operation and solidarity with the sovereign people of other nations in order to achieve that mutual objective.

  10. Jan

    I’m an autarkist.


    viva christian marx. x

  12. Jane

    Viva Miriam

  13. Harquebus

    If Milo was not allowed to freely express his opinions, we would not have the opportunity to speak out against them.

  14. corvus boreus

    I am sure that any refutation you choose to make will not be granted a predominant podium and amplification by the commercial media, such as was gifted to the attention-whoring troll from NAMBLA..

  15. Kaye Lee

    “Wolfson College at Cambridge threw me out after repeated warnings for the ridiculously trivial reason that I didn’t show up to supervisions, didn’t submit any essays and spent most of my time shagging and drinking instead of reading medieval literature.”

    On 1 December 2017, Yiannopoulos held an event Adelaide. His talk included projecting an unflattering photo of the feminist writer Clementine Ford, taken when she was a teenager, with the words “UNF#CKABLE” superimposed over the top.

    On the 4 December 2017, Yiannopoulos held several events at the Melbourne Pavilion. During one of his talks he described Aboriginal art as “crap” and “really shit”.

    And this idiot is invited to speak in our Parliament House??????

  16. Glenn Barry

    Perhaps Cory Bernardi for all of his protestations about homosexuality is Bi-curious after all, that would explain the fervour driving his behaviour – perhaps he can hook up with Milo and Christopher Pyne to hold an investigation into the depth of the penetration

  17. corvus boreus

    Glenn Barry,
    Were it merely that Bernardi was welcoming an open homosexual, I might applaud the apparent opening of his mind-set.
    However, the fact that Bernardi, who vehemently opposes non-hetero marriage between consenting adults, embraced Yiannopoulis, who has publicly endorsed the practice of mature men ‘sexually initiating’ teenage boys (ie pedophilia), and questioned the value of sexual consent, is sick and disgusting.

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